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BB&T Service is Terrible - seriously, the worst

I am building a new home. I spent SIX MONTHS working with BB&T to get a construction loan in place. I provided all the documentation, everything they asked for. They saw my assets and earnings and said "no problem."

Every week they asked for additional documentation. I have a credit rating well above 800, several million in assets, cash, etc. I just wanted a loan to build this house before I sold another one. Plenty of income.

I started the process early to avoid having the construction season pass by and push construction into the next year. Six months of inept BB&T incompetence. They asked for the same documents over and over again. They asked for everything from my contractor (license, insurance, etc.) and still couldn't decide whether to "approve" him or not. They waited to get an appraisal until a few weeks before the set closing date. They asked for copies of land deeds. Copies of financial statements. Wanted me to sell some stocks to "safeguard" some cash for closing. There was no end to this BS.

Finally after six months of wasting my time I decided they were just jerking me around, and decided it wasn't worth the hassle. I decided I'd just sell some stocks and pay cash for the construction, and told BB&T not to bother, I wouldn't be using them.

They retained my loan origination and appraisal payment, and several weeks later sent me a snotty letter saying my loan was denied! Can you beat that? They denied a loan I already told them I didn't want anymore, because they were too incompetent to get it to completion.

Would I ever do business with BB&T again? Not if they were the last bank on earth.

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Bank of America

Unable to find a contact phone #

Only problem ever is that I can not find a contact phone number on their website.
I know it can be done cause the wife once found it but could not today. No problem unless one has an emergency such as a lost credit card. Other than that I have been happy with them for the last 41 years.

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PNC Bank

Most inept bank I ever dealt with.

I have dealt with PNC bank for several years since I applied for a credit card intro offer they had. I have used the credit card frequently for the rewards that result from usage. I reap the rewards but usually pay off the balance monthly. So maybe they dont like me as a customer. However, they sent me an offer for a very attractive balance payoff situation which enabled me to clear 2 cards on which the 0% interest offer was expiring. I gladly paid the 2% fee, submitted the info for the payoffs online on July 6, and considered it done. They processed 1 properly. The other one they messed up 2 times.once before I called them and once after I called them. During my call, they guaranteed they would correct the mistake they made. Instead, they repeated the same mistake. I went to a branch on August 10 and spoke to a lady about my problem. She was gracious enough to get involved by placing a call to their headquarters. Finally today, August 18, the payment to clear my other card was made. While speaking with the lady at the branch I told her to forget the whole transaction. She told me I would pay a fine for cancellation. I told her I felt it was ridiculous that I should pay a fine for their incompetence. In addition, I paid $60 in fees for not paying off the other card as planned before the expiration. I decided to try to get it right for the 3rd time. It finally worked!

I have the interest-free loan until September, 2018. I have already cut up my card so that I dont use it by mistake. I have dealt with banks for 60 yrs.. And never experienced this level of incompetence. From the reviews I see that I am not alone. I was also told by the associate at the branch that someone from the bank would be reaching out to me to make sure Im a satisfied customer. Its been 8 days and hasnt happened yet. At my age, I dont even buy green bananas. So Im giving up on the wait for their kumbaya. I just will not deal with them anymore.

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Seacoast Commerce Bank

SBA customer

Don't and don't go with them. This bank is make everything complicate. Take so long time to process and need very detail of everything. If you don't want to suffer with the problem like me, choose other banks. I want everyone get the best not like what I got now.

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Green Dot Bank

I Need Help Please

I am the office manager for a company that has recently held a Driver Appreciation Day for all of its Independent Contractors. I received this Green Dot VISA Debit Card from a vendor worth $500.00. This driver was a Canadian and took his card home and attempted to register his new card. Since he had no SSN# he used his SIN # in stead. Is there a way we can get another card so we can register it here in the US to get this gentleman his prize? If Someone could please contact me I would love to rectify this situation. I spent over an hour attempting to contact anyone on this problem.

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Trustco Bank

Home equity loan

This bank advertises great rates for home equity loans. They state you can close within 30 days and that you can use the funds for anything, vacations, college, vehicles, etc.
Well, I have been dealing with this Bank for a month and a half, had to repeatedly send the same documents for review, some of which were meaningless, and then they "required" me to pay off a credit card with the home equity funds AND close the credit card account? What?? And, I have equity built up in my home of approximately $300,000! I have excellent credit (780) with excellent payment history on all of my credit cards and that is not what I wanted to use the home equity line for. They essentially are trying to get me to use ALL of the requested funds up front to lock me in as opposed to simply having the home equity line open for whatever I want whenever I need the funds in the future. I have asked to speak with a higher authority and no one returns my calls. STAY AWAY! There should be a class action suite against this bank for false advertising and malicious intent!!

