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Reviewed By Teresa Y. Mar 14, 2013

Nightmare, we have gotten to the day before closing 3 times only to find that the Bank has not done their job.

This bank put a peace of property on the market without having the title clear. Then did not know enough to get it straightened out in a timely fashion. We should be closing today, for the third time. They still have not gotten their act together. We have invested too much time and energy to not sign yet another 2 week extension. My husband is a 90 percent disabled veteran and I am having to take him to see the doctor today because of the undo stress this has caused him.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Krobinson450 Jan 7, 2014

Rip Off

I was charged a fee of $36.00 for not having enough money in my account to cover and item that hit my account, I did not have the money to put in my account until I got paid, the account was overdrawn for about 6 days. On the day of my direct deposit SunTrust hit me with another $36.00 fee for the same item. When I called them about it, they said it's an extended overdraft fee. I work had everyday trying to make it, I can understand being charged an overdraft fee one time for not having the funds but to hit me a second time is just WRONG. That was my gas money for the week. Suntrust has lost me as a customer and I will warn all my friends and family members about SunTrust practices. Don't bank with SunTrust.

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Latest Suntrust Bank Reviews

  • G
    Reviewed By gastarit Mar 29, 2016

    Visa Prepaid Cards

    Unbelievably, this Suntrust prepaid VISA card my physician gave me for giving blood for a research project -- original value of $10 is now worth $4. Without any upfront knowledge -- and the physicians office not aware -- this bank deducts $2/mo. from the card value if not used. Yet, the card itself showed an experation date of 5/22. This is a scam and cements this bank's already dismal reputation. On a side note, apparently they charge credit card customers a charge to speak with customer service as well. It's mind-boggling!

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  • K
    Reviewed By Kevin_2015 Mar 6, 2016

    Suntrust Bank

    I have a Suntrust savings account since 2005. And I am very pleased with it. The customer service in the Suntrust has exceeded my expectations.Furthermore, all these years since I opened account here I have never had problems with Suntrust. The bank works very good, it saves my money and I trust on this bank. If somebody searches for full information about the Suntrust there`s a link http://www.usbankinfo.com/bank/suntrust-bank/ In conclusion, I want to say I recommend the Suntrust bank for everybody.

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    Reviewed By bkatea12 Mar 2, 2016

    Forced placement by SunTrust Bank

    SunTrust had been charging me for insurance coverage on my line of credit without my knowledge for more than 5 years. I had insurance coverage at the time. When the line of credit was ending, I found out what they had done. A SunTrust rep at my bank looked into it and managed to get half my money back…they had charged me more than 70 thousand dollars over that period….then he hit a wall. No one would answer his calls and it has know been 8 months since the discovery. He has given up and told me to get a lawyer. Now I have to litigate the bank. They will have to pay me eventually but I'll never get the legal fee's back.

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  • C
    Reviewed By cgptinfo07 Mar 2, 2016

    Overdraft thieves

    They love to steel money from people. They are crooks. They love to process payment late and then charge you an overdraft fees. Do not bank here. The last time they charged me about $400 and fees. They said it was my fault and I had and have pics of how they changed information on my online banking statement. They put a hold on my direct deposit. Finally when I told them that I have pics of my online banking and how it was manipulated and changed to show it was my fault. Finally they realize that they were in the error and refunded my the money. This banks is terrible and they are crooks. I recommend that no one bank here or do any financing.

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    Reviewed By RSB61 Feb 21, 2016

    Can You Here Me Now SunTrust

    I had a SunTrust Sky Miles debit card for several years. In the summer of 2015 I received notice that they were changing some of the terms on it. The annual fee came due on Aug.28 2015. I never remember reading anything about changing the date the annual fee comes due. On January 28 2016 I was charged the 95.00 annual fee again. I called the call center early February 2016 and was told the date it comes due had changed. I informed them I wanted to cancel the card and wanted my 95.00 refunded. She cancelled the card and said she would refund the annual fee. A few days later I saw where I had only been refunded 47.50. I call the call center again and was told I would be refunded the 47.50. My last call to the call center was on February 10 2016. I was very irate after having continued being lied too all this time. I was finally told that I was not going to receive the 47.50. I feel I should have been refunded the total amount. But, it is more about the deception and unethical policies of SunTrust Banks call center. Up until now I had been a happy customer.

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    Reviewed By Mikee Feb 13, 2016

    Lowest of the Low and Outright fee thieves in my opinion.

