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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By foothills Jun 29, 2016

Excellent Customer Service

The employees at this bank have been so helpful to me and my organization! If you want top notch customer service, explanations you can understand, and quality, then this is the bank for you!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By lmorton11 Mar 26, 2014

Worst banking experience ever! Lost 50 points on credit report.

We were trying to pay off a loan for a line of credit on our home. Every time I called the bank I was redirected to sometimes five different departments as we were told we had a "special" loan. I sent in a check for the payoff amount and they said they didn't receive it.

After weeks of frustration I went to our local bank to send the money electronically. Our local bank could not get in touch with them via email nor were the bank managers phone calls returned. Eventually they took the amount out of our local account and I received a statement showing our check cashed! Not only cashed but credited and debited.

During all this one payment was late (and I was still trying to pay the full amount) and after years of never having one payment late they sent it to the credit bureau where both my husband and I lost 50+ points on.our credit score. The entire event was the most unprofessional and taxing event I have been through. Any person who is thinking of using this bank should think twice to keep both their sanity and excellent credit score.

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Latest PNC Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By steve7 Feb 18, 2017

    Review- not pleased!

    I needed to make a deposit for my child away at college for TODAY. I checked the website to confirm hours, which said 9AM-2PM. Great. Same hours as my bank. When I arrived at 1:15 PM, the branch was closed! To make matters worse, an employee was at the door and when I said "But your website says 2, I would have come sooner, I just live down the street," she just looked at me and turned away and continued helping someone else at the ATM. I came home and checked the website again to see if I made an error, but it does in fact say 9AM-2PM. Not good! My family has been gravely inconvenienced. Please correct this ASAP.

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    Reviewed By Bev15212 Feb 6, 2017

    Caring Customer Service!!!

    This isn't my normal branch that I bank with, however this bank helped me resolve an otherwise stressful issue with much ease!!! I live approximately 80 miles and this was the closest PNC branch at the time for me to use. My experience was very positive when they helped and informed me on some banking issues that may have gone unnoticed at other banks!!! I love you PNC!!!

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    Reviewed By Chrisser Jan 31, 2017

    PNC will always be my bank

    I have been using PNC and this particular branch inside the Giant Food Store on Dorsey Hall Drive, Ellicott City, MD for the last three years. I love the convenience of having my bank in my neighborhood and that my bank does not have "banker's hours". Everyone who works at this branch could not be nicer, intelligent and committed to making my banking transactions as accurate as possible. I will not be banking with any other bank. PNC has my business.

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    Reviewed By Gus1012 Jan 28, 2017

    Horrible customer service dumb underwriters

    3 months to up a home equity line that was already opened. Have no balances,perfect credit. Everything I have is paid off. Own 5 houses they offered me less than I already had and make 50,000 year more than when I took out the loan WTF Don't waste your time.

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    Reviewed By mike3537 Jan 27, 2017

    Ocean City Branch of PNC Bank

    I believe this Bank goes out of its way to satisfy customers and make sure there are no loose ends such as a safe deposit box or small checking account lost in the shuffle. Everyone in this Branch Office treats me like I am the only person in the bank.

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    Reviewed By John_Banks Jan 24, 2017


    1 Star for Branch Workers that are nice. ZERO STARS for Business Banking! The Skinny: Wont support their customers. The long story: I have been a business customer of PNC since 2010. As of 2012, my business has been profitable. I have a business account and three personal accounts (family) with them. All four of my accounts have money in them, the business account has a significant amount. Though the past years of business growth (all organic and bootstrapped), I have asked them for nothing. They have collected fees and leveraged the cash flow from my business to their benefit for the past seven years. This year I asked for a loan, I have good credit and more than 4 times the liquid cash in my accounts than the amount of the requested loan. After a week and a half (time is money), PNC denied the loan. I called the equipment supplier and the manager put me in touch with their bank. I received financing from them the same day and at a rate a whole point lower than what PNC stated my starting rate would be. BOTTOM LINE: They are not a business bank. I will close my accounts with them. Take your business elsewhere, if you plan on growing a business.

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    Reviewed By boeaih Jan 19, 2017

    Transfer issues..

    How can i give negative star rating? I have disliked PNC since I joined 3 years ago. Every transaction is pending for days even cash deposits. And they have applied debits before credits on the same day. Just recently online I was allowed to make a transfer out of my PNC account (joint with wife) transfer to my account at NFCU. They didn't let us know until after 2 days that it wouldn't go through because she wasn't on the account at NFCU. Obviously when you call to discuss, different reps tell you different things. And although we were both (my wife and I) on the phone, the rep would only talk to my wife and not to me. What's ironic is that my wife doesn't work so its only my money going into the account. What's even more unfortunate is that it boils down to each account holder has to have separate online banking access for the same account. That makes no sense to me. I'm sure it does to the bank. But at least the account holders should be informed of that and not allowed to initiate the transfer in the first place. The result is $1400 will be in banking limbo for 6 days with no access to it. Please stay away from PNC. If you have to use a big bank Chase is the best of the worse. Credit unions are the way to go...

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    Reviewed By Theegans98 Jan 18, 2017

    Watch out where you park

    This branch has a strong policy regarding their parking lot. The tow signs are up high if you don't use their bank during a time limit they will tow your car. I did not see this tow sign went into another building next to the branch and 2 hours later I was towed. To top it off when I went in my bank to get money, now to include paying for a tow redemption an hour away, the teller was very sympathetic (Olga) and she suggested I talk to Stacy the branch manager. Bad mistake. Stacy had no sympathy, suggested the parking lot is only for customers using the bank I have to be towed. I want to leave this bank and I have been there over 20 years....

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    Reviewed By KeithAge60Two Jan 18, 2017

    KeithAge60 "All is Good in the End"

    We had difficulty resolving an issue with our credit report.

    To be honest, there were errors committed by my wife and I (we should have complete a change of address) and then by PNC (they could have used a method of communciation beyond the Postal Service).

    The key to a resolution was locating a caring individual within the PNC orgnization, who would listen and then take action.

    Our face to face meeting with a bank branch representative served that purpose - the representative did not rest until the issue was resolved.

    I wish that I could praise her by name - because she is worth her weight in gold to me.

    My recommendation is to begin with a face to face meeting with a caring indiviual and not to rely on the use of phone representatives...

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    Reviewed By KeithAge60 Jan 17, 2017

    Negative "90" points

    My wife and I have an 80/20 loan for the purchase of our home.

    We send two electronic payments to PNC Bank monthly (since 2004).

    In October of 2015, PNC took receipt of our smaller payment and sent us a check, returning our funds ($199.63).

    This continued through December of 2015 - we sent the money; they returned it...

    In December of 2015, they communicated with us that they did not receive our payment (we have physical proof that we both sent the money and that they received it - and then sent us their check, returning it)...

    We spent hours on the phone working with their Retail Escalation Department, and finally in February of 2016, thought the issue was resolved.

    While going through the process of securing a new mortgage loan, we found that PNC had submitted a negative 90 point report to the three major providers for both my wife and I... surprise:(

    We are still in the process of correcting the error - this has been most frustrating...

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