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Reviewed By WfitzJfitz Jan 21, 2016

Personal Banker Experience

I would like to recognize an exemplary Personal Banker Laura Pataki. at the Concord Township Ohio Branch
On Dec 18th 2015 both my checking / Debit and my Savings Accounts were compromised
I received a phone call from Key bank Friday evening at 7:30 pm advising me about the transactions and I went into the Branch the next morning Dec. 19 Saturday and Laura had the information and was waiting for me stating that she was just getting ready to call me.
Laura was professional, knowledgeable, service orientated to resolve the situation. Over the next two months Laura continued to help walk me through the steps monitoring the investigation by Key Bank, providing me with temporary checks, walking me through the steps of closing my old accounts and opening a new Checking account and saving account along with a Key Credit Card.
Laura was efficient in transferring the funds from the old to the new and monitoring the funds that were put on hold and eventually seeing that they properly got transferred. “In addition she monitored direct deposits that were sent to the old account and transfer those funds.
I have been in the business world for over 40 years and Laura certainly ranks as one of the best Personal Banker encountered. Efficient, great follow through, patient to explain what was going on and very helpful in recommending new more stringent security measure that I could take to strengthen the Security of my Account.
Laura was always cheerful and happy to see me when I came into the Branch and was professional and energized when she had to contact me by phone.
I remain a Key Bank customer because of Laura and her service.
Please recognize Laura for her extraordinary service rendered during a time that was exceptional stressful and concerning for myself and my Wife.
I extend a sincere THANK YOU!
William and May Jean Fitzgerald

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The most helpful critical review
Reviewed By Mcjr Feb 27, 2016

Thieves in bank's clothing

Something is wrong when you put money in a bank for safe keeping only to have the bank turn around and steal money from you under the guise of fees. Although I've been a good customer for many years, Key bank stole money out of my account through multiple ridiculous fees that I could never make up in interest and slapped me in the face with terrible customer service when I complained about it. I couldn't get my money out fast enough out of fear they would steal more?

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Latest KeyBank Reviews

    Reviewed By Cronecare Mar 21, 2017

    ATM issues

    At this time I don't quite know how long this location has been open, but I have had several problems with this ATM.

    Numerous times (at least 3) there has been no money. A few times it has been broken with no sign on it and today I couldn't get a receipt because it was out
    of paper.

    I know these things can happen from time to time but it hardly every happened in all the years I was dealing with First Niagra.

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    Reviewed By OJ1 Feb 24, 2017

    $37.50 for a 5 CENT mistake

    I would like to say how disappointed I am in Key. I opened an account last year and had many issues due to my inexperience with how your bank system works. It was completely different than my previous banking experience and it caused me to overdraft many times. I appreciated the branch taking the time to discuss my issues and even refunding some of those fees. I have been doing very well since we had our discussion.

    Unfortunately what has me disappointed is that I overdrew my account by $0.05 and Key charged me $37.50 WOW , that is definitely highway robbery! It is EXCESSIVE and makes me wonder what the future holds with Key if i can't overdraw by 5 cents without getting hit with a charge. The manager said that due to my history they can't refund it, pardon me but that should not even be a question, it is 5 CENTS. PLUS I had almost $2000 hitting that night in direct deposits. I am VERY disheartened and disappointed in Key.

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    Reviewed By oooJASONooo Jan 31, 2017

    Hate the institution

    I love my home bank branch in Kent, WA. The folks that work there are extremely helpful. Every single in bank experience I've had was great, and they go out of their way to offer excellent service. Not 1 person at the Kent branch is below exceptional.
    That being said, I hate Key Bank. I really do not want to bank with them anymore. I will be closing my account shortly. Seriously, I DO NOT recommend Key Bank. Gah, I hate Key Bank.

