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martyz's Profile Image

martyz reviewed HSA Bank

Jan 15th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Customer Service Extremely Inadequate

Impossible to get them on the phone. Tried twice and hung up after 15 minute wait both times. Every time you call you get a message saying we are experiencing longer than normal wait times. This is BS!! They do not have enough staff. Sorry I opened an account with them.

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wetsu's Profile Image

wetsu reviewed USAA

Jan 15th 2015

2 out of 5 marks

Tricky Auto Underwriting

Although my wife and I have stellar credit, no claims or traffic violations in the past ten years, USAA gave us a quote more than 50% higher than three other major carriers. Because we choose to maintain locks on our credit reports to protect us from identity theft! Why should ones credit effect ones rate, other than as a tool to charge more?

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annalog's Profile Image

annalog reviewed Ally Bank

Jan 12th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

You have to be retarded to bank anywhere else

I've been a Wells Fargo customer for 8 years now and have many accounts with them, including my mortgage, but I won't keep cash there. WF is paying 0.01% on savings. It's really insulting given their profitability. At Ally, I get 0.99% with no service fees or crap to deal with. And their customer service is outstanding.

A+ for Ally.

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lawdawg1231's Profile Image

lawdawg1231 reviewed Ally Bank

Jan 10th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Lack of communication, rude and inconsiderate even


Failed to contact me on multiple occasions regards an issue with my account. When they did finally call my cell (which they had all along) I received a condescending attitude blaming my for their lack of communication. At this point I'm taking my banking elsewhere to be treated with respect and valued as a customer!

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kronafalvy's Profile Image

kronafalvy reviewed Ally Bank

Jan 9th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Worst banking experience ever

After seeing Ally Bank on, the rating on this website and the competitive interest rates, I decided it was the bank to open a twelve month CD with and place my hard earned savings. Opening the account seemed like a breeze and the agent was nice and professional. After that things drastically changed. Agents seemed sleepy on the phone and disinterested and double the amount of what I authorized was transferred to the CD. When I called to inform them I also was not verified and had to call several different numbers so I could be found in the system. Mind you, I had previously spoken to two agents earlier, neither had troubles locating me. They then blocked me from my online account. I FINALLY was "rediscovered" only to find out that they could not stop the double transfer of funds out of my checking account. They also could not close my account since the transfer was in process. I had to wait until the transfer happened. Once the transfer happened I called immediately to close my account, get all my monies transferred and see about getting compensated with the fees my regular bank has charged me in overdraft protection and advances. I have now been told I must wait 6 days to get my money transferred back due to FDIC regulations and that there is not a designated person with the institution to work with on getting compensated. I am left with nothing in my checking account until the extra money this back transferred without my permission gets replaced and I cannot have a live person's name and number to touch base with about this institution's egregious mistake. Instead, I have a fax number to a computer sever that generates complaints! Trusting this institution has by far been my biggest mistake since I poorly decided to get married to my first husband back in 2004!! What is even scarier for me, I am certain the nightmare is not over and there will be MANY more phone calls in my future.

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endtheFED's Profile Image

endtheFED reviewed Discover Bank

Jan 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Avoid this Bank like the Plague! The Rep's LIE consistently.

One star is too generous. They have no customer service. The rep's lie consistently. I'm serious. Don't believe any 5 star rating, those are lying, too!

I was lured in by their interest rates and by having a Discover credit card for 25 yrs.

Firstly, they never paid the .10 debit card credits so, I just quit using the debit card. That's no where near as bad as the runaround I've gotten in the last 4 months. I inherited an IRA with them that was opened at the same time the checking and savings were opened. They have consistently lied, or just made things up, like you would expect children to do. Today, I was told 2 different stories by two different rep's. The first said they never received my signature card. The second said they had the sig. card but never received any of my other acct. forms. This isn't the first I heard this kind of nonsense. Not even the second. Those forms were actually faxed to Dis. Bank 3 days before Christmas. Before that, it took 3 months to get them to open the beneficiary IRA for me. This was because they never gave me the correct forms I needed. So, every time I faxed or mailed something, they never followed up. I would call and be told a different story every single time. I finally got an account opened in Dec. but have yet to get the funds transferred, one month later. The last rep. actually told me the same thing another told me 2 days ago, that it would take 2 business days for it to be processed. They are actually reading their lies off of a prepared form! I would not believe it if I hadn't lived. So, now I just want out. This is absolutely maddening. I can't believe how many times I've been lied to in the last 4 months regarding the transfer on one simple IRA. They just make it up as they go. Even their names are fake, for example, 20 yr old's named Suzie and Julie. I'm not sure whose idea that is. Apparently, it's a way to avoid responsibility for wrong info. LIES, LIES, LIES. AVOID DISCOVER BANK LIKE THE PLAGUE.

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chefcorr's Profile Image

chefcorr reviewed Synchrony Bank

Jan 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Synchrony is the worst bank ever

I'd like to give it 0 stars but that doesn't seem to be an option. Steer clear of this unabashed rip-off. I had 2 separate Synchrony accounts--one for an Amazon store card and one for Care Credit to finance a tooth implant. Both made access and navigation of the e-billing impossible so that late charges started accruing immediately. Amazon--do you really have to stoop to this entity for your store cards? I won't use either one ever again and just hope that I am free of the blood-suckers.

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wh82z5's Profile Image

wh82z5 reviewed Ally Bank

Jan 8th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Can't Make Principal Payment?

I'm a 44yo male that has had multiple auto loans over the years. The dealership where i purchased my latest vehicle had an extra incentive of 1k when financing with ally so even though the rate was higher, i can more than make up for it by paying off the car early (which i always have) and still receive the incentive. So i go to make my first payment and there isn't anywhere on their mobile app or web site that allows you to make a principal payment. A call to customer service confirms it.

They can notate my account and when processing the payment they apply the extra to principal but i will have to call in every month for this to happen. Honestly, it just seems deceitful. How hard can it be to add the principal payment option to their mobile app or web site. Make it hard to pay off the car early, they get the maximum interest on every loan. Not the best option for a consumer. I should have just went to my local credit union instead of being greedy for the extra 1k incentive.

One call to my credit union and we are moving the loan. Better rate and they are happy to offer the principal payment option on both their website and mobile app!

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johngummadi's Profile Image

johngummadi reviewed Simple

Jan 7th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Love The Simplicity

Looks like the simple team actually had gone through the pains that normal people experience with traditional banking solutuions. Simple gives full controll over your money.

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thejbru's Profile Image

thejbru reviewed Simple

Jan 7th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Customer Service Backed By Slick Interfaces

I love my bank now. The simple (no pun intended) act of calling them and getting an actual person answering the phone is so refreshing. Any time i've had an issue, like when my card info was used for a shopping spree in ga while i live in mn, their response has been swift and human. Meaning they did things to make it right that you'd think your friend would do vs. What a bank's policy would have them do.

Recently, i received a message that my card would be replaced because they received news of a retail store's security breach that might endanger my card info. A bit of a hassle, but how great that they didn't wait until after there was a problem? Their web site and phone apps are top notch. I particularly love their "goals" feature that lets me set aside money a bit at a time either for bill payments or for planned purchases.

This feature has finally got me to stay within a budget for myself and made me more financially secure. It's great to see my "safe-to-spend" value when logging in vs. My actual balance as it lets me know how much i have that isn't already dedicated to my goals and budget. I can't recommend simple highly enough.

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