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    Reviewed By Julia L. Sep 5, 2012

    Great Tool For Account Overviews, But Details And Budgeting Can Get Confusing

    I mostly use the iphone and ipad app, and mint has been a great tool for me to see an overview of all of my accounts. It tells me how much i'm worth (! ), allows me to create budgets, and shows all of my accounts. There are a few places where accuracy is lacking, like in the 'cash flow' section - ex: it shows my cash flow for the month of september as '$0 earned', but i get paid on the first of the month. I find it does this every month so its difficult to see the exact overview of how much i make vs.

    How much i'm spending. Accounts is a really helpful section, allowing me to connect all of my checking, savings, credit cards, and loan accounts to keep track of and make sure payments have posted. However it seems to have trouble with sallie mae loans, as it only shows balances and not account details for those. Since the overviews are great but details can be fuzzy, it makes the email alerts (complete with a cute little pie chart of where your money goes) a little less helpful. I stand to be corrected on this since it may just be that i don't have a full, thorough knowledge of the app and the best way to utilize budgeting and reading account details, but overall i think mint is something everyone needs to use.

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    Reviewed By Simon Z. Aug 20, 2012

    Great for financial snapshots, offers neat apps

    Mint has been and continues to be the go-to app for me when I'm too lazy to log in to every single one of my financial accounts to get a look at how I'm doing financially.

    It pulls in my bank accounts, credit card accounts, student loans, investment accounts and even my LendingClub account. However, Mint sometimes cannot link to certain accounts (possibly due to security measures taken by the financial institution).

    Mint offers clean, simple-to-use applications for the iPhone, iPad and Macs (quickview) so I can easily check whether I have enough in my checking account to pay off a bill or credit card balance.

    Mint does make the effort to alert me when a bill is due or when I receive large deposit but the notification usually comes a day or two late.

    I find the

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