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    Reviewed By Kkeroack Jan 21, 2017

    Unacceptable service

    I am a former First Niagara customer who was never mailed a welcome kit, which was just the start of this horrific journey with Key Bank. Here it is about 4 months later and I still have not received the welcome kit. Because of that, I had no idea my bank was even changing, never mind not knowing about my account being frozen on the weekend of the transition. I couldn't access my money for days and no one cares that I wasn't informed. I wrote to the corporate office a number of times (because you can't call them....seriously?) -'d it takes weeks for them to get back to me. Their first response was an apology with a $50 gift card offer, and that was almost 2 months ago and I haven't seen it yet! They wrote to me about 3 weeks after saying they would mail it to ask if my address changed because the fist card was returned. I told them it is the SAME address they print on my checks and charge me for! They came back with "oops, we were kissing a digit in your zip code". So here I am about a month and a half later and still no card. And I once again asked for my welcome kit. At this point they should be sending me more than $50 for all my inconvenience. Recently I deposited a very large check, now with First Niagara it would have cleared the next day. But no, Key Bank allowed me access to $100 right away (big deal) and another $5,000 the following Wednesday and then I can access the rest the following Wednesday. What in earth is that? Apparently it's their "policy" but it seems like they don't have enough money to just cash my check in full. So I once again wrote to corporate with no response. I work for a large company and I would NEVER treat my customers like this! This is unacceptable and I'm leaving his bank the first chance I get! I'm so disappointed that I have had to work harder at remaining a Key Bank customer, than they worked to try and keep me. Oh, by the way...I still have not record my welcome kit which was all I ever really wanted!

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    Reviewed By BnkHter Jan 18, 2017

    Key Bank Loses Yet Another One

    20 months depositing checks from the same account ended from a check deposited from a closed account by accident (a 90 year old sent the check from a closed account; then resent a good check 2 days later). I was accused of FRAUD and they closed my account.
    No Prison or Jail record, No police record whatsoever, No judge/jury/executioner...

    This could be a side affect from the MANY, MANY, MANY, etc mergers that banks CONTINUALLY (big time GREEEEEEED) need to gorge.

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    Reviewed By melissab082082 Jan 12, 2017

    Beware of this bank!!!

    Back in October my bank First Niagara was night by Keybank and instead of warning me about all their new crazy stupid pointless fees like punishing their customers for using other banks atms they decided to just help themselves to the $25 I had in my savings account without my knowledge. They should at least make us sign a new policy agreement but no, instead they sneak right into your account and just help themselves. They're a bunch of crooks

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    Reviewed By DSutherland Jan 4, 2017

    Scarborough Key Bank is Terrible!

    This is one of the worst branches of one of the worst banks. We have never liked Key Bank much but it seems like lately, they are nothing but a hassle. The staff is always new so nobody seems to know anything. We have to wait so long for the simplest requests and there's nobody in there. I sat and waited outside the manager's door for over 15 minutes while she chatted on the phone with what sounded like a personal call. I constantly have maintenance fees on my account and when I complain I am told they will fix it and I should not have fees again, then I get fees again and have to do it all over again. My daughter and her husband tried to refinance their house through Key bank and it took almost 3 months for them to tell her she is turned down after they already told her she was approved! I am changing banks before they waste any more of our time.

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    Reviewed By Mohawk Dec 30, 2016

    Review of Center Street Branch location, Manchester.

    Not integrating banking services well in the local business community. Inability to reflect deposits timely on the on-line site is among them, although that maybe an overall Key Bank issue. Branches look as if they are moving out as well. Staff seems to appear as equally confused when asked very specific questions about Key and its services. Wait in-line, or the drive through, is long and pointless. Possibly Key has had difficultly getting up to speed in the community and this will change in 2017. Other issues abound if you call Key unless it relates to a specific location as in hours of operation, although I received a response that "I think we are open to 5:00 pm at this location." More complicated calls will be forwarded to a "boiler room" where sympathy will abound, but solutions will be few. Even more complex questions will send you on your international way to the Philippines where they will ask you drivers license number, among other things before acknowledging you have a banking issue. Can you see the frustration with Key Bank. Good luck.

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    Reviewed By xcheyennehopex Dec 23, 2016

    Computers and false emials

    When Keybank first became a thing. I tried to go on my online banking account and had major issues with it and still do. The computers are always down. I received an email for $100 put into my account for having major issues with the online banking and when I went to check it, it wasn't there and it overdrafted my account.

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    Reviewed By fistniagrakeybank Dec 10, 2016

    A joke

    The absolute worst customer service ever seen!!
    Its so close to my house I sometimes forget and end up there, this time NO ONE in bank waited ten minutes to make a deposit, the two girls messaging each other (will standing 10 feat away) then started telling each other that Darnell took her to the club but he's not suppose cause cause he has on the ankle monitor from the court on!!!
    I finally left went to buckland road branch was in and out in flash!!!

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