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Suntrust Bank Latest Customer Reviews

itsjustme's Profile Image

Reviewed by itsjustme

May 24th 2015

5 out of 5 marks

my wife and I got schooled

My wife and I just opened a new account at this branch in frostproof,

I have banked with other banks and never knew what we had learned about banking on this day,

Nichole Peters, was this woman's name and she knew what she was doing she told us everything we needed to know and then some, she gave great advice on bank accounts, credit, how the different bank accounts work and which account would be best for us and why. So I googled the stuff she taught us and I am only amazed with what all she knew about it all. When we went in the bank we had never met this woman and within just a very short time she had us feeling like we belonged there. This is someone who you would think wrote the book of banking. Very nice and polite and now with her knowledge past down to us we will start to build a future for our selves and our children. If you are able to read this Nichole thank you very much for your wisdom. Sincerely Steven and Angie Young

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Doerayme's Profile Image

Reviewed by Doerayme

Feb 22nd 2015

5 out of 5 marks

See Cliff!

Amazed at the professional and quick service from this small branch in a safeway! See Cliff. He has helped our family tremendously and i left another bank just to open an account at suntrust. Seriously, the best move.

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Veteransauto's Profile Image

Reviewed by Veteransauto

Jan 2nd 2015

5 out of 5 marks

I have the best Business Banker/Branch manager

I met Cheri, the branch manager, when she worked at another, much crappier bank. I stayed with her thru the crappy bank, because, she was always made me feel like I had a personal relationship, with my banker. She handles all my banking stuff..From Business, to personal stuff..If she leaves Suntrust, I will follow her. She makes banking, a little less painful..-Robert

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opinionated's Profile Image

Reviewed by opinionated

Oct 16th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Great Customer Service!

In an ever changing transient community, this branch is a jewel with a 'home town' atmosphere. I would highly recommend it if you are new to the area. The branch manager and her staff take a personal interest in the welfare of their customers. Take a few minutes to get to know them and they will remember you and assist you with any issues going forward.

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Iqbal's Profile Image

Reviewed by Iqbal

Apr 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Very helpful and friendly.

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Dah624's Profile Image

Reviewed by Dah624

Jan 17th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Extremely positive

I came to Florida recently to work on transferring my grandmother from a nursing home there to NY. I cannot explain how stressful this experience has been. We have hit a tremendous amount of road blocks and people that haven't been willing to help us in our time of need. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff at SunTrust. I would like to personally thank Jeffrey and Zaira for their continuous help. They have gone above and beyond to help us and gather the documents we need. They continue to take our phone calls and help us fill out forms needed to get my grandmother's Medicaid approved. They are kind, caring, hardworking and they have helped us tremendously. I wanted to take this moment to say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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Help's Profile Image

Reviewed by Help

Mar 14th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Nightmare, we have gotten to the day before closing 3 times only to find that the Bank has not done their job.

This bank put a peace of property on the market without having the title clear. Then did not know enough to get it straightened out in a timely fashion. We should be closing today, for the third time. They still have not gotten their act together. We have invested too much time and energy to not sign yet another 2 week extension. My husband is a 90 percent disabled veteran and I am having to take him to see the doctor today because of the undo stress this has caused him.

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Joe H's Profile Image

Reviewed by Joe H

Apr 10th 2012

5 out of 5 marks

Excellent Staff

My branch is awesome! They always greet me and treat me like a person not just a number. The branch could use some updating tho their new branches have a nice warm feel but the older ones seem to be outdated. I've had some issues with not seeing my deposits right away but the staff has told me that they are updating their systems. Overall cannot complain I love SunTrust! And their Rewards Visa is so cool I paid my bill with my points!

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sparky's Profile Image

Reviewed by sparky

Apr 8th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Super friendly at every branch I have visited

After banking with them for several years I decieded to get my mortgage through them as my experience had always been positive. Got a 4.5% fixed rate which was very competitve. Their CD's pay more than most of the huge national banks and their sevice has always been positive and staff helpful. 90% of my banking is online and their site is easy to navigate with information readily available. I would highly recommend this bank to those that still wish for good old fashion service.

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Heidi B's Profile Image

Reviewed by Heidi B

Mar 1st 2011

5 out of 5 marks

SunTrust bank is awesome! The people are very friendly, and the customer service is quick and attentive.

My favorite thing about SunTrust bank is the friendly service the branch tellers and mangers offer. Another great perk: when you call you don't wait on hold for hours to speak to a human being. Service is quick, INTELLIGENT, and very helpful. I've experienced several issues that were resolved by the diligent and resourceful people who work there, but also, the bank seems to give it's personnel authority to resolve issues, as opposed to other banks.

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Robert B's Profile Image

Reviewed by Robert B

Feb 3rd 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank ever, The bank employees are the nicest and most knowledgable.

