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FirstMerit Bank Customer Review

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DawnettePisarcikWa's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by DawnettePisarcikWa

Jan 1st 2013

The worst I have ever encountered!

Our account has been compromised. We have not receive help from this bank at all. After they cancelled our debit cards, more transactions were deducted. Enough is enough. I'm tired of being fed lies and crap to shut me up. The Wellington, OH branch manager is new and has NO CLUE what he is doing. THis has been going on now for 2 WEEKS.

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oldwoodsman's Profile Image

Reviewed by oldwoodsman

Apr 7th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Fees / Fees / Fees.. Talked down as talking to a child.

I moved to this bank due to the location from work and home. I did review fees and other important info. going back over this past yr I have spent little over $550 in fees alone. This morning as I deposited some in checking I was advised of $10 for statement form.. which I only do online statements(?) and fees non-merit bank activity. never had this before. so with alone they charged me $35 addition because I was overdrawn. I talked to admin, but was talked to as a child. I have been given fees to go negative so I could be charged again for being overdrawn.. I have never had so much trouble with a bank.. Its all about the money, not the little guy.

I'm pulling my $50k and going back to my old bank..

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firstmerithorrible's Profile Image

Reviewed by firstmerithorrible

Apr 4th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I'm not going to waste a ton more time explaining the whole situation, but if you are considering banking with First Merit, DO NOT. The branches are okay (depending on your branch of course) but they don't have any authority. All the authority goes through Ohio, and they could care less about their customers other than the $ signs. This is the most paranoid bank I've ever run across, constantly calling to verify if you've actually made transactions. Constantly asking you how you are spending your money. Requiring incredibly tedious log in verification, etc.

It's too bad too because Citizens was a good bank before they bought them. The whole switchover from Citizens was a disaster too. Choose literally any other bank and you'll be happier.

It's such a pain to switch banks, but they've aggravated me to the point that I have to.

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