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Too short inside banking hours.

All other banks nearby are open Saturday and are hope to at least 6:0 pm weekdays. Many new apartment houses nearby in fact 2 right next door and there are still persons who want to and have to do banking in person instead of online.

Suntrust Bank

If I could rate them lower than one star I would

I have NEVER in my life given a bad review, however, I think people need to know that this bank is absolutely HORRIBLE! I have a car loan with them, and called in January to change the bank to which my payment was coming from. After two hours of trying to get someone to help me with the automatic payment switch- I THOUGHT it was finally fixed. However, it was not. I tried multiple times to get this situation sorted out, but in the meantime received two late fees because of errors on THEIR PART. I have been a loyal customer (never missed a payment) for four years, and they refuse to refund me the money for the fees even though the lady in research who had to listen to our phone call concluded that there were clear misunderstandings in the conversation. This is all because the lady in the tech department had NO IDEA on how to instruct me on how to change my automatic payment online. They spent five hours total going back and forth with me, and doing their "research" on the phone calls when they could have just refunded me the $32 instead. They spent more money paying their employees to refuse my request, than they would have if they just refunded me the money I did NOT deserve to be charged. That is how much their customers are worth to them. I will never use them again, and I strongly suggest you do not either!

Synchrony Bank

Don't do it! They are TERRIBLE!

I called and spoke to several people. No one could help me! They kept telling me the system generates its own balances and there is nothing they could do. So... robots basically run this bank and they refuse to work with any normal human being on a fixed income. Their sense of banking is disappointing, to say the least. Do NOT miss a payment or they will nickel, dime, and quarter your pants off. I explained my situation over and over and they just wanted more money than I could give. I would not do this again with Synchrony Bank. I will never advise someone else to do it either. One man was especially rude. They kept acting like I had hidden money somewhere. That I would get unexpected money in my account out of the blue. They operate in fairyland! Wouldn't that be nice! I have always made my payments on time, and have always paid more than the amount. My credit score was slowly going up and I was so happy, and now it is tanked after one payment missed. I am so disappointed and I feel so defeated! I wouldn't give them even half a star if that was an option.

Associated Bank

100% Incredible experience

On Friday , May 26th I went into this branch to cash a check. The check was written on an account at the bank, but I was not an account holder at Associated. The teller directed me to a personal banker to have the check approved. That person was Leann Hassler, Senior Banker at the branch.

Instead of the runaround I was expecting, Leann was very cordial and took a few minutes to ask some simple questions. She quickly put me at ease and listened to my concerns regarding opening an account. An hour later I walked out completely situated and feeling terrific about the experience. She opened the accounts we decided would fit best and made the entire process completely pain free.

I've had numerous bank relationships in many different states and cities; but I've never been treated with more respect and willingness to actually help a situation than I was by Leann. Mine was a small check, but she treated me as though I was the biggest depositor of the bank. I cannot recommend this branch and especially Leann Hassler enough!

IBC Bank

Poor Service

Setup online banking and was a nightmare. Each and every time when trying to access account online, IBC blocks access and demands to verify security access code which they then call you, you have to enter 1, then write down code, go back to online account, enter code, then maybe can see/review your account. Why necessary every time even when you have a valid id and password? Called them for assistance and not much help other than say, oh, you need to register each and every device ( laptops, tablets, phones, etc) with them or you get blocked out from accessing your bank account. No other bank requires that. Even when can access account online, website is confusing. * Find another bank, any bank, just not IBC.

Wells Fargo

Horrible Banking and Horrible Customer Service

A year ago, i went to buy furniture at BOBs and they applied for a preapproved loan, which ended up being Wells Fargo. At that point, i was under the assumption that i would be charged 28% on my outstanding balance, but what i did not know is that i would be charge 28% on the loan i took but, not on the outstanding balance a year after.

