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BB&T Bank has 2,210 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services an entire region in the country, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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BB&T Bank was established December 1871. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 214 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 5%. Lower is better!

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If you're looking for higher interest rates and lower fees, but are willing to give up the "walk-in" experience of a local branch, you may want to browse our curated selection of best online banks.

BB&T Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By sheloregon May 11, 2017

    Great Service

    hi friends,
    I would like to commend the service I recently received from a teller at this branch. I usually use this branch, and I always go inside because I like dealing with humans. Your teller Jorge (sorry I didn't get his last name) was very professional but also amazingly fast in receiving my deposit, checking my ID and returning cash. I was just getting ready to shift into wait mode when I was done!
    I also would like to commend the bank for its outreach to the Latino community. All the posters in Spanish and tellers, like Jorge, who speak Spanish make the bank clearly a friend of the community. I appreciate this very much. While I am not Latino, I've lived in South America and deplore the current hateful atmosphere.

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    Reviewed By Dr424 May 8, 2017

    Horrible, unfair business practices and doesn't care about customers

    If I could give this bank a negative rating i would. So bad. I can't even explain all of the the things that they do that are I don't even think are legal, but overdraft fees OVER overdraft fees if that makes sense, customer service that is nothing less than sub-par, ATM's constantly "out of service", terrible banking hours, most employees have the personality of a wet mop, charging customers if they call the "customer service help" phone line more than 1x in a 24hr period (which if you have an issue, is nearly impossible to avoid), the list goes on and on. There are so many times that this bank made my head want to explode. The branch manager's explanation for the fees for phone service were "well, most of the customers just want us to read off the statements they get and go over transactions, and we need lines open for fraud protection, etc." another words, IDGAF about you, or your money. Fraud protection, from what? BB&T bank?because that who the real fraud is. Thieves.

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    Reviewed By jessicad123 Apr 26, 2017

    No words.

    If I could leave a negative rating, this bank would get a -5 star rating.

    BBT bought out my local bank in July 2016 and it's been the worst 9 months. I've had more errors in 9 months with this bank than I had in over 14 years with the former bank. From staffing that is nowhere near the need, to drive thrus and ATMs that are constantly out of order, to no one answering the phones or knowing how to look up fees to saying they will call you back and never do. Shall I go on?

    Steer clear unless you enjoy constant frustration and a complete waste of your time dealing with issues.

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