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MuddBuddha's Profile Image

MuddBuddha reviewed Synchrony Bank

Apr 20th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Closed good accounts

Had both Amazon and Wal-Mart cards through them. Never missed payments and account balance was low. Hadn't used either card for a couple of months when I was sent a letter stating they were closing both accounts because, "....your credit worthiness didn't score as well as other Synchrony customers."

Wow. Talk about regretting ever opening an account with them. Considering I was paying their high APR % willingly, you'd think they would be appreciative that I never missed payments.

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AledoBilly's Profile Image

AledoBilly reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 14th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

AN UN-TRAINED MONKEY could do a better job.

NO TITLE FOR NEW GMC thanks to Ally's "Customer Care" which is in the Philippines (you know, between China and Indonesia; next to Vietnam!) Isn't "Customer Care" an appropriate name! Ally's agent said I would get my title and a refund for overpayment in 4 days. Four days later Ally's Samantha Cooper sends me a two-sentence letter that read, "This is to inform you that Ally does not hold the title to the above described vehicle." Leaving me wondering: Why? Where is my title? What about my refund? Ally confirmed my refund was sent to the wrong address, and DMV confirmed that Ally gave them the wrong address to send the title resulting in my original title being destroyed.

Seems to me that any reasonable person (or entity called "Customer Care") that got returned mail would do a little simple research, like check to see if it was sent to the same address the buyer gave on the original contract. I provided the correct address. Isn't it funny how all fourteen invoices get sent to the correct address? But my title and refund get sent to an address that is not on the contract?

I should not have to wait in line at DMV and pay for a duplicate title for a new GMC. I want the original title, not a duplicate. I paid Ally in full. I provided the correct information on the contract. It is out of my control when Ally's people can't read an address on a simple contract that they prepared.

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jarcisz's Profile Image

jarcisz reviewed Ally Bank

Apr 13th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Good Luck Closing Matured CD and Getting Your Money Soon

Closed a matured CD and requested my funds be transferred electronically (I was told it would be faster than sending me a check). Ally performed a test electronic funds transfer on April 3rd which I called and confirmed. Ten days later and I do not have my funds. They claim they made an attempt to transfer my funds but had mistakenly put in the wrong account number and the funds were returned to Ally. To that I simply requested they resend my funds using the correct account number. To that they replied it would be 3 - 5 business days. So let me get this straight - Ally screws up and because Ally screwed up the customer and rightful owner of the funds has to wait another 3-5 days to get what is rightfully theirs. If I were the owner of a bank and I made a mistake that delayed funds from being returned to a customer the last thing I would do is delay the funds any longer. Once the mistake was discovered, the only right thing to do is resend the funds immediately. It was Ally's mistake, make it right. I could go on about the time and horrible experience in dealing with customer service and trying to get this resolved but I can sum it all up in a word.... UNACCEPTABLE!!

I have another CD that has not matured yet. As soon as I get my funds from this CD I plan to pay the early withdrawal penalty and get my money out of Ally and to an institution that deserves my business. There is absolutely no excuse for not returning a customers money on a matured CD via an electronic funds transfer within a couple of days. Tomorrow will be 12 days since maturity and first contact to close CD. We are talking about $270,000. I had no issues with Ally taking my money, getting it back is another story. Beware!!!!

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1234kmc's Profile Image

1234kmc reviewed Discover Bank

Apr 9th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

IRA CD account

They are gouging consumers.

I have an IRA account, matures on 3/30/2015, contact them 3/20/2015 concerning closing the CD at mature day, they inform me to me in a distribution form by 4/8/2015.

Send in form on 4/1/2015. message them on 4/7/2015 to make sure everything is set - no reply. 4/9/2015 they renew my CD, call them, they said form is not complete because I did not fill in the amount. I told them I did not know the actual amount because of interest paid. Do you think the bank will contact you about it.

Now in order to close the account, they will charge me over $180.00 fees and early withdrawal. I said that is more than you guys paid me interest last year.

That is highway robbery by delaying couple days here and there, so you pass the grace period.

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jlharb2's Profile Image

jlharb2 reviewed Discover Bank

Apr 7th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great Bank

Have been with them about 6 months now, Cash Back Checking and High Yield savings. Great service. Just one star off for on-line banking moving slower than I am used to with other banks. Otherwise, a great bank and now our main bank.

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Lilhorn83's Profile Image

Lilhorn83 reviewed USAA

Apr 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Used to be great, now they're TERRIBLE

I have been banking with USAA for over 10 years, I have numerous accounts with them and have always raved about them to others. However, within the last year or two, that all has changed. They have become just like every other large bank and completely stopped caring about its customers. Today, they have adopted the the ''largest transaction first' technique, resulting in more over draft fees than if they were to simply post the transactions as they happen. They have also started back dating transactions and payments and delaying deposits, resulting in even more fees. Everyone has an "oops" moment. In general, people don't purposely overdraft their accounts and in the past, I have always been able to immediately deposit/transfer funds when I had realized my mistake (within a matter of minutes of going into the red) and it has never been a problem. Not true for today. Even if you had the funds already, their shady ways of back dating payments and transactions will make you overdraft or return payments (resulting in even more fees and taking even more money out of your account. Money that WOULD HAVE kept your account in the positive for other transactions).

Customer service has become a sad joke, I'd get better results if I had been talking to a wall. Whereas before, it felt like I was talking to an ACTUAL human being who truly cared. 2-3 years ago, I would've said,"yes! Definitely bank with USAA!" However, sadly, I cannot say the same today. They have become the sad, money hungry, shady corporation that every other large bank has become.

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hrishikul's Profile Image

hrishikul reviewed UFB Direct

Apr 1st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Don't open your account here

I opened Savings account at UFB Direct which subsidiary of Bank of Internet, I had very bad experince, be aware its not customer friendly bank

1. No Free ACH Transfers from your non UFB account, its very hard to move money

2. Fluctuates interest rate, so if you open account when interest rate is high, within month it will go way below than competitor banks

3. If you take your money out before last day of the month, whatever interest you have earned for that month will be forfeited, its not mentioned anywhere.

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cflix's Profile Image

cflix reviewed Capital One 360

Apr 1st 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Never gave me cash bonus for opening checking 360

Be careful if you receive a Capital One 360 checking account offer. They sent it and I applied, which took 4 hours and 43 min with 6 representatives, they didn't know how to set up checking, and in the process cancelled my capital one credit card by mistake. After over 4 hours, I called back to confirm I was set to receive cash offer if open a checking account and was told by a manager the girl forgot to add that and I have nothing now. Pulled my credit, phone for over 4 hours all for nothing. The 360 checking is new and I would wait before trying this since the employees dont know how to set it up. I did email customer service and the CEO and no one even responded to apologize.

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ad60test53's Profile Image

ad60test53 reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 31st 2015

4 out of 5 marks

online customer service is helpful

very easy to user online services and customer service is very helpful

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ad60testing33's Profile Image

ad60testing33 reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 31st 2015

4 out of 5 marks

great online bank

great online bank with great customer service

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