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Reviewed By Teresa Y. Mar 14, 2013

Nightmare, we have gotten to the day before closing 3 times only to find that the Bank has not done their job.

This bank put a peace of property on the market without having the title clear. Then did not know enough to get it straightened out in a timely fashion. We should be closing today, for the third time. They still have not gotten their act together. We have invested too much time and energy to not sign yet another 2 week extension. My husband is a 90 percent disabled veteran and I am having to take him to see the doctor today because of the undo stress this has caused him.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Krobinson450 Jan 7, 2014

Rip Off

I was charged a fee of $36.00 for not having enough money in my account to cover and item that hit my account, I did not have the money to put in my account until I got paid, the account was overdrawn for about 6 days. On the day of my direct deposit SunTrust hit me with another $36.00 fee for the same item. When I called them about it, they said it's an extended overdraft fee. I work had everyday trying to make it, I can understand being charged an overdraft fee one time for not having the funds but to hit me a second time is just WRONG. That was my gas money for the week. Suntrust has lost me as a customer and I will warn all my friends and family members about SunTrust practices. Don't bank with SunTrust.

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Latest Suntrust Bank Reviews

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    Reviewed By martinc Feb 4, 2016

    Small business do not bank at Suntrust!!

    Terrible customer service, freezing accounts for no reason, never returning phone calls are just a few things we have experienced while banking at Suntrust. We are a small business and when we started banking at Suntrust they said they could help us grow our business. They have now almost put us out of business by freezing our business account for 7 days and not letting us access any money and returning all checks. All because they put a hold on a deposit we made. No one will return our calls and they say they can't help we have to wait. When applying for a business credit card we had to fill out the same application four times!!! If you want access to your money 24/7 and want to be treated with respect DO NOT BANK AT SUNTRUST. Worst banking experience of our life!

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    Reviewed By Breanna Feb 3, 2016

    Do NOT bank with SunTrust

    My fiance and I opened a checking account, savings account, and a rewards credit card during the first week of January. My fiance was given a paper check from his employer because the direct deposit information had not yet been approved. On Saturday morning, he made a mobile deposit (took a picture of his check.) On Monday, we discovered our debit cards were not working. I went to the bank and had my PIN reset. We left for a business trip later that day. On Tuesday, we tried to log onto our account from the mobile banking app.. I won't bore you with the details of the three hour phone tag I played with customer service, but basically they had "frozen" the account due to a "suspicious deposit." Please note - his employer is less than a mile from a SunTrust bank. I was told I would be contacted in 24 hours. On Wednesday, I had not heard from them so I called again... I WAS HUNG UP ON after describing my reason for calling. I called bank again and was told our account has been TERMINATED BY SUNTRUST!!! We are out of town so I was told to go to the nearest SunTrust and open a new account so I could transfer our money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why would I open a new account after you have "secretly" withheld OUR MONEY?? His response: You will not be able to withdraw your money, you will have to do a transfer... Please remember - this description only scratches the surface of the issues I've had. I can't believe a bank can remain in business after treating people this way!

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    Reviewed By Grandmom2013 Feb 2, 2016

    SunTrust unfair processing procedures

    Do not bank with SunTrust. Their check and debit processing procedure is geared to make sure you are charged the highest amount of $36 overdraft charges possible. If you make an error, they will pay the highest amount first so that several smaller transactions will cause you the $36 pet item even though those transactions were initially dated prior to the larger item and had sufficient funds available at the time. This is a bank to stay away from if you value your money.

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    Reviewed By jglyon Jan 26, 2016


    After multiple fraudulent debit card charges on my account from Uber BV in South Africa, I've decided to move my checking & savings elsewhere, anywhere that has fraud detection and prevents obvious fraud charges. Came to branch on my lunch hour to enter dispute & close accounts, and asked to take a seat & wait. Been 20 mins so far & the sit & wait area is right across from officers' offices, where there are 2 of them sitting inside & enjoying their lunch in view of customers that are forced to forego having a lunch in order to close their accounts, or any other transaction that a teller can't do. Nice, SunTrust.

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    Reviewed By Banana Jan 8, 2016

    Slow-to-no service at drive thru window

    Have had a 10-minute wait on 2 recent occasions at drive thru window...Tellers do not even seem to bother checking to see if anyone is waiting.... You either need to hire more help or come up with a better system!

