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skipper29's Profile Image

skipper29 reviewed Charles Schwab Bank

Oct 8th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Used to be Good, Not anymore

I had a brokerage account and a high yield checking account. I was using my ATM/Checking far too often (online shopping, traveling, etc---FYI: I never over drafted or bounced a check). But I decided to open a new checking account with them to better manage my finances for the holidays and the new year and close the current one. Guess what?

I was denied a new checking account due to something they perceived negative on my credit report. Not only was I denied a new checking account but they ended up closing my current one at random. I find it interesting that they kept the brokerage account alive and well. Point being, if you have good credit this bank may not be for you. I think they require excellent or near perfect credit. (yes, they do pull a hard inquiry on your credit when you attempt to open an account).

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jterrineyahoocom's Profile Image

jterrineyahoocom reviewed Able Banking

Oct 8th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Almost Satisfactory Initial Web Chat Account Set up Inquiry

The agent was direct in responding to all of my inquiries, except when it concerned the full list of fees. A simple yes or no would have more than suffice. Certainly, it would have calm any lingering doubts.

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79Sunflower's Profile Image

79Sunflower reviewed Simple

Oct 4th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Things Started Out So Well, Until..

I really really loved this bank until it declined and sent back my employers direct deposit because the address listed (a p. O. Box - they do not accept them as mailing addresses) did not match the address i have on file. A deposit with my name and correct account information, but p. O. Box vs. Physical address was sent back to my employer. I don't know about you, but that is a deal breaker.

I need my money, i don't work for free! It took weeks before things were corrected and i had available funds. And this is common, online transactions have been declined if i do not enter in my apartment number or if i write half street vs. 1/2 street. Yes, that tiny bit of a difference can mean the difference between accepted and declined. I appreciate the thoroughness, but until they allow p. O. Box addresses to be used as a mailing preference and cash deposits, i have to move back to the big guys.

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Deevanj's Profile Image

Deevanj reviewed TIAA Direct

Oct 3rd 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Terrible Experience With a Mortgage- And the Followup

We are in the middle of a horrendous mortgage experience that brought us up to the wire of one day before closing, only to be rejected at the 11th hour. We have been jumping through hoops for weeks to provide all document ion. the mortgage consultant even called our real estate agent for a rental property we own in New Jersey to verify why we have to both tenant and landlord names on the security deposit bank account and that our tenant is not really a family member. They would not believe that its actually the law in NJ. We have great credit scores (791 and 747) and have 20% down etc. Got preliminary approval and moved ahead with the process only to be told one day before closing that the rental income from our house in NJ won't count as income because we haven't rented it out for at least two years. Huh??? They couldn't tell us that at the beginning of the process? They even made us get an appraisal on the rental home-cost over $600 ! Really? I own that home already! So now we have paid for an appraisal on the house we want to buy and the house we already own that's rented. Total cost $1300. We stand to lose close to $10,000 now on the house we are trying to buy in NC. One day before closing it all falls apart because TIAA Direct is irresponsible and unprofessional. I only went with them because I have a retirement account with TIAA Cref. I am planning on initiating a lawsuit to recover damages but this has been an awful experience. The worst ever. Stay away from TIAA Direct. They are simply awful.

TIAA Direct Responded to My Post

Last week we were denied a mortgage one day before our scheduled closing. In frustration, I posted a negative review on I am happy to report that I got calls from top management and the decision about the mortgage was reversed. We closed on our house within the week. I respect the fact that this company cared enough to do the right thing, however their business practice put us through a roller coaster of emotion.

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drmembrane's Profile Image

drmembrane reviewed Capital One 360

Oct 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why Can't I Give Them Zero Stars

I do computer security for a living. I have a car loan through capital one and just the one account i have their security is appalling, their understanding of corporate networking is worse. Migrating people to a new site with no notice and worse, no links from the old site to the new. Forcing me to call customer service to fix my site.

