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Suntrust Bank Latest Customer Reviews

DaveCollbran's Profile Image

Reviewed by DaveCollbran

Apr 14th 2014

1 out of 5 marks


I closed my account with suntrust more than 5 years ago. I put in several requests and my account was at a $0.00 balance. The imbeciles who represent this disgusting organization did not close my account and allowing it to go into negative standing due to monthly maintenance fees.

Recently they sold my account to a third party debt collector and have no information since the account was closed. The representatives of this company have terrible attitudes and even worse customer service skills. They lack the knowledge and intelligence to successfully navigate their own internal computer system.

Crooked, stupid, swine. DO NOT BANK WITH THESE SCUMBAGS!

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Renea's Profile Image

Reviewed by Renea

Apr 13th 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Horrible! They stole my ID and my Original Birth Certificate! Stolen by Kenneth (don't know what he is)

I had a check written to me from a Craigslist customer who was buying a purse from me for $75.00. I went there twice to try and cash it because it was written from a Suntrust account holder. The first visit Kenneth examined the check and said nothing negative about the check itself but said I needed marriage certificate and divorce decree to follow my last name changing, etc. etc. I returned a few days later after the manager said I could cash it with the ID I had which was my Ga. ID and my Original Birth Certificate. After waiting for quite awhile, he took me to a desk in the center of the bank and accused me of making this check myself...said it was a fake and I guess that I created it and printed it out myself and then made-up names or something on it. I started crying cause I had no idea about any of this and he was blaming me. Would I really come into a bank with a counterfeit check and forged names and try to cash it with my real ID and birth certificate? He refused to give me my ID and birth certificate back and told me if I open my mouth to say anything at all he would call the authorities. My son was with me and he said I had to get up and leave right then without my personal stuff if I wanted to have my son leave with me. So he threatened to have my son taken from me if I tried to speak or get my stuff. I was so upset and scared and with my son there, I did just that...I left. He also told me his manager was shady and did illegal shady deals and that I must be one of the people she does them with. I had only met her a year prior when she helped me get money Suntrust had owed me for 3 years. She is a honest person. Kenneth (teller?...asst. manager?...don't know what his position is) is an angry, unprofessional bullying thief! I have contacted the authorities myself now and was told that he had no right to keep my personal items and he acted illegally and that I should have called the police myself that day and he wouldn't have gotten away with it.

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Iqbal's Profile Image

Reviewed by Iqbal

Apr 10th 2014

5 out of 5 marks


Very helpful and friendly

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fedup2014's Profile Image

Reviewed by fedup2014

Mar 31st 2014

1 out of 5 marks

Sun Trust treats its Customer Accounts like personal ATMs

I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO FILE WITHhttps://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt

The government will investigate! I was stone walled today by the company when I asked them why they were charging me 144 dollars on a 7 dollar over draft and 72.00 every seven days after. They have been doing this to me for years..After today I finnaly got fed up and Filed with the FTC.. I suggest all of you who read this do the same. This company is lining its pockets with your bank accounts. Make it so they stop hurting you and others. When I called to complain this last time they made like they didn't recognize my bank account and that the systems where down. I went on chat and asked what was up and I got a rep to admit the amount taken out for an overdraft was 36.00... Report them to the FTC..https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/Information#crnt

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bntkr379's Profile Image

Reviewed by bntkr379

Mar 22nd 2014

1 out of 5 marks

I was charged over 500 over draft fees by suntrust for a check they confirmed was credited to my account.

I took a employer check to deposit at suntrust and called the next day to see if it was cleared.The teller confirmed the check is credited to my account and I can withdraw the funds.Four days later I got a call from suntrust saying the check is bad and they overdraw my account leaving a negative balance of 500.They send me collections letters to collect a balance they created.I understand from customers of other banks,that their bank have automatic check scan machines up front for all customers checks before deposit.Why don't suntrust have this machine too?They intentionally credits a bad check to the customers account to have them pay overdraft fees when they know the check will come back.Please don't bank suntrust.They are secretly working with the fake check scammers to charge their customers excessive overdraft fees.I will never bank with suntrust again and I encourage everyone to do the same before getting caught in their trap.

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