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Reviewed By bankaman60 Jan 17, 2015

Five stars by any measure

I'm confused about the the three-star rating when most of the reviews give a glowing five-stars - maybe there were a few folks who gave one star and that dragged it down? Anyway, as most people have noted, Ally is clearly the best way to go for online banking; and for those who are put off by the lack of brick-and-mortar locations, try thinking of banking differently. If you own a smartphone and a computer, there is absolutely no reason to "go to the bank"! Everything you might ever need to do can be done online and/or on the phone. Ally's phone reps are terrific - smart and patient, knowledgable about the products, and speak clear English (and possibly Spanish as well - I haven't checked). The no fee ATM feature is for real, and it's so convenient. It's also awfully nice to get nearly 1% interest on your savings account when virtually all the other banks give you next to nothing (like .005% or some nonsense, which is effectively zero). You even earn a bit on your checking account. No minimum balances, great online and mobile banking interfaces, great customer service: a winning formula, to be sure.

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Reviewed By Scofam Jul 21, 2015

Warning!!! Do not lease with this company!!! We were stolen from!

I cosigned for my daughter to lease a Jeep. She leased it and let the Jeep dealership know she wanted to purchase it at the end of the lease.
On Father's day someone ran a red light and hit her. She rolled a few times. She is still sore and has some issues but she is alive.
She had about five months left in the lease. The buy-out at the end was $22,000.00.
The insurance company is offering the current value of the Jeep which is well above the buy-out price. Ally is demanding ALL of the money from our insurance company, not just what was owed and the residual.
My insurance company said they have never experienced the problems they are having with Ally, nor have the ever heard of a finance company not giving the payoff amount but demanding all of the insurance money.
I contacted the dealership and spoke with the head of finance. He said in 30 years he's never heard of a company doing this.
Warning...READ THE FIND PRINT! Do not trust Ally...they are in now way your ally.

Never again!

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Latest Ally Bank Reviews

    Reviewed By milehiblinky Feb 8, 2017

    IRA's They know nothing about them, horrible customer service

    They know nothing about Conversions vs. Rollovers or RMD's or the paperwork necessary to complete each. Called 4 times so far, got 4 different answers until my 4 phones all had dead batteries. Gave up for today! They do not think logically, they just put out the same bad info and then train the next new person with the same bad info. Very frustrating, 4 hours of my life today......lost forever....

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    Reviewed By Msenecal Feb 3, 2017


    Horrible customer service, Horrible just horrible. I owned my car 5 months, was hit and ended up being a total loss. Ally bank did NOTHING in a timely manner. They continue to drag their feet giving me a payoff letter and numerous other documents needed for the insurance company. The total loss department is a joke!! I have a copy of the check that was given to them and they still decline closing out my account with them. I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER, use Ally Bank for anything again. If your reading this review heed my warning. You will have nothing but prpblems if you do business with Ally Bank!

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    Reviewed By waldisss Feb 3, 2017

    Stay Away!

    Made a deposit by check on Monday morning using my phone (because there is no other way to deposit money into my own account - the bank exists only online!). The deposit was from my other bank account, so I see what is going on....
    Today is day 5, the funds are in my account, but I cannot use them for another day. Money left my other account on day 2, but they will only become available on my Ally account on day 6. The question is what Ally bank is doing with my money for 4 days?!!!

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    Reviewed By philakid Jan 29, 2017

    Credit File Frozen issue

    I attempted to open a Money Market account with a large sum of money. Due to multiple attempts to steal our identities, we have frozen our credit files. Even though TransUnion (which Ally uses), Experian and Equifax will allow me to get a temporary pin to allow a lender to pull my credit report, Ally insists on a Global lift for a 24 hour period.

    I will not lift the freeze on our credit files except with a pin for specific lenders. Not sure why lenders won't accept these temporary lift pins. Ally is the second banks which does not accept the temporary lift pin.

