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JIMMYGJR's Profile Image

JIMMYGJR reviewed Discover Bank

Apr 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I've had a Discover Card for over 25 years. Any merchant dispute I had was resolved by Discover in a timely manner. I've since been using Discover Banking. Again, my experiences on the phone and on-line have all been extremely positive. Although there are other banks currently offering CD rates a bit higher than those of Discover Bank, I would not change banks for a minimal 20 basis points. Service is just as important as the rate of return.

I would and have recommended Discover Card and Discover Bank to anyone who is looking for quality service and returns!

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Mariacatalina's Profile Image

Mariacatalina reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 15th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Offers no ATM cards and changing to a joint account was a nightmare.

Ally bank offers great rates but mediocre service. When I got married and added my husband to the savings account it was a mess. My husband for some reason couldn't not get access to the account after many calls and emails representative finally figured out that they needed to create a separate username and password for him. After that was sorted we decided to expand to a high interest checking account where inspecifically told the representative that I do not use debit cards thus to only send us at, cards. Today I received a debit card and have been told that ATM cards are not offered or available. Debit cards are the devil and banks want you to use them as it benefits them solely. If you lose a debit card or someone gets access to the number, then all your liquid assets are frozen until it's all sorted out. With all the id theft these days I refuse to use these cards and am highly disappointed that I have no other alternative other than closing my accounts that's were so hard to open in the first place.

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mpuppet's Profile Image

mpuppet reviewed ETRADE

Apr 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Locked out of account

etrade locked me out of my account because I attempted to wire money to a bank account in my name in the UK. I had followed their directions and attached a copy of my passport.

I called them the minute I noticed their call but they acted very suspicious and said I needed to talk to the "Unit" that handles these issues. Four days later when this special unit got around to calling me, I find out that this unit is the security unit. Paranoid does not describe the mall cop I spoke too. I did not have the correct phone number for my account he finally told me. This was an account that was bought out twice so the original phone number was 20 years old and 6 residences previous. But I had answers for all of their other questions. Not good enough. Dude was such a jerk. You know, the IT security dude. Sorry for those of you who are good ones. This guy was a cop wanna be. You know how they talk to you. Guilty until proven innocent.

I told them to forget about the wire, I would transfer the money to another U.S. account that has resided on my quick transfer screen for a couple of years. Nope. Still locked out until I go to the U.S Consulate and get a notarized affidavit for identity. Because the alternative in the UK seems to take over 2 weeks.

If eTrade wants to have strict security then introduce a number validation card like B of A or others. Or have more security questions like other banking and brokerage accounts.

All activity on an account seems suspicious to them. Well my suspicion is that this is the cheap way to maintain security and they use your cash while the account is in lock down. Just a little extra interest to keep them afloat.

When my account is unlocked, everything will be moved.

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jogden's Profile Image

jogden reviewed Charles Schwab Bank

Apr 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

copy of check refused to deposit

I had a copy of a check I needed to deposit (original was destroyed) in my Schwab account but the local branch manager (West Portal Branch in San Francisco) refused to accept it. Telling me it was not "standard" even though the copy is as legal as making a deposit through your smart phone where you take a picture (create a copy) to deposit it. Very frustrating experience. Now I have to go back to issuing bank, request a stop payment on the old check and have them reissue all to satisfy this middle level manager who does not understand common banking practices.

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lazylazyjoe's Profile Image

lazylazyjoe reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 12th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Have had ally for over 2 years. Best bank by far.I tell everyone about them. Can't believe they have anything to do with GM.

There's no monthly fee/minimum.& quick setup. But, that's common these days.

Interest on your checking.

No ATM fee. They even give you back the money the ATM charges you. One month I used $75 of ATM w/d's and got it alll back.

Low overdraft fee of $9.Free savings link for overdraft protection.

Transfer to other banks online.Free bill pay.

Deposit checks,popmoney, account details from your phone.

Customer Service is excellent too.

Never waited for than 4 minutes and most of the time there's no wait at all.App shows you wait time before you even call them. You can chat online for talk on the phone to someone 24/7 with almost no wait.

All communication they send you is stored in PDF that you can accesss.

I recently had to ask for a chargeback to They issued me a provisional credit in 3 days while chargeback is in progress.They sent me a form & prepaid evenvelope to fill out which I lost & reprinted (Luckily, all communication is in your profile). They even called me to make sure I didn't have any trouble filling it out.

