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Reviewed By Ben Dec 17, 2012

Terrible Customer Service-Wells Fargo

I went into Wells Fargo in Brooklyn Center, MN to get a replacement Check Card. The woman behind the counter was all too interested in selling me products rather than addressing my reason for visiting, which is exactly why I avoid going into Wells Fargo at all costs. She gave me a temporary card and said my new card would come in 5-7 days. The temporary card was a joke and would decline randomly, which resulted in me having to call Wells Fargo numerous times where someone seemingly flipped a switch and said "ok, it should work in 5 min".

Wells Fargo also called me on a daily basis from "Fraud Protection" and wanted to go over all of my purchases. After 2 weeks had passed I called to check on the status and was told "it was sent and to wait a few more days". A month had passed and I called to see where my card was and the woman told me that no replacement card had ever been issued. Needless to say, I was upset and wondered how so many people couldn't figure this out. All I wanted to do was get a Check Card.

Now it's the middle of December and I spent the better part the morning purchasing Christmas gifts online. Once I got home from work I see email after email saying my card was declined and my orders were cancelled. All of my Christmas gifts!! Cancelled!! So I called Wells Fargo to see what the heck is going on and am told that my temporary card was cancelled and I would have to stop into a branch to get a new card. At this point I'm pretty upset but keeping it cool because by now I understand how Wells Fargo Customer Service works.

The woman tells me that she hopes my card comes in the mail in time to reorder my Christmas presents in time for the Holidays....Just before she tries to sell me BillPay....
I will be taking my money elsewhere.

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Reviewed By Marta Lugosi Jul 20, 2015

Service fee

This morning as I checked my balance at Wells Fargo I noticed they posted a service fee of $13 on my checking account. According to the contract (everything is a contract when you sign up for something) I was told there is no service fee as long I don't request hard copies of my statements. I've been a customer from 1995 at First Union, Wachovia and now Wells Fargo and I am treated like this. They sent no notes, or mail or e-mail to announce this change. After a long discussion with a supervisor she gave me a partial reimbursement of $3.25 and pocketed $9.75, which in my opinion is unjustified. This supervisor also told me, the change was communicated in the monthly statement and I could have avoiding it by switching over to a different type of checking account 3 months ago. How should I have known this??? I have decided to close my account and open a checking account at a different bank. STAY AWAY from Wells Fargo, they are stilling our money.

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Latest Wells Fargo Reviews

    Reviewed By Rjernigan7367 Jun 19, 2017

    Treated unfair

    Please before you join wells Fargo check out all their rules because there different then anyone else's. My best friend went to jail and before he did he signed over a insurance check he received to deposit in my account so I would have the money to bail him out. First they excepted the check and funds were available but only through the atm which has a limit of $300 per day . that was no help then when I tried to withdraw the money they said I couldn't until about w weeks after it cleared and was available which made no sense then they put a block on my account as fraud and there's been no fraud and now there closing out my account which makes no sense to me at all. Now I have to find a new bank . what a dann hassle. They really suck.

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    Reviewed By Mama4 Jun 13, 2017

