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Just another victim I guess..

Very, very long story, shorter..., I was with First Merit and had weekly recurring payments setup with them every payday, Friday, for more than three years. The same amount of money to the same accounts for over three years! Every Monday First Merit would post the monies paid to my account. Except when a holiday fell on Monday, First Merit would post the monies paid to my account on payday, Friday.

This is exactly what happened for Presidents day ( which was some genius' idea of a good day to finalize a BANK merger.. Cause there's sooo much consistency with banking procedures and HOLIDAYS!) So First Merit posts my recurring payments on Friday and now Monday I'm a Huntington banker. So Huntington takes my recurring payments and has them pending to be paid again on Tuesday!

I call, attempt to explain.. to no avail. In fact after AN HOUR on the phone i get transferred to a "supervisor" so that THEY can better explain to ME why I'm paying the same bills twice within 5 days!!

The supervisor finally seems to understand my complaint but tells me there is NOTHING they can do. Too late to stop the payments he said.

The payments had already been paid.. but because First Merit and Huntington had differences on when money gets posted I get FORCED to pay double on my bills!!

Seriously? An HOUR on the phone and that's what i get? Who cares? Nothing can be done.. oh well, not my money?? I didn't choose the merger! I get brushed to the side because of a very poorly executed one!? I did NOT have any issues whatsoever when Citizens became First Merit. That, to me, says it all!!

The problem is Huntington! I refuse to stay with any financial institution that cares so little about MY money! Zero of my business will ever be with Huntington Bank!

Take that to the bank! ( but not Huntington or you'll lose)

Cadence Bank


I opened a checking account with Cadence Bank back in November of 2016. I hadn't gotten my SS Deposit Transferred to this acct to this day. I wrote a check to a company which bounced, and I was charged $35 in my acct. When I got paid I went into the bank and the check that was being returned was in there, so I made a deposit to pay for the check and for the $30.00 fee this company uses for returned checks. Now here it is Feb, 2017 and that SPECIFIC CHECK IN GENERAL'S FEE has been going in and out of my acct giving me a $35 charge. I called corporate to this service and they said "NO, That fee for that check was paid, you owe us a zero balance. ( This company is sending me a certified letter this week showing. The woman at this corporate for fees told me that the bank is letting this go through, not them ) I went back to the back and told them, the company is verifying that the $30 fee is PAID IN FULL. The Banks' Checking Account person came out of her office to the front where I was discussing this matter and had my print out in her hand..She got a tone with me and stated" This check service company will change that number and keep running it..I thought WTH!!..So I then go home, call this corporate again about this FEE to the place of business that I wrote the check and paid IN FULL...They still stated...NO IT"S PAID... So I go back to the bank and told them once again....The Checking acct person told me.." You need to close this account and open a new one"...WTH>...Is this bank using my acct as extra income for them???..She ( the checking acct woman) Told me that the Branch Manager from this store, where I wrote the check ( which has been paid) was in their bank, and she talked to her about this..(((( I'M SORRY THAT WAS MY PRIVACY..THERE IS A PRIVATE POLICY ACT!!!..HOW DARE HER...Therefore, I have now gotten an Attorney and will pursue this to the end!!..DO NOT OPEN ANY ACCOUNT WITH THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!...FRAUD should be their name!!



my debit card was stolen from me with over 2000$ in purchases and there refusing to give me back my money which is federal law

Santander Bank

Potential Scam

I applied for a checking account on Feb. 4., 2017 as part of a promotional offer. It is now 2.5 weeks later (Feb 21, 2017) and the account STILL hasn't been set up! I called 4-5 times over the past 2 weeks to inquire about the status of my account. Every time, someone told me that they were flooded with applications, and that it was taking longer than usual to respond, but that I should hear back from them soon---never once did they give me a specific date by which I should expect the account to be opened. Meanwhile, I had a $500 hold on my credit card for the account. When I called today, I told them that I wanted the account processed today or I was walking. The woman on the phone (who was very polite) told me it could be another week or more. So I told her to cancel my account which she more than readily obliged.

