Updated: Aug 18, 2023

PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card 2024 Review: Flat-Rate Cash Back

Our review of the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card looks at the simple cash back program and fee structure for business expenses.
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Earning cash back on business purchases can save you money. One thing you have to decide is whether you prefer a card with tiered rewards or one that keeps things simple. 

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card is firmly in the "keep it simple" camp -- offering a flat cash back rewards rate.

You can use it to earn cash back on all eligible purchases, with no limit. 

This card also features a low introductory APR on purchases, with no annual fee. 

If you're on the hunt for a new cash back rewards card, our review looks at the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card for your business spending.

PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card Pros & Cons

  • Earn unlimited cash back rewards on business purchases
  • Take advantage of travel benefits and free tools to help manage business spending
  • No annual fee
  • Other cash back cards can offer high rewards rates
  • Introductory APR does not apply to balance transfers

Simplified Cash Back Rewards

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card is a flat rate cash back rewards card.

When you make purchases, you earn 1.5% cash back. There are no limits to the amount of cash back you can earn. 

Cash back rewards can be redeemed as a statement credit.

Redeeming cash back rewards

Or you can deposit cash back into a linked PNC Business checking or savings account. 

That's an easy way to save money for your business. 

Consider this:

Assume you spend $20,000 a year with your card, which includes office supplies, dining and travel. On those purchases, you could earn $300 in cash rewards. 

Now, assume your business spends more heavily, with annual purchases of $50,000. In that scenario, you could increase your cash back rewards to $750. 

Redeeming as a statement credit is essentially like getting a discount on those purchases after the fact.

Or, you could use your cash rewards to pay business expenses or build up your cash reserves. 

This card also offers an introductory cash back bonus.

You have to meet the minimum spending requirement but that's another easy way to add to your cash back total as a new cardmember.

Introductory APR on Purchases

Finding a business credit card that offers an introductory APR on purchases can feel like hitting the jackpot. 

An introductory APR can allow you to pay off purchases over time without racking up interest charges. That's a plus if you're planning a large purchase for your business that you won't be able to pay off right away. 

The PNC Cash Rewards Business Credit Card offers an introductory rate on purchases for new cardmembers.

But there's one hitch: it doesn't carry over to balance transfers. 

If you have an existing balance on a business credit card you'd like to transfer, there are other card options for that

Other Card Features and Benefits

Since this is a Visa Signature card, there are some nice extras included with card membership. For example, members enjoy these travel benefits:

  • Lost luggage reimbursement
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Auto rental collision damage waiver
  • Roadside dispatch service
  • Lost  or stolen card reporting
  • Purchase security and extended warranty protection
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash disbursement
  • Travel and emergency assistance services
  • Visa Signature concierge service

Those are all great benefits to have if you travel regularly for business. 

Aside from that, the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card includes several account management tools to make tracking business spending easier. 

For example, you can monitor employee purchases and set spending controls on employee cards. You can also track cash flow and analyze spending to see where your business spends the most money. 

Those kinds of things can help with managing your small business budget.

You can also link your card to your PNC Business checking account as a form of overdraft protection.

Card Fees

First off, the card has no annual fee.

Also, the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card doesn't charge a pile of service fees. But there are a few to take note of. 

First, this card does charge a 3% foreign transaction fee. That means it may not be the best choice to take along if you're planning business travel outside the U.S

Next, this card charges an overlimit fee, which is something of a rarity.

Most credit cards, business or personal, don't charge a fee for exceeding your limit. But since this one does, it's important to be mindful of what you're spending.

Compared to Other Business Credit Cards

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card might appeal to you if you want a simplified way to earn cash rewards. But consider other rewards options to see how they stack up. 

Chase Ink Business Unlimited 

The  card is also a flat rate rewards card. 

With this card, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on eligible business purchases. Rewards can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, travel and more through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal. 

This card also has an introductory cash back bonus, which is more generous than the one offered by the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card. There's no annual fee and an introductory APR applies to purchases. 

Read the Chase Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card editor's review.

American Express Plum Card

The  offers cash back with a twist. 

With this card, you earn 1.5% cash back when you pay your balance within 10 days of your statement closing date. In other words, you get rewarded for paying your bill early each month. 

Cash back is unlimited and the rewards are applied as a statement credit. If you don't pay early, you still have to pay in full by your due date since this is a charge card. But you can take up to 60 days to pay with no interest if you make the minimum payment by your due date. 

The Plum Card has no preset spending limit, which can give you more flexibility when making business purchases. There's a $0 introductory annual fee the first year, then it increases to $250. 

Read the American Express Plum Card editor's review.

Capital One Spark Cash for Business

The  card offers flat rate rewards with no cap.  

This card allows you to earn unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases with a $0 introductory annual fee the first year. After that, the annual fee increases to $95. 

Cash back can be redeemed at any time and in any amount. 

The card doesn't charge foreign transaction fees, which is great for those who will use it for business travel.

Read the Capital One Spark Cash for Business Credit Card editor's review.

Business vs. Personal Cards

Business credit cards and personal cards can make purchasing things you need convenient. But there are a few differences to note. 

While you could earn points, cash back or miles with a business or personal credit card, you don't necessarily earn them on the same types of spending. 

For example, a business credit card might reward you when you book business travel, buy office supplies or pay for advertising. A personal credit card, on the other hand, could reward you for shopping at department stores or online, filling up the car with gas or planning your next vacation. 

The card terms and conditions can also vary, particularly when it comes to the APR and fees you'll pay. And a personal credit card can offer more consumer protections against fraud compared to a business credit card. 

Personal credit cards are reported to the personal credit reporting bureaus and affect your personal credit scores.

Business credit cards, on the other hand, can be reported to the business credit bureaus and affect your business credit scores.

Applying for a business credit card

If you're ready to apply for the PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card, you can do so online. Generally, applying for a business credit card means sharing your:

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Personal and business address
  • Phone number and email
  • Social security number and/or employer identification number (EIN)
  • Length of time in business
  • Number of employees
  • Yearly revenues
  • Business type

When applying for a business credit card it's important to remember that your personal financial information, such as your income or credit score, may also be considered.

Credit card companies can check your personal credit to approve you for a business credit card if you don't have a lengthy business credit history.

Final Verdict

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card may be right up your alley if you want a business cash rewards card that's simple and convenient to use.

It could also be a good fit if you do your business banking with PNC and want to be able to deposit cash back rewards to checking or savings. 

Other cards, however, can yield more in the way of cash back rewards.

So it's important to consider how your business typically spends to determine which card holds the most value. 

Bottom line:

The PNC Cash Rewards Visa Signature Business Credit Card is a solid no-frills cash back rewards card for people who don't need a lot of extras.