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Chemical Bank Customer Review

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Wurst's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Wurst

Sep 21st 2012

Not so great

We have been with Chemical Bank ( previously Byron Bank) for 5 years. We have increasing problems with their on line banking system. Things will be in pending one day then disappear and the amount of the transaction will be back into our account and then it will show up the next day in cleared. The balance fluctuate for no apparent reason. We bank with a Big bank and I can say I have never had that issue. Also if you have a transaction in pending and it is causing your account to be over drawn we were told that as long as it is pending you can get your money in the. Not so we were later told by someone else. They never seem to know what is going on when you call. We waited 24 hours to receive a call back from a manger because of one of the above issues. Their on line banking system this last weekend posted double transactions to everyones account. Meaning double deposits and withdraws. And of course this all happened over the weekend and was not fixed til Monday morning. We are in the process of moving banks. I would not recommend them to anyone. The customer service in the branches are ok but the on line stuff is incredibly confusing and quite honestly screwd up. Local might be

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Summer99's Profile Image

Reviewed by Summer99

Aug 19th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Be Careful

Be careful with this bank. They will do whatever they can to charge you over draft fees even if you are not over drawn. Even if you prove to them that it was the banks error, they will not reverse them or credit you back. This bank charged me an nsf fee after a check cleared and i had over $100. 00 left remaining in my account. I have overdraft protection and they returned my check to the place i wrote it. Not only did i have an overdraft fee at the bank, but i also had a $25. 00 return fee from the place of business where they returned the check to that i had to pay. After sitting in a branch office for over an hour trying to convince one of the customer service reps, but they could not explain to me why i was charged this fee or why my overdraft protection must accidently turned off and then turned back on. But still yet would not reverse the charge from my account. No one in this bank knows what they are doing and there practices of billing you fees are a little leery. This bank is trying to go out of business. Credit unions are the way to go. I am switching and i have been with this bank since 1987. Only a 1 star for this bank and they do not even deserve that!!

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artsysenior's Profile Image

Reviewed by artsysenior

May 5th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

The Best!

In 60 years of banking experiences, this is absolutely the best. They offer everything the mega-banks offer and the people are wonderful (which, incidentally, you can always phone and talk to an actual person without any of that stupid robotic stuff). Would never bank anywhere else.

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