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Chase Bank has 5,655 branches and 13,284 ATMs nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a national bank that serves the entire country, and has a growing number of ATM locations in select regions.

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Chase Bank was established December 1823. That's more than 150 years ago! It holds assets of 2.12 trillion US dollars. That makes it a very large bank. The biggest of the national banks. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 6%. Lower is better!

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Chase Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By jace_lemmon Feb 25, 2017

    Chase withholding money from a deposit because of a signuture

    Deposited a large sum of money in the from a a check from a well know entity. the Check was made out to myself and my wife - She deposited the check, and the bank told her that her signature would be enough for the deposit (no cash was withdrawn at the time), and now when we went to access the funds, we found out that the deposit was rejected, and now it will be a week before we are able to access those funds.
    Interesting that they are so nit picky about a deposit signature, but using a debit card as a credit card and my wife signing her name for me, does not make a withdraw from the account invalid. It was not that long ago that signatures on deposits were not necessary if the check was being deposited in an account of the person who the check was made out to

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    Reviewed By terri2750 Feb 23, 2017

    Happy Valentines Day Chase

    I have been with Chase for 7 years. I check my checking account online in the morning and late evening. I noticed they rearrange all entries, I don't like this. One night, I had so much money and nothing was schedule to go through, the next morning, everything was rearranged and nothing new had gone through, but my balance was $30. less, I live pay check to pay check, this has happened twice. I was told if my account is negative that I have till 11 pm, to bring my account to the good, my account was not showing a negative, My first Premier credit and Walmart credit card payments NEVER hit my bank account the same day I make my payments, guess what, this time they did, I was charged $34. * 2. Happy Valentines day to Chase. I now live in fear, I feel like someone at Chase is writing formulas to screw people. I am looking at a bank that doesn't rearrange debits and credits.

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    Reviewed By Jethro0480 Feb 16, 2017

    Closed account. No warning.

    I have been a Chase customer for over 7 years. My account went negative yesterday. Didn't realize a bill came out. I stopped at the bank today to put money in to avoid fees. When I pulled up to the ATM it wouldn't take my deposit. Confused??? I went in the bank talked to a banker who had called for a reason unknown. She handed me the phone and told me that Chase had made the decision to close my account. I had no warning. No notice. No one could tell me why. They told be that there was no reason they could give me at this time. They told me I will receive a letter in the mail. My account never went more than 24 hours without there being money in there. I don't understand why a bank would just choose to close someone's account without any knowledge as to why. I would recommend anyone with chase to be careful. If they choose to close your account they will mail you a check 7 to 10 days with the amount that is in your account. That's right if all of your money is in there expect to have to wait that long for them to issue you your money back. Never again. I don't understand why any bank would treat their customers like this.

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