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kgrondell's Profile Image

kgrondell reviewed TIAA Direct

Aug 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Incredibly Unprofessional

Well I had a pre-approval from another bank but I had a real estate agent say something to me about the company which made we think I should get a second option. I have a retirement acount with TIAA CREF so called.

I called up and told them every detail of my financial situation and was pre-approved within a few days. Great! I decided to go with them because the woman on the phone seemed nice and helpful. Also since I had a retirement account with them I figured they would be a good partner in this.

Every communication from them was positive. I asked if she needed anything else and she told me all she needed was a signed P&S so I went forward and got a home inspection costing $600 and a Lawyer to look over the P&S costing $900 and made deposits of 11,000 with the offer and P&S. I was excited. I told my daughters. They are excited. I send my P&S to the rep at TIAA Direct and ask if she needs anything else. She says not yet.

The next morning I receive an email asking how much I had available to put down. Bear in mind this is information I already submitted. I tell her then make a correction letting her know that sum minus the inspector fee. I get this reply:

"Hahahaha. I am going to be honest. They are giving me pushback. I don’t know if we should wait to hear from them or if I should tell you to go somewhere else. That is NOT what I want to do, but they aren’t making it sound 100% a go. I am still waiting to hear but they took forever to get to us yesterday and by the time they did it was 7pm and I was long gone. Pain in the rear. Im really sorry.

I just wanted to put it out there. "

Now she keeps saying she can't get in touch with the loan people and does not want me to lose time. I feel this was poorly handled by the company and would like and explanation. I know the company monitors this. I am working hard now to get another loan but feel left high and dry by TIAA Direct. Unprofessional

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Response by TIAA Direct

Responded by TC_Talks

Aug 8th 2014

Providing excellent customer service matters to us. Email your full name and best way to contact you so we can resolve the issue to Thanks

newaccount's Profile Image

newaccount reviewed ETRADE

Aug 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Business Banking Nightmare

Business Banking does not offer ATM/Debit card. So, want to buy office supplies at Office Depot, write a check. WTF??!! Is this 1979??

Nowhere on their website is this stated. Even the idiot customer service reps didn't know as they told me to write a letter requesting a debit card.

Incompetent and amateurish group. BEWARE

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bstern's Profile Image

bstern reviewed Ally Bank

Aug 6th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

What's not to like?

It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm already impressed with my no fee, interest earning checking account. I already had a Money Market and a 12 month CD with Ally, but always chose to stick with an traditional bank for my checking account.

I thought I needed the convience of a branch and at first I really did, but as my visits became frequently less, yet my fees continued to increase each month, I knew it was time to make the switch.

Overall the package is pretty solid. From earning an interest (from nothing at all) to an actual modern mobile app to 24/7 customer service, I can't really see what's not to like.

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aaronandrews's Profile Image

aaronandrews reviewed Discover Bank

Jul 31st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Fantastic Bank

I have been with Discover for a little over a year now. They were the first Company to give me a chance with their credit cards. Even when I had no history. I give them a 5 of 5 just for customer satisfaction. If I ever have an issue with my account I can get ahold of a live person who is friendly and actually wants to help you. This bank is by far one of my most favorite banks.

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ARRRUUUGH's Profile Image

ARRRUUUGH reviewed Synchrony Bank

Jul 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service...and worst voice response system!

This is ABSOLUTLEY the worst telephone support system I have ever tried to work with. It appears to be designed and developed by high schoolers with a rudimentary understanding of programming and no practical business or customer service experience.

So GE...instead of changing your name to something inane and ridiculous how about spending a few dollars to fix that crappy system.

I wish there was a rating below zero because that is what this service deserves.

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Tofujim's Profile Image

Tofujim reviewed Ally Bank

Jul 25th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Poor service

It takes too long to complete transactions. It took too long to credit my checks that I deposited with them and worst of all it is taking too long to get my money back. The customer service is very poor. I asked to close my account and have the check sent right away and I opted for the overnight Fedex. It was three business days later and I called asking where is the check, I was told that it was sent regular mail and it would be 7 to 10 business days before I would receive it. I then insisted on getting my money sooner as I needed it yesterday! Some customer service persons said I could have the original check cancelled and have another one Fedex to me but it still would take approx. 5 business days. I told them why is Ally Bank holding me up? I then asked for a Manager and this after 10 minutes holding on the phone. He stated that he was sorry but Ally Bank could not even cancel my check and that I would have to wait the 7-10 days to get my money. Needless to say this nothing short of robbery and I definitely will recommend everyone not open any account with these people. Oh, I was told by the manager that his superiors made the decision not to cancel the original check and that if there were charges due because of the money not being available they would look into reimbursing me. I told him the money was to buy a home and that if I lose the home due not enough money are they going to buy me a home?

