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jlharb2's Profile Image

jlharb2 reviewed Discover Bank

Apr 7th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great Bank

Have been with them about 6 months now, Cash Back Checking and High Yield savings. Great service. Just one star off for on-line banking moving slower than I am used to with other banks. Otherwise, a great bank and now our main bank.

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Lilhorn83's Profile Image

Lilhorn83 reviewed USAA

Apr 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Used to be great, now they're TERRIBLE

I have been banking with USAA for over 10 years, I have numerous accounts with them and have always raved about them to others. However, within the last year or two, that all has changed. They have become just like every other large bank and completely stopped caring about its customers. Today, they have adopted the the ''largest transaction first' technique, resulting in more over draft fees than if they were to simply post the transactions as they happen. They have also started back dating transactions and payments and delaying deposits, resulting in even more fees. Everyone has an "oops" moment. In general, people don't purposely overdraft their accounts and in the past, I have always been able to immediately deposit/transfer funds when I had realized my mistake (within a matter of minutes of going into the red) and it has never been a problem. Not true for today. Even if you had the funds already, their shady ways of back dating payments and transactions will make you overdraft or return payments (resulting in even more fees and taking even more money out of your account. Money that WOULD HAVE kept your account in the positive for other transactions).

Customer service has become a sad joke, I'd get better results if I had been talking to a wall. Whereas before, it felt like I was talking to an ACTUAL human being who truly cared. 2-3 years ago, I would've said,"yes! Definitely bank with USAA!" However, sadly, I cannot say the same today. They have become the sad, money hungry, shady corporation that every other large bank has become.

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hrishikul's Profile Image

hrishikul reviewed UFB Direct

Apr 1st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Don't open your account here

I opened Savings account at UFB Direct which subsidiary of Bank of Internet, I had very bad experince, be aware its not customer friendly bank

1. No Free ACH Transfers from your non UFB account, its very hard to move money

2. Fluctuates interest rate, so if you open account when interest rate is high, within month it will go way below than competitor banks

3. If you take your money out before last day of the month, whatever interest you have earned for that month will be forfeited, its not mentioned anywhere.

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cflix's Profile Image

cflix reviewed Capital One 360

Apr 1st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Never gave me cash bonus for opening checking 360

Be careful if you receive a Capital One 360 checking account offer. They sent it and I applied, which took 4 hours and 43 min with 6 representatives, they didn't know how to set up checking, and in the process cancelled my capital one credit card by mistake. After over 4 hours, I called back to confirm I was set to receive cash offer if open a checking account and was told by a manager the girl forgot to add that and I have nothing now. Pulled my credit, phone for over 4 hours all for nothing. The 360 checking is new and I would wait before trying this since the employees dont know how to set it up. I did email customer service and the CEO and no one even responded to apologize.

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ad60test53's Profile Image

ad60test53 reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 31st 2015

4 out of 5 marks

online customer service is helpful

very easy to user online services and customer service is very helpful

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ad60testing33's Profile Image

ad60testing33 reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 31st 2015

4 out of 5 marks

great online bank

great online bank with great customer service

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burnst's Profile Image

burnst reviewed Synchrony Bank

Mar 31st 2015

1 out of 5 marks


I had a credit account with them. I set up my regular bank to automatically send payments to Synchrony every month and also send an extra $40. After several months I realized that they were charging me a late fee of$35 every month because they were posting the payments 1 day past the due date! When I called and explained that I had paid every month and paid extra, they said it didn't matter... I was still one day late! I paid off the whole balance the next day... screw them! I will never use them ever again.... real smart synchrony... you lost a good customer!

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Verne's Profile Image

Verne reviewed Synchrony Bank

Mar 30th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Contact Synchrony Bank

Calling Synchrony Bank-I have tried for six months to establish contact with this Bank by phone and on line. Tried to register my Walmart Credit Card to follow my account.- I could not!. 2. Made a payment on line, obtained a confirmation no., -the payment was never credited to my account, the payment was never deducted from my Bank! I have spoke to more than 10 different employees that are located in the Philippine's, and every time they advise me they handle this Banks accounts, they have no other phone numbers to give me to speak with someone local, the only physical address they can give me is a postoffice box in Fla..Finally, one week ago after a heated discussion regarding my disputed balance they transferred me to a woman named Debbie who advised me she was in the Canton office. Debbie advised me our conversation was being recorded, that she did have the history of my account in front of her, confirmed my payments and contacts, advised me that her Bank had ZERO (O) tolerance measures regarding their accounts but that she would waive two late fees but only if I paid her right then with a check over the phone.. She refused to let me pay at the Walmart Store where I always make my payments, refused to give me her address, and refused to talk to me any further if I was not going to pay her at that point. Mind you she had already confirmed my various contacts with the Bank, the payments that I had already paid, including the payment in full and the settled balance owed with a collection agency of $106.00 and my being advised that the account was CLOSED!!! Whhat kind of bank are you? How can you settle and close an account, then keep on charging interest and late fees??? You disrespect your customers with the way you do business. You should read the hundreds and hundreds of reviews, and comments about how you operate your Bank Because of all that has happened to me in dealing with you, you also refused to give me paid in full documentation.. Really .

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gzilla's Profile Image

gzilla reviewed Discover Bank

Mar 30th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Much to like, but online banking services often unavailable

I've been a Discover CC customer for over 20 years and a Discover Bank customer for several years now and opened a new checking account w/ them as soon as I could. Their savings account interest rate is very competitive, and their new checking account features are fantastic. I'm also generally pleased with their customer service: they are always available, answer fairly quickly, and handle most of my requests satisfactorily.

HOWEVER, I have grown so frustrated with banking with Discover Bank. Why? The main purpose and advantage of online banks over traditional brick-n-mortar banks is that they are supposed to be available 24x7, more or less, allowing people the convenience of banking at their convenience. Unfortunately, I have found that Discover Bank is unavailable (due to outages and maintenance windows) more times than not when I want to do my banking (which is usually on Sunday nights). What's worse, I often don't discover that their services are down until I go through the complete effort of the desired transaction (such as submitting all information & pictures of a check deposit, for example). Only after all that do I encounter a message that their service is down.

Very disappointing.

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financialconsumer's Profile Image

financialconsumer reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Shameful transition, login and lockouts

I have wasted more than 45 minutes on the phone just trying to access an account with so much needless arcane security (what ever happened to 2 factor login which is secure enough for much bigger financial institutions) THey have still not integrated INGdirect into CapitalOne despite the name. They ask credit bureau questions that are difficult to answer even pertaining to your own credit history and if you miss a tricky question, you are locked out yet again. After 35 minutes setting and resetting required information with someone on the phone, I was cut off and remain locked out in writing everyone's response is to just call the same number. On the CapitalOne website that has FINALLY integrated banking and credit cards that had separate logins, they tell me they can't help me with CapitalOne360 which is not integrated and a separate business DESPITE the name. AVOID like the plague until they get their act together.

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