I get on the phone and they can only identify me by my social, sorry, i know better than to give that over the phone, if you want my car payment you'll have to find a different way to identify me. Unfortunately they don't allow me enough characters to list all the problems i've had and found with their broken system, for example taking a month and a half before i could make my first payment because they were setting up my account then trying to charge me a late fee. I knew nothing about capitalone before this car loan, i'm glad i didn't set up a real bank account with them now.

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meln6's Profile Image

meln6 reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Awesome In Every Way

They have the friendliest and most helpful customer service that i've ever encountered, and i've been through three previous banks before simple. Their desktop and phone app is a breeze to use and is designed to make you save money. Also, no fees! So far i've managed to get 2 of my friends to switch banks and they have nothing but great things to say about simple. Love them.

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kylcmu's Profile Image

kylcmu reviewed CIT Bank

Oct 2nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Simply The Dumbest Bank Ive Ever Dealt With

We just opened an account for 55k, and CIT called us claiming that my other bank blocked the money transfer to CIT. It turned out the transaction did go through and cit duplicated the transaction overdrawing my account by 110k. Then they gave me the runaround to talk to my other bank to block the duplicated transactions when cit in fact already had the funds. Then i spoke to 3 representatives just to get them to send back the money they overdrew.

I even got a supervisor to promise me that everything will be taken care of in days. It's been over a week when they still haven't done it. I had to call them again, for the 6th time in a week, to make sure that they get this right, and good that i did because cit then tells us they were about to send both transactions back and leave me with a balance of zero at cit.

How incompetent are these people that they can fck up a simple transaction to open an account 5 different ways? I had the pleasure of working indirectly for ceo john thain in the past and think highly of him. He's a very sharp guy, but apparently intelligence stops at the top levels and employees on the frontline can not even open an account properly. If this is a representation of the rest of the bank, then id be really worried about keeping money there and probably need 2% more interest on cit saving accounts to deal with the incompetence and risk.

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CaptainBisquick's Profile Image

CaptainBisquick reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

All Banks Suck Compared To

I admit it, i'm a simple. Com evangelist. It's not just about simple though. This is about technology making our lives better. It's a philosophical stance. Simple. Com does what i thought my bank should do for me when i first started banking. I know people who keep cash in envelopes because they need to keep their balances separated. Why haven't banks already figured this out? Send a message to your bank, leave and go to simple. Com. I did.

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PatrickKennedy's Profile Image

PatrickKennedy reviewed Simple

Oct 2nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

What Don't I Love About Simple?

I've some how managed to save a butt-ton of money, and every time i have to talk to them it's amazing (and i appreciate the informal tone. And the gifs. Oh the gifs). And when i lost my card and realized it a couple days later i wasn't concerned because i know no one used it or my phone would have notified me immediately, and i can disable it at will. Uhm... I guess i don't like that my bank is so awesome because banks aren't supposed to be this awesome?

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jjrican's Profile Image

jjrican reviewed USAA

Sep 30th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

They Will Not Look Out For No Service Member

I have been a USAA member since 2001. My wife recently had a vehicle collision with a deer while on her way to my slc graduation. Our 2013 honda pilot had some damage and required for the truck to be repaired out of state due to the trip. We got a rental vehicle for the 6 weeks that took to repair our vehicle. After our vehicle was repaired we come to find out that usaa only paid $900. 00 out of $1,400. 00 of the car rental bill. I call them a number of times to see if they would cover the remaining portion given the fact that for the past 13 years i had been accident free, well i guess that was to much to ask.

They denied the request. Well i went shopping around for a new car insurance in which geico surprised me with their military rates, way better than usaa, so i canceled my policy and went with geico. My hole point is that USAA would rather see me go than to help their long time customers over $400. 00. Well i come from a family with several military members that have usaa, that's going to change soon. I will never go back to usaa, not until they realize they are not about military families anymore but to getting our pockets and see dollar signs in our foreheads.

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