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The Most Helpful BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By manteca2020 Sep 23, 2016

Great Customer Service and Friendly staff!

The staff is very helpful and nice! Thank-you!

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Jackhecker Apr 10, 2014

Extremely bad. Took over $78.00 from my account that was inactive for 2 weeks!

First time I found out about the "service charge" was when my account was dormant for 2 weeks. Next thing I new was a debt collector wanted $276.00. When I went to Weatherford branch and discussed with the managers assistant, I found out that they used an overdraw rule on my account that was dormant which bumped the $ balance of my account from +$44 down to a negative -$276.00. What a sorry bank. You would be better off trusting your money in a tin can. Be forewarned this is a vicious money grabbing bank that isn't worth it.

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Latest BBVA Compass Bank Reviews

  • M
    Reviewed By manteca2020 Sep 23, 2016

    Great Customer Service and Friendly staff!

    The staff is very helpful and nice! Thank-you!

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    Reviewed By 6718764708 Sep 1, 2016

    Mortgage Payment Issue

    Have a mortgage with BBVA for THREE years. Simply it is 2016 ad you CANNOT make a mortgage payment through their website unless you have a bank account with them! REALLY, you gave me a mortgage, but I cannot make a payment. Oh, but if I pay the $9.00 service charge, they will draft it out of my bank account with Chase. They do not cooperate with Chase bank for an online payment through by Bill Pay, so it takes my bank (Chase) 5 business days, not including weekends to manually send BBVA my mortgage payment. This is ridiculous, but what is worse is the condescending attitude that BBVA's clients get for questioning this antiquated and unfair servicing of their Mortgage and being up to date in the industry. BBVA, PLEASE REMEMBER that their are always OTHER options with mortgage servicing companies. Especially when you have A1 credit, such as I. Shame on you!!!!

    Unhappy Customer, Kenneth Hartwell, Fort Worth, TX

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    Reviewed By ElegantLady Aug 19, 2016

    Awesome Bank and Customer Service!

    I must really applaud BBVA Compass Bank. I was able to officially open a Checking and Savings account online. Whereas I'd opened those same type of accounts at another bank, received my approval along with my account and routing numbers, only to find that after I changed my payroll information on my job that the accounts had been closed without any type of contact from the bank. But with BBVA Compass Bank my accounts were approved, opened and ready for deposit. And of course after the experience that I had prior to BBVA I called them to make certain that the accounts were actually approved and opened and I received the most pleasant and efficient customer service. The customer representative explained in great detail about my accounts, bank services that are available to me as well as other services that I was eligible to take advantage of. I must say that I am deeply satisfied thus far of the services that I have received and look forward to a great banking relationship with BBVA Compass Bank.

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  • L
    Reviewed By lschimmer Aug 10, 2016

    On Line Banking

    I did a on line transfer from Quicken to move funds from my Compass M.M. to Compass checking. The transaction did not record correctly between accounts. In an attempt to learn if the transaction did actually take place, I telephoned the BBVA on line number. After explaining the problem clearly and answering several security questions, I was informed that I had to be transferred to another agent. This happed four times, each time security question were asked and problem stated.
    Out of frustration I went to the Premier Personal Banking website and was advised that I would have quicker service if I left a call back number. After eight to ten minutes I received a call back and was again put on hold for the next available agent. After an eight minute hold I hung up ,went back to the website an attempted a chat. Fill out the request and the response was "That I would be answered momentarily". Waited another ten minuets and gave up.
    If Compass was hacked by a competitor that attempted to sabotage their business, the completion could not screw up the system any better than the present staff at
    BBVA Compass. .

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  • D
    Reviewed By Dick_Johnson Aug 9, 2016

    Beware of BBVA Compass Introductory Rates

    I opened an account there; moved my money from a local credit union that had gone down to 0.2% on savings. BBVA Compass offered a rate for 1.2% on their Clear Choice Money Market account if you opened it online. It was supposed to last a year- the rate was down to 0.4% within a few months. So I'm taking money out and putting it in PGX, a corporate bond ETF that pays about 5.7% with a .5% expense ratio and a four star Morningstar rating. Don't these stupid banks realize what competition there is? There are many online accounts paying from .85% to 1.05% on a steady basis, because even with low rates they can make four times that with a fixed rate mortgage loan. BBVA is just being greedy or going out of business.

