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gzilla's Profile Image

gzilla reviewed Discover Bank

Mar 30th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Much to like, but online banking services often unavailable

I've been a Discover CC customer for over 20 years and a Discover Bank customer for several years now and opened a new checking account w/ them as soon as I could. Their savings account interest rate is very competitive, and their new checking account features are fantastic. I'm also generally pleased with their customer service: they are always available, answer fairly quickly, and handle most of my requests satisfactorily.

HOWEVER, I have grown so frustrated with banking with Discover Bank. Why? The main purpose and advantage of online banks over traditional brick-n-mortar banks is that they are supposed to be available 24x7, more or less, allowing people the convenience of banking at their convenience. Unfortunately, I have found that Discover Bank is unavailable (due to outages and maintenance windows) more times than not when I want to do my banking (which is usually on Sunday nights). What's worse, I often don't discover that their services are down until I go through the complete effort of the desired transaction (such as submitting all information & pictures of a check deposit, for example). Only after all that do I encounter a message that their service is down.

Very disappointing.

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financialconsumer's Profile Image

financialconsumer reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 23rd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Shameful transition, login and lockouts

I have wasted more than 45 minutes on the phone just trying to access an account with so much needless arcane security (what ever happened to 2 factor login which is secure enough for much bigger financial institutions) THey have still not integrated INGdirect into CapitalOne despite the name. They ask credit bureau questions that are difficult to answer even pertaining to your own credit history and if you miss a tricky question, you are locked out yet again. After 35 minutes setting and resetting required information with someone on the phone, I was cut off and remain locked out in writing everyone's response is to just call the same number. On the CapitalOne website that has FINALLY integrated banking and credit cards that had separate logins, they tell me they can't help me with CapitalOne360 which is not integrated and a separate business DESPITE the name. AVOID like the plague until they get their act together.

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Jhndoe33's Profile Image

Jhndoe33 reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 18th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great online bank

Great online bank for credit card

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ConsumerReview's Profile Image

ConsumerReview reviewed Ally Bank

Mar 14th 2015

1 out of 5 marks


Nothing but problems from day one. I should have known better when Ally screwed up the opening of my account by losing half my paperwork. I figured it was just an honest mistake. Well it's been nothing but problems and I haven't even had the account for a year. I used the smartphone app to deposit a check a few months ago. It was a little more than six months old. No good. Ally said they can't deposit checks over 6 months. Fine. Now I try to deposit a check from my sister. She didn't date the check. I deposit it and get an email a day later saying it was refused BUT it doesn't say it was because it was missing the date. So, I call Ally and ask the rep, if my check is missing the date, will it be rejected? He said no, it should not be a problem. So, I deposit it again using the app and again I get an email saying your check has been rejected because traveler checks, money orders and postal money orders have to be mailed in. Did I mention that this is a personal check from my sister for $30? So, I call up Ally, explain my story to the rep. and she's very sympathetic, but can't help me. I get transferred to Antonio in Tech support. He confirms:

1. The check was rejected because it had no date

2. Mailing it in to Ally wouldn't make a difference

3. The rejection email is very generic (no kidding!)

I've had more frustration with this Ally account in 10 months than I've had in 30 years of having a bank account.

Now back to my local bank where I get a few pennies less in interest but they do deposit my checks.

I closed my account. It's clear to me that wanting to be a great bank and being a great bank are not the same.

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avezbanking's Profile Image

avezbanking reviewed Simple

Mar 13th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

An Internet Bank with a Personal touch

I've run the gamut of issues you can present to a bank, as freelancer with irregular income - I am the worst. What sets Simple a part from other banks, even comparable internet banks, is that they are proactive and communicate with you! I got a message today about my name being misspelled by a check issuer, and ended up having a very friendly chat where a cat picture was exchanged. I am so charmed that I am leaving a review wherever I can. They absolutely deliver on their promise: it's simple. Simple in the good way. Operated by human beings - good human beings. I am chucking my interest bearing Charles Schwab account, which has better perks, because I've never actually felt a genuine connection to a service provider the way I feel for Simple.

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vaham's Profile Image

vaham reviewed HSA Bank

Mar 10th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

new website

The new website is probably the worst I have encountered. It is bad on so many levels.

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RickLindgren's Profile Image

RickLindgren reviewed Capital One 360

Mar 7th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service!

We started with ING direct, when 360 took over we were a little concerned, but have been staying with them since because of their exceptional customer service. We recently had to reset our pin and was helped by Lisa, one of their helpful customer service members. She was very helpful and understanding. She knew the process very well and it felt like we were dealing with a close friend. Because of people like her, we plan to stay with 360 for a long time.

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Effie53's Profile Image

Effie53 reviewed Discover Bank

Mar 7th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

There isn't anything good to say about Discover Bank

Getting my accounts funded took well over two weeks by ACH, disgusting.

Had my retirement check setup for automatic deposit they posted it twice I reported it like a responsible person should, big mistake, they then removed the second posting making the account balance correct, but the next day they removed the other posting so no retirement check now. Called the so called bank professional, actually just a call center dummy, said that the one correction was done by the treasury dept. that issues my check, I immediately asked for a supervisor because this was not a possibility. The so called supervisor couldn't help me said it would take several days of consulting with his colleagues to get the account corrected. Now I have no retirement funds available, good thing I have enough money to carry me over!!!!

They are a 24/7 online bank why do they need so called working days to correct a problem they created. It should be a few key strokes on his computer and problem corrected. I am so sorry that I made the mistake of opening several accounts, checking, savings, IRA. I am just sick to my stomach now what do I do?

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JimInStanfield's Profile Image

JimInStanfield reviewed Ally Bank

Mar 7th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Ally bank website is unreliable. (long time customer)

It seems that the customer service department at Ally has went to Hell. I had a balance of +$106.xx showing on Feb 27, Feb 28 and Mar 1. ! item posted for $98.xx on Mar 2nd. No other items were pending. Ally paid the amount but charged for Insufficient Funds even though their own website shows the balances above. You cannot depend on Ally for prompt deposits or accurate information and the customer service is totally unreliable. Do not open an account at this bank! If you are smart you will go elsewhere.

This website does not show negative reviews easily. It appears that the company is posting their own reviews to cover up complaints.

However they still show a 1 star rating as the total rating. Another good bank gone to pot.

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lexyluvsny's Profile Image

lexyluvsny reviewed Barclays Bank

Mar 5th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Impossible to Put Money Into Bank

I have their dream account that says you can't deposit more than $1,000 a month. Fine...however if there's even a penny more - such as you set-up the account for ACH transfers from another bank - they reject the deposit! My payroll department took this bank off of my direct deposit because their deposits kept getting rejected. I added this account to 2 of my other banks - again they made "trial deposits" so when I tried to deposit $1K into the account - REJECTION!! Even when the bank removes their trial deposits - you can't make your $1k deposit because 38 cents WAS in your account!! It's insane!! And customer service can't help - I ask if an exception can be made - we are talking PENNIES here - no there's nothing they can do!! I've never seen a bank that doesn't want your money or business because I'm done with these stupid "rejections"

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