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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By mbb500 Aug 18, 2015

Excellent choice for online savings and moving money

We have moved 11 times since 1970 so have had experience with many small, mid and large banks. We were building a home in 2006 and funding much of it with our cash. Found ING Orange (now CapOne 360) and it was the only choice that gave reasonable interest and allowed us to move large sums to our builder (up to 6 figures) with a simple "push" from the website. Currently use it for savings with various goals and the ability to create "sub accounts" is very handy way to keep from commingling funds and violating our own rules and goals. Have never had an issue that involved customer service in 9 years.

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Reviewed By DEBRASAN Nov 19, 2016


I changed to online banking because I was going to be in several different locations for a year and I (obviously) did not want to stay with Wells Fargo. What a disaster. I set everything up in my 360 account--all the auto payments, my retirement check to auto deposit, etc. For the last THREE WEEKS I have been unable to deposit a check.Doesn't matter what browser I use; doesn't matter what internet service I use (I've gone to numerous locations in a desperate attempt to deposit a rather large check which I need deposited in order to cover expenses. I ended up having to go the person who wrote the check, and ask them to go to their bank and wire the money into my account (just a LITTLE embarrassing). I have called numerous times, had to wait up to 40 minutes, and then of course, nothing has gotten resolved.

Between trying to deposit the check and calling them, dealing with my 360 account has cost me so much time, I cannot believe it. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!!! I am changing banks instantly (costing me MORE time to contact everyone with new banking information for auto deposits and payments.). I am so angry and frustrated!!!!!!!!

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Latest Capital One 360 Reviews

    Reviewed By rdw77 Jun 6, 2017

    Questionable Customer Service & Products

    I have been a customer for almost 15 years (back when it was originally ING Direct). In general, I have had excellent experiences with my accounts at this bank, but for some reason the last month and a half have prompted me to consider moving all of my accounts to a customer-focused credit union.

    Specifically, within the last month and a half, I have:

    1) had almost $1,900 automatically withdrawn from one of my savings accounts that was used to pay some random person's credit card bill (it was later refunded, but after their 'investigation' they would not admit any details or fault). Thus, such scenarios become questions of security.;

    2) had electronically deposited (successfully) a $10,000+ check into my checking account in April 2017 (which also included my spouse's name on it, but my spouse is not an account holder) and again tried depositing another $2,000+ check into my account in June 2017 (both of our names appeared the same way on June check as they did on April 2017 check) and it was rejected because 'payee name does not match name on account'. No one can provide me with any explanation as to why the first check was accepted but not the second one. Thus, such scenarios become questions of user ease and convenience, as well as even bigger questions of inconsistent organizational practices.

    Finally, after speaking with the customer service department - at length - about safety and security issues that I have been experiencing, I ended up receiving a response e-mail (secure messages) from a supervisor named Shirley basically stating that they'd be sorry to see me go, but that they understood if I left. Ha...seriously, what kind of customer service training do employees in this organization receive?! The moral of the story: do yourself a favor and do your homework! I used to think that online reviews were just people complaining about silly, insignificant things, but the most recent reviews of this bank (especially on Credit Karma) - along with my recent experiences - have me thinking that the folks in this organization have absolutely no idea about what it means to provide good customer service, secure banking products, or what it means to be professional.

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    Reviewed By seeker Apr 26, 2017


    Suddenly I could not get online to either review or download my account to Quicken - 4 months this has gone on, starting in Jan 2017, despite several phone calls, hours on the phone, and broken promises that the IT dept would fix it (and was told this was happening to others!) NOTHING ! They..don't... care - (but maybe they do, easier to hold onto their customer's money?!) I'm fed up, and am getting my money out and will never go back. would have done it sooner, but out of town. now back I realized that I had closed the accounts I had linked with CapOne, so in order to get my money out, had to open an account at another bank, go through the verification process, and initiate transfers from that bank - Ridiculous - CapitalOne should be fined for this behavior, NO EXCUSE!

