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About the Credit Union

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Pentagon Federal Credit Union Fees

  • National Average
  • Monthly Inactivity $15 $6
  • Non-Sufficient Fund (Overdraft) $30 $30
  • Stop Payment item $15 $27
  • Return Deposit $5 $13
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Outbound) $20 $22
  • Domestic Wire Transfer (Inbound) $0 $10
  • Non-Bank ATM $1.5 $1.0

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Membership Requirements

You are eligible for membership through your employment, association membership, or volunteerism. Membership is open to anyone who is in the United States Military & Uniformed Services, an employee of a qualifying organization, an employee of the United States government, a relative or housemate of someone who is eligible, or anyone who lives or works at an eligible location. Additionally, your membership eligibility may also be established through either of National Military Family Association or Voices for America's Troops. Membership into these two associations is open to anyone for low, one-time only donation or membership fee.

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Latest Customer Reviews

    Reviewed By twighcb Jan 8, 2018

    They try to be helpful but systems and procedures are not up to date

    As a long time member I continue to be impressed with their phone support people. They are always friendly and try to be helpful just like your local small town bank. However, as they have grown much bigger their clunky web interface and backroom systems and procedures have not kept up with those of larger online banking organizations. If your support needs are modest they are great. But on more complex issues their support people have to try to find the answers from some other group. They are often as frustrated as I am. An example: trust account handling is a mess. I once had to take my trust account issues to the top level and a senior manager immediately contacted me and personally solved the problem. However, he could not address the underlying systems issues and trust account certificate ownership remains a frustrating experience.

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    Reviewed By Minnesota Jul 1, 2017

    Little help found

    I tried several times to call the credit union but kept getting a busy signal. When I finally got through it took 18 minutes to reach a representative. Unfortunately the representative was so new out if training that she didn't know how to look up my credit card accounts. I was put in hold so she could ask her supervisor for assistance. I had to wait another 10 minutes to get a response. What should have been a quick call about a fraud charge on my card took a total of 35 minutes. The representative was kind and tried her best but something is seriously wrong at PenFed. I have been a member for over 20 years and the quality of service has diminished lately. I would not recommend PenFed to any friends or family. It's a hassle. I plan to close all my accounts and start fresh elsewhere.

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    Reviewed By Dissatisfied_vet Apr 15, 2016

    Mediocre Customer Service

    I forgot to pay my credit card bill of $415, so I went on line and sent the money from my checking account at a major bank. I always pay my bills in full each month. My credit limit on this card was certainly over $10,000. So we the amount at issue is less than 5% of the available credit. Meanwhile, Pen Fed froze my card. The payment went from my bank to Pen Fed but it didn't post, so I called Pen Fed. All the agent could tell me was that no payment was received. I called back and spoke to another agent. I asked if I had mistakenly sent the money to a different (old, closed) credit card account at Pen Fed. The answer was Yes. I asked to have the payment transferred to the correct account. I was told that would be done. A couple of days later, I still could not use the card. Spoke to another agent, who said they were behind and it would take 6 days to correct the problem. I said it was crappy customer service and if I told her that if I said what I really thought she would hang up, but I didn't. Nevertheless, she hung up! I need to find another credit union.

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