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meln6's Profile Image

meln6 reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Awesome In Every Way

They have the friendliest and most helpful customer service that i've ever encountered, and i've been through three previous banks before simple. Their desktop and phone app is a breeze to use and is designed to make you save money. Also, no fees! So far i've managed to get 2 of my friends to switch banks and they have nothing but great things to say about simple. Love them.

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kylcmu's Profile Image

kylcmu reviewed CIT Bank

Oct 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simply The Dumbest Bank Ive Ever Dealt With

We just opened an account for 55k, and CIT called us claiming that my other bank blocked the money transfer to CIT. It turned out the transaction did go through and cit duplicated the transaction overdrawing my account by 110k. Then they gave me the runaround to talk to my other bank to block the duplicated transactions when cit in fact already had the funds. Then i spoke to 3 representatives just to get them to send back the money they overdrew.

I even got a supervisor to promise me that everything will be taken care of in days. It's been over a week when they still haven't done it. I had to call them again, for the 6th time in a week, to make sure that they get this right, and good that i did because cit then tells us they were about to send both transactions back and leave me with a balance of zero at cit.

How incompetent are these people that they can fck up a simple transaction to open an account 5 different ways? I had the pleasure of working indirectly for ceo john thain in the past and think highly of him. He's a very sharp guy, but apparently intelligence stops at the top levels and employees on the frontline can not even open an account properly. If this is a representation of the rest of the bank, then id be really worried about keeping money there and probably need 2% more interest on cit saving accounts to deal with the incompetence and risk.

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CaptainBisquick's Profile Image

CaptainBisquick reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

All Banks Suck Compared To

I admit it, i'm a simple. Com evangelist. It's not just about simple though. This is about technology making our lives better. It's a philosophical stance. Simple. Com does what i thought my bank should do for me when i first started banking. I know people who keep cash in envelopes because they need to keep their balances separated. Why haven't banks already figured this out? Send a message to your bank, leave and go to simple. Com. I did.

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PatrickKennedy's Profile Image

PatrickKennedy reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

What Don't I Love About Simple?

I've some how managed to save a butt-ton of money, and every time i have to talk to them it's amazing (and i appreciate the informal tone. And the gifs. Oh the gifs). And when i lost my card and realized it a couple days later i wasn't concerned because i know no one used it or my phone would have notified me immediately, and i can disable it at will. Uhm... I guess i don't like that my bank is so awesome because banks aren't supposed to be this awesome?

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jjrican's Profile Image

jjrican reviewed USAA

Sep 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

They Will Not Look Out For No Service Member

I have been a USAA member since 2001. My wife recently had a vehicle collision with a deer while on her way to my slc graduation. Our 2013 honda pilot had some damage and required for the truck to be repaired out of state due to the trip. We got a rental vehicle for the 6 weeks that took to repair our vehicle. After our vehicle was repaired we come to find out that usaa only paid $900. 00 out of $1,400. 00 of the car rental bill. I call them a number of times to see if they would cover the remaining portion given the fact that for the past 13 years i had been accident free, well i guess that was to much to ask.

They denied the request. Well i went shopping around for a new car insurance in which geico surprised me with their military rates, way better than usaa, so i canceled my policy and went with geico. My hole point is that USAA would rather see me go than to help their long time customers over $400. 00. Well i come from a family with several military members that have usaa, that's going to change soon. I will never go back to usaa, not until they realize they are not about military families anymore but to getting our pockets and see dollar signs in our foreheads.

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jln520's Profile Image

jln520 reviewed Ally Bank

Sep 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Stay Away!

The website does not work. They screwed up my autopay and then locked me out. When i had my spouse call them to try to fix it (i was out of the country), they refused to allow my spouse to fix the problem, costing me hundreds of dollars. The website is complete crap. The customer service is rude and they hung up on my spouse.

