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johdys reviewed Discover Bank

Oct 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Discover Bank is meaner than the IRS

Even our federal tax agency gives us a break when it comes to weekends and federal holidays as to when our income tax payment is considered late. As we older, conservative savers know very well, interest rates on savings have been paltry since the democrats decided to control the financial markets. Many of us have been driven to Internet banking companies just to receive a 1% return on our savings. Well here is a big warning to those who attempt to withdraw their savings from one of these Internet banks – Discover Bank of Utah.

My case is simple and probably not too unusual. I have a $50K IRA CD deposited with Discover Bank. The CD matures on October 12, 2014 – a Sunday. I do receive notice of this event from the bank. On Monday the 13th I attempt to close the account and request distribution. No luck here – a federal holiday – Columbus Day. Online, I discover that I must complete an IRA Distribution form and send it to the bank. I dutifully perform this and mail it on the 13th but of course no mail this day so it goes out on the 14th. Still ok I figure, the notice letter said Discover Bank must receive on or before Oct. 21 or there will be consequences. What consequences you ask? Well severe ones. My $50K CD earned $500 for the entire year but ‘early withdrawal penalty’ will take one half of this away. Unfortunately either due to our US Postal Service or Discover Bank’s internal mail system, my distribution request form did not land on the proper desk until October 22 – ONE DAY LATE according to Discover Bank Management. Let’s get this straight, the government rules for this transaction dictates 10 days to close your account and get your money. Oct 12 is a Sunday and October 13 is Columbus Day do not count – no actions can be taken on these days. By my count and even the IRS’s count the elapsed days from October 14 to October 22 is less than 10 days.

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Phoebesslwe reviewed Wells Fargo

Oct 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Representatives Are Rude

I was in the albuquerque, nm branch. Then i was waiting on the chair in the lobby as i was told to. Brianna went over me and just talked to some over just went inside the branch. I was completely ignored. When finally mathew was helping me, he has a long face and didn't have a good attitude. I am really pissed off by my experience in the branch and won't go back again!

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Kaitlyn reviewed 1st Security Bank of Washington

Oct 22nd 2014

5 out of 5 marks

LOVE my bank!

They are always so fun and personable, plus they're just a phone call away in case I need their help! I like that I can always count on them.

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dscott reviewed Synchrony Bank

Oct 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Terrible customer service!!

I called to open a account and supplied all the necessary information to the person on the telephone. This person was very polite and took the time to make sure all the necessary information was supplied. She did tell me at the time it would take 48 hours to process and that someone would call me back with my new account number and information on how to fund the account. Since I did not hear back from them 3 days later, I called and was told it would take up to 72 hours. On the fifth day, I called again. This person could not explain why I hadn't heard from them and didn't have an account number for me, so I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred. The supervisor who took the call had an extremely bad attitude. I felt I was interfering with her day and she had much more important things to do than talk to me. She kept cutting me off and acted annoyed when I asked a question. She did say that my application for a CD was approved two days ago and someone would be calling back with my account number and information on how to fund the account. She was very abrupt, and I felt she did not understand my concern for not hearing back from someone concerning opening the account. She offered no reason why no one had called to finish setting up the account. I said since it was approved two days ago and no one had the professional courtesy to call, maybe they didn't really want my money in their bank, and maybe I should go elsewhere. I also told her I didn't appreciate her attitude and her lack of professionalism. She never apologized but said that she would finish getting my account number and would call back in two hours. I did receive a call back within the two hours, but from a different supervisor. The new supervisor who called explained the delay and was very apologetic. I did not feel rushed and answered all my questions. It's really sad that it took several phone calls, several customer service operators, and two supervisors to finally put my $$ in their bank.

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effieb reviewed Synchrony Bank

Oct 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

The Price Of The High Rate Is Dark-Ages Tech And Policies!

Opening the account online was easy, which is why they have 2 stars. Everything else is rough; their website is from dinosaur internets times.

That, and I'm in danger of being unable to purchase a house! I put in an offer and it was accepted. Hooray! But, you've only got a couple of days to send in the earnest money (usually 1% of the purchase price). So I call Synchrony to initiate a wire.

First, I had to *call* to initiate a wire. But it gets worse. I needed to sign some paperwork. Fine. Then they told me I have to MAIL it to them, like with the US Mail; the postal service. I asked whether I could email or fax it. Nope! Has to be mailed. And then "the lady who handles our wires" (one person??!) would call me on the phone to confirm. What?!

Now. I'm a patient lady. But look, this is 2014! The ESIGN act of 2000 says that while Synchrony isn't *required* to accept an electronic version of this form, they totally can if they want to. They can just print it and file it like they would with a mailed copy! I need this wire initiated ASAP. I can't wait, even overnighting the mail isn't fast enough. I need to transfer the money to my Simple account (full disclosure: I work for Simple, which is not a competitor to Synchrony as it's just a checking account). Then I need to buy a money order with my Simple card, and hand deliver it to the bank. Luckily it's a local bank! This process is STILL faster than overnighting freaking paper to Synchrony.

It's 2014. If you ever worry that you may need to get money out of your savings account in a timely manner, I'd advise against opening an account here.

EDIT: I called again the next day. I can send a fax (*whew!!*), but I still need to mail the physical form. This is still dumb, and my 2-star review stands.

