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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By foothills Jun 29, 2016

Excellent Customer Service

The employees at this bank have been so helpful to me and my organization! If you want top notch customer service, explanations you can understand, and quality, then this is the bank for you!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By lmorton11 Mar 26, 2014

Worst banking experience ever! Lost 50 points on credit report.

We were trying to pay off a loan for a line of credit on our home. Every time I called the bank I was redirected to sometimes five different departments as we were told we had a "special" loan. I sent in a check for the payoff amount and they said they didn't receive it.

After weeks of frustration I went to our local bank to send the money electronically. Our local bank could not get in touch with them via email nor were the bank managers phone calls returned. Eventually they took the amount out of our local account and I received a statement showing our check cashed! Not only cashed but credited and debited.

During all this one payment was late (and I was still trying to pay the full amount) and after years of never having one payment late they sent it to the credit bureau where both my husband and I lost 50+ points on.our credit score. The entire event was the most unprofessional and taxing event I have been through. Any person who is thinking of using this bank should think twice to keep both their sanity and excellent credit score.

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Latest PNC Bank Reviews

  • N
    Reviewed By nursesrule Sep 28, 2016

    Avoid the PNC in Dr. Phillips (Orlando)

    I don't have a problem with PNC as an organization but this branch has some of the rudest customer service representatives I have ever run into in my life. No friendly welcome, smiles or personality at all!! The assistant branch manager, Maria could definitely benefit from some customer service training. She dropped my ID under her desk and told me to get it because it was closer to me!!! Yeah!! Just go elsewhere!!!

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  • D
    Reviewed By Delgadina997 Sep 27, 2016

    Absolutely Worst Bank Ever!

    My mother and I decided to close our joint checking account at PNC. We both went to our local branch with my mother's up-to-date (and balanced) check ledger. We told the teller we wanted to close the account; she merely looked at the amount in checking, said "OK", and proceeded to close it out. My mother asked her to check in the computer to see if all the checks written recently had cleared; she said, "Oh, they have," and closed out everything. Lo and behold, six weeks later, we received a notice from our local waste management company that the check we had sent them for account payment had been returned to them marked "Account Closed". And guess who got stuck with their $20.00 fee? Right! We did! My mother and I cleared things up with the waste management company (who lowered the fee for us), and then we went to PNC. The branch manager told us that the whole thing was OUR fault for "not being truthful with the teller about outstanding checks." -???- Needless to say, we are still out the fees and were told that we are basically liars. Hmmm, the customer is always right, eh? This was not the only incident at this bank; several months ago, my mother wrote a check for $7.00 to her church for their Sunday collection. PNC somehow interpreted this check as having been written for $70.00 dollars.(I saw this check before my mother took it to church - it was clearly written and completely legible.) They refused to change anything until my mother contacted her parish office and their very efficient and honest secretary told her she had the check and it was most certainly only for $7.00. Thanks to this very nice woman, PNC had to adjust my mother's checking account balance to reflect the correct amount. This is by far the most useless, idiotic and flat-out rude bunch of people I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. My mother has now joined my credit union and is completely satisfied with their excellent service and friendly staff. I have been a member of this credit union for 26 years and I have honestly never had any problems there. Please take my advice: DO NOT have anything to do with PNC bank. It is staffed by some of the most disrespectul people I have ever met.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Castayclovis Sep 14, 2016

    Great customer service skills

    The best experience I have had at a bank I have been going to this bank for years and today I went with my mother Kendall castay. We were greeted by a representative by and I hope I'm spelling this right corena and she knew my mothers name and was patient and all around nice. Fantastic customer service skills.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Rettallen Sep 9, 2016

    PNC online experience

    Worst online Experience ever!

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  • R
    Reviewed By RoniBradshaw Sep 8, 2016

