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Valley National Bank

Valley National North Brunswick rt.27

Zero stars is more like it. Worse bank i have ever dealt with. They cause your account to be overdrawn and then charge you an insufficient fund fee. I can't afford to bank at Valley National. And it's almost impossible to find anyone to help because they all claim to not have authority to protect your money. I banked with Valley for 1 year and it's been the worst decision i have ever made. Their system is so out dated. They don't even have the machine that counts the money (they sit there with their calculator and adding machine and sometimes called over another teller to recount the bills). It's a joke how they always ask you to call the 800 number to correct errors because they are not authorized to fix errors that they caused. I swear I think they have a big mattress in the back that they put our money under. Your cash is unprotected. I spoke to them about a transaction that was incorrectly put on my account from a third party (being that it was pending, i let them know that it wasn't authorized by me). They told me there wasn't anything that they can do. I felt that my money was so unprotected and that eventhough I was asking them to note that this was an unauthorized transaction, they did nothing. I called the third party and they removed the charge and apologized for the error. I called back Valley and they had nothing to say. I have had so many problems with my account that I am just waiting for my direct deposit to post and then I will close out my checking as i just closed out my savings account.


Unacceptable service

I am a former First Niagara customer who was never mailed a welcome kit, which was just the start of this horrific journey with Key Bank. Here it is about 4 months later and I still have not received the welcome kit. Because of that, I had no idea my bank was even changing, never mind not knowing about my account being frozen on the weekend of the transition. I couldn't access my money for days and no one cares that I wasn't informed. I wrote to the corporate office a number of times (because you can't call them....seriously?) -'d it takes weeks for them to get back to me. Their first response was an apology with a $50 gift card offer, and that was almost 2 months ago and I haven't seen it yet! They wrote to me about 3 weeks after saying they would mail it to ask if my address changed because the fist card was returned. I told them it is the SAME address they print on my checks and charge me for! They came back with "oops, we were kissing a digit in your zip code". So here I am about a month and a half later and still no card. And I once again asked for my welcome kit. At this point they should be sending me more than $50 for all my inconvenience. Recently I deposited a very large check, now with First Niagara it would have cleared the next day. But no, Key Bank allowed me access to $100 right away (big deal) and another $5,000 the following Wednesday and then I can access the rest the following Wednesday. What in earth is that? Apparently it's their "policy" but it seems like they don't have enough money to just cash my check in full. So I once again wrote to corporate with no response. I work for a large company and I would NEVER treat my customers like this! This is unacceptable and I'm leaving his bank the first chance I get! I'm so disappointed that I have had to work harder at remaining a Key Bank customer, than they worked to try and keep me. Oh, by the way...I still have not record my welcome kit which was all I ever really wanted!

Tri Counties Bank

For Megan

I'm a new member but this post is not a bank review although it does reflect good things do to the content thereof. This is my way of saying thank you to Megan (Hope spelling is correct) of the Arcata ca branch. I had almost a hundred dollars (Devastating to me) frogently taken out of my account online. The bank I previously had put me through hell as though I was guilty of something before I could talk to the proper agent and then I would have to explain what is happening all over again. Megan is genuinely sweet and funny & very professional and through her charm, she even managed to turn this into an almost pleasurable experience First, she completely relaxed me by her tone of voice and reassuring me right from the beginning (so important) that this will be resolved. The end result was my money was put back in my account and the insufficient funds I got due to this was also back in my account and a new debit card sent to me. Some might say that she was just doing her job and that's what she get's paid for. Then why is this not the normal standard everywhere else? Megan is the one I ask for if I have any trouble and I most highly recommend her. My own personal banker who alway's has my back. WOW! That's a first.

Bank of America

Very poor customer service

I am completely disgusted with Bank Of America's customer service. Every year they seem to provide less and less. Unfortunately, my home mortgage is through them and moving it will be expensive. Used to be good years ago. My local branch is extremely incompetent. Look forward to moving my business this year.

Suntrust Bank

Very Poor Customer Service

This bank's customer service team does not know anything about customer service and every time I call them with a question they direct me to the branch. I have a checking and a savings accounts with them, and I called the wire transfer 800 number today to ask how much is the fee for wire transfers and the lady answered my call didn't tell me the information I needed and lectured me that I have to go to the branch as if this fees knowledge is a national security secret. This isn't my first time asking them for some information and they refuse to give it to me and direct me to the branch. I'm closing my account and advise all people to think very good before opening an account with them.