The convenience is great, online banking is the best the bill pay feature I couldn't live without. When I call I always get right through and the people on the other end go way beyond what is expected, they truly appreciate my business, they treat me like a person and its pleasure to have my accounts with them.

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David's Profile Image

Reviewed by David

Jan 8th 2011

5 out of 5 marks

Best Bank Ever

Since I have been with Suntrust they have ben great I never have a problem with them the one thing that I find very help full is when I get paid and that is a Saturday i can cash my check at walmart and then I got to my local branch and put it in the drop box that they have I was told by the nice lady that help me open the account that the drop box is the first thing that they take care of when they oen up in the morning and the deposits are done right away.

I wish that I had started with them many years ago because this bank in the best that I have been with, I have told my friends about this bank and they have swich to Suntrust.

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Tiffany L's Profile Image

Reviewed by Tiffany L

Dec 28th 2010

5 out of 5 marks

Awesome, great people to do business with

We have our house with them and CD's. They are great

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Kim R's Profile Image

Reviewed by Kim R

Nov 25th 2010

5 out of 5 marks


Me and my family just moved to Iowa and could not open a checking account, thinking I could not cash my check I got upset until my son told me that we still had an account with suntrust. Thinking it would never work because we are nowhere near a suntrust bank or atm, I did it to humor him. Even though it is only a savings account, suntrust gave me a check card for it because they understood my situation. Now we are on our feet again, and should I need to go in person to a bank I fly back to NC and am able to visit family and deal with my favorite bank. For those of you looking, ignore the bad reviews. They are mad because suntrust wanted to investigate before they replied to him. Should you get an account with them keep it, they are incredibly understanding. You will also see, that they are one of the top us banks. You could not find a better bank. Good luck to you when choosing. :)

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bglassman's Profile Image

Reviewed by bglassman

Mar 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Exemplary in every way.

At nearly 70, I have at least 50 years' experience as a bank customer, in places as varied as Oklahoma City, OK and Tokyo, Japan, Washington, DC and Karnes City, TX. I have never felt more welcome nor more confident than I do at SunTrust at Meadowmont. X�¿ The friendly greeting that is merely pro forma at other banks (it's been warmer at WalMart) is utterly genuine at this branch. The staff are knowledgable and, most important, utterly candid when they don't have an answer, and unrelenting in getting that answer and getting back to me. I've had fees forgiven when I'd incurred them through circumstances beyond my control, and I've seen them bend over backward to restore money to my account when it was taken via identity theft.

I'm astonished by the weak scores others have given this branch. I'm delighted to have these genuinely smart and good people nearby.


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Naxtics's Profile Image

Reviewed by Naxtics

Jan 20th 2014

5 out of 5 marks

Banking without the hustle.

Best experience ever. The workers at this branch are wonderful. Not only they made my house refinancing a breeze, they guided me along the process. Thank you Greg Brooks (Vice President/ Branch Manager) for a job well done. You are the Best.

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angelpyle's Profile Image

Reviewed by angelpyle

Jun 5th 2013

5 out of 5 marks

Happy customer

I am very please with Suntrust Banking in every experience. My accounts include: former car loan which I refinanced with Suntrust (now paid off). checking and savings, and possibly my next mortgage. They really care for me as their customer and have been most helpful.

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Gambit8403's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gambit8403

Aug 5th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Local for the win.

So my bank is out of area and this location has always nice and caring staff as I usually need to change cash for quarters for laundry.

I've never had an issue about just getting quarters.

They really are a caring local bank.

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jeffs334c's Profile Image

Reviewed by jeffs334c

Jun 23rd 2012

4 out of 5 marks

Friendly Staff Good Products.

Any questions or problems are quickly handled. They always great you with " welcome to suntrust how may we help you", and even the managers come out of hiding when it gets busy to care for customers. Its like the small town bank.

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jmf411's Profile Image

Reviewed by jmf411

Nov 11th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Great Experience With Bill Pay Issue

I use the bill pay on a regular basis and love it. One of my merchants i pay through bill pay changed my account number without notice. I received a late notice and only then did i discover that the acct numbers between my statement and my bill pay didn't match. Because of this the company said they hadn't received my payment. They said they couldn't even find it with the old acct number. I had suntrust to fax the payment info to them, but it was going to take 3 or 4 days.

After another call to the power company they said my service was going to be disconnected. I called the bank back and spoke with sally in the bill pay dept. She took charge of the situation and volunteered to make a conference call with the power company and explain that they had opened a case to fax proof of my payment to them and that it would take a couple of days for them to get it and asked if they could give me an extension. And they did. And she was able to move my case to 2 business days instead. She was a life saver. Very mannerly and sweet. I hope i don't have any more hiccups, but if i do i hope she is there to help me! They are lucky to have her.

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Jazzywon's Profile Image

Reviewed by Jazzywon

May 18th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

I miss you!

I dealt with this bank for over 10 years (they were a crestar before).

