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tb11e's Profile Image

tb11e reviewed Capital One 360

Nov 19th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Online Customer Support Is Key

The online customer support is key. I hate calling on the phone and waiting hours to get in contact with a person. With online chat i wait 3 minutes max.

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Db97p's Profile Image

Db97p reviewed Ally Bank

Nov 18th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Great Online Experience

I just opened a checking account and found it very easy to manage. I have had no issues thus far.

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shanevaughn's Profile Image

shanevaughn reviewed Simple

Nov 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

0 Stars - Should Not Be In Business

With something as precise as personal financial accounts, simple runs their software like a social media tool. Simple upgraded their infrastructure and transactions go missing, balances are incorrect, there are mysterious holds on money, etc.. I've transferred money only to have it reversed, but simple doesn't know why. Their response was "try again". Very unprofessional and frightening for a bank. Closing account, sticking with a bank that has a reliable platform.

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kevsterrrr's Profile Image

kevsterrrr reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Synchrony Shame On You!

Synchrony cancelled my gap credit account even tho i had a zero balance and a perfect credit history. The closing of this account dropped my credit score 65 points. They are a horrible company and i would advise people to stay away.

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ignatia32's Profile Image

ignatia32 reviewed USAA

Nov 11th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Veteran Denied VA Home Loan On Veteran's Day

I just posted this grievance on the usaa website under their contact and customer support center. I wanted to share it with the public to make people aware of how usaa treated this veteran on veteran's day:

'i am highly disgusted with how usaa conducts its business. I just got off the phone with our loan processor who informed me we we're denied our home loan because of how our residual income was calculated. Unfortunately, i was also told we wouldn't be getting our good faith deposit back because the appraisal already happened. With this said, help me understand how after submitting the basic information needed to calculate residual income (i. E. Our tax returns on oct 29) that this one single determining number (residual income) was finally calculated and shared with me on nov 10 after an appraisal done nov 4.

This makes no sense! We paid $350 for incompetence!! If we were going to be denied from the very beginning because of numbers from our tax returns, then why did anybody have the decency to calculate this number earlier before the appraisal or even schedule the appraisal after someone punched a few numbers into a computer calculator to get this number! And how is it that something as simple as explaining to your customer how to calculate their residual income and debt-to-income ratios can't be a part of the upfront pre-qualification process. Instead you string them along for 2 weeks, make them pay this good faith deposit, and then say sorry we finally got our act together and your numbers won't work for us. We have been banking with usaa for a long time now.

We even transferred our auto insurance over to you and this is how we are treated. This is despicable. I will be looking to change my services elsewhere and plan on sharing my experience with my online community, family, and friends of how your company is just too big and too corporate to care about anyone customer (especially this veteran). Oh yeah and of all days, today, nov 11th (veteran's day).

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mfb07e's Profile Image

mfb07e reviewed Ally Bank

Nov 10th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Easy online access

I just opened a checking account with Ally and have had no problems accessing my account and getting in contact with customer service. I am a happy customer that has made the transition to an online bank.

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joebetone's Profile Image

joebetone reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

This Bank Sucks

This bank sucks this bank has nothing going for it rude people they took over my cards and attacked me stay away change cards closed acc with them bad bank synchrony go away

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hmnfl727yahoocom's Profile Image

hmnfl727yahoocom reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Difficulty Fixin The Error I Made

In sept/2014 i added a vendor to them assuming it was one of many that had changed their payment address. I made my first payment in sept/2014 to this one vendor and was never notified they had received a payment they could not match to any account. In their lack there of i received a late payment from best buy. In oct/2014 i 'paid-off' best buy to this address. Now i am struggling with their misunderstanding of my error and they are acting like they don't get my mistake.

I can't believe people work in this bank and can't understand a simple mistake in a payment that does not belong to them. Now they want proof which i have sent and they think i was paying one of the vendors i only gave them to pull up my name. You know how they won't work with you if they don't have data on you. So i gave them one of my vendors i now pay through them and think this is who i was trying to pay. No.

I have told them in 19-fax''s that i sent them my best buy payment and they send me email regarding another account. Duh! I think some employee's need to get retrained by better managers. I don't think this is such a big issue. I will go to the news stations for help if i need to. All who read this, don't make any mistake with synchrony bank or you will regret it ever happened.

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jimdaviswillapabay's Profile Image

jimdaviswillapabay reviewed Synchrony Bank

Nov 1st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Amazon's Bank Impossible To Contact

They are amazon's bank supposedly but trying to contact them by email is impossible. Amazon refuses to help always referring me back to the bank who i can't contact. A vicious and un-ending circle. How do they stay in business? They've lost mine!

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bettmelverizonnet's Profile Image

bettmelverizonnet reviewed Synchrony Bank

Oct 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Awful Customer Service.

I cannot stress enough to anyone "do not ever do business with this "bank". I noticed funds were deducted from my bank account, however, i do not have any account with this company. After speaking with some of the rudest customer service people, especially a supervisor, it was discovered that a person made a credit card payment to them submitting a wrong account number. Therefore, my account had a $25. 00 deduction and i am sure the payment was never posted to the right account. Now i am out $25. 00 and someones account is in arrears. I did some research and discovered that many store credit cards are associated to this bank. No more store credit cards for me. Oh by the way this mess was thru amazon. Makes you wonder. I hope this helps someone to make a right decision.

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