Labor Day commemorates the incredible economic and social achievements of American workers — and it’s also a much-needed holiday that provides a three-day weekend for many. Businesses and financial institutions will be affected. Find out which banks are open on Labor Day — we break it down for you in our holiday schedule for the 10 largest banks in the U.S.

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Labor Day is a federal holiday

Because the U.S. government recognizes Labor Day as a federal holiday, all federal entities will be closed. In the case of U.S. banks, it’ll be up to the financial institution to decide whether or not to close down for the day, so it’s important to plan ahead if you have bank-related errands to take care of.

Here is the holiday schedule for Labor Day at the 10 largest banks in America:

BanksLabor Day 2014Locations
Bank of AmericaClosedFind branches near you
Wells FargoClosedFind branches near you
ChaseClosedFind branches near you
CitibankClosedFind branches near you
U.S. BankClose at 2 p.m.Find branches near you
PNC BankClosed (except select supermarket branches)Find branches near you
Capital OneClosedFind branches near you
TD BankClosedFind branches near you
BB&TClosedFind branches near you
SunTrust BankClosed (including in-store locations)Find branches near you

On Labor Day

U.S. Bank will be the only bank to stay open on Monday — but they will close at 2 p.m., which is a bit earlier than the bank’s regular weekday hours.

On the other hand, TD Bank will be closed on Labor Day. This may come as a surprise for many TD Bank customers, given that the bank was the only one that remained open on most federal holidays in the past. TD Bank has been closing their doors on most federal holidays since the beginning of this year.

Some banks with branches in retail stores may or may not be affected by the holiday bank hour schedule and remain open on Labor Day. For example, SunTrust Bank plans to close its branches and in-store locations, while PNC Bank will keep select supermarket branches open. Hours may vary by location so make sure to check before leaving home.

What you can do?

Do you have financial duties to take care over the Labor Day weekend? Although most banks will be closed, you can still make basic banking transactions, thanks to online banking.

If you need cash, you can always head to your bank’s ATM. You can also conduct your basic banking needs through  your smartphone.

Regardless of whether or not your bank is open, banking transactions will not be processed on federal holidays. Transactions made on Labor Day will generally not be processed until the next business day, which is Tuesday, Sept. 2.

If you have transactions that are time sensitive, especially the ones that will require the help of a banker or a teller, stop by your nearest branch before this three-day weekend kicks in.

For answers to any additional questions, find your bank’s customer service phone number and a branch nearest you by looking up your bank on MyBankTracker’s Bank Profile page.

Other closings

Like other federal holidays, many government offices, post offices, and public schools will be affected or closed on Labor Day. Outside of that, most, if not all retail business will be open, although some may close early.

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  • Howard Eskridge

    Does the same apply to credit unions?

    • Theresa Kim

      Hello Howard.

      The same does apply to credit unions as the decision to stay open on certain federal holidays is completely up to the financial institution. Most of the top 10 credit unions in the U.S., like banks, will remain closed for Labor Day.

      Make sure to double check by calling your local branch before heading out. Hope this helps!

  • Theresa Kim

    What is one bank holiday that you wish banks stayed open on? Share your answers here!

  • james