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Reviewed By Ben Dec 17, 2012

Terrible Customer Service-Wells Fargo

I went into Wells Fargo in Brooklyn Center, MN to get a replacement Check Card. The woman behind the counter was all too interested in selling me products rather than addressing my reason for visiting, which is exactly why I avoid going into Wells Fargo at all costs. She gave me a temporary card and said my new card would come in 5-7 days. The temporary card was a joke and would decline randomly, which resulted in me having to call Wells Fargo numerous times where someone seemingly flipped a switch and said "ok, it should work in 5 min".

Wells Fargo also called me on a daily basis from "Fraud Protection" and wanted to go over all of my purchases. After 2 weeks had passed I called to check on the status and was told "it was sent and to wait a few more days". A month had passed and I called to see where my card was and the woman told me that no replacement card had ever been issued. Needless to say, I was upset and wondered how so many people couldn't figure this out. All I wanted to do was get a Check Card.

Now it's the middle of December and I spent the better part the morning purchasing Christmas gifts online. Once I got home from work I see email after email saying my card was declined and my orders were cancelled. All of my Christmas gifts!! Cancelled!! So I called Wells Fargo to see what the heck is going on and am told that my temporary card was cancelled and I would have to stop into a branch to get a new card. At this point I'm pretty upset but keeping it cool because by now I understand how Wells Fargo Customer Service works.

The woman tells me that she hopes my card comes in the mail in time to reorder my Christmas presents in time for the Holidays....Just before she tries to sell me BillPay....
I will be taking my money elsewhere.

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Marta Lugosi Jul 20, 2015

Service fee

This morning as I checked my balance at Wells Fargo I noticed they posted a service fee of $13 on my checking account. According to the contract (everything is a contract when you sign up for something) I was told there is no service fee as long I don't request hard copies of my statements. I've been a customer from 1995 at First Union, Wachovia and now Wells Fargo and I am treated like this. They sent no notes, or mail or e-mail to announce this change. After a long discussion with a supervisor she gave me a partial reimbursement of $3.25 and pocketed $9.75, which in my opinion is unjustified. This supervisor also told me, the change was communicated in the monthly statement and I could have avoiding it by switching over to a different type of checking account 3 months ago. How should I have known this??? I have decided to close my account and open a checking account at a different bank. STAY AWAY from Wells Fargo, they are stilling our money.

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Latest Wells Fargo Reviews

    Reviewed By elarson89 Feb 24, 2017

    They Screwed Up - I Pay For It

    I worked with FirstBank (of CO) for years and will be going back to them for garbage like this. It's a small thing but signifies one of the main problems with large institutional banks like Wells Fargo.

    On the app, I was told I had $X available in my account. I would expect that to reflect pending purchases, since it is the available balance and not the current balance or however they differentiate the two. Anyways, it's the balance that is supposed to tell you how much you have available to spend.

    So I spent less than that amount, only to get slammed with overages the next day and be told that the X amount was actually completely wrong and significantly less and that's why when I made the major purchase it went over.

    I immediately transferred money into Wells Fargo to cover the overage. I called customer service, they removed the overage fees for that day. While my money was pending and therefore, unable to be transferred into the overdrawn account, I was still getting hit with overages. Once the money posted, I called and told them to remove the fees because 1. the only reason I was over was because their system gives us an available balance that is inaccurate and 2. I made the transfer to Wells Fargo immediately the day before so why am I being punished for their processing time? I did my due diligence, did nothing wrong, and spent the money Wells Fargo told me I have and I end up paying BS fees.

    They said they could not remove the fees. Thank you Wells Fargo. I just moved over 2 months ago and already regret it.

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    Reviewed By denjamar Feb 22, 2017

    Vacation Ruined

    I have a car loan through Wells Fargo. I went in to pay for my car payment and was assured they were not going to take it out of my check again. Well guess what they did. They couldn't refund my account and said they had to wait till the payment went through and they will send a check. So i had to cancel my vacation because of these dumb bastards. So today I called to see if they sent out the check since was with the manager at The New Berlin, WI location and they said i would have it within 48 hours. They never processed it and wanted me to pay for Fedex express. Really they are the dumba**es that f***ed up. I strongly recommend not banking with Wells Fargo since you can clearly see they have know clue what they are doing.

