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State Farm Bank Customer Review

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AlaskaAKUser's Profile Image

2 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by AlaskaAKUser

Jan 4th 2012

State Farm Bank In A Word: Incompetent

I've had numerous accounts with multiple institutions. I've never seen a more poorly managed and stunningly inconsistent financial institution. I continue to receive conflicting information based on what part of the Bank I'm in contact with depending on the issue. For example, one part says the bank can't do this or that while other staff at the bank say my account is fine and they absolutely support this or that. I've actually got a form on my desk from one part of the bank requiring my signature while another part of the bank says I don't need to sign it and that everything is fine with my account.

Also, when using State Farm Bank's secure email system (required to do basic account functions), you have to give them an account number: the system isn't actually linked to the user! They also take an average of four days to respond to requests.

The nail in the coffin for State Farm Bank is the fact that they don't support Mint.com or Quicken. Yep, it's 2012 and State Farm Bank does not allow you to download transactions into Mint.com nor do they allow you to download transactions into Quicken (Express Web Connect or Direct Connect). What's amusing is that over the four weeks it took me to confirm this with State Farm Bank, their online support staff would say that it does, then they would get their terms wrong (not knowing the difference between "Direct Connect" and "Express Web Connect"), and then say that they don’t support Mint.com or Quicken at all.

Their telephone support agents are polite and cheerful. However, they can only do so much. The bank's back-office staff are poorly trained, uninformed, and (based on their very poorly written communication) stupid.

I can summarize State Farm Bank up in one word: incompetent.

I can not, and do not, recommend State Farm Bank for anyone. Look elsewhere for your banking needs. The benefits of ATM access are not worth the hassle and stunning incompetence that is State Farm Bank.

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JOEJOE's Profile Image

Reviewed by JOEJOE

Mar 5th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


** BEWARE** : IN MY OPINION THIS IS THE WORST BANK ANYONE COULD EVER CHOOSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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csbarbosa's Profile Image

Reviewed by csbarbosa

Feb 13th 2014

2 out of 5 marks

Worst Customer Service ever

I deposited 2 checks via the mobile deposit and the system denied one as a "duplicate." the checks were from the same bank, but different amounts and different check numbers. I called them the same day, but they were having technical difficulties with the system that approves the deposits. I was instructed to call the next day. Well, I did call back !! The representative was useless. she indicated that the department that approves the deposits had gone home already and I had to call again the next day. I asked for the supervisor and she asked me if I wanted to speak to a Banking Specialist - a representative that can do more than her and knows more. Well, imagine that !! The Specialist suggested I deposit the check again instead of calling a third time. I guess my time is not valuable to SF Bank since thy just expect me to call back everyday to keep their employes working everyday. I will NEVER do any more business with this bank ever again.

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