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Commerce Bank

Worst Service EVER thanks to Commerce Bank

Hands down worst service I've ever had on a regular basis. Not only was I lied to and misled repeatedly but when the representative saw I was upset about it, she was beyond rude, placed me on hold three different times for no reason for 20-25 minutes EACH time and finally transferred me over to her supervisor Ty, who also astounded me when i realized she too was disrespectful. The following day I had to call to speak with the supervisor again and surprise, surprise I spent the first 6 hours of my work day (I might add) waiting to hear back from the "supervisor", again each time i was put on hold for 15-25 minutes for absolutely NO reason. After letting me know she would call me once my situation was handled to let me know i was good to go, i waited 2 hours before i gave in and called yet AGAIN commerce bank to speak with Ty and was told she had already left for the day and i was screwed. So not only was i lied to but I was treated beyond unfairly and disrespected. Within a short time i will be switching banks and will let EVERYONE i know and will encounter how shitty commerce bank is and has been. I will post something similar to this on every social account i have and on google for the next 6 months so that everyone is aware of the bullcrap this bank tried to pull after being with them for the last 7 years. If you want a good financing company who will take care of you and treat you with the respect any customer deserves i would suggest reviewing finance companies and STAY AWAY FROM COMMERCE BANK!

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PNC Bank

beware of atm balances

I recently used the atm at my local PNC branch. I used the "balance inquiry" feature. It told me my balance was one thing so I deposited the correct funds for an upcoming transaction only to find out later when the overdraft letter came it was another. I called, complained and got no where. I don't understand how their ONLINE atm can have the incorrect balance and then still stand by their overdraft fee. I kept the receipt of my balance inquiry that states what it said at the time was my balance. I'm guessing class action down the road. In short be leery of what their atms say.

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Synchrony Bank


Wish I would have read the reviews before I used this bank. Same story happened with me and my funds are now in limbo. Customer service was rude and not helpful at all. I will never use the credit card associated with this bank again and for anyone reading these reviews ~ don't use this bank!

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PNC Bank


I filed a dispute for a payment on 7/27/2017. The total charge was $195. I requested to dispute $125 of it however, PNC filed the dispute incorrectly and disputed the entire $195. This was the first issue. I was given a $195 provisional credit while the dispute was investigated. On 7/30/2017 I no longer needed the charge disputed because I was able to get in contact with the merchant and everything was taken care of. I called to cancel the dispute and was under the impression that it was taken care of. It was never cancelled. On 8/15/2017 I check my account with the merchant and see that $195 was reversed. This caused me to incur a $75 fee. I immediately called PNC and was told that the dispute was never cancelled and that the dispute was filed incorrectly. They told me that they will cancel the dispute and everything would be reversed and that they will also reverse the $195 provisional credit from my account in 5 business days. They also filed a complaint in my behalf due to the error and negligence on their part, causing me to incur a $75 fee. The next issue occurred the following day. I was just told that the $195 provisional credit would be taken from my account in 5 business days. But THEY TOOK IT THE VERY NEXT DAY! This REALLY frustrated me. All the while I have been checking with the merchant to see if they had received the payment back since it was reversed. They still had not. 8/18/2015, 3 business days after the dispute had FINALLY been cancelled I see that the merchant STILL had not received payment. This outraged me because PNC wasted no time reversing the $195 credit from my account, yet is taking their precious time rectifying their own mistake. I call PNC and basically asked them "if the merchant does not have the $195 and I don't have the $195 then where is my money????" At this point I need to know why this still has not been taken care of. Mind you, this is a deposit for an apartment so it is a time sensitive issue. The representative I spoke with tells me that they do not show that the merchant reversed the $195 and that they do not have it either. So the merchant does not have it and now they claim they do not have it either and I surely don't have it and I don't even have the provisional credit that was provided. So in all I am out $270 because of PNC's mistake and they act as if they do not even care to rectify the issue. I am HIGHLY upset. This has caused so many issues. I have been a PNC customer for 6 years and as soon as this issue is taken care of I will be taking every penny out of my account and I will be closing my account with them. PNC used to be a great company but they have really gone downhill in service as well as in their customer service. PNC has lost a loyal customer. This has been reported to the BBB as well.