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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By davilajr Apr 10, 2014

Nationwide is not on my side

I recently applied for a HELOC at Nationwide solely based on a quick review of lenders and their HELOC rates. Shortly after submitting and documenting my application, I contacted Nationwide because I had not received status of my application. The rep on the phone was courteous and, after reviewing his computer system, told me that the underwriting team needed a couple more documents related to my income tax returns and income which I immediately provided.

Weeks went by and I then received an email indicating that they have made a decision on my application and that were unable to approve my application at this time. The email also said Nationwide would contact me by mail explaining its decision. Again, weeks went by and nothing came which prompted me to call them. I spoke to a lady who, from the beginning, sounded as if I had stolen one of her children from her home. She said the underwriting team had disapproved my application because I had not lived in the home more than six months. Where they obtained that information escapes me, I completed the application myself and showed them I had owned the property since 2010. By the way, my attempt to inquire where that information was taken from triggered a one way conversation from the rep to me to the point that I had to ask her why she was upset at me. She wouldn't provide me a direct name or contact person to resubmit evidence of my home ownership and simply said I needed to fax it to the number she was giving me.

Anyway, Nationwide did not bother to contact me to confirm any information prior to, unilaterally, dismiss my application and sent me an explanation letter that never came. Having read the reviews others have provided here, I decided that Nationwide is not for me and will not follow up or attempt to support my application. Some reps at Nationwide are rude and simply not customer service oriented. They do not seem to have time for customers and their issues.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Robert V. Aug 2, 2013

Great, until they started socking me with fees.

I had a money market account for years that I was depositing to on a regular basis. Good initial rate, no problems. Then I had a period of inactivity and they started charging "dormancy" fees (even though I had several thousand dollars in my account). So I contacted them and they refunded the charges and told me I just needed to withdraw or deposit funds periodically to avoid charges. So I did that and when my account dropped below a certain figure, they started charging a low balance fee of $8 per month. When I complained that their representative did not warn me of this when I told him I was going to take out most of the money, they refused to refund the charges. They said the charge was listed in the account disclosure statement.

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Latest Nationwide Bank Reviews

  • M
    Reviewed By monib68 Apr 17, 2016

    Erroneous Credit Reporting by Nationwide Bank

    I have had an auto loan with Nationwide Bank since 10/18/2013. On 2/3/2016 my vehicle was involved in an accident and totaled. The accident was not our fault. The insurance company paid a portion of the payoff which left a deficiency balance of $2,303.00. Nationwide Bank did not send any correspondence to me or demand payment of the deficiency balance. On 3/30/2016 Nationwide Bank reported a charge off in the amount of $2,303.00 to Experian along with a failure to pay which was untrue because a regular monthly payment was debited from my checking account on 3/7/2016. On 3/31/2016 Nationwide reported a charge off/never late to Equifax. I have never made a late payment to Nationwide Bank and the account was in good standing when the reports were made. I even made three payments after the accident happened. The legal question is was Nationwide Bank obligated to send a demand letter or some type of correspondence stating what the remaining balance was after the insurance payment was made? If we had been notified of a payment demand we would have gladly paid them the balance to avoid any detrimental consequences to my credit. This is how Nationwide conducts business. Beware of dealing with them!! Nationwide is NOT on your side!

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  • C
    Reviewed By cf80107 Apr 16, 2016

    Worst Banking Experience I've Ever Had

    I opened my account 3 months ago. Everything has been fine, always kept a healthy positive balance, absolutely no overdrafts. Then one evening, I find I've been locked out of my account. That same evening, I also discover that Nationwide does not have 24x7 Customer Service. When I finally am able to get hold of a CS rep, I'm told the account is being closed because of some 'report' from a bank that I haven't written a check on in over 5 years! I was also told that Nationwide had sent me a letter. ummm - No, no letter, either before or since the lockout. I asked to speak to a Supervisor, but apparently Supervisors are either too busy or too scared to talk to customers. (I'm betting on the latter). I was told that the accounting department would be mailing me a check for the balance in my account that very day. Right - just like they mailed me a 'letter.' In the meantime, I have no money - none, zilch, nada. And they say they're on 'my side?'

