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zanarail's Profile Image

zanarail reviewed Ally Bank

Feb 27th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Hopeless Communications!!

Refuses to send money overseas electronically.

Refuses to fax blank forms.

Refuses to email blank forms.

Refuses to communicate via email.

What is wrong with them???? This is the 21st Century!!

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mwilk03's Profile Image

mwilk03 reviewed Synchrony Bank

Feb 26th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Customer Service - Predatory Practices

Do you like having your credit score decimated by the people you borrow money from? Are you looking to waste valuable irreplaceable free time from your loved ones and friends? Have you at some point in your life sought out customer service agents who can neither hear nor comprehend what you are saying? If you have answered "Yes" with even remote amounts of gusto then let me tell you; Synchrony Bank is the upstanding financial establishment you want to be working with in your financial life!

So go ahead give them a call. Trust me they won't answer!

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dej2010's Profile Image

dej2010 reviewed Capital One 360

Feb 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Was A Great Bank Right Up Until.

Capital one 360 closed my account. No warning, no phone call or email. I found out about it because i suddenly could no longer log in any my transactions started to bounce. When i called to find out what was happening, the typically cheery rep suddenly became stern and cold with me. "you'll get a letter in the mail explaining why. "

you might assume i was a bad customer. I certainly can't imagine how that would be possible. $20k a month in and out of my account, three year relationship. I'll admit that i wrote about five checks over the life of the relationship that bounced - the most recent being 6 months ago - because my direct depositor had an unfortunate habit of sending funds a day late and i would occasionally write a check the day before the deposit assuming it would be ok.

I take ownership of this mistake, and i paid my penance for this transgression through bank fees on my "no fees" account. If i am the definition of a customer who deserves a sudden banking crisis followed by a curt letter that says "going forward, no additional activity can take place and no new accounts can be opened. Thanks, capital one 360" then this is the bank for you. My letter in return:

Dear capital one 360,

when i let you hold on to my money while i wasn't using it, i thought you'd appreciate the interest you could earn by turning around and loaning it to your mortgage customers. Now that you've had a sudden change of heart and told me to get lost, i want to return the favor. I've let many people know about your customer relationship approach and the value each individual account holder has to you.

As for the people whom i've previously recommended capital one 360, i have contacted each one to rescind and apologize for my recommendation. Going forward, no marketing material or other contact of any kind will accepted. In addition, i will make an effort to let as many people know my experience as i am able. Thanks,

-your former

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Frankly's Profile Image

Frankly reviewed Discover Bank

Feb 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Started Out Great Until We Had A Problem

We opened a savings account and really were enjoying the interest we were getting. Only negative was when we transferred money from another account to discover it came out immediately but took days before it was put into my savings. The real problem was when i decided to open a checking account with discover. I did it online and made 2 mistakes i did not realize until i submitted it. I immediately contacted someone at discover banking and after spending about an hour with them i was told everything was fixed and i was ready to go.

A couple of days later i signed onto my discover account only to find that my savings account had disappeared but the checking was there. I called spoke to customer service and was informed i was not authorized to access my savings account. I was not happy and after some research they said that they had to work on it and they would keep me in the loop on the status. After not hearing from them for a couple of days i called back and this time i was told by a supervisor he would call me back.

He called me back and said they were working on the problem and he would own the problem and continue to keep me in the loop. Again days went by no word so i called spoke to another supervisor and he said he would transfer me savings into my checking and once the got my savings account fixed he would make sure that i would not lose any interest that i would have received if it was left in savings and would call me as soon as my savings was fixed. That was over a month ago and i have not heard one word from discover. I plan on closing the checking account and never bank where i can't walk in to talk to someone and get my problem resolved. Very bad experience.

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toillenehoc's Profile Image

toillenehoc reviewed Synchrony Bank

Feb 24th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Stay Clear of Synchrony's IRA Dept.

Incompetence abounds! Upper management is well insulated. Try calling their home office in Utah at 801 816 4760. They NEVER answer and don't return messages. Where is Margaret Keane, the head honcho? Perfect example of the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Go to Barclays or TCF to get the 1% rate.

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WEB2013's Profile Image

WEB2013 reviewed Ally Bank

Feb 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Spend Less On Commercials More On Customer Service

How this bank has numerous positive reviews is beyond me. The application process for a simple savings account (their rate is the best for basic savings, hence the single star, but rate means zero if you can't access your account) was such a cluster i opted out of the account process. The process went something like this: fill out the application on-line then wait... And wait... And wait... No emails, no calls; go online and submit and inquiry to which you get a response of 'we can't respond because email is not secure. '; call... Hold... Hold... Hold, hang-up (repeat for 2 days) call again on a sunday and finally get through to a live rep who indicates that they need a dl or utility bill to verify identity.

I guess the multiple identifying questions, along with the funding bank account info for deposit, on the application weren't adequate? Again, this is for a basic savings account (not brokerage) and i'm sending them thousands of dollars and they have the account info from which to pull these funds but they need a utility bill with my address to make sure i am who i say i am?! (of course utility companies are the pinnacle of identity security i'm sure). Per the rep it's the patriot act that necessitates this request, but odd that other on-line accounts didn't need this extra info (and a utility bill, really)?

Giving them a big break and assuming this extra id step is necessary that does't excuse that a bank w/o branches shouldn't have the lack of notice/relationship/decent customer service via technology that necessitated i pull my application. I have to state the rep was professional and friendly but the process and taking over 6 days to actually get to speak to a person, honestly had me questioning if i fell for a scam and someone highjacking ally to get personal information. Bottom line, go with capitalone360, lower rate but top tier support and website.

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Ferryboater's Profile Image

Ferryboater reviewed CIT Bank

Feb 22nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible Bank

After trying to get info on transferring money in to open a CD, I learned that I'd first have to apply online before getting access to transfer forms. The online process required detailed information and when I called because I needed help with the app, I got the least customer-oriented CSR I've ever dealt with. She was annoyed when I asked her to walk me through what I was having difficulty with and said "this is an online bank." I used up a lot of printer ink before deciding I want nothing to do with this bank.

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ljcann's Profile Image

ljcann reviewed Synchrony Bank

Feb 18th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Stay Away!

Synchrony Bank makes it as easy as can be to deposit money but next to impossible to take it out. As a result, i closed my account on february 4, 2015, and today is february 18th and i still do not have my check for over 600k when i called them, they told me they can not even begin to process a lost check claim until february 20th. I have to mail them a claim form because they can not accept the form faxed or emailed and once they receive the form, they will send me a replacement check in the mail within 48 hours. I think they are scammers.

Just a way to hold on to our money longer. Also, at no time did anyone offer to bump this up to a higher level or go out of their way to try to help me. It was as though they were reading from a script. Sorry, but these are our rules. When i asked if they would be concerned about not having access to over 600k of their money for 14 days. I got the same canned response. Sorry this happened,but these are our rules.

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brapitt2's Profile Image

brapitt2 reviewed Ally Bank

Feb 18th 2015

4 out of 5 marks

Great Online Bank

Great online bank to take advantage of high interest rates on checking and savings accounts.

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Smallz44's Profile Image

Smallz44 reviewed USAA

Feb 18th 2015

3 out of 5 marks

Ok For Some Services

USAA Bank has limited to offer but what they do offer is great

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