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The most helpful favorable review
Reviewed By RandyH Apr 7, 2016

The Best!

I've never been so pleased with a bank branch like this one in my life. All personnel are a pleasure to do business with. I strongly believe it's because they follow the VP/ Branch manager's example. It all starts at the top.

Less than 10 years ago, I was so unhappy with Chase in general that I vowed never to do business with them again. I think this statement illustrates just how good this branch is- to have turned me around 180 degrees.

I actually enjoy going to my bank. Enough said...

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By YShay Mar 7, 2016

Credit Card Application Nightmare

Chase has always been my preferred bank because there are numerous accessible locations in Southern California. However, after this recent experience, I am considering changing banks.

I visited my local bank to apply for a credit card in person and was directed towards this woman to assist me. After brief discussions, I decided to apply for the Chase Slate. Since this is my first time ever applying, I didn't really know what to expect. The whole process took less than 10 minutes. The banker had ONLY asked for my mother's name, along with my phone number and confirmed my address; with only that information, she submitted my application and told me that I would be notified within 30 days.
I was slightly confused because the process seemed too easy- so I did my research and came to realize that she NEVER asked for my financial information. As a banker, I would expect them to explain the whole process to me, the client and ensure that every information on the document is accurate.
The next day, I made several calls to Chase's customer services and they couldn't help me at all. I then decided to call the bank that I went to when I applied and with terrific luck, the woman on the phone happened to be the one that had 'helped' me the previous day with the application. I questioned her why she didn't ask for ANY of my financial information. The FUNNY thing is she claimed over the phone that she did, but when hit with the question of whether or not she recalled what she had put down, she had 'somehow' forgotten. I asked her if she had put $xxxxxxx as my annual salary and she claimed that she had put in a higher number. So she either falsified or just didn't complete the information on the application. With the situation being dumb enough, she also mentioned something about my application being declined- to be honest, I don't remember word for word, but I can guarantee that that is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever witnessed. The banker did not complete the application accurately and then notifies me that it was declined (I WONDER WHY). On top of that, she even asked me if I still wanted to cancel the application. How would I cancel something that has already been reviewed and declined? I then asked if I could re-apply with the CORRECT information and she tells me that I should wait a bit because it would be 'bad for my credit'. Well maybe if the application was filled out CORRECTLY in the first place, I wouldn't be in this situation.
With the bank closed on Sunday, I tried calling Chase's personal banking and credit card services. I explained the situation to this woman on the phone and when she checked my application status, it was still PENDING. If that was the case, why did the banker mention my application being declined? I then asked if she could perhaps change the information on my application, but she couldn't. She then explained to me that maybe the banker that had helped me put the financial information from my application for a debit card onto the credit card application. Just a little background information for the readers, I applied for my debit card YEARS ago. I would have thought that if I was applying for something different, the banker would have asked me for current information and not put outdated information without informing me. Besides, when I was on the phone and asked the banker that had filled out my application if she put down $xxxxxxx, she claimed that she somewhat remembered putting down a higher number. If she had really used my salary from years ago, it was nowhere near how much I made now. Although I am a client and there are certain things that I should know, as a banker, I would expect better service and not a seemingly careless attitude about something that affects my credit.
As of right now, I'm still working on sorting out and correcting this MESS. Looking to speak to the branch's manager. Very displeased with service, especially from this certain branch.