    ETA: The letter Nationwide said had 'been mailed' , was not mailed until the day AFTER I first spoke with them. My money also was not mailed the day they promised it would be. I've been told since that it went out the same day the letter was sent; however, although I've received the letter, the money has still not arrived. The only conclusion I can draw is that Nationwide has now lied to me at least twice - and quite possibly a third time.

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  • R
    Reviewed By Rags Feb 27, 2016

    The Worst Experience Ever

    I would not recommend them to anyone. Can never get a clear answer and my money has been held up for over a month with out an answer on when it will be available. Even the supervisors can't tell me why. And I am not talking about a small trivial amount of money.

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  • N
    Reviewed By NevaBear Feb 11, 2016

    Be aware of this Bank

    I had an unfortunate few days with Nation Wide Bank for a refinance for my car loan. Well, lots of trouble with the application and the numbers for my new loan kept shifting and then they said I had to change my browser from Opera to some other browser and I just told them to forget it. Stay away from these people!

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  • A
    Reviewed By airforce Jan 20, 2016

    Most Horrible Bank Alive Stick To Your Failed Insurance

    Nationwide bank is online banking service that requires no documentation to access a new checking account. They offer multitude of garbage custumer service, and nationwide is not on your side, they will do anything to save themselves and nothing for the costumers. They blocked my account without notice, mail, email, or communication to find out it was blocked due to transaction of groceries i made because there electronic 1967 fraud dectection system flagged my groceries purchase an fradulent. They stated i needed to call them everytime i needed to make a purchase horrible bank

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  • L
    Reviewed By Lhayes Oct 23, 2015

    Nationwide Bank Doesn't use Normal Banking practices. BEWARE

    The issue first started with their bill pay service I set up to have a bill paid. All of a sudden the very payment they bill pay for me bounced How did this happen??? I called to find out they just send a payment (check) and don't take the funds from the account till it clears. I could have done that. It so happened the same day the company took the funds out when I did the bill pay but I was charged 50 nsf fees for them bouncing there own check they refunded one of the fees. Issue two went to a hotel and used the debt/cc card they put a hold on the funds which is normal. I still had additional funds available once the Hotel produced the actual bill they were pending the hold and the actual bill and Bounced a Check to my boss and charged an nsf fee of 25. I called them right away and they released the hold on the one which put my account back to normal but refused to refund the NSF they charged. I'm not even sure if I will get one from the Merchant. As soon as the check clears I'm closing this account they don't know how to BANK they should stay with Insurance. Horrible Customer service I have been waiting for a supervisor call back for over a week. I have reported them to the BBB. Its only 25 but now its the principal of the matter.

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  • R
    Reviewed By renabertie Aug 5, 2015

    Watch Out for Lock Out

    I am having a horrible experience with Nationwide Bank. Shortly after opening an account and making a substantial deposit. Nationwide locked me out of my account. The didn't tell me they would be doing this. I found out when I tried to access my account. Apparently they want documentation about the account that the $ was transferred from. I don't understand why they care about were the money came from, and I'm very disappointed that they didn't tell me that they wanted more info before processing the transfer and locking me out.

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  • U
    Reviewed By Upset Person Jul 29, 2015

    Trouble bank and have no clue why it is even allowed a person to open an account without proper identification

    Received something in the mail that I had opened an echecking account with them and that I needed to put some money into the account. Hmmm- I never would ever setup up a bank account online. I would go to a legit bank and sitdown face to face with a bank employee. Where the bank can get my information and PHOTO Id to prove that I am the person setting up the account. I went through Nationwides online no check process and were horrified how easy it was to setup an account without any identification. Do not trust these people they are a fraud and will steal your identity.

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  • D
    Reviewed By danabana34 Apr 23, 2015

    The Worst Bank Ever

    Tried to open up an account with them because my boyfriend just opened one up about a few days ago. Was told that i did not pass the verification and that i have to send in identification and now the app process will take an additional 2-3 days. So now im inconvenienced from opening my acct on thursday until tues or wednesday and because of this hassle i can only imagine what would happen to my money so i decided not to pursue this bank at this time.

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  • T
    Reviewed By toddfox1988 Jan 26, 2015

    horrible experience

    Seemed great at first. Deposited a check with my phone, and then could not access my account anymore. After more than a week of "verifying" my account they told me they are going to send me a check and close the account.... On the 4th. So now another 2 weeks and I might have my money back. This was the worst experience possible with a bank go through anyone but them.

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