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Capital One

Capital One Credit Card - Paying Under Minimum Results in Past Due Status and Locked Account

I have a Capital One Credit Card with a $10,000 credit limit and have had the card for at least 15 years. I have never had a problem previously with payments, I do not use this card all the time but had some additional expenses related to a new house, tile work, that I charged to this card. I made a payment of $2500 in August, and then in September I made a payment of $100, but didn't realize this was less than the minimum payment of $161. They charged me a $25 late fee, set my status to past due, and locked my account so I couldn't use the card. The next payment was due Oct. 19. After one chat session the did credit the $25 back to me. But my account was still locked and Amazon declined a purchase. After another lengthy chat session, with a customer service agent, and then a supervisor, I was told they could not help me. I had asked to have the account reinstated. I also asked for the name and contact info for the VP Customer Service, and they told me they did not have that information. I printed the whole chat dialog, and plan to do my own research to find the information. They basically said they could not help me saying they didn't have the ability to reinstate my account. I don't believe them. The under minimum payment rule is just another way banks hurt and cheat consumers. Even though I had never missed a payment, and had just made a large payment previously, and still made a payment the next month, they locked my account. Of course they did not notify me, and the only way I found out is when a payment was declined. I plan to close this account and never do business with Capital One again. They really do not care about customers! I would not recommend anyone getting a credit card from Capital One.

Ally Bank

Terrible timing and incompetence

Ally upgrades their system at the end/beginning of the month when most people check balances, has problems, and is down all day ? What incompetence. Maybe they've been hacked. I don't know, but I'll be closing my retirement and savings accounts out and moving them to a more stable and secure bank.

Bank of America

BofA the best example of bad banking

Where do I start with how bad BofA is? Basically, if I had to use BofA I would not have a bank account.

A while back, I financed a car with BofA and was late on a payment, not even 30 days late. When I went to make the payment at a branch the teller said I'd better go quickly and put the receipt on my dashboard because they've already SENT OUT THE TOW TRUCK TO PICK UP YOUR CAR! Sure enough, when I went back to my parking place at my work, it was gone!! And I had to pay the towing fees!

If someone writes you a check on a BofA account, and you take it to a branch to cash, they CHARGE YOU $5 to cash the check!!!! When I protested, they look at you with basically the attitude "F*** you". NEXT!!

One of my clients canceled his CC processing account with a volume of $2million a year and they didn't even call to try to stop the cancellation or to even find out why he was moving. In short, THEY DO NOT CARE!

BofA makes WF look like St. Theresa.

Wells Fargo

25 year customer, reconsidering

I am really struggling with an objective review of this bank given its recent history, but here goes:

I've been a customer of WF for 25 years. Until recently I was very happy. I also used to work for WF in their mortgage division in the early 2000s, and was very happy. They treated me well when I worked there. All this scam news is contrary to what I knew about WF during my employment. But that was then. This is now.

a) When the Target fiasco happened at the end of 2013, WF very quickly issued a replacement card with the chip in it without me asking for it. I was impressed. 5 stars for that.

b) Then, every time I go to Europe they are Johnny-on-the-spot in flagging a bunch of foreign transactions. I now have to call them prior to leaving when I know I'm going to be overseas to let them know to expect charges from there. 5 stars again for fraud detection (the irony does not escape me).

c) I went to them for some business financing and they gave me basically what I asked for (I have a 780 mid credit score and average $20,000 balances in my liquid accounts). 5 stars.

d) ATMs on every street corner nationwide. 5 stars.

e) GREAT iPhone app. Use it all the time to find ATMs and branches when traveling.

f) CC purchases and cash withdrawals in the EU transfer at par, although there is a "foreign transaction fee", there is no currency markup on foreign transactions. 5 stars.

g) When I buy Euros in the US they are efficient, offer a fair price (with markups) and do what they say.

Now, the bad part which is why I will probably leave.

1) You will suffer a "death from 1,000 cuts" in the fees. OMG! My CC fee for my business CC account carries a $150 annual fee which is more than my freaking interest payment!!! Fees everywhere you turn, and if you don't stay on them it will never stop. Even with my high balances giving me a break on some fees, they still find a way to screw me to the wall. Zero stars.

2) I am one of the customers that had an unauthorized account opened. In May of 2016 I had a strange $168 "refund" credit my account, then the news about the fraud was made public.

All other stars immediately negated on this one issue.