    Not A Good Bank - Losing Loyal Customers

    WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I do not even know where to start. We have been with Wells Fargo for over 5 years but will be leaving this week. This "Bank" is nothing but an impersonal, super corporation with zero regard for its customers. We have never had any issues until recently. We have made deposits every Wednesday for 5 years at the ATM. The ATM has always made $500-$1000 immediately available. The checks we are depositing are from a Multi Million Dollar Company that also banks with Wells Fargo. There are no issues with funds and we have never had any issues with being in the negative or anything. For some reason, that no one could figure out, the ATM held our entire deposit a few weeks back. This happened to be on a day when I had a large payment coming out and an expensive specialist appointment scheduled for our child. I thought "no big deal right? I'll just go into the local branch and they'll fix it". WRONG. After being treated suspiciously- which was SO OFFENSIVE! We were told multiple times that they have "NO CONTROL OVER THE ATM" and "Sorry, we can't make any funds available". More like WON'T because I heard the manager say they could but they didn't want too. I finally decided to call and was told the same thing by several "bankers" who are nothing more than CSR's. The next week I stupidly tried the ATM one more time. Since I was told it must have been a fluke. Oops! It held funds again. AWESOME.
    I knew the risk was there but was thinking "no way, won't happen again."
    Flash forward to last week. I wrote a check, as I usually do, to our grocery store for $30.33. I wrote out on the line "Thirty Three Dollars and 33/100" and the store stamped it as "Thirty Three Dollars and 33/100" Apparently my 3 looks slightly like an 8, never mind the stamp and written line, so Wells Fargo cashed the Check as $80.33. Idiots! I called right away and was told by someone who barely spoke English, "Yes, I see the check is for $30.33. No Problem Mrs. ___________, we will have this fixed right away. If for some reason it is not resolved immediately you will have a good faith credit of $50 in your account within 2 days and all should be resolved in 3-5 business days."
    5 days later? No "Good faith credit", no one can tell me why it's not resolved and a "Supervisor" (who did not speak great English and is really just another CSR) told me it will take 10 business days and he doesn't know why the good faith credit was not made.
    Well SHOOT. What a crappy bank! We are DONE! Sayonara Wells Fargo. We'll stick with a Credit Union.

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    Reviewed By shabba Jun 12, 2017

    Transfer Issues

    I made a Paypal transfer to my Wells Fargo Account on 6/8/17. The transfer completed on Friday 6/9/17 from Paypal, as promised, but the money did not show in my account nor did it show on Saturday 6/10/17. On Monday, 6/12/17, the money finally showed up as did my typical bi-weekly direct deposit. I went into a branch to get a cashiers check on 6/12/17 and was told they would not issue one as my transfer had not "hard posted" yet. To top it off, they told me that my direct deposit was not available, this despite my online account showing the transfer AND my paycheck as fully available. I was told that the total amount of money actually available to me was what my account balance was on Friday 6/9/17. I called corporate and was told the same thing and that they did this to "protect me" in case the transfer or direct deposit were rescinded. Bear in mind the transfer completed on Friday and I had the documents to show that and my direct deposit is, well, my directly deposited paycheck, the same one I have been getting for the past 3.5 years. While this sounds like a minor inconvenience, Wells Fargo has essentially told me that I cannot have access to my money, my livelihood. After 5 years with this bank and being a victim of their account fraud last year, I will be closing this account. I advise that anyone else who is considering this bank avoid them.

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    Reviewed By ammu May 26, 2017

    Horrible Banking and Horrible Customer Service

    A year ago, i went to buy furniture at BOBs and they applied for a preapproved loan, which ended up being Wells Fargo. At that point, i was under the assumption that i would be charged 28% on my outstanding balance, but what i did not know is that i would be charge 28% on the loan i took but, not on the outstanding balance a year after.

    A year after, that is on May 2017, the outstanding balance was 300$. To my surprise, i ended up being charged 340$, way more than the outstanding balance. On reaching out to the customer care, I was forwarded to Michelle , supervisor at the wells fargo. She blamed me for not being cognizant of the 28% charge on the loan amount. On asking her if she could waive off the 340$ if i paid off the full 300$ right at the moment, she refused to do so, stating that i should have reached out to them 20days prior and they would have done something about it.

    She waived off 50.99$ of the charge after i paid off the rest 340+300-50.99. I had her close my account immediately.

    Stay away from anything to do with wells fargo. They definitely, will not put the customer's satisfaction or to offer a better service.