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noahwa's Profile Image

noahwa reviewed Simple

Jul 24th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Don't expect to have easy access to your money

We wired proceeds from a house into a new Simple account. Here is my first 7 days trying to get my money to use.

Day 1: Wired funds do not show up in my account. According to Simple customer service, it has shown up in their "partner bank", but it will not show up in Simple's account until the NEXT DAY. Which kind of defeats the purpose of wired funds, doesn't it? We set up an external account transfer to another bank, which they limit to $5,000.00 for the entire first 30 days of your account, apparently. Simple says the transfer will show up on Monday. We also "mail a check" to ourselves for $5,0000.00 on 7/20. Simple says it will be delivered by 7/24, Thursday.

Day 2-3: weekend

Day 4: The transfer does not occur. Our fault, actually because we sent it to an account that wouldn't accept personal names. However, Simple does not notify us that this does not occur. We find out later after we have written checks which have cleared and are getting NSF charges. Customer service will not reimburse any NSF charges and is happy to close the account. They make zero attempt at trying to retain you or being accountable for your awful experience. They send me a message letting me know I can always "transfer all the money to another external account." But when I bring up the $5k limit, they say, "oh yeah. But you can mail yourself a check". Yes, I want to mail myself a check that will take over a week and then take a check to another bank who will promptly put a 10-day hold on it. Brilliant idea, Simple!!!

Day 5-6: Try and transfer $5k out but am prohibited as the max is $5k/month for ALL EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS. I am stuck either having to "mail myself a check" which takes 5 business days, or using the debit card for an ATM, which just arrived today finally.

Day 7: The check I set up on Friday 7/20 has not arrived it is now 7/24. Apparently this takes 6 business days to get your check. I have sent a message to them, but not holding my breath.

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baldi785's Profile Image

baldi785 reviewed Synchrony Bank

Jul 24th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Easy no hassle setup

Unlike other reviews for this bank, I experienced no issues in setting up my new savings account. I simply completed an on-line application, and utilized an electronic payment verification from an external bank to fund the account. I have called in multiple times (to order deposit slips & make schedule additional transfers) and I have never been put on hold. The only issue I would have with Synchrony is that I would like to have a mobile check deposit option, which I was told they are working on.

Overall Synchrony Bank has provided a great experience and a very competitive interest rate.

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ometecuhtli2001's Profile Image

ometecuhtli2001 reviewed Synchrony Bank

Jul 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Mystery interest and charges, cruddy web site

I got a card with GE Capital/Synchrony/whatever they're calling themselves through Banana Republic. Immediately there were problems because I never got the card or a statement. I called the day before payment was due only to find out that it had been returned to them because the apartment number (which I had specified) had not been included in the mailing address. The rep offered to re-send it, along with a copy of the statement, and take payment over the phone with no charge. Cool.

I spent the next week trying to get into their horrible web site to verify payment had gone through but I was unable to do so. My card finally arrived, as did my next statement which I paid early and in full.

I just got my third statement and it shows there is now interest and a nearly $300 balance even though the last two payments appear in the transaction list. I haven't bought anything since the last payment was made, and no charges are listed. The last statement did not have interest or additional fees, so it appears all payments have been made on time.

When I mentioned this to friends, those who have had GE/whatever said they have a nasty habit of doing this kind of thing. Totally not worth my time - I'm seriously considering closing down the BR card.

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Quanta's Profile Image

Quanta reviewed Capital One 360

Jul 21st 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Checking Account Closed; Easier than Keeping a Patron

I opened a Capital One 360 Savings and Checking Accounts because I believed the Capital One backing would mean it was a reliable, safe, and customer service friendly financial institution. That did not turn out to be so true.

My Capital One 360 Savings Account is not the problem. My 360 Checking Account became a nightmare when a check I had written (actual CO 360 paper check) 4 months earlier was presented for payment which was very odd. For one thing, Capital One should never have tried to cash that check because of age, let alone let it be fed through twice more which overdrafted me during the week before Christmas.

Worse, I used my Capital One 360 Mastercard Checking Card at Target in the November - December period when Target pin pads were hacked. Capital One was good about informing me as soon as they realized my MasterCard Debit Card was compromised and issued a new one. Then, I realized that CO 360 was looking for a way to close my 360 checking account. I agree with other patrons of Capital One--their rules for closing checking are rather arbitrary and arcane and not consistent. Moreover, most banks will try and help their customers to reinstate their checking accounts after a year or two; there does not appear to be any such courtesy or grace with Capital One 360.

I have kept my CO Savings and Sharebuilder, but I am thinking of moving these elsewhere because of the internal bunk that goes on at Capital One 360.

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