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Citibank has 785 branches nationally across the country. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a large bank that services a large population, and has ATM locations, but we are not currently tracking them.

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Citibank was established June 1812. That's more than 200 years ago! It holds assets of 1.37 trillion US dollars. That makes it a very large bank. The biggest of the national banks. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 5%. Lower is better!

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If you're looking for higher interest rates and lower fees, but are willing to give up the "walk-in" experience of a local branch, you may want to browse our curated selection of best online banks.

Citibank Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By walkben Jul 14, 2017

    Worst bank ever.

    I used Citibank when I was on secondment with my company in India. Having banked with quite a few different institutions over the years, I can say that Citibank is by far the worst I have ever used. When I was in India, everything had to be done face to face and branch opening hours were inconvenient. Now that I have returned to the UK, I cannot transfer my money because they have locked my account. Apparently I have to send a paper copy of my passport and (now expired) visa, which they already have, to get them to re-activate it. Despite it being an international company, the UK branches won't help me. I have advised my company never to use Citibank in the future.

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    Reviewed By elbeth Jun 20, 2017

    They are useless

    First, I had a dispute about a charge that occurred because they decided not to release the money and they didn't even cover the charge. Then, the branch by me closed and I don't have a car. I went to the branch in White Plains to get checks and was told they would have to order them or I can get a bank check. I can't get a blank bank check, so what good is that? Then with mobile deposit it says no more than thousand dollars. The branch by me closed and I can't get to White Plains for 3 more days! Then, it takes time for it to clear. I stay with them only because with direct deposit, there isn't any monthly charge or specific amount required in my account and it is a nuisance to switch direct deposit from bank to bank. They have very few atms so I have to buy stuff and get cash back if I can't get to White Plains. I may as well have one of those debit cards that they have without a bank. I am seriously considering switching banks as it is too difficult to do anything with them.

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    Reviewed By dockside Jun 5, 2017

    Horrible Service, maybe even fraud

    I applied for and received a checking account with a promotional bonus of $200 if I deposited a certain amount of money and kept it there for 90 days. I checked after about 120 days and no promotional bonus. When I called to find out why, I was told by someone with an accent, making it hard to understand her, that I hadn't fulfilled all the requirements within 45 days of opening the account. I disputed this but they wouldn't change. So, I said I wanted to close the account. I chose the quicker method of writing a check and depositing it in another bank (rather than wait one to two weeks if I did it over the phone). Two days after depositing the check, I called Citi and was told I had a zero balance. I then talked to a representative and told her I wanted to close the account as my check had cleared and my balance was $0. She did whatever was necessary and said the account was closed. I asked for a confirmation number and she said that Citi didn't have confirmation numbers. So, then, I transferred the balance in my regular checking account into a different institution's savings account. Four days later, I get an email notice from my regular bank that Citi had returned my check and I was, therefore, overdrawn by thousands of dollars. I called Citi and ranted and demanded that the amount of the check that I wrote be re-deposited that very day plus I be reimbursed for any overdraft fees. I had to speak to a supervisor, in a different time zone, and she said it would be 24 to 48 hours before that could be done. She told me that since it was a new account (4 months old with no withdrawals?) that it was flagged when I withdrew the entire balance? What? If that money is not in my regular bank account tomorrow, I will be reporting Citi to whatever state and federal agencies have jurisdiction. Citi has used my money for over 4 months and I got a headache, lost time and 43 cents in return. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BANKING HERE!!!

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