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City National Bank of West Virginia has 86 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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City National Bank of West Virginia was established March 1957. That's more than 50 years ago! It holds assets of 4.04 billion US dollars. That makes it a regional bank that most likely covers their local population well. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 4%. Lower is better!

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If you're looking for higher interest rates and lower fees, but are willing to give up the "walk-in" experience of a local branch, you may want to browse our curated selection of best online banks.

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    Reviewed By ARoseDove Aug 4, 2015

    Bank of Discrimination

    My boyfriend has an account here, so he went to go withdraw some money for a down payment on a house. We sat briefly in the lounge to gather papers, thoughts, and etc. I am legally blind and with my eye disorder I have ptosis (makes my eyelids droopy) They decided it was necessary to call a cop who made us leave. I tried explaining that I had ptosis and legally blind, that I was not high. His response was, "your kind doesn't need to be here." MY KIND! I have a disability. This is discrimination on both the bank and police department. I was ultimately denied service for something I can't help. This story should run in the paper and news so the public is aware of the hate and injustice of the rednecks that work here. If it happened because I am blind then they will more than likely stereotype any minority

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