Never had any issues with this bank. No bounced checks or anything of the sorts. Customer services has always been great, and their inhouse staff has always been wonderful.

I recommend this bank to anyone who has one.

Sadly I moved and there was no suntrust in my area, so I had to leave them.

I would go back to them, if they came here, or if I move again.

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Marty66's Profile Image

Reviewed by Marty66

Dec 14th 2013

4 out of 5 marks


I have been banking with SunTrust in Reisterstown for several years. I must commend the entire staff as they are all very helpful whether I go inside the lobby or use their drive up window. I feel these ladies are the best showing their appreciation for my business not like other banking locations in the Reisterstown area where the employees are grumpy and make you feel like they are always doing you a favor.

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PSUFSU's Profile Image

Reviewed by PSUFSU

Feb 22nd 2013

4 out of 5 marks

Been With Them For 30 Years, Alway A Good Experience

I understand the negative comments, i have friends who have had "accounting challenges" over the years with their accounts with suntrust and it is my opinion suntrust has little patience with what i would call amateur bankers. If you keep money in your accounts they are a wonderful place to bank.

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Becky's Profile Image

Reviewed by Becky

Oct 6th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Complaints in General

Hidden fees are not hidden if they are written on your statement and also on line.

There are some behaviors I have read here about the W Springfield Bank that seem suspect. Many clients and workers come from different cultures at this branch- who may not understand how banking works or how we expect good manners to be executed, as they did not grow up to naturally be Mr. Smiley Face in their countries. We may see this as rudeness.

Someone accusing you of forgery, keeping your legal documents and threatening to take your child away- is OUT OF LINE! Sounds like a fraud, related to the scam?

Yes, the rule is, you need to have an account to do business. 1 roll of quarters could have been counted out, if allowed. Go to Giant.

Fees are insane. They are Bank policy, not made by the branch,and scheduled by computer to be charged when your account shows signs of deficit. Computers do what they are told. Highway robbery!

If you have a lot of money in the bank, many fees are cut ,but not all. If you have little money you pay more fees and even have to pay for statements.

You are an "at risk" client if you have little money.

Banks want us to invest our money-they make money off of that.

Be firm-say that you are not interested- you know your needs.

Stand up for yourself. Say NO. They are not the police.

DON'T have automatic bill pay if your account always goes under.

COMMON SENSE. Be RESPONSIBLE- Pay bills late by check to avoid overdraft fees.

Banks are not social services- They don't manage bills. They hold & send money where it needs to go. YOU are responsible for managing your bills.

Banks do a business service for us- it is not free. We pay them to do it--through various fees.

EDUCATE YOURSELF! Ask someone who can really help. Don't depend on the bank to take care of you. You are 1 in a zillion people.

Change branches- Find people who can explain things to you.

Good luck!

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Bigbillmac1's Profile Image

Reviewed by Bigbillmac1

Sep 26th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Excellant & Friendly In Various States

I knew my local branch. (brandon, fl. ) was very good, efficient, & friendly, but when i traveled to different locations in florida, north carolina, & south carolina, i was very pleasantly surprised to find them equally efficient & friendly, even to me as a stranger in their areas.

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Daniel T's Profile Image

Reviewed by Daniel T

Apr 22nd 2011

4 out of 5 marks

conservative but good

I always bank with multiple banks I never put all my money in one bank but Suntrust so far has been good. They do not offer the technology as BofA but that is a good thing. They clear transactions overnight unlike BofA where your account shifts all through the day. They made a mistake on a deposit, went into the branch and deposited some checks, teller gave me a receipt and the same night I saw where ghe bank reversed the deposit. Taking that the checks where from my other accounts I saw that one check cleared but it was not posted on my account. Had to wait til Monday to get it resolved bank stated that they didn't get the checks with the deposit slip which puzzled me since it was a teller transaction but the Branch Managef followed it through and assured me that if anything would happen anything would be paid and any fees refunded if anything would pass through my account

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DBZ's Profile Image

Reviewed by DBZ

Apr 18th 2011

4 out of 5 marks

Great bank but I hate calling customer service

This bank is overall a great bank! The tellers are nice, the products are great, and the online banking is great too. They still kept the free checking accounts so it makes it that much better. I never overdraft so I don't have to worry about the fees. If you are a person who has a problem over-drafting the a checking account is not for you. If you don't overdraft but you can't keep thousands of dollars in an account then this bank is for you. The only thing that sucks is calling customer service. I'm sorry but I need someone who speaks English to help me not someone in India who I can barely understand.

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Peter G's Profile Image

Reviewed by Peter G

Jul 29th 2010

4 out of 5 marks

chesterhound's Profile Image

Reviewed by chesterhound

Feb 4th 2014

4 out of 5 marks

Excellent Customer Service!

I live in Michigan but was able to open an account with no issues. I will soon be relocating to Florida and will have access to many physical branches. I call customer service one evening after 10pm and was able to get a rep to help me.

Very good customer service as well as account options!

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