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First Tennessee Bank has 165 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is an established bank that has presence across at least one state, and most likely has ATM locations.

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First Tennessee Bank was established December 1863. That's more than 150 years ago! It holds assets of 27.4 billion US dollars. This is considered a large bank that most likely serves a large portion of their region. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 8%. Lower is better!

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First Tennessee Bank Branches Customer Reviews

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  • P
    Reviewed By PuppyLove May 17, 2016

    Would be a good bank in 1980

    With all of their faxing and paper mailings. Backwards technology and crappy customer service. Definitely won't be doing business with FT again. Even if I did live in the area that they service.

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  • K
    Reviewed By Koslo Feb 26, 2016

    Will not bank with them again

    It takes FAR too long for a transaction to go through. I'll have some pending for over a week and then it'll all come out in one day, causing my account to be overdrawn (which they assured me couldn't happen). I stopped to get gas one day and my card was declined for insufficient funds. I immediately drove to the atm to find that there was PLENTY of money in my checking account. My card was declined 2 more times before I was told my debit card had been deactivated by them. For something that was their fault. It's been 2 weeks and my card has still not been activated. I went last week to have a check cashed, it took 25 minutes in the drive thru, when I drove off I opened my envelope and there was NO cash and NO receipt for the transaction she just made. She also had given me back the wrong card with someone else's account number on it. How hard is it to keep them together when I put my card right on top of my check?? It was 10 minutes before closing by the time I left and I was in a hurry and didn't have time to go back, so thought I would wait til Monday to make sure the money was at least in my account (since it takes them at least 48 hours to get it in an account anyway). Monday morning I checked my account and there was no trace of that money. I called and she said the check was cashed and the drawer balanced out at the end of the day and that it was MY fault for not getting a receipt. I'm starting a new job in 3 days and have already opened up an account with another bank, and will be closing this account when my last direct deposit goes thru mid-March. Worst service I've ever received from a bank.

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  • A
    Reviewed By angelaira Oct 29, 2015

    Dishonest Bank - Horrible Customer Service

    My mortgage from my first marriage was sold to this bank years ago. During our divorce I called this bank repeatedly to get information and the file was lost. I gave my social security number, gave my old addresses, my name... they could never find the account and could never provide me with any information. I went through bankruptcy, I rebuilt my credit, and this year I finally got a mortgage and bought a house.

    The final step to get my mortgage was to do a conference call with First Tennessee to verify that the balance due on the mortgage was $0. I called on three way conference. They refused to verify based on me not knowing the most recent address they mailed mortgage information to.
    This time I was not going to give up or let them walk all over me. I spoke to three different levels of management, and finally found someone who found the old file, and verified the $0 balance. I was approved for my mortgage.

    I had a 710 credit score. I worked 8 years to build that score after getting out of the abusive situation with my ex, taking our autistic sn with me, and working hard and paying every single bill on time for 8 years.

    The same day this bank verified my address, they added this mortgage to my credit report. My ex had been court ordered to have control of the house and be responsible for both mortgage payments. I called repeatedly to try and get information to make sure this was happening, and I was denied information every time over a 10 year period. My ex had about 8 120 day late payments in the period from 2013 to 2014, and this bank added those to my credit report. I now have a lovely home, and a tanked credit score.

    I hate this company. I hope Karma visits them for what they have now done to my son and I. I am in the process of disputing this with all of the credit bureaus, but it is only fair to warn people that they are crooked liars.

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