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Capital One Bank has 629 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services a large population, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Capital One Bank was established May 1933. That's more than 50 years ago! It holds assets of 291 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 8%. Lower is better!

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By Fuckcap1 Feb 24, 2018

    Seriously fuck Cap 1

    If I could give zero stars I would.

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    Reviewed By Harddrive Dec 24, 2017

    Zero Stars For Cap One Credit Card

    My credit score was listed by all 3 reporting venues at 820. My Line of Credit with Capital One was $22,000. Just received a letter in November stating that because I was not using the full extent of my Line of Credit my Line of Credit was being reduced to $10,000. Well that's fine with me, but to my surprise my interest rate was increased and because of this my credit score was lowered to a current 813. I had Capital One for well over 15 years and now this. What a b bunch of greedy PIGS. Well guess "what's in my wallet"? IT NO LONGER IS CAPITAL ONE. Good riddance Capital One.

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    Reviewed By capitaloneisajoke Nov 20, 2017

    The worst banking Institution that I've ever had the misfortune to get a credit card from. Zero Stars!

    Wait until these unprofessional, incompetent people send you a letter asking that your street address needs to be updated by a certain date or they will cancel your account. You provide the street address, before their deadline, to the overseas representative who now no longer works for the company and he sends out new credit cards based on the new information. The information is then not correctly entered into their system and the account that we've had since 2001 gets cancelled. You then speak with another overseas representative on October 21, 2017, who now also no longer works for the company and she said that she confirmed that Capital One had made a mistake and she will submit the account for review. Nobody in their system can find any record of my October 21, 2017, discussion with the overseas Capital One representative. On October 30, 2017, I sent a letter to the Capital One President's Office in Virginia, explaining the situation. As of November 20, 2017, I have not received a reply. I did however receive a letter from the Capital One Salt Lake City Office and spoke with an overseas representative and asked to be transferred to the United States. The U.S. representative who has worked for only two weeks with the company, said she had no idea why the most recent letter was mailed. She said once our credit card was closed there was nothing she could do to help. I said for only having worked for the company for two weeks, she certainly got the "I can't do anything to help" phrase down pat. I suggested that she get her resume ready as Capital One is one of the most incompetent banks I have ever worked with from a poor record keeping standpoint, poor customer service, and customer service people not getting their facts consistent with one another. I suggested that she start looking for another job. I can not recommend Capital One Bank under any circumstances. (We have excellent credit.)

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