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Madison Branch

605 North Highway Street
Madison, NC, 27025

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NewBridge Bank Customer Reviews

HappyGirlNC's Profile Image

Reviewed by HappyGirlNC

Jan 16th 2013

Love NBB and the people who've helped me!

I bank with NBB and have for a while. My experience with them has been wonderful. Every time I visit the bank the people are very friendly and always helpful. I highly recommend NBB!

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Gates's Profile Image

Reviewed by Gates

Jun 20th 2013

Terrible banking experience!

Avoid this bank like the plague!

Overall Rating

by Tessa, Jun. 20, 2013

Do not bank with them! Their fees are excessive and their staff have no idea what customer service means. Their staff are rude and  they have had numerous problems with their system over the years. I've had missing deposits, unauthorized debits that had to be brought to their attention.  When these errors were brought to their attention they acted as if they were doing me a favor just by eventually fixing the issues, no apologies. The people in the bank with the most authority are the ones you never can get to answer questions or solve problems.  We were commercial clients as well and they were not straightforward or helpful in any way. The two bank officers we dealt with over the years were quite frankly two-faced and devoid of all professionalism. This bank also employs unscrupulous tactics and is a joke! Do yourself a favor and avoid them completely.

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CathyHenry's Profile Image

Reviewed by CathyHenry

Nov 20th 2013

I am a 63 year old woman whose life has been changed forever by this bank. A one is not low enough on the rating scale

[Redacted], retired CEO, [Redacted], CEO, and [Redacted] had deeds of trust drawn up on my Virginia properties allowing my husband to use a 25 year old Power of Attorney to sign our jointly owned property over to them. These deeds also stated that I had given up all my marital rights to my property. I was a stay at home mom with no knowledge of what these guys were doing. These so called Bankers had never met me, but it was so easy for them to defraud me of properties that were given to me by my parents. I should have been notified, and given the opportunity to have a lawyer. I have sent these guys letters, but apparently, they think they are above the law. I would hate to be a customer at Newbridge Bank knowing how these bankers do business? The people of North Carolina better be watching these guys. Cathy Henry

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