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Oceanfirst Bank has 52 branches in their region. This traditional brick and mortar bank is a growing regional bank that can provide for many more customers, and most likely has ATM locations.

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Oceanfirst Bank was established December 1901. That's more than 100 years ago! It holds assets of 5.39 billion US dollars. That makes it a regional bank that most likely covers their local population well. A point to consider when choosing a bank is it's health. This bank appears to be healthy. It has a texas ratio of 6%. Lower is better!

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By ggs Sep 20, 2017


    I transferred to Ocean City Home Bank 6 years ago and being a smaller bank I wAS treated as a person...I had no complains about this bank. Then they sold to Ocean First and it's been a night mare. The person who's review stated that pending transaction were not shown is correct. Had they been shown I would have realized the 'available' amount in my bank account was incorrect. I had over $900 LISTED AS AVAILABLE in my checking account. I made a deposit of $275. and the balance on the bank slip I was given after the deposit stated the account had a balance of $1,218.84
    So, It looked like I had the money in my account to safely pay a $500 bill yesterday. I checked my bill pay and it showed all my bills had been paid. Still nothing was shown as pending.
    This morning I check my bank account to see that the balance was down to $80 available!
    Okay, I wish I had known what was pending because I could have waited on paying that $500 bill. However, I was glad there was no overdraft at least. Several hours later I went into my account to check on something in my bill pay for next month and I noticed my available funds were now $10. ??? I opened my account to find out there are 2- $35 overdraft fees. How could this be? I call customer service and found out that even though the deposit slip showed my new balance as including the $275 deposit, it actually won't clear until tomorrow! Ocean City Home Bank would give a slip that would show the dates the money would actually be available in your account. All of this could have been avoided if "pending transactions" had been included at the top of my checking account like it used to be with any other bank I've belonged too.
    I am gathering up my Bill Pay information and I am leaving this bank as soon as possible!
    I've been researching other banks in my area reading customer reviews and it's very discouraging. I'm now researching credit unions. I won't stay at Ocean First Bank one second longer than I need to.
    Wish I could give it negative stars....I HATE THIS BANK!!!!!!!

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    Reviewed By Stolenfrom Sep 21, 2014

    Ocean First Bank-False Advertising And Thievery-All Branches

    Ocean First Bank claims to offer"up to the minute details of all transactions" this is exactly what it says in their deceptive online banking page:

    -check your "current" account balances at any time. -see all your atms and check card transactions

    -view up to the minute details of all transactions. Really? Up to the minute? Current? That's odd because my account was not overdrawn when i electronically transferred money from my savings account to checking account!

    They stole $105 from me in nf funds just one afternoon. I check my "so called" "up to the minute" bank accounts every day! Every day! $105 in one afternoon! My account was not in the red and there were no visible pending checks in my "up to the minute" acct. I transferred $300 to make sure a $50 birthday check for my son was covered and so i could food shop. Nothing was not pending or visible to me!

    Maybe this is magically visible to the nasty,unprofessional bank managers! My account was not overdrawn! They are thieves! Be careful! I was forced to give a rating of one star because it will not let me post unless i hit a star for my review. My review is zero stars. This has happened before many times, not just to me, but also to colleagues of mine. Same story! Deposit times will be posted but pending transactions never are visible to the customer! They are a secret, i guess, so they can steal money.

    My experience as a whole(from your guidelines)is your employees are: #1-nasty and unprofessional #2-your tellers are poorly trained and give incorrect answers often #3 your managers are ignorant, arrogant and unprofessional and do not always return phone calls #4 i was reprimanded for "accidentally" going into your stupid atm lane and told to turn around and go to a different lane, yet i have seen other customers allowed to make transactions there! Your rules,guidelines,and all the legal garbage and disclaimers are not put into use, nor are your staff familiar with them! Yes please

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