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Banner Bank has 87 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Banner Bank was established December 1889. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 4.04 billion US dollars. That makes it a regional bank that most likely covers their local population well. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 3%. Lower is better!

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Banner Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • S
    Reviewed By sarahryno Sep 22, 2016

    Was great until they merged

    We have been with Banner Bank for 8 years. 7 years of that were amazing. We absolutely loved them. Then they merged with American West and all hell came down.
    1) Non-stop password issues causing us to have to change our password almost weekly. Which isn't an easy thing to do as you have to call them to do it.
    2) Our account was hacked and drained THREE TIMES in 2 months! Third time it took two weeks before the money was put back in our account and that was only after I had to go to the branch and threaten them with "one of two things will happen today, I will have money back in my account before I leave here or I will leave here with closed accounts!"
    3) They LOST our deposits on 2 or 3 occasions and fortunately we had the receipts to show the deposits so we had to go into the branch and get them fixed. Every time they would just say "oh yes, sorry, we are having system issues" and put the money in like it was no big deal. That's a BIG deal. If we didn't have the receipts still, we'd be screwed.
    4) We have (had...we just switched banks immediately after this issue as it was our last straw, to ICCU) 4 accounts all linked and we also have $300 of overdraft protection. We wrote a $1000 check as a down payment on a car the Friday before a holiday weekend. On the next business day (Tuesday) the dealership who also banks at Banner took the check into the bank and they wouldn't let them deposit it. We got the call from the dealership while we were out of town and immediately called the bank. They said "at the time they brought the check in, there was only $701 in the account". I asked them about my other accounts that are linked and there was $600 in one of the accounts that they could have pulled money from to cover it. I asked why they didn't do that and they didn't have an answer just "I'm sorry". Then I also pointed out "we also have $300 in overdraft, correct? So if there wasn't the $600 then you still should have covered the check anyway, correct?" They very slowly said "yes, but we just wanted to avoid doing that".....ummmm, you don't get to just decide "avoid" that. You cover the check because my account is set up just for that!! I very firmly told the gal "don't you EVER do that again".
    We now bank at Idaho Central Credit Union after much review of banks online, in person, and via recommendations from people we've talked to.

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  • P
    Reviewed By pd154 Aug 2, 2016

    Good people, good value, but password issues drive you crazy

    Free accounts, and nice people in branches get it an additional star but the crazy password requests make the banking insecure. Used to be bad enough; a capital, a # and a "special" character and min 8 . Annoying as many banks or websites do not allow a special character. First month I had to go through the "forgot password" every time if not home where I had to start writing it down. (much safer, haha). Now I log in, it promps me to update my password, (no other choice), and it has changed to 10 characters plus all the same stuff. So now I have to change password again, write it down again obviously far less secure than just leaving it alone. And then I get an email telling me that I had forgotten my password and a code for a new one, when they required me to change it!
    I did like one part of the system that they now have deleted and that was that if you entered your correct username a personalized picture that only i would know would come up to let you know that it was indeed banner bank and not some scam site. Seems like that is gone now. With the choice of banking that we have I think I would prefer a more sensible and secure online bank.

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  • K
    Reviewed By KingP Jun 4, 2016

    Garbage Bank

    Tried to log into my checking account to find it had gone dormant/inactive even though I had just used it the day before and it worked fine. No warnings, nothing. Bank is closed on the weekend so I can't get ahold of anyone to find it what's going on, even better is that I got paid this week and now have no money. Thanks Banner Bank! Not only this issue but in the few months before I got fraud on my card! Was never called about that either, just found out my card was getting declined so I had to go in. I will never bank with them every again! As a student, I no longer have any money to my name so how the heck am I supposed to pay my bills? Every penny I had is now gone! Horrible bank, go somewhere else!

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