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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By RandyH Apr 7, 2016

The Best!

I've never been so pleased with a bank branch like this one in my life. All personnel are a pleasure to do business with. I strongly believe it's because they follow the VP/ Branch manager's example. It all starts at the top.

Less than 10 years ago, I was so unhappy with Chase in general that I vowed never to do business with them again. I think this statement illustrates just how good this branch is- to have turned me around 180 degrees.

I actually enjoy going to my bank. Enough said...

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By YShay Mar 7, 2016

Credit Card Application Nightmare

Chase has always been my preferred bank because there are numerous accessible locations in Southern California. However, after this recent experience, I am considering changing banks.

I visited my local bank to apply for a credit card in person and was directed towards this woman to assist me. After brief discussions, I decided to apply for the Chase Slate. Since this is my first time ever applying, I didn't really know what to expect. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. The banker had ONLY asked for my mother's name, along with my phone number and confirmed my address; with only that information, she submitted my application and told me that I would be notified within 30 days.
I was slightly confused because the process seemed too easy- so I did my research and came to realize that she NEVER asked for my financial information. As a banker, I would expect them to explain the whole process to me, the client and ensure that every information on the document is accurate.
The next day, I made several calls to Chase's customer services and they couldn't help me at all. I then decided to call the bank that I went to when I applied and with terrific luck, the woman on the phone happened to be the one that had 'helped' me the previous day with the application. I questioned her why she didn't ask for ANY of my financial information. The FUNNY thing is she claimed over the phone that she did, but when hit with the question of whether or not she recalled what she had put down, she had 'somehow' forgotten. I asked her if she had put $xxxxxxx as my annual salary and she claimed that she had put in a higher number. So she either falsified or just didn't complete the information on the application. With the situation being dumb enough, she also mentioned something about my application being declined- to be honest, I don't remember word for word, but I can guarantee that that is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever witnessed. The banker did not complete the application accurately and then notifies me that it was declined (I WONDER WHY). On top of that, she even asked me if I still wanted to cancel the application. How would I cancel something that has already been reviewed and declined? I then asked if I could re-apply with the CORRECT information and she tells me that I should wait a bit because it would be 'bad for my credit'. Well maybe if the application was filled out CORRECTLY in the first place, I wouldn't be in this situation.
With the bank closed on Sunday, I tried calling Chase's personal banking and credit card services. I explained the situation to this woman on the phone and when she checked my application status, it was still PENDING. If that was the case, why did the banker mention my application being declined? I then asked if she could perhaps change the information on my application, but she couldn't. She then explained to me that maybe the banker that had helped me put the financial information from my application for a debit card onto the credit card application. Just a little background information for the readers, I applied for my debit card YEARS ago. I would have thought that if I was applying for something different, the banker would have asked me for current information and not put outdated information without informing me. Besides, when I was on the phone and asked the banker that had filled out my application if she put down $xxxxxxx, she claimed that she somewhat remembered putting down a higher number. If she had really used my salary from years ago, it was nowhere near how much I made now. Although I am a client and there are certain things that I should know, as a banker, I would expect better service and not a seemingly careless attitude about something that affects my credit.
As of right now, I'm still working on sorting out and correcting this MESS. Looking to speak to the branch's manager. Very displeased with service, especially from this certain branch.

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Latest Chase Reviews

    Reviewed By masoudalavi Mar 22, 2017

    Proffesional, courtious and attentive

    y experience with Chase bank in downtown San Rafael on Fourth street has been one of the best experiences I've had with many banks throughout the years that I've had business account with.
    They are very attentive, courteous and professional.
    The bank manager Justin Parrott has been extremely helpful, caring and resourceful.
    I strongly recommend banking with Chase bank.

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    Reviewed By CajunSkyy82 Mar 21, 2017

    Was turned away

    Went in today to open a second checking and savings account. Crystal was too busy going take her break to help me because it could take up to 45 minutes. She turned me away. Told me I could drive all the way to Lafayette or New Iberia. I will be closing my existing account and going to Capital One.

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    Reviewed By Greg47 Mar 13, 2017

    Customer service

    Chase bank has some strange rules. Had a car loan with them. I tried to make a payment more than the monthly amount and they said I had to do it through the phone and they couldn't accept more than designated amount. I left that bank and went to PNC and they had everything done plus I can make any additional amount for monthly payment.
    Another issue was with paying credit card bill. I had seven eye surgeries and couldn't see close up for about six months. It was hard for me to fill out payment slip but the teller refused to fill it out for me. Please not it didn't require my signature)When talking to bank manager, she said they didn't have to fill it out but under the circumstances she would talk to teller. The teller still refused so the bank manager said when I came in just come to her. What an inconvenience. I am considering closing my credi cards.

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    Reviewed By Therealbillyp Mar 8, 2017

    Taking away right

    I tried to do a mobile deposit from my phone and was unable to. I called into Chase and they told me they stopped that feature due to the overdrafts in my account. Mind you I have anywhere between $3000 to $8000 being deposited and my overdrafts are for about a $100 to $200. My last overdraft was back in December (thanks to the holidays). I mean correct me if I'm wrong but money being put into the account is way more than their overdraft and I'm being charged a fee. I've been with Chase for years and it's a pain to change backs cause of direct deposits and bill payments. They are money hungry and unwilling to work with their clients. Go shove it where the sun don't shine cause I'm taking my business to a bank that's paying me to bank with them.

