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simcic's Profile Image

simcic reviewed Ally Bank

May 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Car Dealer Who Uses Ally

I have been a Ally car dealer from before its bankruptcy when it was called GMAC. Then I knew who my business contacts were. But now I have a Branch/ District Manager and he has a Boss, and He or She has a Boss. But I have no idea who they are. If I have a business related request, it is like talking to a big black hole -- I get no response.

In fact I have been told " we only help the big boys" and "the interest rate we charge the dealership will only go down if you have over $20 million of car inventory". My dealership of approximately 300 car inventory at $8 million dollars make me by their standards a little guy and therefore my cost of money should be higher.

There is no relationship banking with this organization.

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Investor's Profile Image

Investor reviewed USAA

May 18th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

USAA Mortgage Banking Insurance and other services

Perhaps others are still having good service with USAA. The service I have received has steadily decreased during the years and I figured I should write about it since I still hear people tell me they have had great service. Maybe I'm the only one that seems to be disapointed and I have now dropped all services from USAA although I am technically still a member.

My membership started with USAA in 1992 when I was first commissioned. During the first 13 years of membership the service was stellar. In 2005 USAA dropped my Florida home insurance as they reduced their exposure to the Florida market. That wasn't cool. Then an acquaintance of mine that worked for USAA in the IT field had his job outsourced overseas. That wasn't cool. This led me to shop around for the last 2 USAA products I had; credit card and car insurance. I now use NFCU and Geico.

Having not used USAA services for the last 7 years or so I kind of wrote them off but recently some friends that are also retired military were raving about USAA's wealth management services so when I was shopping a mortgage for a new house I decided I would see how USAA handled a mortgage application to get an idea if I would consider their investment products. Maybe I was wrong about USAA? I applied for a mortgage with 3 lenders. Our credit is excellent (760-800), have minimal debt and our annual income is more than the purchase price of the house so I was expecting three quick replies. Evidently there was a credit discrepancy with a closed account that I wasn't aware of. USAA simply denied me and sent me a letter while the other two lenders reached out to us, gave us pre-approval letters and once I fixed the error with Citi they offered me fantastic rates.

I don't see the service in USAA anymore. I find better products and service elsewhere so I won't be giving them any more chances. I figured I would share this in case others are noticing the decreasing service -- there are other better choices out there.

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JE0528's Profile Image

JE0528 reviewed Ally Bank

May 17th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service

I have been an Ally customer for a couple years. There is a lot I like about Ally. Dealing with Customer Service is not one of them. I have been trying to resolve an issue with them now for almost 6 weeks. I first called them because there was a deposit from a bank I did not recognize. They could give me any information such as branch location that could have resolved the issue. When I figured out what was going on, I called Customer Service with the information. I was told it might take a few business days.

That was a month ago. I got a call from someone in their fraud division. Called the person back on the number they gave me -- they were not available. I left a message and explained the situation and gave a call back number. That was three weeks ago -- still no answer. Still no credit back to the account. I chatted Customer Service tonight -- after 45 minutes, I was told to call the same person back who lacked the courtesy to return my initial call. Completely inexcusable--especially for an online bank. This needs to be fixed -- fast.

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lepontneuf's Profile Image

lepontneuf reviewed Simple

May 16th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

After 6 months, I'm going back to my old bank

I had Schwab Investor Checking (a free checking account with worldwide ATM fee reimbursement) and was perfectly content, but I read about Simple and was very into the whole idea and it felt progressive and innovative, so I tried it out for a while. The no checks/no banks/no fees, the pretty app and website, and the great customer service were definitely appealing. I convinced three friends to join. I regret that.

The holds on deposited checks are wholly unreasonable and unnecessary - other banks do not do it. I personally found the website complicated and the goals feature confusing, especially when trying to account for recurring bill withdrawals. That may be just me. I live in NYC and need cash on hand at all times and everything now now now, which means going to the ATMs. Their ATM network was not convenient enough for me (especially when my old bank reimbursed all ATM fees) and having to login to my account on the app to locate a branch on the go was tedious. The fact that there are no checks did not seem to be a problem in concept, but proved to be, especially with rent checks and timing that with paycheck deposits. "Check's in the mail" concept did not sit well with me, so much so that I never used it and would go into the Post Office to get money orders instead. Delays between account transfers were way too long. I was glad to have kept the Schwab account open, to which I am returning.

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tippy10dill's Profile Image

tippy10dill reviewed Ally Bank

May 16th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Why would anyone bank with these guys?

I made a big mistake when I bought my last car and used Ally because the dealer recommended them over my bank. I just paid my loan off with them and even though I have a Fl electronic title that should be released when payment is made and received. I waited 24 hrs to go to the fl motor vehicle site to print my title I was surprised that they had not released it. If I had used my bank I would have had it when payment was received. Now you know they have no branches so you have to deal with their poor excuse of Bank employees. I then was told by a Indian lady who gave me a American name that she would help me, OK she said just wait 10 days and we will release it. HUMMMM? Why 10 days for an electronic title they had my money and it would only take a few key strokes to release it. She then tells me I could have MAILED it and they would have released it sooner. Am I missing something here? Isn't this the latest style of banking all internet and I get advice to Mail something if I want it sooner. It would take way longer to mail the payoff anyway. Now my buyer is waiting for a title! When I asked for a supervisor I got put on hold for 10 seconds and she returned and said it would be 10 days, I asked why, no reply. So if you think a customer service person over seas is better than a teller in person who is trained in Banking go for it. My business and my family's business will steer clear of this poor excuse of a wanna be bank.

