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rkeytek's Profile Image

rkeytek reviewed Capital One 360

Dec 4th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Doing Great So Far

Originally with ing orange and now it's 360. Even thru the merger i have been satisfied. The original rates were better but the economy has gone thru a big change. In comparison, all is good. Easy transfers and photo deposits are cool. Web navigation is great. Smart phone app is pretty easy and powerful. Solid.

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marlonbishop's Profile Image

marlonbishop reviewed Simple

Dec 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best Banking Experience Ever

The only downside to joining simple and shutting down all the other accounts, is you have no ability to write a check. I have also found the us postal service is not the most reliable way to send checks in a timely fashion, and checks do get lost in the mail

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MJbeach's Profile Image

MJbeach reviewed Synchrony Bank

Dec 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incredibly Antiquated Operation

First of all, be aware that this is the old ge capital. Yes, the terrible ge capital that exists because they are behind many of the popular stores in-house financing. The reason they changed their name is that their reputation was so bad. Make no mistake, it's only a name change; still the same bad service. So if you are going to take advantage of some stores 12 month, no interest (or similar) financing, you are probably going to end up with synchrony and it will be painful.

These folks are living in the dark ages where they believe that bankers should still get to work 9-5 monday-friday, by phone only (no email support) and everybody better like it. Well, you have no choice you see because they have the lock on this financing deal. I will tell you right now, that it would be much better to save and pay cash (you could probably even get a better deal) than have to put up with this bank. I totally forgot that discount tire was one of theirs and put some recent tires on my card and now i'm dealing with them again.

They kind of have a lock on the market but maybe if enough of us complain, the stores will be wise and realize what they are putting their customers through. Avoid this bank if you can. They are horrible.

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Bwasham1959's Profile Image

Bwasham1959 reviewed Ally Bank

Nov 29th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Ally Lies To Credit Bureaus

We bought a new $40000 car and the dealer had the car financed through ally. Five months later a drunk hit our car and totaled it. The drunks insurance paid for most of the amount owing against the car. My gap insurance paid the rest. Ally was notified and knew they would be paid. The entire amount for the car was paid but it took three months for the insurance companies to work it out. Ally was paid in full. When i went to buy a home i found ally had reported to the credit bureaus we were 90 days late. I have disputed and ally continues to lie. We are seeing ally for damages. Stay away from Ally.

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SherwinDubren's Profile Image

SherwinDubren reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Disappointing First Impressions

I just started using the Walmart Synchrony credit card. After registering, I was not able to sign back in because of a mismatch in account info. I was on the shopping site thinking this was the way to get to credit info. Customer service advised me to sign onto That site was not accessible from my computer in all my browsers, including Internet Explorer.

They kept telling me it was my computer, but my messages kept telling me their site was unavailable.

After spending lots of time, their supervisor let it slip out there was an alternate signon, That one worked. This kind of thing indicated to me a problem with the first web site.

I then went to register for the Walmart shopping site, but they would not accept

my email address because it was already used by the credit side. I will not use Walmart for online shopping, and perhaps not shop at their store. I will definitely not use the credit card anymore.

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RB2014's Profile Image

RB2014 reviewed Capital One 360

Nov 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worse Brokerage Firm Out Of 6 Firms I Have Used Till Date

I am an experienced investor - saying for retirement for the last several decades now - with taxable as well as tax advantaged accounts. Earlier this year, i opened an account with sharebuilder because they were offering $600 cash bonus on transferring assets in excess of $125,000. Although their customer service was poor and the website was about average, i still went ahead because i was getting $600 free. For the fist 4-5 months things were find. Then one fine day,they just blocked my account without any warming. I cannot trade, i cannot transfer the securities out. The account is just frozen.

Now they are asking me for tons of documentation to return my money. I suspect that there is some kind of fraud where they have sold my securities, that is the reason they are not able to return it. And their customer services is a bunch of incompetent people who do not have the power to do anything - they just keep saying "we will get back to you". They have been getting back to me since a month. Stay away from sharebuilder.... Any other brokerage firm is better than tham - scottrad, etrade, td ameritrade, merill edge, fidelity, tradeking - anyone is better than sharebuilder.

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piazink's Profile Image

piazink reviewed Barclays Bank

Nov 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Customer Relations

According to my bill paying log, I did pre-schedule payment of my Barclay's U Promise card on the due date. I'm not sure whether I made an error in posting it...perhaps neglecting to hit "submit"...or the website malfunctioned but, for whatever reason, the payment did not go through. I discovered the error two days later when I did my weekly check of credit card and bank transactions. By then the bank had charged me a twenty-five dollar penalty (actually posted on the exact due date!) and interest on the entire amount. Since we use the card for almost all of our expenses, the interest was substantial.

OK. They were within their rights...late is late. but it left a really bad impression. I was once late on a payment on my USAA Master Card. I received a reminder, paid the card off promptly. No penalty. I have cancelled my Barclay's card and will use my USAA card exclusively. My business is now entrusted to a bank that puts customer relations before the almighty dollar. How good it feels!

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ahmad's Profile Image

ahmad reviewed Barclays Bank

Nov 24th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Misleading and uneconomical with the truth

Barclays Bank in Dubai is in shambles to say the least. The whole operation was badly managed and in complete chaeos. Legal and compliance senioe management staff have persistently lied and have twisted the facts in order the clear their personal shortcomings whilst similtaneously damaging the reputation and livelihodds of their clients and their businesses.

It is astonishing to see that such a reputable bank allowing staff to conduct their business in a manner contradicting the code of ethics and compliance let alone in direct conflict and the opposite to the core values and principals of the bank.

It is further of great shame top see their leagal head working in a very unprofessional manner which is against the roots of any UK qualified lawyer who has taken oath to work in a just and professional manner.

What is alarming is that this has taken place under the direct attention of the Chairman and the CEO of Barclays Bank.

Amazing facts which give me concern on trusting this bank in the future let alone recommending this bank for any future business.

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snowlover's Profile Image

snowlover reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Angry Customer

I received a letter recently from synchrony bank stating that they were closing my care credit account due to my credit history. I had a zero balance on the card as i had paid off the balance a year ago. I called and they said i had the option to open up another care credit account. Why should i have to do that if i had a zero balance on the account and owed them nothing! I filed an official complaint with the better business bureau and they notified synchrony bank and i was informed by bbb that they have not responded to the complaint.

I am so done with synchrony that when my current account is paid off, i plan to never do business with them again. When talking to their customer service, they tell me that the same people are there when it was ge capital. Well something has changed, because i have never experienced this treatment when it was ge capital. I advise people to read these reviews and make their own decision, but as for me, i am done with them!

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NoleNation11's Profile Image

NoleNation11 reviewed Ally Bank

Nov 20th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Online Banking Is Great

The level of expertise to use online banking is very low. The online banking is very easy to use and manage.

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