It happens to the best of us — you walk out the house and realize your wallet is missing. You suffer through an emotional roller coaster before you can find peace (or your wallet). Do these 17 stages sound familiar?

1. Panic sets in and you search your pockets and bag over and over again.


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2. The thought that you may have dropped your wallet crosses your mind.

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3. Frantically searching everywhere, you start your journey back home and are determined to find that wallet.


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4. After checking over the same three places a hundred times, you go berserk.


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5. Denial sets in as you turn the house upside down.

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6 . When that doesn’t work, you get angry and blame everyone around you.


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7. You resort to begging God for some help.


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8. Maybe God is mad at you for only reaching out in time of need.


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9. The feeling of loss starts to set in.

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10. Knowing you will never see your wallet again, along with your cash (even though it was only $6), credit and debit cards and ID — you fall into deep despair.

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11. Afterwards, you calm down and accept the loss.


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12. You try to look on the bright side — at least you didn’t carry that extra $20.


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13. You make endless calls with your credit card companies and wonder how you will make it for the next week without them.


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14. Then it hits you — could it be in those jeans I wore yesterday?!


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15. Yes! #winning


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16. You feel really dumb, but you couldn’t be happier.


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17. You vow to never to let your wallet out of your sight again.

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