A year after, that is on May 2017, the outstanding balance was 300$. To my surprise, i ended up being charged 340$, way more than the outstanding balance. On reaching out to the customer care, I was forwarded to Michelle , supervisor at the wells fargo. She blamed me for not being cognizant of the 28% charge on the loan amount. On asking her if she could waive off the 340$ if i paid off the full 300$ right at the moment, she refused to do so, stating that i should have reached out to them 20days prior and they would have done something about it.

She waived off 50.99$ of the charge after i paid off the rest 340+300-50.99. I had her close my account immediately.

Stay away from anything to do with wells fargo. They definitely, will not put the customer's satisfaction or to offer a better service.

The Bank of Bennington

Terrible Customer service

Had to help my parents out with their mortgage and was meant head on with some of the rudest people. No help only resistance. This is after they gave my parents,at 70 years old, a 30 year mortgage for 8.5% interest (parents have excellent credit too)
Needless to say withdrew money and remortgaged elsewhere. Loan sharks

Nationwide Bank

Account lock down, they have my money for 12 months! Still have my money!

In 2015 I opened a bank account at Nationwide Bank via internet. I use few times the bank but never overdraft them (I printed all statements from the date of opening the account)
In March 2016, I deposit a check in my step daughter name, that check comes from a tax agency, and belongs to her tax refund for the amount of 2760.00 (I have the check images on file). Nationwide have an application by phone where you can deposit checks, since my step daughter don't have a bank account at the time I deposited the check, third part check in my account. In the bank policy about third part checks said is a sole discretion of the bank to place the funds on your account or return the check. Well, nationwide cash the check and one day after they frozen my account. I was unable to see the balance or anything regarding the account. I call them and they direct me to the bank fraud department email (I have all records of emails from and to the bank in my email folders) after asking for my us passport, proof of address, utility bills, my step daughter information, copies of ID's, everything, they told me that the money will be release in one or two days, 12 months past by, my step daughter call to the IRS but the Check deposited (a good one ) was provided by a tax agency for those services they pay you in advance. The IRS check the records and everything was in order, we sent to them the IRS taxes copies. My step daughter get a letter from the check issue financial company to tell Nationwide to return the funds to the original check issue ( one of the solutions) nothing, Nationwide held the money until last week, March 14,2017, when I was able to enter to the online banking they where taking account maintenance fees for 12 months. I said ok, at least I can pay the money to my step daughter, wrong, the bank never replace me the debit card , the debit card was stoped for fraud? What fraud? Well, I send her 100 dollars via bill payment to her bank, and 900 after that (limited to send money $1000 at month. I send the money to the same person named in the original check, my step daughter. Well, the bank yesterday frozen my account again, and keeps around 1515 something in to my account. I call the bank and they asked me for the same paperwork sent to them one year ago, I resent them all papers again, current bills with my current and same address. I have read many people accounts was frozen by this bank for no reason. They takes maintenance fees from your account and you can't use your own money. The bank refuse to close my account and send me a balance check. Run away from this bank!

BMO Harris Bank


Being new to MN, I do not have an account yet. But the hospital I work for does their banking with this company. I have been cashing my payroll checks without too many issues until today. L**** K*********** refused to cash my check, which was written from a BMO account, until he could verify that I truly was an employee at the hospital. Even though I had proper identification and a REAL check, I had to drive home and get my hospital ID and payroll stubs! I know for a fact that this isn't a standard requirement, since I've never had to do this before. I suppose I just didn't look the part today. I guess walking in here with sweats, a tee, and no makeup on just wasn't good enough for L****. Thanks a bunch for wasting my time today! Glad I didn't make the mistake of opening an account at BMO!

PNC Bank

PNC Bank -- Wheaton Danada

This PNC Branch is by far the BEST in Wheaton, if not DuPage County! The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cares about you as a person and not just an account number. Some of the bankers have worked in this branch for over 20 years, they know you by name (if you visit them regularly). They also serve popcorn on Friday's and Saturday's!