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First Niagara Bank Customer Review

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gatesbuster's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by gatesbuster

May 26th 2012

Worst Online Service and Customer service

I am part of the customers that got moved from HSBC to First Niagara. It was supposed to be smooth without glitches. It is not. First of all I am a mac user and quicken user. None works; I have to use a windows computer and internet explorer to use their online service !!! No download of activities and reconciliation of account with Quicken Essentials for Mac. Their credit card service does not provide also any online link to Quicken. Basically all what I was doing with HSBC online, I can't anymore. I went to HSBC because it was an international bank; not anymore. You have to go through Mellon Bank to handle any type of international transfer you may have; very inconvenient when you have family members overseas. By the way, I am still waiting for an answer to my emails from their customer support; actually to be fair I got one reply 48 hours later to one of my complaint: credit card: we do not support quicken download.

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Other First Niagara Bank Reviews

j_swann's Profile Image

Reviewed by j_swann

Jun 19th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Wanted me to Incur Needless Debt Before Giving Me a Loan

First Niagara took my money to set up an account, with the promise that I would get a low interest rate HELOC. INHS did work on my home on the five-year forgiveness program, meaning if I do not sell my house for five years after the work was done, I do not owe them any money. So FNB decided that unless I borrowed money from them to pay off the INHS debt (no money is owed INHS, only time) that they would not loan to me. I was told I can't get my money out of their checking account without paying a fee. Never bank here.

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philbest's Profile Image

Reviewed by philbest

Jun 11th 2015

1 out of 5 marks

Lazy bankers

I have been hounded by First Niagara's collections department for over 2 years. They are looking for a Brother In Law that has some old business with them. They call me at home at all hours of the day and don't heed my requests to stop calling me. I searched my brother in law on Google and found him in 3 seconds. I don't get it. Why don't they do a little work and just go knock on his door if it is so important ?

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