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dwolf52000's Profile Image

dwolf52000 reviewed Simple

Sep 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Great Concept - Failed In Execution

Their concept is really good; but after an infrastructure upgrade, they cannot do simple banking. Last week through the weekend, my safe to spend fluctuated daily from $15 to $400. There was a recurring payment that i was going to send on the 15th of oct, but i could not get rid of it, so the safe to spend still remains below by that amount. Fortunately the debit card is tied to available funds rather than the safe to spend.

I sent two bill payments. While both got to their destinations, one still does not show up in my transaction list. Then i did a transaction calculation over the weekend and found that i had over $500 missing. I started with my direct deposit and ran the transactions. I was over $500 short. It wasn't in my available balance, nor in my transactions. I called monday morning. The representative said that the tech team would look at it and get back to me this morning. When that did not happen, i called this morning.

The representative said that the tech team would get back to me this evening. I also asked to speak to a manager. She said that there was no manager available, but one would call me this evening. That did not happen. I called them this evening. The representative said everything looked fine in my account and that the tech team needed more info. I went through the exercise with her on the phone by doing simple math. Still had the shortfall.

Then she did the exercise and said she would get this to the tech team first thing in the morning, since they had left for the day. Now i should feel a little more urgency when money can't be accounted for.

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axewell's Profile Image

axewell reviewed Simple

Sep 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Used To Be So Great

I've been using simple since they first started, it used to be so fantastic. Their mobile platform is light years ahead of everyone else. But after their upgrade in august they have been having some serious issues. My current bank statement is over $150 off right now, they are several days behind on transactions and my statement for august is still unavailable (it's september 21st! ).

If i wasn't tracking my money dollar for dollar i'm sure i'd be in a huge hole and get declined everywhere. I'm moving my money elsewhere this is just unacceptable it's been almost a month since their "upgrade" it's a bank their fundamental business is to track how much i spend, and they can't even do that right now.

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jabauman's Profile Image

jabauman reviewed Ally Bank

Sep 20th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service

Very pleased with Ally Bank. It was super simple to set-up a money market account and an interest-bearing checking account, plus I was pleasantly surprised to find out they supply unlimited checks for free.

Now for the clincher! They offer free "bill pay" and they covered my butt when I made a mistake on my first trial run. I accidentally processed more bills than my account balance and they covered the deficit with no "bounced check" fees or penalties. I got a nice email to let me know about this "one-time courtesy" for new users. Thanks Ally!

Note: For those of you using online banking for the 1st time, be aware that a money transfer to Ally Bank from your physical bank is not instantaneous. It takes about 4-5 days. Big "duh" on my part, but now that I know this, I transfer money a week before I activate my monthly payments.

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Whodinka's Profile Image

Whodinka reviewed Simple

Sep 20th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Experiencing Not So Simple Issues

I enjoy Simple banking. I love the tools that they have to assist you in seeing where your money is going and the budgeting tools are great for setting up spending goals. I enjoy using their mobile app to track my spending, write memos on transactions, and contact customer support with questions.

With all that being said, Simple has been experiencing some technical difficulties since their systems upgrade in August. Some problems that I've currently experiences are:

Delay in transactions posting to my account

Bill payments being canceled

Refunds from returns not posting to my account

Issues with account displaying accurate balance

I have contacted customer support with these issues and they have assisted, but they are currently swamped with issues so they typically take a few days to get back to me. Though the customer service team is excellent when it comes to resolving the issues, it seems that there is some new issue every day. They upgraded their systems in early August (2014) and we are getting into the end of September. I'm trying to be patient and let them work out the kinks and glitches in their systems so that I can experience the awesome banking that I experienced when I first signed up.

When I have to commit to tracking every issue that my account is experiencing and pointing it out to them, banking with Simple has become quite tedious within these past two months. I'm experiencing issues that I just did not have when I was banking with my bigger bank. I'm going to try to stick with them a little longer but if these glitches and issues keep persisting, I'm going back to my old bank.

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