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singleshot's Profile Image

singleshot reviewed USAA

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

USAA is fraudulent -- distorts its true purpose and abuses its customers

USAA, in its entirety, lies, humiliates, and extorts money and business from its clientele. USAA uses its "affiliation" with members of our military, family members, and veterans as a "tool" to attract said clientele. System of puppets, so to speak. USAA is no more a friend to the military than say, Bin Laden or the Veterans Administration.

I have not been affiliated with USAA for over 6 years. I took the family banking, and insurance business, out of their reach and into the better hands of a local credit union and Mercury auto insurance company.

One experience, of many, and the experience that literally forced me to take my business elsewhere, was a phone conversation I probably wasn't supposed to hear. "Just because they are in the military, does not mean we have to coddle them or make them happy. They just happen to be the people we cater to. That's it". Proof?

I did not receive a direct deposit once, and so the obvious happened. Bills became overdue, overdraft charges going through the roof ( USAA said it was my responsibility to make sure money was in account to cover bills being paid direct from account) and even hot an electronic notice forwarded to USAA from DFAS. A useless effort.

So, when all was said and done, USAA TOOK $225 in overdraft charges on just one attempted bill payment even though they were informed of direct deposit discrepency.

They lied and manipulated the entire situation based on their ability and the "because we can attitude".

This is just one of a combined six unprofessional and illegal business practices waged against my status with them. When you combine this complaint ( and mind you, i still have the documentation and event timeline, i think) with the tens of thousands of complaints against USAA and their fraudulent and filthy tactics in all aspects of their business format, from banking to insurance mal practice, itbis time tonpit uoir business elsewhere.

Most importantly, Do not do business with USAA especially if milit

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smurphy's Profile Image

smurphy reviewed USAA

May 15th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

What has happened to USAA service?

I have been a USA member for nearly 30 years. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it today, but I used to brag to my non-USAA friends about how great USAA was. In a sea of money chasing banks they were an island of good products and outstanding service.

Today, I'm thinking of leaving. I can't remember exactly when it happened, but I would guess about 3 years ago. A few recent examples stand out:

My wife is in a car accident with another women, no injuries except the cars. As luck would have it, she is also a USAA member. The other driver was at fault, so I'm thinking this should be easy. After weeks of unanswered calls from the adjuster, arguing over repair shops, and denial of my rental car claim, I was embarrassed on behalf of USAA members everywhere.

My credit card has been frozen based on fraud alerts at least 3 times in the last few years. Today it happened when I was on a business trip and highly disruptive. I also have a USAA debit card and that was also frozen. When I called to find out what happened, I was told my wife had called to instruct the freeze? Then I was told there was a suspected fraudulent charge about two weeks ago and I was never notified until today? I asked why it didn't show up on my online account or get a fraud alert text and was told it never actually went through - so my obvious question is why are you freezing my card two weeks later? USAA recommends a new card - and I get to go two weeks without a credit card when I would say it's even-money the whole thing never happened.

I could continue, but you get the idea. I'm not sure who will read this, if anyone, but you can picture me as the Indian in that 70's litter commercial with a tear trickling down the side of my cheek - if only we could return to the way life used to be.

USAA service is deteriorating rapidly and life is too short to put up with service like this. I'm very near to moving everything to my local Credit Union and starting over.

Sean Murphy.

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gtmboss's Profile Image

gtmboss reviewed Barclays Bank

May 15th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Great card if you like high interest

Opened an account with Barclay about 18 months ago. Didn't pay attention to the interest rate because I was rebuilding credit and they were only the third card I had. About 6 months into using their card I got an opportunity to transfer my other two balances to a 'new' Barclay card which I did. Then I had 4 cards after having a bankruptcy 8 years ago.

Recently I looked at my interest rate and found it to be 24.9% and 22.9% with the highest being on the card I had the longest. Having been a good payer, never late, never missed payment, I thought it logical for me to ask for a rate reduction. When I called I was connected with a very nice lady who really wanted to help me but she couldn't. All she could tell me was that I had the best rate available at the time. BS.

Then I realized what was going on. If Barclay has a good payer with a high interest rate there is no reason for them to lower it when you think about the '''greed.'' So what I have done is paid off the card and will stick in my desk drawer and use it once in a while on a tank of gas or something I can pay off at the end of the month. However, as a businessman I would rather have 17% of something more than have 24% of nothing.

Greedy people must love computers doing their dirty work. That way they don't have to use any common sense or logic. Common sense and logic is the stuff that made this country great, but that is a history lesson when it was against the law for one business to own other ones that were similar or to charge more than 10% interest. Yes folks, there were times like that and that is what made the country great.

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jmover2's Profile Image

jmover2 reviewed Simple

May 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Bank! Awesome Customer Service.

I love this bank! I have accounts with big name banks before but nothing ever like simple! When I need them they are there and when my account my hacked back Target and Michaels. They alerted me to let me know that it happened and even sent me a card ASAP to replace my old one. I honestly don't think I will ever look at another bank other than them!

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bob2000's Profile Image

bob2000 reviewed Discover Bank

May 14th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Student Card -- Very High Limits

Love this card! I love the special SixFlags gate you get to use with this card! Love the high limit you receive with this card! I would highly recommend this card to any college student or any highschool student getting ready to go to college!

This card is great for summer travel and great to help purchase text books and stuff for school! They work really well with students. All students should apply!

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