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    Reviewed By Billium Dec 28, 2015

    Business owners beware

    I have been a customer with this bank for 19 plus years and I have never been so upset. I setup my business and I came to Suntrust back in November. The lady at the SunTrust Bank Linda did not know enough about the business account setup to do it correctly or give me the correct information. I asked her if I could transfer funds from my business account to my personal account and if I could view all my accounts in one spot she tells me yes. I go back to see her at the branch in Western Branch and she tells me she never said that so now I'm pretty upset because I could have gone to Langley federal As I am prior military retired. So then I decide to go to the branch on general booth Boulevard and speak with Mr Hall which tells me that you can view it and he sets up the account. However today is December 28th it is been one full month and I still can't view my account. Now as I'm told by that branch mr Hall is on vacation today and he set it up correctly however, the online department never let me know that there was an issue so I've been waiting seven straight days longer before I finally decided to call and ask what was up with my accounts. I was then told to call the online service and answer a few questions for them however by this point I am pulling all of my funds out of the account from my business and from my personal. If this is the type of business you guys have then I don't want any part of it!

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    Reviewed By Saintsbill7 Dec 23, 2015

    First Day Account Nightmare

    I set up my account on line pending my Social Security check. ..Nno , Nogot a ride to the branch since I don't drive it's a hassle I had all the paperwork sent me by Suntrust. The teller says there is no one here who open an account for you NO I said...waving the paperwork at them that I had an account open with no deposit until now. They had never heard of this. I said ok and produced my government debit card.. and she said no we can't take that. WE would have to have cash....it is cash...omg. They pointed me outside to the friendly ATM inserted my government debit I punched in my amount...machine said too much...had to from what they would post. So I dropped the amount and got the cash after a 3.75 fee I had to pay to open a free checking account. Activated my new debit card..went to store declined. ran it twice...I had the cash on my other card .Called customer service I guess in India...and was informed my cash deposit was on hold. What? and they had no signature card on file...I gave it to the teller signed in the presence of the manager.
    OH he will have to call the branch....put me on hold for 15 minutes on this call...came back on line and said all will be good in 10 minutes. He sang I'm Sorry many times. Well they say now it's all fixed...I'm going to try and pay a bill...more details to follow

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    Reviewed By steelersbabe31 Dec 18, 2015

    Charges! Charges! Every where!!

    This was my first ever bank, I got a minor account when I was 16 and started my first job. I was linked to my moms account. Even when I turned 18 she was still joined onto it even when we both signed off that she wasn't joined to it anymore. I am a full time student so I've only had part time jobs. So i have never been able to keep the min of 500 in my checking but thankfully I had direct deposit so I was not charged for awhile. My savings I had limits on transfers and I would get charged if I didn't transfer money once a month or have a 300 min balance. Again part time job sometimes I gotta steal money from myself and I constantly got charged for it. Recently lost a job well it was a 2nd job and that was my direct deposit my other job I never had direct deposit so eventually I got charged for my checking then it was from a 7 dollar charge to a 10 dollar charge. I asked about it they said oh it was explained in your monthly statement that is sent to you. I don't get paper statements anymore, I didn't get an email about or anything that notified me until I had to like look into to find it. Then I recently found a credit union that has no min balances no weird charges for being broke as it So i switched and closed my accounts with Sun Trust. My charge for my account came on the 16th I asked the banker will I be charged for my account before I close it, she said no... She lied they took my last 5 dollars out of my account the next day after I talked to the banker and they took it as a service fee for the account. I didn't fight it I just let it go but I'm more than glad I switched they are ridiculous with charges. I wouldn't recommenced it endless you have a fairly study income. But after my little incident my mom, grandma and uncle are all switching banks. So bye bye Sun Trust it was nice knowing you...

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    Reviewed By MrE Dec 12, 2015

    Behold the Bank Of the Hell

    I have a Special needs trust, and at This particular bank. The One encharge of my funds Is a Really Arrogant Or completly stupid. They tried To Use My trust fund through my mother. and Now They are making my And mothers life Hell... Through It, Out of spite... When we Get Out Of The Contract I am Thinking Of Taking My Funds To Either any Bank and put It under a Credit card So that way they cant access It easyer

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    Reviewed By Skilos1956 Dec 11, 2015

    Horrible Bank - lying employees

    My partners and I had a business loan with Suntrust. I left the company and my partners defaulted on the loan without letting me know. Suntrust immediately declared the loan in default, went to court, and obtained a consent judgment against me without giving me the courtesy of any advance notice. Although I thought it was extremely rude not to notify me, there was no legal requirement of them to do so and I have no complaints about that.
    I called Suntrust to arrange to pay off the loan over a period of time. I spoke with a vice-president who told me that they would consider setting up a plan for me to pay off the loan in full, but that they needed information for the application. I gave them the information expecting that once they found out I had excellent credit that we could then negotiate the terms for the repayment. They did not get back to me but instead they the took the information and immediately filed to garnish my wages (pretty embarrassing when my employer called me into the office). What a bunch of lying schmucks. I paid off the loan but will of course never bank with them again and I have convinced numerous other friends, clients, and acquaintances to use different banks or close their accounts. I have still some other loans with Suntrust and they constantly try to get me to open accounts with them, move my investments and retirement plans to them, etc. Over my dead body. I will never use them for anything ever again.

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