Do not ask questions about your account

If you have a question about your account you are expected to know the Huntington Bank department that can answer that question via phone support. For example, if you have a question about an alert that is coming to the wrong email address you have to know in advance the on-line support group is who you need to contact. If you do not know this then you will be transferred from department to department. Huntington Bank does not care about how long you wait between the transfers. The whole concept of FIRST CALL RESOLUTION is a totally foreign concept to the bank. You have a choice in who you bank with and Huntington should not be one of the choices

BMO Harris Bank

Worst experience for a first- time home buyer

Getting a morgage loan was difficult even though I had all my paperwork in, a realtor that was on top of it, and a very good credit score. My loan officer lost paperwork several times, forgot to order my home inspection, and then quit two weeks before closing.
I could chalk it up to one employee being a bad apple_ but now I have a whole new issue.
I received the loan, after holding the banks hand through the process. I send in my first payment, and they code it for a much lower amount then what it should be. My bank calls, corrects the issue, and they receive their payment. Except they never document this. So I'm getting hit with late fees, and 800 dollars is "gone". So to stop the late fees I give them 900 dollars to get current. I'm calling every month to get this corrected. I've talked to 6 people. I've submitted documentation. Now, they say it's all taken care of except it's still on my credit report, and the statement they just sent me doesn't have any changes except the late fees aren't on it anymore. Which I paid them anyway. They owe me a lot of money, and they need to fix my credit. So far, 3 months later I am still fighting these people.

Woodforest National Bank

Horrible Customer Service

I stopped in the Woodforest bank on North Eldridge today, January 19, 2017. There was only one employee working to help customers. The two females were busy gossiping and on a personal phone call, which they had on speaker phone. I was on my lunch break so I don't know why you had 3 people working and only one male employee was helping customers? Neither of the females felt the need to get up & help customers. They are too busy being lazy and rude. Is this how you run a branch? The manager should be ashamed of herself for having employees this lazy & rude. If I go back to that branch and encounter those two women again and I'm treated as unimportant because they think their time of gossiping is more important than waiting on customers, I will take my complaint as high up with Woodforest as I can. Shame on you for letting employees behave like this.

Synchrony Bank

Predatory Banking Practices - Beware of this Bank

In May 2015, I borrowed $7,100 through Care Credit/Synchrony Bank at the urging of my dentist to help me pay for dental work. My dentist explained that I could have 18 months interest free financing, which sounded. My plan was to pay as much as I could for 18 months to lower the balance, and then pay it off in full at the end of my interest free period. I enrolled in paperless statements and automatic payments to minimize paper and make sure my payments were always made on time. I have never missed a payment. Because I was able to see that my monthly payments were being made, I didnt notice that I wasnt receiving statements by email.
Fast forward to January 18th, 2017. I received an email from a 3rd party credit monitoring service, Credit Karma, telling me that my credit score had gone down because of a large increase on one of my credit card balances. I immediately suspected fraud, and at the very least someone had made a mistake.
It turns out, that the 18-month zero interest promotional period had ended on my Care Credit/Synchrony account, and they charged my $3,013.95 in interest which had been building over the course of the 18 months. And the interest rate jumped from zero to 26.99%! I was shocked. It didnt seem like this could possibly be legal. I had never been notified that my zero interest period was ending, and was never given the opportunity to pay off my balance. I didnt even realize this had happened until over a month later when I checked my credit! My balance went from $3,684 to $6,856.94 overnight. It was like I had made almost no progress at all on this balance over the last 28 months.
Immediately upon figuring this out, I called the Synchrony customer service number located on the back of my Care Credit card. I wanted to find out if there was any way I could pay off the balance in full before the interest had been charged. I spoke with a total of four representatives, all of whom read to me from the same script about Synchronys policies regarding this sort of thing. I was told that it is not Synchonys job to inform their customers that their zero interest period is ending, and it was written in bold writing on my statements (which I had not been receiving) for the last 3 months. They said that they do have a 30 day grace period, but I had missed that cutoff by 16 days. They were extremely unapologetic and practically smug about the fact that there was absolutely nothing they could do to help me. Even given the fact that I experienced a death in my immediate family, imposing additional financial hardship, made absolutely no difference. They ensured me that what they were doing was legal under fair banking laws. From a fair and decent human beings perspective, what Synchrony is doing is predatory, misleading, and unethical.
Doubling someones debt over night can be devastating for someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and only makes $35,000 per year. I had read over the terms when I received them at the beginning and listened closely to what my dentist knew about the plan, but I was never told in words and had no understanding that this would happen. Had I known I would have never borrowed the money.
I am surely hoping Synchrony will read this and make it right. Unfortunately after reading other online reveiews of their business that seems extremely unlikely. Beware of doing business with this company! I will be transferring my balances with them asap if they are not able to resolve this.

Bancorpsouth Bank

Over Draft done wrong. They dont deserve 1 star but had rate it

this use to be a 5 star bank to me. Now its as sorry as it gets. They cant wait to OD you. I got out at 2 am to deposit money to stop OD. Because I put money in ATM which I thought was faster they say overnight deposit is. MNow if had put in overnight been a different reason. I checked my account was overdrawned 63.00 At 2 30 am deposited 65. well Yes that was their way of getting money. right now I am 34 negative. How can it be overdrafted ???? No stars for this bank no more. This is how they get rich, screwing poor people over