I am pissed beyond measure. They refuse to waive my CC fee of $150 and have yet to offer any restitution for the felony theft of my money and unauthorized access of my accounts. Now, I hear recently-fired ex-employees have started a class action lawsuit for being fired for refusing to participate in the scam. There is also a shareholder class action that's been recently certified.

Yeah, Wells Fargo can kiss my rear end. I only gave them two stars because of the long history of good relations, but that was then. This is now, and I'm done. I now have to go transfer 5 accounts to another bank, which I'm willing to do.

Tread carefully in dealing with WF. They smile, then twist the knife in a way you barely feel it. It's only when you see the blood and then look down that you know you've been stabbed.

I don't want to constantly have to look over my shoulder to make sure my bank is not screwing me. Nor should I have to, which is now the case with WF. I'm done.

D. L. Evans Bank


We applied for a construction loan and were approved. We were advised it would only be a couple weeks to close on the loan. We turned our bids, materials list, etc. into them on Sept. 2nd. Over a week goes by, no word from anyone. So we called our loan officer-who happens to be the manager-and he said he hasn't worked on it as he's switching offices. But we'll have the appraisal ordered and in our hands in just a few days/week maybe. (Supposedly Weds). Weds. Came and went, so we called the following Monday. The appraisal had been sitting in his email since Thirsday, hasn't looked at it yet. We finally received it Weds. Then a couple days later he calls us- he lost our tax returns and needs another copy, so closing was pushed to Tuesday. Today is Friday, called him to see if he had a time set for closing on Tuesday. Oh, what do you know- our papers haven't been signed yet (by who knows who) and then the closing docs need to be created so closing was pushed out ANOTHER week. Their communication is terrible, never has he called us. Unprofessional and so unreasonably slow!! Today is now Sept. 30th, so knows when we'll be able to close!

Village Bank and Trust

The return of personal service and friendly staff

Rates and fees are competitive. The distinguishing factor here is the service. The staff are exceptional, and their level of service is consistent across several of the branches I have visited. If you want a bank that you can have a relationship with, and not just be another customer and face in the crowd, look to Village Bank and Trust for personal service and staff who act in your best interests.

Synchrony Bank

Awful Customer Service

I had this account for a year and paid it out twice. Everything was paid out on time and when I went into the store no notice are anything they closed out my account. If I had known they did business like this in the beginning I would have never shop or applied for the card. This is unprofessional business and on top of that the representatives are rude!!!!!

Santander Bank

Stay Away from Santander!

This company does nothing to protect their loyal customers.
In the end treat you like a criminal
1. On 9/12/2016 my wife's credit was ran by a branch Santander in Cranston, RI without her permission.
2. 9/12 a charge for $2.91 was made at a MacDonald's in Cranston, RI
2. Her online account that was hacked after 7+ years of inactivity. Her passwords were reset. Her ATM PIN was reset.
3. 9/13 $9000.00 was transferred from our savings account to checking. This was "not an issue because it is within their bank."
4. 9/13 3X$800.00 was withdrawn from a branch ATM with a fake card. Cranston, RI
5. 9/14 3X$800.00 was withdrawn from a branch ATM with a fake card. Cranston, RI
6. 9/14 $1215.80 Money Order at the USPS in Providence, RI
7. 9/14 $4950.00 Internal Transfer to another Santander Account Cranston, RI
8. 9/14 $3500.00 Internal Transfer to another Santander Account Cranston, RI
How does this not raise a single red flag?
Then we are never called back by the investigator or anyone other then the branch manager.


Unfair credit card application process

I applied for a chase slate card recently online on They said I need to wait 7-10 business days to receive a written response – approval or decline. Then they declined my credit card application due to too many credit card applications filed within 2 years. I called them and asked if I could call the reconsider phone number. They said no the decision stands. I have a 753 credit score. I make $57,200 each year. I also have only one credit card with a credit limit of $3500. Why would they decline my application? I have therefore been DENIED access to credit, which I wanted to actually use. Chase is a very dishonest company. Why do I also have NO chance to reconsider? Why do they have this unfair policy? This seems like it is just some big evil bank that is ripping off customers left and right and needs to be broken up or shut down. Since I have been denied access to credit, I deny Chase any of my banking relationships and actively pursue other more friendly companies. Chase you suck – very dishonest company. Worse than Wells Fargo!

Investors Bank

worst experience

I don't know where to begin..... the assistant manager named rakel Albert is rude and a very unpleasant person to deal with her attitude is the worst and I don't know how a bank keeps someone like her . I would not recommend this branch