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Citizens Bank has 13 branches in their local area. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Citizens Bank was established May 2005. It holds assets of 117 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 7%. Lower is better!

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Citizens Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Sam_lilly May 17, 2017

    Auto loan

    Got an auto loan through citizens bank back in December. I felt like the apr was extremely high but willing to wait until I can switch to my usual bank and refinance. You have 10 DAY BEFORE PAYMENT IN CONSIDERED LATE. 3 days after my payment in which I already paid half of it two weeks early. This bank harasses me every hour of the day about the payment. When I assured that I will make the payment online when I am paid the women continued to ask how I was going to pay and the form of payment which I refuse to give any of that information out via telephone. Not to mention I could hear this women's television in the background playing as loud as can be. Therefore she is home asking me thousands of questions about my account that I will be paying with which card and what not. If I am paying online why does it matter to her at all what so ever I felt like it was very sketchy for her to continue pushing for my information?! THERE IS NO NEED TO CALL A PERSONS PHONE 10 TIMES IN ONE DAY 3 days after a payment was due. I'm dealing with a death of an immediate family member and have been dealing with arrangements and on the telephone consistently all day with multiple family members and not to mention a screaming one and a half year old daughter. I've never been late on A SINGLE PAYMENT BEING HARRASED IS COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY. Company needs to tell these people how to be professional and how to at least turn off their tvs at home while their harassing their customers. CAN NOT WAIT TO LEAVE THIS BANK

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    Reviewed By Dslower Apr 11, 2017

    No paper deposit slips

    I don't understand why Citizens does not provide deposit slips for their customers. It is a royal pain. When I present a check to be cashed, I am now asked to clarify if I am depositing a check made out to me drawn on my account (duh) or if I am cashing it. REALLY?? Before paperless, it was quite apparent that if you are presenting a check written out to you without a deposit slip, you are obviously cashing it. IDIOTS!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By poniboi Mar 21, 2017

    Charter One was Amazing! Citizens Bank is a nightmare!

    I had absolutely no issues from the time I signed up with Charter One back in 2010. An overdraft fee here and there, sure, but that was obviously my fault. But that was about it. Ever since they switched to Citizens, I have had 4 different cards. First when they switched, cancelled old card before I had a chance to activate the new one. When they went to the chip and again, cancelled old card before I had a chance to activate the new one. The chip in that card was messed up and didn't work. Got another new card because I had to. Now, supposedly my card has a "potential compromise" and I was sent another card. Was told (as I was every other time) that my current card would remain active until I activated the new one...guess what happened? Not only do I look like a fool with no money (though I have plenty) when my card gets declined at the store, I have to constantly change all my auto debits each time this happens because the expiration dates and ssc number change. The service is no longer friendly either when I call either.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Mar 21, 2017

    We're unhappy to hear you've been having difficulties with our debit cards. We're going to help get this sorted out by having our escalation unit dig deeper into your account history and debit card status. Please send us an email to AskCitizensBank@Citizensbank.com with your full name as it appears on your account along with the best phone number to reach you.