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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By Miika Jun 9, 2015

Crowley Branch Location

The employees of this location are some of the most friendliest and helpful and accommodating people I have ever met at any bank branch. They are very knowledgeable of their services and are always presenting them. Even if one doesn't need the service, it doesn't hurt to know of it because one may be able to share that the bank provides such services with friends who may need that service. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful always. The music, if any, is not loud and intrusive and does not inhibit one's thoughts as in some bank locations. The wait time is not noticeable because there is barely any, if any at all. One is in and out of this location even at Christmas time which is one of the busiest times of any season. They are highly efficient in their job performance and take customer service seriously. I always enjoy going into this location. The treat you like family by talking to you while performing whatever service that you need. The employees are to be commended for being people oriented. BBVA Compass Bank has chosen its employees well for this location and its business.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Jackhecker Apr 10, 2014

Extremely bad. Took over $78.00 from my account that was inactive for 2 weeks!

First time I found out about the "service charge" was when my account was dormant for 2 weeks. Next thing I new was a debt collector wanted $276.00. When I went to Weatherford branch and discussed with the managers assistant, I found out that they used an overdraw rule on my account that was dormant which bumped the $ balance of my account from +$44 down to a negative -$276.00. What a sorry bank. You would be better off trusting your money in a tin can. Be forewarned this is a vicious money grabbing bank that isn't worth it.

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Latest BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By wanda2017 May 23, 2017

    Bank Malfunction

    This is one sad ass branch. I deposited cash in the machine on Monday. I was told to call a 1-800 number because the machine malfunctioned. They found my money the following day, and the money is still not applied to my account. Cash should be credited to the account immediately. I wouldn't refer nobody to this bank.

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    Reviewed By jillymcarter May 12, 2017

    WORST EXPERIENCE EVER... One Star is too high...

    I made a payment on a car loan on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 over the phone & received a confirmation number. They couldn't verify the payment had been made even though I had a confirmation number. I talked to 10 different people in customer service & one person who was located in South America. They wouldn't provide a simple letter stating my account was up-to-date. They couldn't add a person to my account over the phone. They told me to e-mail them. I did and when I followed up they didn't even know the e-mail address that one of their employees had given me. It was a HORRIFIC experience. I've spend all week on the phone with them trying to get something done that should have been quick and easy. I'm taking my loan somewhere else.

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    Reviewed By awhoutex May 2, 2017

    Terrible and ridiculous policies!

    Have had accounts here for the past 15 years but no more!
    Customer service is non-existent, wait time on phone is ridiculous and their policies are completely senseless.

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    Reviewed By ngalloway Apr 28, 2017


    Bad customer service. I have a auto loan with them. I lost my job and got behind on my payments. I called to make payment arrangements, they wont remove any late fee, repo fee, and they charged me an extra $1000 just because...it didn't go toward my loan, it was a dumb fee, I cant remember. I got behind again on my loan but this time I paid partial payments (my notes are $1100 I paid $900) for 3 months. I went to the bank to make a full payment they wouldn't take my payment. I call they tell me my car is in repo status. When I call the 800 number on my payment book they say they cant talk to me. The department I need to talk to closes at 4:30p. They don't want to help you with payments Its their way or no way! I had a car loan with Suntrust bank they are so good and nice. BBVA bank are rude, bullies, and don't care about their customers. DONT BANK WITH THEM!

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    Reviewed By rwhite11 Mar 18, 2017



    Saturday, March 18, 2017

    Mr. Onur Gen
    BBVA Compass CEO, and;
    Rafael Bustillo
    Chief Operating Officer
    15 South 20th Street,
    Birmingham, Alabama 35233

    Dear Sirs:

    In my 55 years of banking with various banking Institutions I have never had a worse miserable year of bad customer service experience at your Bank located at 4652 NASA Parkway Seabrook, Texas 77586 Not only am I very disappointed by my experiences there. But yesterday 3/17/2017 was one of my worst experiences.
    I had a jumbo CD that was due to mature on 3/16/2017 so for the past two weeks I went in to locate and talk to the Branch Manager because the excellent customer service representative that worked there who opened my accounts and quit and had never replaced him. Leaving only a totally inept grumpy arrogant Investment advisor by the name of Joel Beeson.
    When I arrived at the Branch at 2:52 P.M. on a Friday afternoon I asked for the Branch Manager to see what I can do with my maturing CD and My Money Market which had been paying 1.35% interest the teller informed me as usual the Manager is out to Lunch surprised NOT, So I waited to see this out to lunch Manager who lets this branch to be unorganized and disconnected from the Customers.
    At 3:33 PM and the manager is still out to lunch. So, Inept and rude Joel Beeson approached me and asked if he could be of help. I showed him my notice of maturity and asked him to place the CD funds that had an Interest rate of 1.39% in my MM account that was advertised at 1.0% and he explained that my MM was also dropping from 1.28% to .04%. I showed him the advertisement I had received and that the MM rate was advertised at 1.0 % and he rudely and dismissively stated that that was for new money only which there was no notice of such and proceeded to give me his card and proudly stated that not only was he an Investment Representative for BBVA Compass but also a Senior Financial Sales Advisor for BBVA COMPASS.
    I then asked if he would call his corporate office and verify that and in an extortion style tone stated I am not going to be fired because of you. So, at 4:12 P.M. and still no Manager on a busy Friday afternoon, and I told Mr. Beeson to close my CD Account MM Account and Checking Account and went down the street to another bank and received a rate of 1.105%
    In summary, The Seabrook, Texas BBVA Brach and its Manager and Bank Officer / Investment Representative / Senior Financial Sales Advisor are the most incompetent, inept bank personnel, I ever hope to deal with and did not change banks earlier because of the penalty clause and "dont let their bait and switch "high yield" money market and CD account lurk you into opening an account with BBVA Compass Bank because the "good rate" would only last a couple of months and will drop way low and I have had nothing but negative experiences with this Branch after my original officer left and was forced to stay because of my time deposits.