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    Reviewed By bajangaamad May 23, 2017

    not illegal but unethical charges on balance

    two days ago I've received my bob's furniture's statement through wells Fargo bank. i knew that my special term is going to end this month and I've been paying extra $$$$$$$ to end this account within one year. however, we returned the sofa after few months because of defect and exchanged with another pricey one with extra $$$$$$$ on my account. to my surprise bank charged me $348 as interest. I've called the customer service who dragged me through banking terms and banking rules as well as my singed contract. i kept asking that where they put how my monthly fee has been split into what accounts. finally, after 45 minutes long call manager informed me with strings that she would drop $87 only if i paid the whole amount of over $1500 within two days. it should be over the next year. i was very upset, not pleased for having the feeling of being ripped off by this bank.

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    Reviewed By Kburns May 17, 2017

    Horrible customer service!!!

    The fact that there are so many bad reviews and nothing has been done is crazy. I am sitting in the drive thru waiting because the lady is too busy talking to someone else to let me get my deposit receipt and go back to work. When i ask how the teller how she is, she responds good and goes back to making me wait an extra ten minutes in the drive thru. I come here for a business account with my employer. I left wellsfargo because of this on my personal account. I am in shock that no one has fixed the many issues at this branch. I have never been happily helped. Where did customer service go? Why is this okay. I have been in the drive thru for 15 minutes and she just not finished talking to actually do my deposit. I work in retail. I will make sure to let everyone know not to come here. Get it together Wells Fargo

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    Reviewed By Rissakwilc May 13, 2017

    The run around

    I applied for a credit card from Wells Fargo when I went to activate it there was a freeze on it I was told to go to the bank to activate it. The employee called to get my card activated and was transferred to several diffrent departments, each department gave excuses and transferred him to a diffrent department, including the fraud department. In the end I was told I had to go home and wait for a phone call back. Q: why was it frozen before it was even activated. Q: why the runaround. This has been one pain after another I've decided to cancel the card and NEVER deal with this company ever again. Oh I'm still waiting for that call back, good thing this is not an emergency.

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    Reviewed By Wells_Fargo_Hater May 5, 2017


    The worse bank ever in the world. They don't know respect, customer service. They have cause elder abuse with elderly in my family. They have done fraud, description, emotional stress, depression, publicly humiliation, slander, depreciation of chacter, falsely calling in a police report, fee goughing, oberage fees, pulling a credit report without reason and more. They have done this over a period of all 5 months time just to one family member. The bank manager has no business even working there. She should be fired for all this. It isn't only 1 branch it is 3 branches in my city that had done this. Time to file a lawsuit against them for my family member who has Dementia which they refuse to believe she had it when with a doctors letter stating so. I want compensation for my mother and us for having to go through all this with this pos bank! I also wa by to make sure they are not doing this to anyone else who is, will, has currently going through it. To make it known we will not put up with this from any bank! Wells Fargo was founded in the early 1800's by bank, train robbers and thrives. They found away to steal money legally by opening up Wells Fargo. They must be stopped!

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    Reviewed By geetarman58 Apr 25, 2017

    Double Dipped My Loan Payment

    Wells Fargo took two payments from my checking account. Long story short,ten days later,hours on the phone with over 17 different "bankers", a complaint filed with their executive branch (whom when you call their "direct ext." you get a voice mail and nobody else can help you because it it is not their case. I'm still out my money! I'm also going to be out of Wells Fargo as soon as I get it back. Credit Union here I come. Wells Fargo is a BIG two thumbs down....Stay away from them.

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    Reviewed By Mzcebee Apr 15, 2017

    Worst Bank Ever

    I deposited a check in a local NC branch, this is the worst branch ever. They have nasty racist attitudes. Long story short, a few days later they came back and said it was a fake check. NO, it is not. This is a government check and I have been deposited this check in this amount for a while. I called their CS absolutely and positively no help. Then they had the audacity to charge my account a 12 dollar fee. I will be closing my accounts with them. I have been with them since they were Wachovia. But no more. Now I have to go through a lot of extra nonsense for what; cause they are idiots. Good-Bye and good riddance.

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