    Worst Bank Ever

    I would not recommend PNC Bank to my worst enemy. I usually use my credit union account but because its only 1 near me and I cant get there before they close during the week and its crowded on Saturdays I decided to go to PNC which is on the corner by my job. I deposited a government life insurance payment check and was told there would be a 5 day hold. Went in on the 6th day to get cashiers checks from the account for my children but although the check had cleared and PNC had the money, they put a 10 day hold on it. WTF! Long story short instead of getting cashiers check on the 10th day I had my 22 & 23yr old son and daughter (both working adults) go in with me to open accounts and transfer $50k each to them. They were not allowed to open checking accounts b/c they didn't have a prior bank account. WTF?? They had to do PNC smart access card which is PNC pre-paid card crap which would be mailed in 5-10 days & until they came they had to go into the bank for any transactions and PNC charge a fee for going to the tellers. Whenever they went in to withdraw money they were asked to sign something giving PNC the right to 'invest" their money. They declined of course. Cards came with no money on them, you have to go online to move the money from the savings account to the "smart access card". Online banking set up was a nightmare. Called to get help and was told they had to send a PIN (5-7days) PIN came didn't work, locked us out of the system called and they said "oh they didn't need to send a PIN they needed to send a PASSWORD" (5-7days) no password instead-I KID YOU NOT- they sent my USERID WTF!!! I swear I am not lying!!. Furious I called they said they didn't see a request for the password. WOW! finally about a week later we got the password and had to call to get the unblocked and was finally able to set up online banking. Mind you its almost 2 months since opening the accounts, meanwhile have to pay fees for every in-bank transaction. One would think they would've waived the fees since it was their fault we couldn't access online. NOPE..Oh and transferring money online from one PNC account to another PNC account takes 3days!! WTF!! That's not all. LAST STRAW was when I was going on vacation so I went in to get $5,000 they tried to make me get a cashiers check, I declined I wanted cash. I sat there for an hour for them to finally give it to me and told me that if I needed to get that much cash again I need to give them 3 days notice. $5,000 WHAT!! This wasn't at one of their locations inside the grocery store, this was one of their branches in Silver Spring MD. A busy business district with shopping stores and 2 movie theaters. They operate like a bank that is about to go under. Needless to say myself and my children have closed those accounts. We strictly use credit union only. This experience made me never want to go to another commercial bank. i am giving 1 star because there's no option for 0 stars. STAY AWAY FROM PNC!!!

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  • F
    Reviewed By fk92 Sep 7, 2016


    I financed my new car with PNC, and I am completely dissatisfied. I had to call a few times just to get an online account set up. The first time, the representative gave me the wrong pin number, and nearly every other time I've been misinformed.
    I regret spending all that time and energy on trying to make an online account, because the only thing the online account offers is the remaining balance- I can't even make online payments. Some of the links like "Account Activity" do not work either (and have not work since I've started this loan 1 year ago).
    Don't bother trying to go into the physical bank to get any information. Unless you're dealing with a checking account, they don't know how to do anything to help you.

    It's 2016... A business without a reliable and credible service and website is not a business worth dealing with at all.

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  • P
    Reviewed By pnpro Aug 23, 2016

    Best Small Town Bank Branch in Florida

    At the PNC Branch on Indian River Dr. in Fort Pierce FL, you are always greeted with a smile, a friendly hello, and professional, courteous service. I have very seldom had to wait in line, or at the drive through, and in the event I was in line, the wait was minimal. They have handled all my banking needs with perfection. But I shouldn't tell you this, why would I want the secret to get out.

    Professional Enginner

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  • U
    Reviewed By Unhappypnccust2016 Aug 20, 2016

    Bank is Junk... Horrible

    They never help right away. They say call back. They are are useless minions/robots. They read from scripts. Stupidvisors are no more brain smart. Hope they TANK BADLY...

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  • A
    Reviewed By AllyWit Aug 13, 2016

    Pnc bank friendly drive

    Ahhhh...not so friendly. Been a customer for decades and they screw you and act helpless when something go amiss in your account.

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  • G
    Reviewed By grayarea36 Aug 11, 2016

    WORST Bank ever!

    I went to my local branch because it is 5 minutes up the road instead of my CU that is out of state. I have never had such a horrible banking experience!! First they literally wasted no less then 4 hours or so of my time over 3 different days to get the accounts set up and then "teach" me how to utilize the online banking. The entire system is overly complicated to perform the same tasks any other online banking service provide. Then they run through the laundry list of fees associated with absolutely everything such as a monthly fee for a "platform" to be able to send wires etc .... again just overly complicated and unnecessary. The worst of it happened AFTER I put money into their bank, of course once they have their hands on your money. I believe this is just another ploy to make money on your money. I was told checks deposited would be a 2 - 4 day holding pending if it were out of state or not etc. I faithfully deposited my customers money into this account to find out 2 days later they decided to put a hold on my accounts and not allow me to withdraw any of this money for 10 days. I operate a business with contracts and am held to a time frame for each and every contract and do not allocate 10 day holds when not told at the time of deposit. I waited until the 4th business day had passed, went to the branch and was not allowed to withdraw the money for the order. I explained that this money is contractually obligated for orders etc and of course no one was remotely helpful. I was turned away. This is CRIMINAL and I would highly suggest anyone thinking about banking with these crooks, go elsewhere. I wish I had read more reviews before trying to transfer my business operating to this horrible institution that claims to look out for its customers. All monies deposited and currently being held have cleared the other banks and PNC is actually in possession of that money so it is not as if they are worried the checks were no good .... they are literally financially raping myself and my business. Please if you have had a similar experience, share your story. These big corporate banks should not be allowed to bully consumers like this when we are putting our hard earned dollars in their bank and providing them jobs!

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