I actually think this was a scam of sorts. They probably got more applications than they were expecting and couldn't afford the payout of the promotional offer ($225) for all of the sign-ups. So, to get around that, they just never bothered to open the accounts, using the fake excuse of their being flooded with applications. Sorry, but I've applied to banks who have similar promotions before, and the creation of the account is always almost instantaneous---maybe a day delay before everything is set and ready-to-go. I had asked to file a complaint with their complaint department, but they apparently don't have one, so I'll be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, instead.

Valley National Bank

Wont cash check for non-account holder

This is bs. If a customer writes a check he assumes full faith that the bank will honor the instrument. But not Vally Bank, oh no sir. They demand that you open an account. Here's what I say to that - if you are so desperate for people to open accounts then maybe you should rethink your general banking policies. Go screw. If I every had a thought to use VN, it's out the window now.

CIT Bank

EXTREMELY POOR Customer Service

I have several accts w/ them due to their high interest rates. However trying to reach them by phone is almost impossible. Waited on line for 55 min for a rep. I told the rep how long I had waited and requested she passed my comments on the issue up to higher management. Next call I waited 15 min gave up & sent an email they responded 2 days later. Next call on hold waiting for 40 min, it finally transferred to a person but the line went dead, I was disconnected. They need to have someone ans. the phone.

The Provident Bank

Long term customer

I've been a customer at this branch since its inception. This branch has changed drastically in the past year. Customer service is horrible. Tellers are clueless. I plan on moving my accounts to another bank.

Chemical Bank

Worst customer service, archaic business banking

I was with Northwestern Bank for years which I loved, not so much now that it's Chemical. The staff are incredibly rude, even though the branch I frequent is small they don't know any of the customers by name. When entering the bank, the tellers don't even bother to greet you! I was locked out of my business online banking and called "customer service" to have it reinstated, they treated me as if I was bothering them and then informed me I would be sent a temporary log in in ONE TO TWO DAYS!! Sorry but I can't stop my business for one to two days. I have NEVER heard of a process like this from any other bank. I wonder if they will be sending my log in credentials by carrier pigeon. DO NOT bank here!!

First Midwest Bank


The bank has a new policy to hold on to any cash deposits made by ATM until the next business day which means that cash deposited on a Friday will not be available until Monday or Tuesday. However if Monday was a holiday your money will not be available until Tuesday or Wednesday. This is a true gangster tactic artfully disguised to gain additional interest off your money. The bank has no regards to the major inconvenience it places on the customer they are solely concerned about First Midwest Bank 1st and foremost. They will make it sound like they are doing you a favor by reversing a resulting overdraft fees. If it was a check or money order I could understand but cash deposited today should be available the same day. Building customer relationships is a hoax. Beware.


Extremly dissapointed

I want to share my experience with Citi Commerce Solutions and their credit cards offered to those who request for one. I applied for a HD store credit card back in June and the Citibank offered me a credit card limit of 6k. After a half a year they actually do a soft request on your credit report to check if their back is covered and if the customer has the same risk '0' as it was when they accepted the application. On January 6 they did that to me and based on my "to that date" credit report they decided to lower my limit to 1k from 6k. "That's the bank right!". So I reacted by calling their customer service asking them why they did that?! Also I asked the agent to check if she can increase the limit back to 3k (at least) without pulling my credit report (common sense was to use whatever they've had from January 6) but I was wrong. Those employees are trained to act as robots (or as the "system" told them to act) and not use their brain, the agent pulled my credit report without my permission. I escalated the case to the ''Office of the President'' which sounds big but they can do very little. I've got a letter from them stating that after the investigation they've run their records indicate that I gave my permission to their agent to pull my credit report and there is no way I can hear/read/smell those evidence. So their understand/apologies and all those magic words is the best they can do. If I don't have any other questions/issues he, "The Office of the President agent", will have to terminate the discussion because I can guess there is a time frame they can spend on each problematic customer.They appreciate the opportunity to address my concerns" which doesn't mean it will be solved. Extremely disappointed in Citibank in particular and banks in general.