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Synchrony Bank


I have a Lowes credit card and I was just declined for $3.79. This was both embarrassing and erroneous. Once I got home I checked my Lowes statement (which I had paid in full on December 2) and find that every single transaction since December 3 was double billed--totaling almost 16 thousand dollars. I called customer service and finally got through to an English speaking rep who informed me that they are aware of the problem. I was then informed that it will take 60 days to correct the mistake. Meanwhile I am renovating my home and am unable to use my Lowes credit card. This is a theft, and if it were anybody else they would be arrested for stealing/fraud. They offered me a $25 gift card for the inconvenience. I am so angry and frustrated but who do you take this matter to? Every person says "I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do." Let's make America great again. Hah!

Citizens Bank

Worst Bank EVER - no customer service, no responsibility, no compassion

I have only banked with citizens for over a year and in that year I have had nothing but a terrible experience. I moved to Massachusetts from another state and was forced to get a new bank since my bank Chase in isn't in MA. My fiance said to bank with citizens because he had a previous account with them and it would be easier so I agreed to. BIG MISTAKE.

6 months (june/july) ago I got a new debit card because I recently married and changed my name over. I went into the Quincy branch and gave them my marriage license and the girl said she was cancelling my current debit card at the time and would mail me a new one. No big deal. I got my new one and cut up my old debit card and that was that....or so I thought.

This past weekend I was traveling out of town for work and my debit card got declined so I looked into it and saw I had 4x ATM in the space of a couple of hours withdraws but my debit card was in my wallet and I never went to an ATM. My account had been cleared... panicking I called up citizens and the guy cancelled my debit card and said to me that he'd mail my new card out and that I had to wait until Monday before I could call and report the fraudulent claim since it was the weekend. Now with Chase, this money would be put right back into my account, but with citizens I have to wait to report the claim and then from there it would be 7- 10 working days after the claim had been reported. So I'm stuck in a town with no money, no debit card, and no way to get any money out because there isn't a citizens in the state I am in. Basically I was screwed. BUT it gets better...

About an hour later I received a missed call and a voicemail from someone at citizens asking for me to call them back. I did so and when I got through I spoke to the RUDEST person ever who no compassion or care for my situation and said that no one called me and that there was nothing on my file and my debit card was cancelled already so I needed to move on and wait until Monday. But someone did call me so I hung up re-listened to my voice mail and got the man's name and called back. I then spoke to another RUDE agent and explained the whole story again to her and she said that they weren't calling about my current debit card, but the card I thought was cancelled 6 months ago when they issued the new one, but guess what folks, IT WAS NEVER CANCELLED and somehow (even though this was cut up and disposed of over 6 months ago) someone in the Philippines was able to withdraw cash from an ATM from this cut up debit card and get money out. What in the world?? I said well since this is definitely a Citizens mistake I should have the money immediately put back into my account. But nope, she told me that it wasn't her issue or her job and that she only worked in the fraudulent claims department. I would need to contact the branch myself and and sort this out. She has nothing to do with it? WHAT? Like this is a company issue, you should DEFINITELY address this and show some compassion for this mistake your company made and the issue they put me in. BUT EVEN BETTER FOLKS not only did this person clean my account, but citizens then charged me "Foreign ATM fees, Foreign exchange fees and Because 2 of the withdrawls cleaned my account but they still got money, I also got charged 2 over draft fees" So now my account is in the negative, I don't know when I will be getting this money put back and I have no debit card and we are day 5 since this all occurred.

BASICALLY - do your homework people. Stay clear of this bank. Their employees have no consideration or compassion for your problems. They don't do anything to rectify the issue, they don't take responsibility for the companies mistakes.

I know if this was chase they money would be back within an hour and a debit card would be overnighted to me to ensure I was looked after. Citizens said they'd charge me a $25 overnight fee for a new debit card. What a great bank y'all are.


Shady Company!!

I signed up to replace my Google Wallet. I wanted to use it to transfer money to my son in college. I had no problem opening an account. But as soon as I made a deposit, they froze the account and won't release the funds until I give them a bunch of personal information. Drivers license, a color copy of my Social Security card and 2 months of bank statements. I'm not the first this has happened to. This is a shady company. Do not use them. You can not trust them. They will not close my account or release the funds unless I give them all the information. I am contacting my attorney.