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RichardNeilan reviewed Trustco Bank

Oct 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible, Arrogant Customer Service.

My very brief "relationship" ( i despise how banks abuse this term) with trustco bank has been horrific. I have never experienced such "black and white," arrogant service, not to mention managers who avoid speaking with customers whenever possible. Just try to get in-touch with any senior manager at trustco! It will be nearly impossible! Their corporate offices in ny?

Forget it! You'll have an easier time reaching the wizard of oz! And if you do get to speak with a bank "executive" it will be very clear why service is so poor at the branch and lower management levels. These guys have absolutely no clue about customer service! When i opened my account, i had hopes of eventually refinancing my mortgage with trustco. Fortunately i decided to first open a basic checking account.

Based on their "handling" of my initial business i am so glad i can quickly sever my ties with this lousy excuse for a "financial institution. " if you're even thinking about doing business with trustco, run, don't walk to your nearest credit union! Trustme, you'll be in better hands.

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jeffnewmexicangmai reviewed Simple

Oct 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

The Worst Banking Mistake I Ever Made

I just went back to Wells Fargo today and am getting out of Simple ASAP. This bank did an "upgrade" that wreaked havoc with my account and my life.

I can do everything and even more with a traditional bank like Wells than I can with Simple. What you ask? How about pay my bills in any format I want (like echeck for my rent), a great mobile app that does more than Simple and how about a bank that doesn't do destructive upgrades and has free REAL checks because unfortunately this world requires them. Or even one that allows me to make cash deposits.

I give Simple less than a year before they are on the ash heap of internet history.

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surfin45gmailcom reviewed BB&T

Oct 21st 2014

5 out of 5 marks

BOA to BBT Very Easy

My husband and I have been with BOA for several years. Our branch was purchased by another bank that started off on the wrong foot. So, we decided to move our banking relationship to BB&T. The sign-up online was very easy and straight forward. We opted to go into one of the many branches near our home to make our opening deposit. We were greeted as soon as we walked through the door. They were friendly and professional. The young lady who waited on us was well-trained and efficient. After looking at all the negative reviews, we came home (a 3 minute trip) and immediately checked our account online and the deposits were right and available. I went to order our checks online, but where it was a new account, we had to call the branch. The young lady, again, was pleasant, polite, and more than willing to help us. She took our check order and gave me the price of the checks.

Now, I see a lot of bad reviews because someone didn't pay their mortgage for 4 months and were sent to foreclosure and people and their overdrafts. If people would use a little common sense, they would know that if you don't pay your mortgage, you lose your house and if you make purchases on your debit card and write checks and don't have the funds to cover it, you will be charged a fee. Don't do something stupid and then complain when you get charged a fee or lose your home. All the fees I saw are perfectly reasonable and should serve as a deterrent from bouncing checks and making purchases without the funds to cover them.

My husband and I are your average middle class couple with three kids in college. So, we aren't rich by any means. So, the theory that BB&T caters to rich people doesn't hold water. The median income in our area is $32,000/year (we make more than that) and BB&T has most of the banking business for people in our area. We were treated like the most important customers they had waited on all day. So, I think this is going to be a pleasant banking experience.

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dwasifar reviewed Simple

Oct 21st 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Not Simple At All

I don't know where all these glowing reviews are coming from. My experience with Simple has been nothing but frustration. Here, in roughly the order I experienced them, are the problems.

- You can't write a check. Granted this isn't something most of us need to do very much anymore, but occasionally you need one, and can't wait for one to be mailed.

- They won't issue a check made out to a government agency. Renewing your license plates? Paying your taxes? Go buy a money order.

- They rejected my tax refund check deposit because it was joint-payee, in spite of their own policy allowing it.

- Payments come out of your account immediately but take ages to reach the payee.

- Recurring payments always count against your safe-to-spend even if they are a month away.

- They haven't issued statements since August (it is now late October) due to unresolved bugs.

- Lately the balances shown on the website are often incorrect, with outbound payment amounts being randomly added back in for a while and then removed again. The mobile app balances don't agree with the web app balances.

- They LOST my mortgage payment. It just never got there, and the money was dropped back into my account with no notice. I didn't know about it until my mortgage company called me looking for their money.

- They rejected a check deposit due to a signature crossing a digit. The phone rep could read the number fine but they told me to go clear it through some other bank anyway.

The customer service people are always polite and try their best to help, but I finally asked myself: if I keep having to go to other financial institutions to make up for Simple's shortcomings, why do I need them?

Statements, accurate balances, deposits, and correct transfers are all basic to banking, yet Simple did none of these things consistently. I give them two stars only because they are polite on the phone and in email, otherwise it would be one star.

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debm90comcastnet reviewed BMO Harris Bank

Oct 21st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Does Not Take Care Of Their Customers

I had my account hacked and reached out to them asap. They did nothing to help me. In fact, while on the phone with the 800 number she told me that they were going to send out new cards anyway because of a security issue. This was the first i had heard. Chase, pnc etc, all keep an eye on their customers accounts and if there is any out of the ordinary activity they reach out asap. They also told me it could take 10 days to return my money. I've been with them since 98 and have decided it's time for a new bank!

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