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danielsrcross's Profile Image

danielsrcross reviewed Simple

Jan 7th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Incredibly 'Current' Design, & Over The Top Customer Service

These guys may be one of the best organizations as a whole i've ever done business with! They have a mentality of keeping everything 'simple', and it's taken literally. With easy-to-use goal setting mechanisms, an actual person on the other end of the phone, and just an overall pleasant experience, this bank is a cut above.

Just a quick example: i was accidentally charged twice for a tiny, $10 purchase from a local retailer due to an error with simple's system last year. Not only did they recoup the damage within 72 hours, but the bank president sent me an email and a courtesy credit of $50 to make up for any inconvenience. Absolutely incredible group of people over a t simple!

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Matt1900's Profile Image

Matt1900 reviewed Simple

Jan 7th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Simple Is A Great Bank - No Nonsense!

I've been a member for close to a year now. It's been really an enjoyable experience. The customer service is superbly friendly. They make you feel very welcome. The bank is an online/app only bank. No local branches. But that really just adds to the beauty of simple bank. It really is simple. It's a pleasure to use them as my main bank. I would not suggest using them as one's sole bank, definitely have a local secondary, but with that said--it makes an awesome primary.

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moneysaver21's Profile Image

moneysaver21 reviewed Capital One 360

Jan 6th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

Enjoy This Bank

I have been with ING Direct now Capital One 260 and have no problems with

them. Its a great bank and i recommend them highly.

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Irmgard's Profile Image

Irmgard reviewed Synchrony Bank

Jan 4th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Reading all the ratings...

Reading all the ratings...I certainly will not do business with them. I was looking for a bank where halfway decent interest would be earned. Now I know where not to put my money.

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DMauman's Profile Image

DMauman reviewed Ally Bank

Jan 2nd 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Ally Not Transferring IRA funds?

Have had various accounts with Ally for many years, and always was impressed with customer service - until now. We've had various CD's in our Roth and Traditional IRA accounts. Recently decided to (direct) transfer funds (upon CD maturation) to another institutional account consistent with our financial plan and work with a financial advisor. Completed all transfer documents completely, then got notice from Ally that they needed an original (not copy of) signature, and after horsing around with all that I now find that the funds still haven't been transferred after 3 weeks. Anybody else have such experience with Ally?

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crazybus32's Profile Image

crazybus32 reviewed Synchrony Bank

Dec 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service

This is not a bank, it is a loan shark service!!! My Walmart credit card was transferred over to Syncrony Bank. I always pay my bill early and always pay more than the minimum balance. In June 2014 I paid my bill way to early and they make it as an extra payment for May. I called them and told them that was ment for June and was basically told "too bad". I asked if they could take that extra May payment and make it for June, they said no!! I asked if they would return the money to me and I would make another payment for June, they told me no! They wanted a double payment for June. I told them I didn't have the money for a double payment they told me, too bad! They charge me a 35.00 late fee every month since June! I have written letters that went unanswered. I have called, to no avail! The constantly call my house telling me Im delinquent and they send me emails all the time telling me I am delinquent! I wish I could pay this off and be done with them forever!!

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mayson's Profile Image

mayson reviewed Synchrony Bank

Dec 29th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Not Much Better Than Discover Bank

I chose to move my IRA Accounts from Discover Bank to Synchrony because Discover will not roll over any CD in an IRA to a MM. Your only option is to renew at market rate or transfer funds.You are at the mercy of Discover. Therefore I decided to transfer my CD from Discover upon maturity to Synchrony which will allow you to move a CD to a MM IRA account.

Caution, keep very good records. When ever I called Synchrony to confirm or see if they received my transfer forms, they could not give me an answer. In short I was doing their job. Constantly calling Discover and Synchrony to try to get a confirmation on a transfer. Often I had to send in a second request for a transfer. Due to synchrony sending in one form late I was charged a $100 penalty by discover.

When this is over or if I decide to transfer a CD in an IRA , I'll go with Fidelity.

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tivac's Profile Image

tivac reviewed USAA

Dec 29th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Cannot stress enough how great they are

I've been banking with USAA for years and never pass up an opportunity to praise them. Great customer service, great rates (on everything but savings accounts), and always a great experience.

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Mikeocee3's Profile Image

Mikeocee3 reviewed Capital One 360

Dec 28th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Experience - I recommend staying away

Problems with the Capital One 360 Checking:

Poor Customer Service - I mean poor, takes 3+ days to respond to an email - NOT friendly - I was actually sent an email that they would no longer be responding to my inquiries

Like another reviewer stated, pending transactions will disappear and then reappear, so it is not always accurate when you check your checking balance.

Deposits take forever to be deposited. I had a check take up to 7 days to be available in my account. Ridiculous.

Depositing cash is a huge hassle - although they do allow you to do that now

They all of a sudden cancelled my husband's check card due to a security breach and did not notify him at all. It was the strangest thing. We were out of town and his check card was getting declined. Luckily, I was with him. If not, he would have been stranded out of town with no access to any money. Thanks Capital One 360!

Has really gone down hill since Capital One 360 bought ING Direct. I'm very sad that it is no longer ING. Capital One is a horrible company and I will be closing all of my accounts with them soon.

I suggest looking elsewhere.

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netjon's Profile Image

netjon reviewed Capital One 360

Dec 23rd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible Experience

I tried to setup a "business savings" account with Capital One 360 for a small not-for-profit organization.

It was a horrible experience. I wish it were possible to rate either zero or even negative stars.

1) The instructions about one main form in the application were unclear. No big deal, we just redid the document when they told us what they wanted.

2) After turning in the updated document they said there was still a problem. It turns out they did not even read the cover letter we sent with the app explaining that we have both our incorporated name and a legal doing-business-as name. This is a very common practice.

3) After arguing with one guy who was just kinda repeating what he must have been reading from a manual I called the next day and talked to a "supervisor." This guy wanted me to redo the form yet again, making more changes than the first time. Petty changes. (Actually, I don't believe he was even looking at the application, I believe he was just being stubborn and unreasonable).

4) Now they want me to do a "name change" form even though we haven't changed our name.

I have no confidence that if I fill out any more forms that they will do a competent job. It feels like they have decided they don't want me for a customer for some reason and are just being jerks about it.

Yuck. Amazingly incompetent and unreasonably stubborn.

I have had a personal online account back since the days it was ING. My experience with them trying to setup a very simple business savings account is causing me to wonder if I want to cancel my personal checking account as well.

I wish I could talk to someone there who knows what they are doing. It is pretty clear that the guys in the business department do not. It is also clear that they would rather be difficult and stubborn than win a customer.

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