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    Reviewed By Innovo Apr 25, 2017

    Capital One is really Capitalist's Guns....Robbery at its finest

    I opened a checking account with capital one 360 on April. I submitted my tax refund check for deposit approval, which was cleared for such, but immediately after Capital One cleared the check they decided further verification of my ID was needed, which poses the question of why would you clear a check before you completely satisfied your ID concerns? Anyway they concluded that I didn't satisfy their ID concerns and they now are holding the funds from my tax refund check for 3yrs until their state escheat laws kick-in. They will not accept any attempt by my to verify my Identity whatsoever! They tell me the only way I am going to receive my funds is through IRS submitting forms that hold them harmless for doing what they are doing. I am looking into whether any of their actions constitute fraud. This corporation reeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone else has had this experience with capital one 360 let us get together and file a class action lawsuit based on fraud.

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    Reviewed By pharris888 Apr 12, 2017

    10+ year customer moving money to another bank

    I started with them when they were ING Direct and stuck with them for years. Short term CD's always had lower rates, but the basic saving accounts were always near the top of the pack. No more. Other reputable online banks have CD's, Money Market accounts and basic savings with higher rates and just as easy setup. I am in the process of moving most of my savings out. The few times I needed support I was helped quickly, but going where the rates are. They are still above the average, but basic savings 20-40% lower than the best rates.

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    Reviewed By kiwiman Apr 12, 2017

    Trouble and more Trouble- strongly suggest an alternative bank

    I decided to just check my account balances while overseas and encounted a problem I couldn't believe possible. Did a simple sign in but instead of openning my account they send you a 6 digit number to your listed e-mail. However, it never comes, not even in the junk box no matter numerous attempts. I tried to call a customer service representative but put on hold for over 20 minutes with just a recording saying someone would be with me shortly. Tried the next day, finally reached someone. I was on the phone giving them the information they needed but then was told it wasn't the correct person and I needed to be transferred. Continued to use up the limited phone minutes I had. Next, online with another person for 30 minutes who seemed to want to help. Suggested that I go into my computer and make all sort of changes, she even went so far as to suggest that I get a new e-mail account which seemed completely unreasonable since the e-mail I use could be the most popular one in America used by millions. In the end she had to give up and I still could not access my account online. She said the only way to solve the problem was for her to write a letter to their IT department. A few days later a form type e-mail comes back telling me that the bank is having problems with their PIN numbers being received by customers (somehow they now could reach me on my e-mail account). Still NO solution to my problem and I still have no access to my account.

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    Reviewed By Sconroy39 Mar 23, 2017

    Does not care about their customer

    My mother is dying of a brain tumor and needs to go to hospice I have her power of attorney and I went into a Capital One branch to pull money from her account with my ID and power of attorney. Turns out the Capital One 360 just uses Capital one's name and it's barely even affiliated with them and not only can I not just use my power of attorney there physically in the bank I have to get another form from them signed and notarized and send it in for 7 to 10 day processing my mother needs to go to hospice today and no matter how I explain the situation to them they refused to work with me. When I asked if I could fax the papers over and then speak to someone in that department to expedite the process they said that department doesn't take phone calls all they do is process paperwork which means no one will know the urgency of the situation and maybe in two weeks I'll get the money for her hospice. I will spend the next good chunk of time finding everywhere I can to review this disgusting uncaring Bank and their horrible customer service representative heaven forbid their parents ever be in this situation and they need to get money out for them

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    Reviewed By calibrat Mar 17, 2017

    Best banking experience

    I closed my Chase account after 10 years because they started charging monthly fees on my checking. I switched to ING, now CapitalOne and am very pleased with the ease of use and customer service. I don't share other users' experiences; I've been a customer for several years now and am very happy with them.

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    Reviewed By George1215 Mar 10, 2017

    horrible - miss ING

    First, interest rates went down without warning. Muchworse, can't send money through the horrible ClearXchange system. ClearXchange blames CapitalOne 360, CapitalOne 360 blames ClearXchange. What to do?
    Leave this Bank!

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    Reviewed By Shep Mar 4, 2017

    ING please come back!

    I had ING acct. years ago. Wanted simple checking accounts for my four teens. Searched internet for ING and was directed to 360. Gave 360 a try. My children will be retired before their transfers and deposits ever clear this bank! Plan 2-3 weeks ahead if you want to put money in these accounts to use. You'll be in hold with customer service just as long too!

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    Reviewed By mdsanders36 Jan 14, 2017
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