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    Reviewed By debbie443 Mar 7, 2017

    At the 45 Wall Street Branch

    I had the occasion to go into this Wall St. Branch. I had never been in it before, but I must say
    that Ms. Georgina Benjamin , your Private Client Banker, made me feel right at home. She was professional, personable and gracious. I was so glad she was there. After she fixed my problem, I had to get her card so I could let you know what a wonderful Representative you have in her.

    Thank you,
    Deborah Gilfillan

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    Reviewed By jace_lemmon Feb 25, 2017

    Chase withholding money from a deposit because of a signuture

    Deposited a large sum of money in the from a a check from a well know entity. the Check was made out to myself and my wife - She deposited the check, and the bank told her that her signature would be enough for the deposit (no cash was withdrawn at the time), and now when we went to access the funds, we found out that the deposit was rejected, and now it will be a week before we are able to access those funds.
    Interesting that they are so nit picky about a deposit signature, but using a debit card as a credit card and my wife signing her name for me, does not make a withdraw from the account invalid. It was not that long ago that signatures on deposits were not necessary if the check was being deposited in an account of the person who the check was made out to

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    Reviewed By terri2750 Feb 23, 2017

    Happy Valentines Day Chase

    I have been with Chase for 7 years. I check my checking account online in the morning and late evening. I noticed they rearrange all entries, I don't like this. One night, I had so much money and nothing was schedule to go through, the next morning, everything was rearranged and nothing new had gone through, but my balance was $30. less, I live pay check to pay check, this has happened twice. I was told if my account is negative that I have till 11 pm, to bring my account to the good, my account was not showing a negative, My first Premier credit and Walmart credit card payments NEVER hit my bank account the same day I make my payments, guess what, this time they did, I was charged $34. * 2. Happy Valentines day to Chase. I now live in fear, I feel like someone at Chase is writing formulas to screw people. I am looking at a bank that doesn't rearrange debits and credits.

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    Reviewed By Jethro0480 Feb 16, 2017

    Closed account. No warning.

    I have been a Chase customer for over 7 years. My account went negative yesterday. Didn't realize a bill came out. I stopped at the bank today to put money in to avoid fees. When I pulled up to the ATM it wouldn't take my deposit. Confused??? I went in the bank talked to a banker who had called for a reason unknown. She handed me the phone and told me that Chase had made the decision to close my account. I had no warning. No notice. No one could tell me why. They told be that there was no reason they could give me at this time. They told me I will receive a letter in the mail. My account never went more than 24 hours without there being money in there. I don't understand why a bank would just choose to close someone's account without any knowledge as to why. I would recommend anyone with chase to be careful. If they choose to close your account they will mail you a check 7 to 10 days with the amount that is in your account. That's right if all of your money is in there expect to have to wait that long for them to issue you your money back. Never again. I don't understand why any bank would treat their customers like this.

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    Reviewed By Eugenie_Pissoger Feb 16, 2017


    In October 2012, I deposited a check for about $ 44,000.00. When I met with the bank officer, I said that I was experiencing Identity Theft. The bank officer said that I would require two accounts: one for my corporation/business and a direct deposit personal account. I received two debit cards. A year or so passes. One day the bank officers was bragging about giving Detroit one-hundred million dollars to help the automobile industry. They thought it quite a publicity coo. They just kept issuing me new debit/credit card until all of my funds were. They never changed my business checking account routing number, etc. When I confronted the bank manager about there abuse and criminal activity, he responded that "You will have to fend for yourself. Then they started selectively bouncing some checks that I wrote six months before. I informed the manager that Asia and Europe have implemented the fingerprint identity method and have very little information theft. The manager said that would too expensive to implement in theUSA. In 1998, the FBI told me that banks stick up for the crooks. Now I know why they are robbed. Feedback is sincerely appreciated.

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    Reviewed By rcos Feb 14, 2017

    Time to leave this bank

    I have been a member with Chase Bank over 20+ years. In my most recent visit, I uncovered what truly poor customer service is and I am happy to switch.

    I will preface this by saying that I have to accept blame on my part for not checking my statements.

    In 2012 My Father gave me 5K as he was passing away from Stage 4 Lung Cancer. He said put it in a second account and use it to buy something when you are feeling depressed. So I opened a second checking account with Chase Bank. When I met the personal banker at that time he said that there are no extra fees because it was linked to my other account which had the direct deposits etc.

    Immediately I noticed I was getting hit with fees, the personal banker said that the accounts were not properly linked, he would take care of it. Again, my fault as well because I should have checked every statement.

    In 2014 I started using some of those funds and my balance was below 1500 on that account. I didn't even think to worry about it because I always have about 15-20k in my main checking account as that is the one I use to pay bills.

    From 2015 and most of 2016 I was getting $12.00 charged to that account every month to the tune of $240.00.

    I went to the bank today to asked what happened, I accepted blame for not checking, but even still the accounts were not linked. The lady whom which I spoke with said sorry, but they are only able to credit back the past two months and it was impossible to link those accounts.

    I was mad at myself, but even more upset that the bank was unwilling to accept any of the blame in giving me incorrect information and their is record in 2012 of them crediting me back for the issue. I am even more surprised that I have over 80K in two accounts and rather to try at least to go a little above and beyond normal policy given my situation, they would do nothing. I will be transferring my money to Wells Fargo Financial where I have a majority of my investments and accounts and not looking back. I had been with Chase all the way back when they were the First National Bank of Chicago.

    I look forward to the call when their investment person from Chase, who was trying to get me to move my investments from Wells Fargo calls me to set an appointment. This is a sad example of customer service, the person who was helping me had 0 empathy, didn't try to do anything to keep my business, so time to move on

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