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    Reviewed By CigarMan143 Feb 17, 2017

    Ripoff on points, account hacked, bank doing nothing

    My account was hacked, the SS numbers were modified, I was informed we were "past due" on our account (which has not happened in in the past 30 years) and the mailing address was changed. I went to a local bank branch to let them know of our concerns, the branch could not help. They called Wells Fargo customer service, credit card department and the Fraud Department. None of the offices could help us fix the problem, that had occurred with our account, which we have had with Wells Fargo for more than 30 years. They debited 191,000 points from our account and said they expired. But our account was a "never expiring point" account. With all the banking options we have, we decided to close the account and remove over $275,000.00 from the Wells Fargo Bank to a local bank or credit union in Vancouver WA. DO NOT do business with Wells Fargo.

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    Reviewed By mistreatedcustomer Feb 10, 2017



    They open fictitious customer accounts to help their bottom line.

    I have been with wells fargo for ten years with over five different accounts.

    Recently i opened a fraud claim for debit card i never use and never have been in possession with on person EVER. This card was always kept in my checkbook THAT I NEVER USE OR LOOK AT, that
    1) could have been taking by many people who were friends with my kids from miami to north florida and others states. I reported that i never used card and anyone could of also
    2) got information from gas pumps ect
    3) when i reported claim online with fraud department 6 transactions for gas stations showed pending that were not me and while on phone another 6 transactions at gas pumps showed up.

    I went through bank statements as advised by fraud department and noticed many charges that amounted to $577.04 that I did not make period.

    after an unacceptable amount of time passed i called today 2/10/17 and sr resolution specialist said he declined my claim and accused me of being dishonest and lying.

    I told him who is being dishonest a bank that opens fraudulent accounts perhaps.

    bottom line i never used this card and as such they should have reimbursed me for all charges with their Zero responsibility for fraud for their customers which they with all certainty claimed that fraud could not have occurred.

    Really we are closing all accounts over this idiot and when expressed to him and her they ok thats your right OMG thats ridiculous. Maybe the CEO and Banking Commission needs to know this too and open a class action lawsuit against wells fargo for breach of contract and misrepresentation of the protection of their customers in fraud cases.

    I will be filing complaint with banking commission and looking at legal options as this small micro issues has now become a global macros issue. Think about it if there were thousand of fraudulent charges would they protect you.

    NO my guess is they wouldn't based of my experience and others.

    the fraud department automatically assigns suspension, guilt and dishonesty to card member and takes no responsibility to protect their customers but says they don't care if you go somewhere else.


    joseph luksich

    you may contact me and put together a class action law suit and add to banking commission complaint

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    Reviewed By dghadiri Jan 28, 2017

    Worst Experience Ever with Wells Fargo (never recommend it)

    Worst Experience Ever with Wells Fargo (never recommend it)
    My experience is related to the downtown Wells Fargo branch (635 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR).
    Here is the story: We moved to USA on November 1st and opened an account in WF. I had a check which I wanted to deposit into my account on Saturday, December 17th 2016. I sold something online and the buyer sent me a $1000 check for a $200 item and he wanted me to deposit the rest to the money to movers account on Saturday ASAP which was very weird and I got suspected that this might be a fraud. I took the check to the downtown branch and the teller (Laura) looked at the check and said it looks fine. I told her the story that I suspect to fraud and she said wait until Tuesday and when the full amount becomes available in your account, then you are good and can transfer the $800 (she didnt take the case to her manager or suggest to take the case to fraud department). I did the same and on Tuesday (Dec 20th) morning when the money became available. At 6pm on Tuesday, the check returned and bank deducted the money and I ended up losing $800.
    I called the Wells Fargo customer service right away and told them the story. I said that I know this was a fraud and I will take the responsibility on my part. My concern is regarding the wrong information which I got from the teller. The teller should have told me to wait more or took the case to fraud department. I said, she could have told me that I dont know when she has no information. I was frustrated and the customer service manager said that he will open a case and understand the wrong information from the bank (it looks that this is their approach when you are frustrated even when they dont want to do anything). He said wait a week. We also went to the branch and the Service Manager said please come to us if nothing happened.
    A week later I called the customer service to follow up and they totally denied the case and they said they will do nothing. OMG!!! I went to the bank and service manager said that he talked to the teller and she accepted the mistake. He said he will work with the resolution center and he assured us that we will get the money back in a week. Now it is January 27th and after a month we have been told that the case is declined.
    We went to the branch to talk to the Branch manager (Luis D Santos NMLSR ID: 1065064). He came and he was completely in rush. He didnt even sat down. He said that the teller was new and we are responsible about the action. He didnt take any responsibility for the mistake.. Not even an apology. He finally left the meeting. Very rude and not professional at all. As a manager he put the business interest ahead of the customer interest and from the minute one he has no intention to help us.
    In conclusion, money is one part of the story. I am sad because of the wrong information that I got from the teller which caused the situation. The lack of information is a concern for me at the organization which dealing with peoples money every second. Even the manager doesnt know how long it will take or how is the resolution process. They just make nonsense promises to keep you waiting. The other part is about the lack of responsibility in Wells Fargo. I am sorry for this bank which doesnt take the responsibility for the mistakes done by its employees and cause losing money for innocent people. Not even an apology!!
    I will take my business somewhere else and dont recommend wells Fargo at all.

