Independence Day is one of the major U.S. holidays and that means many Americans will not be heading to work. Some may need think about using this time to run to the bank to complete an errand or some other financial chore. Because it is a national holiday, nearly all banks will not be open for business.

We contacted most of the largest U.S. banks and here are their holiday schedules for July 4th:

BankStatus (Sat. July 4)
Bank of AmericaClosed
Wells FargoClosed
TD BankClosed
PNC BankClosed (except some supermarket branches)
Capital OneClosed
BB&T Closed
SunTrust BankClosed (including in-store branches)
M&T Bank Closed
Regions BankClosed
Citizens BankClosed
Fifth Third Bank Closed
BBVA CompassClosed
Comerica BankClosed
Santander BankClosed

Generally, you can expect banks will be closed on the Fourth of July.

There is an may be an exception with certain PNC Bank’s supermarket locations, some of which will continue to operate during the holiday — it’s advised that you call ahead to your location before making the trip. Other banks with in-store branches, such as SunTrust Bank, will not be open though.

Banking when the branch is closed

In the event that you must take care of any financial responsibilities during the holiday, you can still do so with the help of online, mobile and ATM banking. Online and mobile banking can help you take care of the majority of your banking needs. If you must get cash, head over to an ATM. Bank lobbies and ATMs will operate as usual, even on a holiday.

Also, since bank holidays are not considered a business day, note that any transactions such as fund transfers and bill payments will not begin to process until the next business day. Take that into account if you have any bills with upcoming due dates.

If all else fails or you have any additional questions, you can contact a customer service representative on the phone.

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