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Citizens Bank has 13 branches in their local area. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Citizens Bank was established May 2005. It holds assets of 118 billion US dollars. This is considered a large national bank that most likely serves a large portion of the country. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 7%. Lower is better!

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Citizens Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By rmxauto Jun 20, 2017

    Lousy. Nothing like what Charter One used to be.

    Not unlike some other reviewers here, I opened a small business checking account with Charter One a few years ago. Everything was ok for a while (though I did have to babysit them to get my new account incentive credit). Policies were clear, branch staff were helpful. Then came the name change and IPO. I had a hunch it would be trouble and it surely was. Since that time, Citizens has adopted what appears to be a policy of holding checks deposited against an account and delaying deposits going into an account until the balance is low enough to cause an overdraft. Other banks have faced legal action for this in the past, and as I understand it, it was specifically outlawed in the Dodd-Frank act a few years ago. You can check your balance after the end of the business day on one day and it will show as positive, then check it again the next day before the bank opens and be overdrafted. Sometimes they have retroactively processed a check against my balance two or three business days prior (not because of the weekend). I know, my fault, "keep enough money in your account to cover outstanding checks, etc". Of course that's good advice, and I must be the jerk for not earning enough money in my dirt-poor city to maintain a thousand dollar balance, but it doesn't help any when another party double-charges you for something, as happened to me, and when you talk to the branch manager, she tells you they will correct the problem and waive the fees and suggests adding overdraft protection to the account (for a fee, of course), when in fact you are no longer eligible for said overdraft protection because of "failure to properly manage the account" (according to Citizens) because you had... wait for it... a couple overdrafts! In fact, I had noticed the error less than 24 hours after it occurred and added cash to cover it the same day. No matter, still hit with 3-4 od fees, of which only 2 were reversed. I also incurred a returned check fee from another vendor in this process. The branch manager actually told me that I should not have added funds to cover this snafu, and they would have been able to reverse more fees that way, and then strung me along for about 4 business days on fee reversal, each day saying the reversal would happen the next day, all the while blaming a Monday holiday for throwing the schedule off. I have audio of all of these discussions recorded and countless screenshots showing this process, btw. It's clear to me today, as they have once again back-dated a check process by 3 days (a recurring monthly which normally processes on the 21st or 22nd, this time retroactively processing on the 17th but only showing up on the 20th), that my branch manager is either dishonest and/or incompetent and does not understand her own bank's policies, and the bank as a whole is more than willing to engage in underhanded and unethical, if not outright illegal practices to artificially boost their revenue from fees. I've already begun migrating to another bank, and will advise any other Citizen's Bank customer I meet to do the same. I strongly recommend any small business owner or regular citizen avoid this company like the plague. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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    Reviewed By mpf21780 Jun 14, 2017

    Online banking transactions are confusing

    I have been a customer of Citizens Bank for over 15 years. I was originally with Charter One and then they switched to Citizens Bank. I have never complained about this bank before and usually sing their praise, I've even had my son open an account with this bank. However, over the past few years I have paid more fees than ever to this bank and the most recent fees are the final straw. Per my online banking transactions on 6/9/17 I had a balance of $11.58. Per my online transactions $8.51 was credited to my account on 6/12/17, bringing my balance to $20.09. I then have 2 more transactions the debited my account by a total of $19.87, which according to my online transactions bring my account to $0.22.

    So, then why am I getting 2 overdraft fees of $35 each for those 2 debit transactions when YOUR online banking website states that I had the money to cover those 2 debits in my account???

    I called customer service and the first girl I spoke with mumbled, talked really low and seemed just as confused as I was and couldn't help me. I then spoke to another girl in customer service, who spoke clear and tried explaining to me that the $8.51 that I deposited wasn't available on 6/12/17. Then why is it showing that it was in my online transactions? She had no answer for me, aside from trying to explain the strange way you guys process everything.

    I'm a single mom and every penny counts. I have probably paid Citizens Bank hundreds of dollars in fees for overdrafts (which some were my fault) and I never complained about an overdraft fee on my account because I stopped a payment (which I paid a fee for) and you guys still processed the payment. But this is it for me. I've been with Citizens Bank for a long time and even though it's going to be a pain I do plan on closing my bank account and opening up another one with a credit union or another bank that doesn't charge these fees or will actually work with me when stuff like this happens and not just explain to me the way your banking works.

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    Reviewed By lacbnc18 Jun 2, 2017

    Poor Customer Service and they do nothing

    have talked to your customer service 2 times this week with no resolutions and being lied to. I hope your calls are recorded and you can listen to the conversation.

    This is a final attempt to get issues resolved.

    1st of all I do not feel that I should have the NSF fees, if you look at my account on line I was good, and then you charge these fees. This is unacceptable. Do not understand you posted the deposit , and your customer service person lied to me stating that that check for $120.00 was being returned. I want some resolutions

    2nd. I sent a ACH Revocation to a company on 5/30. They drafted on my account today for $177.25 and you will not do anything. This needs to be reversed and not at my cost.

    I can honestly see why there are so many complaints about Citizens banking. I would hope at the point someone there could do something. I really feel your customer service does not help you at all .

    I totally can see why your bank tracker is not very good. Please contact me, I have also sent an email to you. I would really like to have this resolved.

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