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Cadence Bank has 69 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Cadence Bank was established April 1887. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 9.52 billion US dollars. That makes it a regional bank that most likely covers their local population well. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 18%. Lower is better!

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Cadence Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By pcoutlee Feb 21, 2017

    FEES "FEE'S and FRAUD!!!

    I opened a checking account with Cadence Bank back in November of 2016. I hadn't gotten my SS Deposit Transferred to this acct to this day. I wrote a check to a company which bounced, and I was charged $35 in my acct. When I got paid I went into the bank and the check that was being returned was in there, so I made a deposit to pay for the check and for the $30.00 fee this company uses for returned checks. Now here it is Feb, 2017 and that SPECIFIC CHECK IN GENERAL'S FEE has been going in and out of my acct giving me a $35 charge. I called corporate to this service and they said "NO, That fee for that check was paid, you owe us a zero balance. ( This company is sending me a certified letter this week showing. The woman at this corporate for fees told me that the bank is letting this go through, not them ) I went back to the back and told them, the company is verifying that the $30 fee is PAID IN FULL. The Banks' Checking Account person came out of her office to the front where I was discussing this matter and had my print out in her hand..She got a tone with me and stated" This check service company will change that number and keep running it..I thought WTH!!..So I then go home, call this corporate again about this FEE to the place of business that I wrote the check and paid IN FULL...They still stated...NO IT"S PAID... So I go back to the bank and told them once again....The Checking acct person told me.." You need to close this account and open a new one"...WTH>...Is this bank using my acct as extra income for them???..She ( the checking acct woman) Told me that the Branch Manager from this store, where I wrote the check ( which has been paid) was in their bank, and she talked to her about this..(((( I'M SORRY THAT WAS MY PRIVACY..THERE IS A PRIVATE POLICY ACT!!!..HOW DARE HER...Therefore, I have now gotten an Attorney and will pursue this to the end!!..DO NOT OPEN ANY ACCOUNT WITH THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!...FRAUD should be their name!!

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    Reviewed By Laticia Jan 22, 2016

    Sugar Land Cadence Bank

    Very poor.
    Manager always talking on phone with her family in her regional language may be Pakistani.
    Very slow and poor staff.
    Always absent people office was always empty.

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    Reviewed By Jasonsmouse Sep 11, 2015

    Almost kept me from buying my house!

    If I could rate it 0 stars I would! 24 hours from closing/buying our dream home and them coming up with the 15% until we sold our current house to pay it back they said we needed to come up with another 5% because our house was in a rural area. This transaction has been going on for a month now and they pull this in the last 24 hours? Me and my wife's credit scores are both over 800. I hope that this will change ur mind about doing business with this bank! My wife has been in tears all day and my patience has been beyond pussed! They have lost out on our business and I hope yours in the future!

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