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  • T
    Reviewed By tally Feb 18, 2015


    Banker was unprofessional and continued contact outside of business hours with my boyfriend. I see no need for a banker to be contacting a client on their personal cell phone, after hours.

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  • JF
    Reviewed By JO f. Oct 24, 2013

    Horrible and they couldn't care less

    BOTC recently changed their website and it screwed up my entire Quick Books Online account. Luckily I stay on top of my banking or I would have weeks, if not months of work to fix this mess.
    None of my transactions were downloaded to QB after BOTC 'upgraded' their website. I had to create a new check register in QB to get downloads. Now I have the downloads and they are all anonymous. What is the point of auto downloads if I have to go into every transaction, assign a vendor and then assign an account?
    Furthermore, now I have to go in and move all of the transactions from the new register back to the old register if I want accurate reports. As soon as I finish this reconcile, I am closing my account and moving on.
    As a start up years ago A/R was tight. They would happily debit my account for my credit card bank fees before crediting me for the sales and then stab me with a $33 bounce fee. Nice, really nice way help a small business grow. I've since built a very profitable business and am glad to say goodbye to Bank of the Cascades.

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