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Citibank has 785 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services a large population, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Citibank was established June 1812. That's more than 200 years ago! It holds assets of 1.31 trillion US dollars. That makes it a very large bank. The biggest of the national banks. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 5%. Lower is better!

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Citibank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • A
    Reviewed By Asa Nov 23, 2016

    Branch Manager's Behavior was terrible

    Horrible and very impolite and rude Branch Manager. I called them today and talked to the branch manager to issue me transactions of this month. I knew that official bank statement will be ready by end of this month, but I had to provide an official letter to mortgage company today as my house closing is next Monday. If I wouldn't provide them the transaction's history today, closing date of my house would have to be postponed which means changing rates etc. I explained this to the manager, but she was very rude and said we can not issue you that and we can not fax that neither to you nor to mortgage company and wanted me to call online banking. I had to check with her whether she was listening or not, because she would respond me like 3 or 4 seconds after I stopped taking...sounds like she was on another task simultaneously!!!!
    Before I called this branch, I had called citibank online, but they wanted me to call the branch directly!
    Manager was very rude and impolite and not friendly at all. She never provide any solution for me to address my problem. She was just repeating herself that call online banking or stop by the branch. I told her that I'm not in Chicago and there is no branch in this area where I currently live (that's another frustration of Citi Bank). I told her that she needs to learn how to talk to customers, as she didn't really know proper way of behavior. I wanted her to give me her boss's phone number; she said her boss is in vacation. I insisted her to give me a number that I can talk to someone who acts as her boss today. After few minutes she gave me a number. I called that number for multiple time and no one answered and also it did not go on voice message where I could leave my name and number for them to call me back. Not sure where she found that phone number from. A big lie. Finally, I told that I would recommend her to review some books, manuals, etc to learn techniques and proper behaviour to become a responsive manager and she just hung up the phone on me!!!

    Even if there was no way for them to provide me the transactions, she as the BRANCH MANAGER could have explained that for me in a nice way and provided me some solutions. Not just being rude and impolite.

    Avoid this branch. This has been the third of fourth times during the past two months I experienced issues like this (depositing check, statements, etc) with the Citi Bank. I will close my account with them and start working with other banks. In multiple occasions I have seen that the Citi staff are careless, unfortunately.

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  • D
    Reviewed By dmibor11 Nov 13, 2016

    Your money is unsafe with this bank!

    The worst bank ever! Your money is unsafe with this bank, when you will have hard time and ask this bank help you they will make your situation even harder, and they will try to cheat you if they could. So dont have any deals with this bank even if it close to your house but if you already a customer leave this bank as soon as possible before you get hard time and this bank will take advantage on you! I had account in this bank more than a year and what Ive experienced. Someone took about $300 from my account in Japan without my card, so dont be impressed that this bank says that we have secure cards with cheap, the account security is so weak that hackers dont need not you, not your card for grub money from your account in this bank. And security system so stupid that it cant figure out that if I pay with this card a few hours before in Miami I cant be already in Japan. And after I report about this fraud in this bank they said that they will investigate this problem and if all OK Ill get refund within 10 business day! It sounds like this is my problem that Citibank gave my money someone in Japan! And I guess Im lucky that they didnt took all my money because it would be hard be without money within 10 business days! And they try to cheat you if they can! For example I pay nothing for use my debit card if I make at least one registered transaction, other way I have to pay $10. So I created an auto payment for my phone so I didnt worry about this. But in several month I saw that I was charged $10 as monthly payment. I contacted bank throw chat but they said this is because your money was sent later so it wasnt in my cycle period and refused refund me my money! Like this is my problem that this bank sent it later though money was available on my account and it was the auto payment, so bank sent it itself! And only after I called in bank they refund me money. And the worst thing from this bank is that if you have a problem get your money and ask Citibank to help you with this they will make you time harder. For example, I won some expensive lot and was a little short in money for pay for it but I thought, not a big problem tomorrow I will have a pay day and I have $300 available right now and $200 on next day as usual. I was need $400. So I asked bank on chat if they can give me $400 immediately after deposit my check, he said I have to ask it in bank. So next day I went to Citibank bank deposit my check and saw that now available immediately not $300 but only $100! When I asked what happened they said the bank changed its policy. I asked why? They said bank can do it when it wants and how it wants without any notification of clients. I asked help me because other way I will have to pay late fee if I will not pay now but they help me nothing. You may think it is happened sometimes. When I again had the same problem and asked bunk again help me cash my check faster they said it is federal law and they can cash my check up to 7 days! So they gave me nothing on next day and said I have to wait till Wednesday for completely cash my check, though I said I need pay my rent and I need this money as soon as possible! So my recommendation never have any deals with Citibank and if you already customer of Citibank leave it as soon as possible for you and your money safety!

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  • P
    Reviewed By PeterN04 Oct 13, 2016

    Incredible service !

    I went to the 577 Bay Street , Staten Island , New York branch and was assisted by Personal Banker Mary Gamboa . She was fully attentaive , gave me her time and knowledge to help me open an account . She went above and beyond, there are very few people who put their heart and all into what they do . I highly recommend her and this branch .
    Managers name is Michelle Montgomery .

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