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BMO Harris Bank Logo

BMO Harris Bank

Friendly, caring staff

I took my very young 93 year old Mother to this branch to deposit a considerable amount of cash from the sale of her car. We arrived about 5 minutes before closing as that was as soon as I could get her there.The bank teller at the counter was so friendly and helpful. We also set up an overdraft protection account although she has never been overdrawn in her life. We thought this would be a good idea just in case. The personal banker stayed after closing to help us with that and she was also so friendly and helpful. Is there a way to give them personal recognition? Everyone that was there was so welcoming.

U.S. Bank Logo

U.S. Bank

Fees are frustrating

I received a master card from my grandfather when I was thirteen. I am fifteen now and very frugal when it comes to spending money. I will only buy something that I truly want. Recently I tried to make a perchase using my gift card and realized that the U.S. Bank had deducted twenty dollars off my card due to inactivity for twelve months or more. It is too bad that I did not notice the warning they put on the back. This frustrated me very much. My mom and dad tought me to save money it is disappointing that I got punished for doing so? In the future I hope for a fairer banking system and my twenty dollars back!

Oceanfirst Bank Logo

Oceanfirst Bank

Lots of big talk, no action

I have been dealing with this bank for about 7 months to get a mortgage. I made sure to first sit down with the a loan officer and give in all my paperwork and income to see if the loan would work. The loan officer said it would work out great. Throughout the process they were literally so slow. They always had an excuse of not enough employees or the appraisal companies fault or they were merging. After months of more digging and giving everything under the sun and still waiting, they asked me for something which naturally will take a few weeks cause it's the builder which needs to provide it. After about three weeks they send me a denial letter on the loan because I didn't have sufficient information. Ludicrous!!! I waited patiently for 7 months to go through this and they can't wait for when they need something from me? They dragged me through this, took a huge appraisal fee and simply walked away. I wish there was someone to speak to but it's been so difficult to reach them after sending them messages to please return my call.

Suntrust Bank Logo

Suntrust Bank

Suntrust is the worse to bank with..

I can start by saying Suntrust bank will let people go into your account for a year stealing everthing dime then they start robbing you 36.00 at a time the to make matters worse they lie about the promises they make to you for your inconvenience we as customers are being told... I'm going do a lot better without have to put up with Suntrust and they B. S. Then to go to a new low they disrespectful Attitude about things they tell you.... I'm glad I'm moving on. Please take your money energy and time somewhere else... They go out there way to rob you when you don't have much to start.

Zions Bank Logo

Zions Bank

Terrible banking system and worse customer service

It takes a lot for me to rate something a "1-star" but Zions Bank has earned this one. First of all, who requires a customer to fill out a physical form anymore? This drives me insane. The tellers are all very rude about the form to. I'm sure they get grief about it all the time but, come on, customer service is what you do for a job. Talk to your company, give them feedback that you get from the customer and try to upgrade your woefully outdated systems.

Beyond that, their mobile banking is a joke. every 1-2 weeks my mobile app login locks up. It doesn't tell me to call customer service to unfreeze it, it just tells me that my password is incorrect. Once I call and unfreeze it, I can then log in WITH THE SAME PASSWORD I WAS TRYING TO USE IN THE APP!!!!! Since it isn't my password, I explained to the customer service rep that it is either their app that has a problem or someone is trying to access my account. If the latter, I requested to change my information so this would stop happening. I was told that I was the problem and they couldn't verify if someone was trying to access my account illegally. When I asked to escalate the problem to someone who could help me, they told me "there is no one that will take your call."

Sorry folks, the business accounts have to get moved at that point. This is BY FAR the worst banking system I have ever come across. It truly is a terrible customer experience and one that they seem hellbent on upholding.

U.S. Bank Logo

U.S. Bank


My siblings and I were going to switch to this bank for my mother so that we can transfer funds for her, well today 7/19/17 @ 12:48 PM ,this branch help make my decision today, when I walked in I was not greeted, while I waited in line I was not greeted, where as while I was being waited on the man behind me in line was greeted than told we will be right with you sir, hmm. Maybe I should not base my opinion on one rude person but people need to know , etiquette in customer service is needed , by the way I am of another race. The one star is for the polite cashier that did wait on me.

Chase Logo


Excellent Customer Service

Monday 17th July 2017 I went into the chase Bank on 891 Utica Avenue Brooklyn NY, to pay my credit card bill and to make a withdrawal of $2000.00 when i entered the branch i was greeted by a beautiful young lady and i look at her name tag and her name is Murella Peters and she ask me what i will like to do today if its payments, withdraw, transfers and deposit she can help me at the ATM and i told her yes i will like her to show me how to use the ATM and we both walk across to the ATM and she showed me how to insert my chase debit card and when i entered the card the screen was asking for my pin numbers and when i was finish entering my pin numbers Murella Peters showed me how to select payment and while we were doing the credit card payment she ask me how is your day going so far i told her my day is going great and i told her keep up the Excellent Customer Service she is doing a excellent job. and when she finish showing me how to do the credit card payments. she showed me how to do the withdraw from my account and while we were doing it the screen was asking me to choose bills and she showed me how to choose my bills and it give the options and when i were finish selecting the bills the screen said get cash and she told me select get cash and when i was finish getting my cash the screen was asking are u finish NO or YES and i selected yes i am finish then i selected yes print receipt then my receipt printed and i told her thank you Murella Peters for your excellent customer service and keep up the excellent work she is doing a wonderful job for chase and she deserve a promotion Excellent Customer Service.

KeyBank Logo


Key Bank- New York State Unemployment Debit Card FRAUD

On, Tuesday July 18, 2017 my debit card from Key Bank which my unemployment benefits was hacked and used to make illegal purchases in the state of FLORIDA. This is terrible due to the fact that I live in New York State. In, less than 24 hours I have spoken to three Key Bank customer service representatives about the purchases. Funny how these three customer service representatives have no idea how KEY BANK is either breaching debit card numbers. KEY BANK sucks! I have filed a complaint for all the charges. This is some type of online scam where DEBIT CARD transactions are being authorized as credit purchases so the thief don't need you physical card in there possession. I BLAME KEY BANK for this type of in-house scam. I want all of my money stolen off of my debit card refunded back to me. FYI: Do not due business with KEY BANK-EMPLOYEES OF KEY BANK- Stealing from customers debit card!

Frost Logo


Usually great service, sometimes that one bad seed ruins it all

I usually to always have a good relationship with Frost Bank - their in-person customer service is top-notch and helpful. Today's experience was no different EXCEPT FOR the actual person who was helping me with the deposit. Her attitude from the get-go was off-putting, awkward, and unprofessional. It was all in the tone and body language. In closing she didn't inform me that she put my 2 cards plus receipt on the ledge next to me (I was distracted with explaining some stuff to my 5-year old). I saw the stuff and asked if we were done. A short "Yes". My reply was an elongated "Okay". Today's service is a 1.

Fifth Third Bank Logo

Fifth Third Bank

Don't expect fast service

I saw a faulty charge on my credit card, and have been away from my home address doing 3 months of work. 5/3 wouldn't send a new credit card directly to the address I needed it at, so it had to be mailed to my home address and then my mom would forward it to me. Fast forward a month later and two replacement cards that never arrived, and I've been doing work in Alaska with no credit card for 45 days. All because someone at 5/3 doesn't know how to us USPS correctly. Oh and I still don't have that replacement credit card.