    Richard White
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    Reviewed By Unhappywbbva Mar 17, 2017

    Worst customer service ever

    Acted BBVA CUSTOMER SERVICE by phone to close a cd that matured today.
    I was transferred to 5 different reps none of whom could help me. I finally chatted with someone who gave me a list of the hoops to jumps though to receive My money. I am through with this bank and will never bank with them again and I will advise others to steer clear.

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    Reviewed By Disneybear Feb 19, 2017

    Worst Bank Ever like to give ZERO Stars

    dont know where to begin. hardest web site to navigate! on hold forever if you try to call them. worst app ever. better off keeping your money under your mattress.. if you have over draft protection they dont tell you how much a payment is or when its due they just close the acct with no communication. only way to pay your auto loan on line is your forced to open a checking account, when i got my new car loan they sent out a payment book how 1970s. you have no idea how much is going to interest and principal. if you want a GREAT bank go with Capital One 360 its free and the app and the bank are great even though they dont have any physical banks

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    Reviewed By LindaM Feb 17, 2017

    I love this bank.

    I love the fact that I am known when I go into the bank or go thru the drive thru. I am greeted by name before the transaction and then afterwards asked if there is any thing else they may help me with today using my name again. The team works hard to try to make it a personal experience regardless if you go into the bank or just the drive thru. Several times after getting home, I will get a hand written note from the bank president, who I have never met, stating they appreciate me using this particular bank. They let me know they realize it is by my choice as to whether I use them or another branch of a different affiliation. I do not feel I am just another number but a true customer. I really like banking with these people. I use the branch on University Drive in Denton. I hope everyone will be able to experience the same satisfaction as I do with this particular branch.

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    Reviewed By MadBanker001 Dec 12, 2016

    I HATE this bank!

    If I call this bank three times and get three different people, I get three different answers! If you call customer service, you're ALWAYS on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes waiting for a customer service rep to speak to you and if you're lucky you MIGHT get one that sounds older than 12! I HATE this bank! I've had issues with my business account since the day I opened it! I've been back and forth with a branch manager who completely dropped the ball! I've emailed her, left voice mail messages for her and NOTHING! I HATE this bank! The only reason I don't want to close the account is because we've banked there for over 15 years. If you can avoid opening an account here I say do that because if you EVER need any type of customer service and you're expectations aren't even set that high, trust me, BBVA will go lower than low! I HATE this bank! After typing this, I've decided it is time to move on. I will close my account as soon as possible! I HATE this bank!

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    Reviewed By micmuffin Oct 18, 2016

    Worse Bank EVER

    I have had a bank account with them sunce December 2015. First offence was in June I lost my debit card and asked the banker at the Sunnyvale branch to send me a new card to my new address. She told me I had to get a letrer from my landlord saying I live there to change my address. So basicaly my boyfriend who owns his house would have to mail a letter to corporate to get my addressed changed, I smeell bullshit and went for a month without a debit card. Till one day I went to the San Carlos branch told her why I did not have a card and she said the girl just did not want to do it. Got a bew card. Since then all hell. My card that got canceled in June? Yeah got a charge in August from hertz in another state I have never been to. Then they have been constantly charging me 32$ overdraft fees and sending me letters why. I always have an extra $300 in my account then my bills needed and if I spend I replace it that day. Every letter says My bills are x amount of money and I am short x amount and my balance is x amount. What they say I am short is actually how much extra I have in my acvount. It has gotten ridiculous. I find out today that they had a lawsuit about that about 4 years ago. Now to top it off I cashed a 310$ check and after it got approved in two separate times I am still $100 short of what I should be. They won't do anythinf about it. Even though I have all my deposit slips I am still the one in the wrong to them. I am going to the BBVA branch by my work tomorrow and closing my account. I am done with their garbage.

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