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Chemical Bank Customer Review

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Wurst's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Wurst

Sep 21st 2012

Not so great

We have been with Chemical Bank ( previously Byron Bank) for 5 years. We have increasing problems with their on line banking system. Things will be in pending one day then disappear and the amount of the transaction will be back into our account and then it will show up the next day in cleared. The balance fluctuate for no apparent reason. We bank with a Big bank and I can say I have never had that issue. Also if you have a transaction in pending and it is causing your account to be over drawn we were told that as long as it is pending you can get your money in the. Not so we were later told by someone else. They never seem to know what is going on when you call. We waited 24 hours to receive a call back from a manger because of one of the above issues. Their on line banking system this last weekend posted double transactions to everyones account. Meaning double deposits and withdraws. And of course this all happened over the weekend and was not fixed til Monday morning. We are in the process of moving banks. I would not recommend them to anyone. The customer service in the branches are ok but the on line stuff is incredibly confusing and quite honestly screwd up. Local might be

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Thomas H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Thomas H

Aug 25th 2009

1 out of 5 marks

Small town mentality for a big city boy.

I recently moved into the area from Virginia. In VA I had an account with Bank of America, whom I loved. There was so much ease in all my banking transaction. I then moved to Big Rapids MI. Looking at the banks here, the closest BOA was over an hour away, so I had to find something closer. I chose Chemical, as it was one with many locations in the state. I think I may have made a HUGE mistake. First thing that stinks is that the branch office here closes at 4:00pm, not the usual 5:00 most banks have. Then it took me over 2weeks to get my online account set up, I had to prove I was living where I was in order to set it up. Then I waited another 3 days for an email sayin I had to go to the local office to verify it. Then when I finallydid get online, NONE of my transactions registered on my account, so I had no records of anything. Just a week ago did it start working. I just went and made a cash deposit at the branch WAY before noon yesterday, and its still not posted yet. Compared to my transacrtions with Bank of America...Chemical bank SUCKS!

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Storm S's Profile Image

Reviewed by Storm S

Oct 5th 2011

1 out of 5 marks

Pretty Good Until Now

I have been an avid Chemical Bank customer for a long time. They have always worked with me, setting up payment plans weren't looking so great and helping me to save whenever I can. However they just struck a chord with me, and I will moving to a Credit Union. They insisted on charging me an overdraft fee while my account was still positive, and then charged several transactions after that in order to rack up huge overdraft fees. When trying to correct it they said they could do nothing about it. I have never been so insulted in my life. Goodbye Chemical Bank, hello Credit Union.

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