    Bank got taken over and turned into a Suntrust branch and even after repeated assurances from their teller that my account had not been transferred into a fee based account they were actually stealing $15 a month. It was a small saving account, paying no interest and clearly not appropriate for me but they don't care about customers expect to steal as much as they can before they move on. In this age of predator banking even a routine savings account has to be monitored. You would think that your putting it in a safe place but not these days. Dahlonega Ga. branch.

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    Reviewed By Needagoodbank Feb 11, 2016

    Their online banking sucks! Overdraft happy bank! BEWARE!!!

    We are so happy to be leaving Suntrust Bank after 7 years of having a mortgage with them as well as checking and savings account. Below are a few things that we have been unhappy with.
    1. The online banking is terrible. The website is outdated, and has not changed in the 7 years we have banked there.
    2. Our account got hacked in 2012, and it took Suntrust 3 times before they stopped the transactions.... I'm in Tennessee, and my card was used in Middleton New York! Thy only called my cell, never my husband...
    3. BEWARE they are an OVERDRAFT HAPPY BANK! Never mess up... And even if a charge has been cancelled or not accurate, and is still PENDING.. THEY WILL CHARGE OVERDRAFT AGAIST PENDING TRANSACTIONS THAT MERCHANTS HAVE CANCELLED!
    4. They changed our checking account type without even telling us!!!! For over 6 years we had the top checking account that would typically cost you $30 per month... Because we have a mortgage with them, we got it free, or that's what we were told when we opened the account! One month, the charge started showing up and I called to find out why..., they said it was because we paid our mortgage down under $250k, and our combined accounts no longer totaled $250k+, so we would be charged... I told them to please make it right, that's not the way it was presented to us initially. We thought they fixed it per someone at the local branch... They did, they changed us to the crappy free checking account.
    5. Transactions take FOREVRR TO POST! You can spend something on Friday, and it not show posted until the next Wednesday!!! And sometimes it will disappear the day it's batched, and your balances are screwed up for a day! Again, Online banking terrible per above! You can't rely on it!
    They need to get with the times and improve some of their systems! I would not recommend them at all!

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  • S
    Reviewed By Sthrnrlla Feb 10, 2016

    This is a very discriminatory bank!!!

    I opened my account online and had one in person interaction with this branch. Even after showing two forms of id to verify that I had an account with them, I ultimately walked out twenty minutes later with a frozen account and a message left in my account to have it reviewed for closure. I've contacted their customer service 4 times and NOBODY can tell me why! Is there a new law against banking while black!?

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    Reviewed By Steve_G Feb 7, 2016

    Suntrust & Sopranos both begin with S

    Yes I am being cheeky, but I feel like I borrowed 10K from Uncle Paulie. Please go right past the photos that they have on their site, like they are enabling families. They are takers. Pure and simple. I had accounts and my mortgage through Suntrust. I paid thousands of dollars in interest to them. All part of a mortgage. I get that. But the month that I sold my home, I get tagged with $17 "maintenance fee." I absolutely love the words. I get images of them polishing my gold coins. They did this because I sold the home they held the mortgage on, and unlike many Americans, I took a line of credit to fill the void the home lost from the housing crisis. I could have asked for a short sale, but elected to go more into debt. They rewarded me with the fee because they weren't bilking me for the interest every month. This despite still paying them $100 a month interest on a line of credit. Guess it is not enough to pay for those employee bonuses. Simply put, you are only as valuable as the amount of $ you can make them. Let me also highlight what you get with a Suntrust account. You pay for all services, ATM withdrawals, counter transactions and transfers, while drawing no interest.
    Access to information: Here's a tidbit for prospective customers. Open their site. Look how easy it is to find products to "borrow" from them. Money for homes, money for college, investments. Now within 5 clicks, try to find out what their fee schedule is?

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  • M
    Reviewed By martinc Feb 4, 2016

    Small business do not bank at Suntrust!!

    Terrible customer service, freezing accounts for no reason, never returning phone calls are just a few things we have experienced while banking at Suntrust. We are a small business and when we started banking at Suntrust they said they could help us grow our business. They have now almost put us out of business by freezing our business account for 7 days and not letting us access any money and returning all checks. All because they put a hold on a deposit we made. No one will return our calls and they say they can't help we have to wait. When applying for a business credit card we had to fill out the same application four times!!! If you want access to your money 24/7 and want to be treated with respect DO NOT BANK AT SUNTRUST. Worst banking experience of our life!

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