The only situation you shouldn't consider Ally is if you make all your deposits in cash (no cash deposits), need integrated loans, or just really like going to a bank.

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WaRainGirl's Profile Image

WaRainGirl reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 12th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great until you have a problem then Hell on Wheels

Due to leaving one job and starting another, had a delayed EFT check and then a paper check from the new job rather than EFT. Because my account was in overdraft and I had one other overdraft in the last three years, they said I had excessive overdrafts and put a freeze on my mobile deposited paycheck for 5 business days. When I asked if they were holding my paycheck until it cleared or for 5 business days just because they can...I was told when it clears makes no difference to them, because I had a negative balance of $66 my $1975 check is being held 5 days period. Needless to say I am moving all my auto payments to my credit union and closing this account. The credit union would of accepted my check and life would of moved on. Going with an internet bank does not pan out if life throws you a curve ball, they simply do not care what happens to you. I have learned my lesson AND am warning all my friends to stay away from Ally.

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Fatdaddyk's Profile Image

Fatdaddyk reviewed Capital One 360

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Month two and online access is a nightmare!

Capitalone360 recently bought my auto loan. I signed up last month to pay online and it was more like getting a root canal than it was a pleasant online system setup.

The issue I had this month in signing up is that my regular login did not work so I had to do a modification because they did not like my usual ID. Then the issue came in when they required a 6-10 digit pin #. The problem is they make it next to impossible to use one that you can remember. No repeating #'s, cant be your birthdate or any version of it, cannot be anything in order and it must be 6-10 digits which is longer than your typical bank pin# which would be easy to remember.

So I call support and they were very nice and sd I can try as many times as I like but I have to get it right. I said just ask me 1 or 10 of the 50 security questions they made me fill out when I set it up and I will be glad to answer them and then get the info. No can do. On the pin they can only mail a new one to my house. No other options. So if you don't know your pin your not getting in. HORRIBLE resolution when the only option is snail mail.

Over securitized and zero options to help if you forget anything and no way to remember pin due to their stringent requirements. If given the opportunity I would leave them for this reason alone. Not impressed.

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ajarnlindsay's Profile Image

ajarnlindsay reviewed Charles Schwab Bank

Apr 12th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Irresponsible and rude

My mother died leaving the bulk of her estate with Schwab in a stock portfolio. Schwab allowed someone to change her address fraudulently over the phone and sent dividend checks to this address after she died. These checks were cashed and once I found out, I filed an affidavit about the fraud. Schwab did nothing with the affidavit for months and when I called to follow up claimed it was not sent. When they 'found' the paperwork, they then claimed it was too late to complain. I went to the Client Advocacy Team that did not communicate with me and was downright evasive and rude about the issue. They complained that they did not have enough information even thought they have the address of the person that committed the fraud!

I am not satisfied with their service nor the level of security they provide. Even after they knew that fraud had been an issue with this account, they did nothing to enhance their security procedures. I'm left with the cost of the fraud and even after filing an OCC complaint, they continue to ignore a substantial sum that was stolen from the account.

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freshlife's Profile Image

freshlife reviewed Simple

Apr 11th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great for a bank but needs a few changes

I have been with simple four a couple of months now and I am happy for the most part with my experience. The one thing that really drives me crazy is that they don't allow you to write your own checks. I am smart to know why its setup that way and the limitations they have from being on-line based. You process the request for a check on the app or on the site it instantly pulls the money out of your account (which i really like) and it arrives in the mail. They use an external processing company to send you (or your payee) the check. It normally takes them two days of processing a couple days to mail it and then your check lies at the mercy of the infamous USPS. I'm averaging 12 days between requesting a check and receiving it. It's just too long of a process, and i would have known about these types of delays i'm not sure I would have signed up. Checks should arrive within 48 hours anywhere in the US. They should also provide another way for you to receive a check if you need one at a moments notice (buying a car, or lending someone money). I certainly wouldn't mind paying a fee to have an option to have one overnight-ed to me. I gave up on requesting checks from them and use my local bank to handle my checking. I love simple, i love the customer service, the app, everything... everything except this check system. They have to add some flexibility to this process to make it my one and only checking account.

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jtur6879's Profile Image

jtur6879 reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 11th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Fee Rape

Received $10 in interest but paid $40 in fees to access my money. Doesn't work out for me.

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