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  • M
    Reviewed By meadow Jul 17, 2016

    very poor customer service

    Right now Compass is advertising a 1 year CD on its website. It is only available on its website. Despite being an account holder for over 25 years, spending a couple of hours trying to apply for this CD, moving a significant amount of money to Compass to fund the CD- after 4 days on hold they told me the CD was not approved because they could not verify my identity. Let me say that again, I have had a checking account at the bank for 25 years. They could not tell me why they couldn't verify my identity. They told me to contact the local branch which told me to call the toll free corporate headquarters which told me to contact the local branch- an endless loop with no resolve.
    Needless to say, my saving are going elsewhere. And given the other reviews maybe that's a good thing since it sounds like they are bad about letting you have your own money back.

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  • C
    Reviewed By Crossbend925 Jun 15, 2016

    What customer service?

    This bank has no communication between the main offices and the branches, and doesn't care that their customer service is terrible. Today the person waiting on me was waiting on customers in the drive-up, waiting on walk-in customers, and answering the phone. The walk-in person was NOT priority. I made a deposit and asked to be issued a debit card. He said that he would do that around taking care of the other customers.

    He then pulled up my account and asked if I wanted the debit card for the personal account or the business account. The business account has been closed for 17 years!!

    He then asked in we still lived at an address at which we lived 21 years ago. I told him that Compass Bank has had our correct address for 19 years, since we bought the house in which we live. We get our statements there every month. He argued that they did not have the current address. I asked for my drivers license back - he needed it to issue the debit card - and I just switched banks.

    Add in the fact that they are closed on Saturday, it is no wonder that the banks around them are always busy, and they have very few customers.

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  • B
    Reviewed By bjjack02 Jun 11, 2016

    BBVA Compass is a HORRIBLE financial institution

    Let me start by saying that if there was a way to give zero or negative stars, I would've done that. I've only been a member of BBVA for a little over a month and have never experienced such horrible customer service, incompetent people and poor online banking.

    Since I've joined this horrible excuse for a financial institution, they have yet to send me a debit card for my account, which they said they would do in an email to me within 10 business days. It's been over a month now. When I called customer service, a woman with a poor attitude told me that the branch representative must have misinformed me...although I signed up for the account online and I was sent an email with this information.

    And, logging on to online banking has been a nightmare. After several attempts to change my temporary password and view my account, I gave up because I consistently received a "fatal error" message.

    If you are considering joining this bank, run for the hills and don't let these incompetent people manage your money. Learn from my mistake.

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  • L
    Reviewed By LWilliams Feb 22, 2016

    Not bad

    I had a decent experience here. I had an appointment to open a business account with an account manager and when I showed up he had already left before our appointment. Kevin Cho was the Financial Sales Advisor who I ended up speaking to about opening a business account for my Tax prep business. His customer services was efficient and he was very helpful. I opened the account here because of Kevin Cho. Thanks

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  • P
    Reviewed By Pcook Jan 8, 2016

    Take your Hoola Hoop

    I've not received such poor service in a long time. When I opened the CD, they were very willing to take my money. When it came time to close the account, the banker made me "jump thru hoops", -- thus my comment "Take your Hoola Hoop". I had all the necessary documents with me, but when I asked to close the account, the banker told me he would have to contact their legal department, and he'd get back in touch with me. I asked how long it would take to get an answer, and was told "usually only one or two days". That was such a joke for such a simple, and routine situation.

    In the meantime, I drove to another bank in town to close an account there. They took copies of the death certificate, and the letter appointing me personal representative. I had a check in my hands within 5 minutes. They are true professionals.

    I'm not sure if the banker at Compass is only a "junior banker", or if he is not allowed to make any simple decisions, or he is not allowed to make a quick phone call to his legal department. No matter what the reason, I did not receive professional treatment like I receive at other banks in Ft. Collins, CO.

    My advice to anyone reading this -- TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!

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