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    Reviewed By bongo88 Jan 24, 2017

    Terrible, Terrible Terrible

    Investor never returns phone calls, you always get the secretary and she is clueless, When questioned about scandals they had no comment. Guess I will give my acccount to someone else

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    Reviewed By Amyb35 Jan 15, 2017

    If 0 stars were an option on here...

    Worst customer service ever. Got thrown around to so many different departments over the course of 4 days regarding my auto loan payment THEY misplaced!!! WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER AUTO LOAN THROUGH THEM AND WILL BE CLOSING MY PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT WITH THEM AS WELL

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    Reviewed By jdcremer Jan 14, 2017

    Bad Bank

    Wells Fargo will share your banking information with their business partners, even give them your Credit/Debit card information without your permission allowing business to charge you account without your permission.

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    Reviewed By kkdidit2xs Jan 9, 2017

    Liars and Rip Offs

    Dear Wells Fargo,
    Since we contacted Wells Fargo about our complaint with the Mortgage refinance, we have been promised many times that the issue would be resolved in a timely manner.
    It has been several months and it seems that every week we receive a letter from the Customer Care and Recovery Group. Sometimes we get 2 letters a week, all stating the same thing, however the date that this is expected to be resolved is always different, the date keeps getting pushed back. Just like our closing did.
    This speaks volumes to me and others that Wells Fargo does not care about their customers, that all they want is their money.
    With the world that we live in now, one would think that customer loyalty would matter, and with all the Social Media sites available to post grievances. Also lets not forget the events that Wells Fargo has recently been through with the unnecessary selling of your products that most of your customers were unaware of.
    We truly regret using Wells Fargo to refinance our home. That is why we used a Credit Union who values their members to complete our Home Equity line of credit. After what we experienced with Wells Fargo during the Refinance process, WE GOT SMART and decided not to use your company for that. The Credit Union could have saved us hundreds of dollars in closing costs and other fees. And we could have actually received an accurate home appraisal report. Shame on us for using you for the refinance in the first place.
    I am a very Social person and not afraid to speak my mind or to let people know how I feel about certain companies or how they treat their so called Valued Customers.
    The whole process with Wells Fargo has left a very bad taste in our mouths. We should have learned when we opened a checking account with Wells and then found out that everything we were told by the banker was a complete lie. Thus, resulting in us closing out the accounts, and staying with the Credit Union.
    I guess that you will continue to send 1 or 2 letters a week stringing this along, or perhaps you will suddenly resolve this matter just to shut me up and move on. For that fact, what does it mean that you are looking into this matter and working to resolve it? Just what exactly is that going to do for me? Its not like you are going to admit that your costs are higher than others and refund a portion of what we paid. Or that you will start using an honest and accurate Home appraisal company that perhaps is not in your back pocket.
    Either way, there will always be that bad taste left by Wells Fargo. And for other people thinking of using you, I can always tell them our experience so they can have the chance to avoid the dishonesty and go elsewhere to feel Valued.
    I value my time and appreciate the time you took reading this. If you have any questions while your work is in progress, I am here to help. You may reach me (Kaye)directly at 801-##### no extension. Or Brian, at 801-####. Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If I am not available, please leave voice mail, or send an e-mail or perhaps yet another letter to our home.
    Brian and Kaye Adamson
    Unhappy Wells Fargo Customers

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    Reviewed By MAGA Jan 5, 2017

    Does everyone hired by WF a hood rat bitch?

    I have an account with WF and have fallen into hard times. I call up to setup dates within the same month to bring my account current, and each person I've spoken to answers the phone with this hood rat attitude and carries themselves the same way throughout the whole conversation. No customer service is made, no friendly demeanor, no actual care was shown to show that they cared.

    Advice to management is do a better interview process, follow up on your employees, setup individual reviews on all employees that interacts clients, don't put anybody in a position of authority if they can't carry themselves with class and pull themselves out from the hood. I'm black and from the hood, but I carry myself with self respect and treat people with respect as well

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