    I would also like to know why they need my credit report, when it is me lending them a large sum of my money for which they return a measly 0.85%

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    Reviewed By John M. Jan 18, 2017

    Not great with international travel outside the U.S.

    Although we notified Ally about our trip to Mexico, we still had intermittent troubles using our cards. Sometimes we would get a fraud alert, and sometimes not. We were there to get married, and it created difficulties and embarrassments paying some vendors and restaurants. We called when we got back, and they admitted needing improvement in that area.

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    Reviewed By Chesapeake612 Jan 11, 2017

    Lie and decieve to charge more INTEREST!!

    Lied and said my FICO score was 570 so they could charge more interest. I went to refinance with my CU and they said my FICO score was A+ and a 770 score. I have called them numerous times (your call goes to the Philippines) They will not enable you to refinance quickly so they can charge you more interest. Terrible banking practices!! Be honest from the beginning and maybe people will keep their LOW INTEREST loan with you.

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    Reviewed By acemadera Jan 2, 2017

    run far away

    Do not subject yourself to the outsourced excuse of this bank. No loan modifications what so ever including refinancing. If your vehicle breaks down and you get an extension on the loan, WHEN it finally goes through your credit report has been dinged by them reporting your payment as late even though they say it's not past due because of the extension. Paid 18 months at almost 500 aonth on a car and the principal had dropped less than 2000. Loan was way over blue book so told them to come get the blown engine and have a good day. My family will starve in the streets before I call ally again.

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    Reviewed By Marko Dec 27, 2016

    Fees, fees, and more fees

    Terrible bank, in my first month I've already been charged $55 in fees. They charge $10 per transaction on the debit they supply after you have used up your 6 transactions that you're allowed per month. Also if you overdraft, of which you cannot truly overdraft because they won't release the funds. But they'll still charge you a $25 Fees, just for not having the money. It's one or the other, either charge fees for making them temporarily pay out of pocket or just decline the transaction, don't charge fees for declining, not to mention $25 worth of fees. The worst bank ever award goes to Ally.

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    Reviewed By shenandoah Dec 23, 2016

    Absolutely NO SERVICE AFTER THE SALE on Auto Loans

    I purchased a new car through a dealership that submitted our financing to Ally Bank. I had no idea at the time how much I would regret not arranging for financing through my local Credit Union in the first place instead.
    My Credit Union was able to offer a better interest rate with local service so I refinanced the loan with them right away. Seemed simple, happens all the time, right?
    Well, every time I called Ally to request any information at all, it took at least 20 minutes. This is because all calls go to the Philippines and the people there have to call the US to get the answers to your questions. Then they come back on the line with a new question and have to relay it back - this goes on and on. My Credit Union rep had the same issues.

    Finally the pay off check was sent to Ally via UPS overnight. It arrived the very next day and I have confirmation on the date and time it was received by Ally and the name of the person who signed for it, so everything should be fine - right??? I couldn't have been more wrong...

    It is now 3 weeks later and the check still has not been found and applied to my loan. I am on the 3rd incident "ticket" as the second one I opened a week ago was closed. When I asked why the ticket was closed when the check was not found, nor applied to my loan, AND I never received the follow up call as promised, the representative told me they are automatically closed after 10 days. When I pointed out it had only been 7 days, she had no response.
    My CU just wants to cancel the old check and reissue a new one, but Ally keeps asking them to give them more time to find the check - are they just trying to charge me more interest???
    I am going to file a complaint with the state Attorney General regarding their ridiculous handling of this situation from start to finish. If people don't register their complaints, they won't be compelled to do anything about it.

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    Reviewed By gshirl68 Dec 17, 2016

    Horrible Customer service!

    Customer service VERY terrible. agents are not American and do not seems to understand your questions. Heavy Latino accents make communication terrible. Also this bank is not exactly up front with you about everything. Be very careful in your dealings with them and read the fine print even if it takes a little longer.

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