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Latest Chase Reviews

  • A
    Reviewed By annettedunn06 Dec 2, 2016

    Almost seems like they are in on the Fraud online cases

    Before this week I would have given chase 5 stars, I have banked with them for 6 years and overall had a good experience. On 11/30/2016 my Paypal account was hacked and someone made 3 different purchases totally $1200. Chase sent me an email asking for me to verify if I made the charges or not, I immediately called them to let them know that I had not made them. The lady said no worries we will cancel your debit card and send a new one out the money should be refunded into your account within 72 hours. I called and followed up on day 2 and was told the same thing, then on day 3 when my paycheck was deposited not only did they push the charges through but they had the nerve to charge me $34 for an overdraft fee. I called yet and again and then after being passed to 4 different departments I was told that I had just opened and Inquiry not a claim. I told them that was not the case they even cancelled my debit card, he told me he saw that but in the notes they told me I needed to resolve this with the merchant myself. I cannot believe that after 6 years without over drafting my account they would think I would do something like this. I work 2 jobs to support my 2 year old twins, I don't know what is worse that someone would steal my money 3 weeks before Christmas or that my bank didn't help at all and then also took more money from me after they were aware of the entire situation. It really makes me wonder if these companies are not in on all these fraudulent scams. Not Chase, Ebay nor Paypal would help me at all when they are the 3 companies that were involved in this scam. Sad to say Chase has completely lost a customer and I will go on every single website I can find to let anyone considering chase what a horrible bank this has become.

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  • Y
    Reviewed By Yjo Nov 25, 2016

    Worst Bank I've had to work with by far!

    I have a business account with chase and went to make an ATM deposit before Thanksgiving weekend. Their ATM machine gave me and error and kept the cash money I had deposited without crediting it to my account. Called the claims department immediately and was told that the funds would be available in within 12 hours. They even reassured me after I asked, that it didn't matter if it was Thanksgiving weekend, they would Credit my account and if adjustments needed to be done later after the claim was finalized, they would so. Well, money was not deposited into the account. Had to call 2 days later only to find out that they have up to 10 BUSINESS days to work on the claim and that they would NOT be responsible for any problems or late fees I would end up having because of this error.
    So basically, if their ATM breaks while you are making a deposit or their personnel makes a mistake, you are on your own. They keep the money and you pay the consequences.
    DO NOT open an account with Chase.
    Other banks will credit the money into your account so you can keep going until the claim is solved. For a start up business like me, working hard to grow the business and pay the Bills, Chase's protocol is simply not what I'm looking for. Awful customer service, on top of that.
    I'm closing my account ASAP!

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  • J
    Reviewed By Jcoleman Nov 15, 2016


    Ive had my account for 5 years with Chase, never had any problems until now. I filed a fraud against my account on my debit card for transactions i did not do. Part of the claim was approved, part was declined. The "manager" couldnt explain to me why, but stated thet she could request to have the approved claim reversed too instead of looking at my real problem. Someone had my card and made 480$ in transactions now that im responsible for. So much for $0 liability. I will close my accounts and let everyone know they allow people to steal your money!!! Not any better than Wells Fargo!

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  • C
    Reviewed By crybaby994 Nov 14, 2016

    Poor Mortgage Service

    There is only one Mortgage staff for this branch. This guy from pre-approval to denial has been frustrating to contact him. He doesn't take time to communicate anything, He rushes you off when you call him, texts and emails gets ignored. We went for a conventional loan after waiting for two months no way to communicate with him from all ends. Sellers, lawyers, agent and client couldn't even get to him. Never received a commitment letter. after two months of waiting in torment he calls us telling us we are not approved for conventional loan but for FHA yes. Did he even bother to call us to give us that alternative? of course not. Knowing that there's a set date on the contract for us to get this deal done. This man never contacted us, we in a rush now to go to a private lender and still we have not even our denial letter to get our down payment back. This is just horrible. For first time buyers. Johnnie Mattis you should be FIRED! you are useless piece of human. Poor Service at this branch. Besides that I reported him to his Manager, he also worthless. Don't waste your time with this branch. Horrible!!!

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  • V
    Reviewed By Veeblegeister Nov 13, 2016

    Credit Card relief

    Wife and I have had a BOA VISA card for ~10 years. We travel to Europe often so a credit card is a necessity. We have had recurring, serious consumer service problems with this card so we got a Chase Sapphire card as a backup. What a difference . . . BOA calls are a minimum of 10 minute wait with 23 minutes the average. With Chase, 3 rings is unusual: they usually answer on the first ring. BOA personnel have either gotten our request wrong or ignored it every single time in the last week. Chase could not be better than they are now: always courteous, attentive, and correct. The Chase card is now our primary with the BOA a backup (until I have time to find another).

