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bug007's Profile Image

bug007 reviewed BillGuard

Sep 5th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

It Works!

Bill Guard alerted me to a credit card charge that may be a problem. It was. I never authorized the charge. Whoever did this had an email address i was not familiar with but did have my card number. Within minutes I called the bank, had the card closed and a new on the way! Called the vendor and had credit posted back to my account (well soon). I would have discovered the fraudulent charge myself, someday, maybe.

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KGFarrand's Profile Image

KGFarrand reviewed LearnVest

May 3rd 2013

5 out of 5 marks

A Love Child of YNAB and Mint

The free service offers both the enveloped budgeting that I've come to love from the likes of YNAB, and the account aggregation from Mint. That was my biggest complaints about both of those products was the lack of the other.

LearnVest has a great budgeting system and does a great job guiding you along the way.

I wish there was little more in the Investment department as far as tracking stocks and etfs, but that's not the real point of LearnVest. In my search to find the ultimate finance management tool, that incorporates all of my accounts and lets me manage a budget, LearnVest falls just shy of having everything I need, but comes a lot closer than anything else I've tried.

I know Quicken would be able to meet all of my criteria, but to be honest Quicken is garbage and even the 2013 edition is like using Excel 95 with account aggregation.

LearnVest is a great tool for managing your budget, and the free consultation offered a chance to learn more. LearnVest doesn't try to manage your money for you or automate your finances like Mint does, or try to shove credit cards or loans down your throat.

The push here is for financial planner program where they teach you how to do it all yourself, the Learn in LearnVest and that is huge for anyone who wants to learn to do it themselves.

LearnVest is fantastic, and really does a great job at almost everything it does. The company is great and they are constantly taking feedback and improving, so much so that you can join a feedback group and get $10 Amazon gift cards for participating.

The positives greatly outweigh any negatives, and this truly is a great service for beginners all the way up to moderately skilled investors. They will get you on the right track, and the free consultation really is a step towards wanting to help.

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TylerWebb's Profile Image

TylerWebb reviewed HelloWallet

Mar 30th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Best program for Tracking Your Money!

This program is good and they are constantly working to make it better.

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ft2track's Profile Image

ft2track reviewed Ready For Zero

Jan 18th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Works Well

Worked for me. Readyforzero is well designed. It's also the only option out there that will also let you make payments from your plan.

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ft2track's Profile Image

ft2track reviewed SigFig

Jan 18th 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Good Automated Approach

Sigfig is good-looking and the automatic approach is great.

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Simon's Profile Image

Simon reviewed

Aug 21st 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Great for financial snapshots, offers neat apps

Mint has been and continues to be the go-to app for me when I'm too lazy to log in to every single one of my financial accounts to get a look at how I'm doing financially.

It pulls in my bank accounts, credit card accounts, student loans, investment accounts and even my LendingClub account. However, Mint sometimes cannot link to certain accounts (possibly due to security measures taken by the financial institution).

Mint offers clean, simple-to-use applications for the iPhone, iPad and Macs (quickview) so I can easily check whether I have enough in my checking account to pay off a bill or credit card balance.

Mint does make the effort to alert me when a bill is due or when I receive large deposit but the notification usually comes a day or two late.

I find the

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julialandry's Profile Image

julialandry reviewed

Sep 5th 2012

3 out of 5 marks

Great Tool For Account Overviews, But Details And Budgeting Can Get Confusing

I mostly use the iphone and ipad app, and mint has been a great tool for me to see an overview of all of my accounts. It tells me how much i'm worth (! ), allows me to create budgets, and shows all of my accounts. There are a few places where accuracy is lacking, like in the 'cash flow' section - ex: it shows my cash flow for the month of september as '$0 earned', but i get paid on the first of the month. I find it does this every month so its difficult to see the exact overview of how much i make vs.

How much i'm spending. Accounts is a really helpful section, allowing me to connect all of my checking, savings, credit cards, and loan accounts to keep track of and make sure payments have posted. However it seems to have trouble with sallie mae loans, as it only shows balances and not account details for those. Since the overviews are great but details can be fuzzy, it makes the email alerts (complete with a cute little pie chart of where your money goes) a little less helpful. I stand to be corrected on this since it may just be that i don't have a full, thorough knowledge of the app and the best way to utilize budgeting and reading account details, but overall i think mint is something everyone needs to use.

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juanma's Profile Image

juanma reviewed Ready For Zero

Jan 23rd 2014

2 out of 5 marks

oel ah�­ con dos cullons

No se nada del programa, tengo que provarlo a ver como funciona.

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crl6289's Profile Image

crl6289 reviewed SigFig

Apr 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Very misleading and a huge headache.

I signed up for Sigfig to monitor my brokerage accounts. The graphs are pretty and it's kind of cool to use, but everywhere you look on the dashboard, they want you to sign up for their Managed service. It's very simple to sign up -- just a few clicks. Well, that's what I thought. I signed up and wanted to test them out with just $500 to see how they perform. I called them 4 times and had 4 different conversations before being informed that they have a $1000 minimum! Nowhere on their website does it say this. The customer representative said they're working on it. Highly doubtful. I have lost all trust in both this company and their affiliate TD Ameritrade.

After finding out this news, I immediately requested my funds be returned to my previous brokerage firm or mailed to me via check. Both SigFig and TD Ameritrade tried to offload me to the other. Nobody wanted to help me. I finally demanded a check be wrote and mailed to me from TD Ameritrade and so far they said it's in the mail. I will never trust these companies again. The pure lack of transparency should be a good indicator that this will cause nothing but headaches down the road.

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RICHALBANESE's Profile Image

RICHALBANESE reviewed SigFig

Nov 23rd 2013

1 out of 5 marks

Sig Fig Is A Pos -- Beware

Extremely poor. Beware. Stay away. Avoid this pos. I linked my yahoo to sigfig just to try it out. Didn't like it. I have been trying and trying to cancel and/or delete the sigfig account and un-link it from yahoo. I have communicated via emails (lots of emails!! ) with sigfig support and cannot make them let go of my account. Stay way from this pos unless you want to have a non-cancellable lifetime link to your yahoo portfolio. Once these sob's get their hooks in your account, they won't let go. I've changed my yahoo id & pw, and did the same for my financial account. But when i log in to yahoo with my former id & pw, sigfig is still there and still displaying my private data. Beware.

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