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Frans's Profile Image

1 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Frans

Jan 17th 2013

Ing Bank Nl, Beware Of Their Atm Machine!

In the morning of first week january 2013 i have tried to withdraw cash using my master creditcard at one of ing bank nl , atm machines located at one of the train station in the town of hoofddorp. However, i forgot my pin number and have pinned in with the wrong number.. The atm machine had automatically rejected my attempt & displayed that the pinnumber was incorrect and ejected my card. I cancelled to pursue the withdrawal as i needed to catch a flight at schiphol airport. In the evening same day, i checked my mastercard online balance statement and saw that the morning unauthorised transaction which was rejected was already on pending cashed out by ingbank. I called neteller uk the card issuer immediately and told them about the inccident. They checked their systems and told me that the would refund the money within 2weeks. However, 2 days later ing bank nl have had processed the unauthorised withdrawal and collected the money and charging my mastercard. I was and am still shocked with this inccident. Now neteller is chasing mastercard to chargeback ing bank nl for the unauthorised money. I am now wondering whatelses ingbank nl would do to other people creditcards? Should we call this as a fraud or a theft? How desperate is ing bank to get money from the unathorised transactions from foreign credit cards? By the way, the purpose and definition of a bank is a safe institution where people(customers) go to deposite or to safe their money into the created bank account. Without customers bank is logically worthless, and in the case of ing bank nl, when customers deposits cash into their bank accounts, ing bank is charging eur10.. - for every cash deposits the customers made into their own bank accounts, how weird is this? So, other words ingbank robs their customers cash once the moneys being deposited. I think everyone should be warned about it not to go to ing bank nl, instead of giving you interests , ing bank will be charging you for it. So be aware!

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AncaBarcu's Profile Image

Reviewed by AncaBarcu

Apr 11th 2014

3 out of 5 marks

Average OK

I came home one evening and I found all the pension records of my neighbors in a bundle, not placed in their mailboxes, for anyone to take. I find this very unprofessional. After calling one representative over the phone about this, they very casually blew me off. I found that very disrespectful and I am quite sure what was done was illegal. I was very disappointed.

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enquirers's Profile Image

Reviewed by enquirers

Jan 25th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


I have been with ING for 3 years and last year i moved all my banking to them. It's amazing that I don't pay any fees and I love using pay wave as you actually get some money back from ING for using it. Last week I was traveling in Cambodia and an ATM malfunctioned and didn't dispense over $400. I called up the customer service line, the woman was reassuring and very professional and they didn't transfer my call once. I got the money back 2 days after the phone call. Very impressed. Also they only charge $2.50 for international withdrawals, not a percentage like other banks!

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