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  • W
    Reviewed By worstmanagerever Oct 12, 2016

    Exceptionally incompetent staff and rude management

    I've banked with Chase for a while and generally receive excellent customer service. This branch, however, is an unfortunate exception. While trying to get a replacement debit card, I spoke with Alex, one of their bankers, who denied me the replacement card because the state identification I provided, though matching the exact ID number they had in their system, was not a driver's license (it must have been erroneously entered as a driver's license by Chase when I opened the account, as I've never had a driver's license). I've used the same New York ID when getting previous replacement cards, so I was a bit taken aback that despite having multiple forms of identification (passport, state ID) and clearly being the person listed on the account, he refused to budge.

    Since Alex seemed like a hapless, incompetent worker drone lacking common sense, I kindly asked to speak with his manager about the issue. Rather than resolve the situation, which only arose because of Chase's error, the manager, Angela, was not only extremely rude and condescending, but was even more unwilling to assist. To make matters worse, she claimed it was my fault that the system had my ID listed as a driver's license. Incredulous at the lack of professionalism and courtesy, I began to raise my voice, at which point she told me that I must not have been raised correctly and told me to bank at another institution.

    I left the Avenue X branch while Angela was still berating me, and went to a branch about a mile away. They immediately issued me a replacement card and apologized for Angela's antics.

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  • D
    Reviewed By DrDon Oct 7, 2016

    Horrible BIG Bank

    Interest rate advertised is a farce. They start with a quoted rate and time frame and then once deep into the loan approval they quote a higher fee with a lot of changes, and took months rather than "weeks". Use anyone else!

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  • T
    Reviewed By tlco9939 Oct 5, 2016

    Online Processes needs improvements

    I am an excellent long standing customer at 2 other banks (Wells Fargo and CapitalOne), tried to apply for a Chase total checking just to have a closer local bank. After going through all the online questions and providing all my personal information, the online site returned that my applicatoin could not be processed at this time, that my application was denied due to information on Experian. I was shocked, I've never been declined for any financial or banking applications! Immediately I pulled my Experian and the other two credit reports to see if there were negative or incorrect information on them, nothing negative, all accounts paid on time, balances paid in full each month, my FICO score is above 800. I then called the local branch, was told by the banker that they would not have any info why online appication was denied, she provided 800-935-9935, called number, customer service states they could not discuss any information about declination, that the local branch would have info. Reiterated to 800 customer service rep that local branch didn't have information because application was processed online, rep repeats again, we are not allow to discuss information over the phone so you will need to go to the local branch. I think the delination is a blessing in disguise considering that no one seems to know what they are doing in this organization. Declination states reason was on Experian credit report, but credit reports are spotless and clean, go figure. Went to another local bank and also applied to another online bank, approved with no issues.

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  • E
    Reviewed By erjo5055 Oct 4, 2016

    "Don't recognize the computer you're using"

    Everytime I login to chase I get this prompt. I close the books and do general accounting tasks for my fathers business, and understand the importance of this security. For me to do said accounting tasks, when I try to access the account I need to enter the temporary identification code. I have been trying for over 6 months to get the code to be sent to my phone, and despite working with customer service multiple times, and trying to change the settings through the website, it never changes. Instead, it sends to someone who no longer works with us, which makes it impossible for me to preform these tasks. I am very disappointed with Chase not being able to change such a simple setting, and am frustrated that it takes me significantly longer to close the books each month as I have to pester the other person for the identification codes.

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  • P
    Reviewed By perkinsb2 Sep 30, 2016

    Unfair credit card application process

    I applied for a chase slate card recently online on chase.com. They said I need to wait 7-10 business days to receive a written response – approval or decline. Then they declined my credit card application due to too many credit card applications filed within 2 years. I called them and asked if I could call the reconsider phone number. They said no the decision stands. I have a 753 credit score. I make $57,200 each year. I also have only one credit card with a credit limit of $3500. Why would they decline my application? I have therefore been DENIED access to credit, which I wanted to actually use. Chase is a very dishonest company. Why do I also have NO chance to reconsider? Why do they have this unfair policy? This seems like it is just some big evil bank that is ripping off customers left and right and needs to be broken up or shut down. Since I have been denied access to credit, I deny Chase any of my banking relationships and actively pursue other more friendly companies. Chase you suck – very dishonest company. Worse than Wells Fargo!

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