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Citizens Bank has 169 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Citizens Bank was established May 2005. It holds assets of 105 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 7%. Lower is better!

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Citizens Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • T
    Reviewed By Tionas215 Dec 3, 2016


    I have recently had a HORRIBLE experience with this bank! I was awarded a settlement for a large lump sum of money. I deposited the check on 11-23, was told by the teller that funds would be available on 11-28, only to get there to learn they had placed a hold on the check. But GET THIS, the same day that the hold was placed, for "not being able to verify the check" the money was withdrawn by Citizens bank from my attorneys acct!!! Still trying to figure out how they withdrew funds, equivelant to the amount of the check, from an acct that they SUPPOSEDLY COULD NOT VERIFY!!! So now they are basically holding my funds saying it can't be verified, even after I stood with a teller for an hour yesterday WHILE SHE GOT THE check verified!! WHAT A JOKE!!! After the teller verified it, they told me my funds would be released in an hour, then after the hour changed their mind & said I had to wait until the 15, and didn't even give a legitimate reason why! I guess because it's such a large lump sum they are using it for other things and giving me the run around. They placed a hold on my check for 21 days, even new customers don't wait longer than 10/11 days. They keep giving me different excuses as to why my funds won't be released, meanwhile my attorney has had her portion of the settlement check verified by her bank and has been able to spend it since the 25 of November! My lawsuit but I can't spend the money but my attorney can bcuz I deal with a bank who doesn't do their job. I mean seriously, does it take 21 days to verify a check?? SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON HERE!!!! And to think, i am a customer who was planning on investing thousands of dollars with this bank when my money cleared. So happy that this opened my eyes b4 I made that HUGE mistake!! Now I'm just waiting for my money to clear so I can withdraw every cent and take it down the street to PNC!!! PLEASE AVOID DEPOSITING CHECKS WITH THIS BANK, YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!! I have already called the police and had them come to the branch so that I can take my police report and find an attorney on Monday to file a lawsuit!!! Even if I can't succeed at suing them, I will do MY BEST!! And if I can just save ONE PERSON the trouble by sharing my story then that makes me happy....AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS IF YOURE DEALING WITH LARGE LUMP SUMS OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By Kevinh724 Nov 15, 2016


    Citizens sucks!!! I talk to a customer service rep about my account and i have 82 cents on my card. They say i have a transaction of 12 dollars still pending so i ask if its gonna overdraft my account. She tells me its already been charged and its not gonna overdraft my account. So like a dumbass i believe her and 2 days later my account is overdrafted 54 dollars. Ive asked about setting up my account so this would not happen and been told that i cant do it. What kinda service is this? I feel generous giving them 1 star but unfortunatly i have too.

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    Citizens Bank

    Replied on Nov 29, 2016

    Good Morning, Kevinh724. We'd like to assist you with this concern. Could you please email your full name and phone to We'd like to have our Office of the Chairman contact you. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • A
    Reviewed By Ackdog Nov 11, 2016

    Loan experience

    I applied for a debt consolidation loan and was apparently rejected but was never noticed by phone, email or letter. I contacted the bank and filed an appeal which was graciously accepted and again never heard what the disposition was until I contacted the bank again. I repeatedly called and emailed the individual I worked with and never got a response.
    I finally contacted another person in the same dept and she could care less about me or my account. She said I could file a complaint about my experience and she would have her superior contact me to discuss the issue. Still waiting for the superiors call.
    I am a substantial depositor and in fact I keep getting calls from the local branch asking me to come in so they can see if they can sell me some more "specialty services" because of my deposit history.
    I will be giving this instition the same courtesy they gave me.
    I am working with another local bank, with a branch a block away and will drop Citizens outright.
    Awful experience with this institution.
    I never post reviews, but this bank is very unprofessional and the public should be warned.

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