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First Citizens Bank and Trust Company Latest Customer Reviews

Lyal's Profile Image

Reviewed by Lyal

Jan 10th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

One Of The Strongest Banks In The South.

I have checking, mortgage, savings, investment, and credit card with first citizens. This is one of the few banks that knows you by name. Love the people and service.

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stephquit's Profile Image

Reviewed by stephquit

Apr 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

All in all, I love them.

My overall experience with First Citizens has been amazing. I have checking, savings, & a loan through them & rarely have any issues. The people on the other side of the customer service phone line are always nice and helpful.There have been a couple of individuals that were rude or unhelpful here and there, but they usually don't last long with the bank, or so I've noticed. I hope they keep it up because I tell everyone how much I actually like my bank.

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Ssss's Profile Image

Reviewed by Ssss

Jun 8th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Great bank!

I've been with this bank for years and love it. The staff are very welcoming and personable and know you by name. We have overdraft protection, which is at a reasonable fee and very helpful and they have VERY low interest for that. I would recommend this bank.

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Kim N's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kim N

Nov 4th 2010

1 out of 5 marks

getting worse each time

They do not stand behind their own motto "We're On It!"

Due to their growing rate throught the acquisiton, they are less and less about customer service and comes from the top. Since it is privately owned bank, they can get away from lots of regulations, I think.

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K&L C's Profile Image

Reviewed by K&L C

Feb 11th 2011

1 out of 5 marks


First Citizens needs to look the definition of relationship up and do a nice report on what it takes to have a successful one.

My wife and I have been banking with First Citizens of South Carolina for going on 3 years now. So almost 3 years ago our "Relationship"with First Citizens of South Carolina began like this:

Our first year with them we deposited over $40,000 in 3 accounts, 2 business accounts and one personal account.

Then just a little over 2 years ago we went to apply for a $7,500.00 dollar loan to purchase a trailer full of equipment to expand our business to branch out and gain more potential clients. I was told the application fees would be $3,000.00 dollars as they had to break the loan down into 15 loans to separately cover each piece of equipment. They said I would have 1 loan payment in the end. So you can guess what I told them to do on that one.

This $7,500 dollar loan had a piece of equipment on it that could have helped me seal a contract guaranteed for 2 years and was a $125,000 dollar per year contract. Without that equipment I had to outsource that section of the job to the people who I was bidding against for the work in the first place, so you can guess how that worked out for us.

Then about 6 months later we wanted to build our credit and decided to get a secured credit card with First Citizens of South Carolina, they wanted 120 percent down on a $3500.00 dollar secured credit card, and the way they wanted us to set it up they would be the ones collect the interest on that 120 percent we were putting on a the secured card. FYI This has actually gone up to 130 percent now. Yea only an idiot would do that when UNFORTUNATELY Bank of America gave us one that was only 100 percent down. We have since found out Carolina Trust will get you a secured card that allows you to collect interest on the money you are using to secure the card.

So, in the first year of our "Relationship" They were on it alright, they were on a mission to take as much money as they c

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