Wells Fargo

Debit Card Fraud Protection--WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reported $2400 worth of fraudulent charges to WF the day after Thanksgiving (I waited on hold for 65 minutes to do so). Nothing was done nor was I contacted after 7 days so I called back. This time I was on hold for 75 minutes. The "banker" who took my call was extremely rude and would not provide a "credit" for fraudulent charges and then subsequently hung up on me. I called again on the 10th day and waited on hold for 65 minutes. Although I have been a WF customer for over 15 years I am (happily) leaving this bank!!

U.S. Bank

HORRIBLE service, and they steal

this branch and the ATM located to the immediate left of of the entrance are both thieves. The machine steals your money, then I have to dispute and chase my business money for almost a week or longer. This has happened almost 4 times in 1 to 2 years. When I contact Customer service and the branch, they are all lost, they just say "duhhhh, I dont know". Whats really going on, They are lying and stealing. I would NOT recommend this branch or bank to anyone.
STOP using them

Citizens Bank

Worst Excuse for A Bank. Crooks!!!!! 1 star is being nice!

I have been a customer for 15 yrs and its time to close my account. Their overdraft fees are almost criminal since there are many banks (Citibank, Ally) that do not charge for overdrafts at all. And some, will only charge 1 per day max. They use shady tactics such as posting checks or transactions during overnight hours than posting them to the day before, causing an overdraft. I had a transaction that was put in hold status which removed the money from my available funds then posted a week later, causing another overdraw. Technically, the account was in the positive and was charged twice. Nothing was done. They will sometimes waive the overdraft fee but only once per year. This bank is so crooked that I would not want to bank with them again. I will let everyone know not to bank with Citizens Bank.




BB&T took over Citibank and they are the worst ever. They started charging me over drafts fees for money transfer into a student account. The money was in there when the transfers take place and now they are charging me overdraft fees on my debt card too. I'm done with this bank.

PNC Bank

Worst .. Bank ... EVER. Sneaky with FEES.

I had received a large insurance payout three years ago (my mother passed away) and decided to open two accounts at my local PNC branch. I only used these accounts a few times over the years to help me purchase a new home, etc... I felt relatively safe knowing I had checked off every "alert" available that would send me email/text in case something was happening in these accounts, one in particular being "fee avoidance". Well guess what! While I was feeling confident my money was being loved and appreciated, my checking account was being pilfered with $25 fees each month because I fell below a $$$ threshold. All total - $175 quietly taken out of my account while no alerts were EVER sent. When questioning the CSR, I was told that "alerts don't cover that". What?!?!? They would only consider refunding me two months worth. Merry Christmas. I closed my accounts ASAP and will never bank there again.


Key bank frustrations

I was patient when First Niagra switched to key bank however it's been quite a while since everything switched and I have nothing but trouble. My ATM never works causing something that should take 2 min to take over a half hour of waiting in a line full of other frustrated customers. Mobile banking also hasn't worked for weeks...when I called customer service to let them know they told me it was my error not theirs. I called back 3 days later to let know it still doesn't work and it's not my error to be told that they just reported it the day before despite me calling 3 days prior. Not one person has been helpful for the sole reason is there is nothing that they can do. Key bank should have considered all of these things before inconveniencing tons of people. If things are not fixed by the start of the new year I will get a new bank because key bank obviously has alot to learn about banking


My Credit Union is better.

I signed up for the Simple card when Google stopped supporting their Google Wallet card in the first half of 2016. That Google card was the best. I could transfer money from my bank to the card in seconds. That was handy for when I was at a gas station and didn't want to use my debit card. Not enough on the card? No problem! Just a click away.

When Google Wallet stopped supporting the card, they suggested, among others, Simple as a replacement. Talk about adding insult to injury. Simple is in absolutely no way equivalent to Google Wallet. The big, killer disadvantage is the three day waiting period (three BUSINESS days, mind you) for money to transfer from your bank account to your Simple card. In other words, it is absolutely no better than a pre-paid card you can get at a gas station.

One advantage is the ability of taking a photo of your check and uploading it. Of course, this was cutting-edge technology six months ago, but it's increasingly common and is not a game changer. And, of course, you have to wait days for your funds to be available -- even if it's a payroll check, which in my credit union will clear on the same day as deposit.

My credit union is better. Simple isn't.