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TIAA Direct Customer Review

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Philip H's Profile Image

4 out of 5 marks

Reviewed by Philip H

May 11th 2012

Streamlined signup. No major issues except that they don't allow Mint connections yet.

I signed up for the 1.25% rate, but I know this too shall pass eventually. My only problem with them is that they do not allow Mint.com connections. Bummer! For the amount I've deposited so far the yield is only going to be a matter of single-digit dollars so I opened an American Express personal savings account until they decide to cooperate with Mint. Sorry, but the convenience of seeing all my accounts in one place overrides my intention to save a few cents/dollars.

Since rates vary I'm not going to make a huge effort to rate chace a savings account. Once TIAA decides to cooperate I'll probalby move my funds back.

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Keenan's Profile Image

Reviewed by Keenan

Mar 19th 2014

2 out of 5 marks


This bank advertises great interest rates for money markets but it's not worth the trouble. I can't even make deposits to my own bank because every time I try to log in to mobile banking it says my password is reset. I've spent an hour on the phone with customer service and I received FOUR emails saying that my password has been reset. They were unable to resolve the issue. I actually ended the conversation letting them know that I'd be withdrawing my money and literally taking my money to the bank...elsewhere.

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Response by TIAA Direct

Responded by TC_Talks

Mar 22nd 2014

Providing excellent customer service matters to us. Email your full name and best way to contact you so we can resolve the issue to bankingservices@tiaadirect.com.

goodriddance's Profile Image

Reviewed by goodriddance

Dec 31st 2013

1 out of 5 marks

precipitous rate decrease each month

Pros: Very little, I thought the rich history of TIAA-Cref would spill down on their newly created online banking- sadly it did not.

Cons: Mint.com downloads were always problematic

Rates continued to fall throughout 2013, most money markets online banks held steady .75-.90%, My last straw was .54% in Oct 2013, it has continued to go down to .45%

Rates are tiered, Sallie Mae Money Market does not have tier rates.

I too, got the stern Patriot Act Letter after closing my account, so I was not affected but when I called in October when the rates further declined and was attempted to be cross sold into a one year cd which still was not competitive at the time and still is not.

Lastly, when I called in October 2013, I remember the customer service rep asked me if my deposit was inherited, or earned income I was irked by her question, but did not ask further why that was important, she said it was to update on the original online application. I never remember a question like that being asked.

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