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BMO Harris Bank Logo

BMO Harris Bank

Worst of the worst

If you're a Canadian cross border banker, stay away from BMO Harris. They offer you nothing but headache and frustration. Initial opening process was fine until you started dealing with BMO Harris Customer Care Team. They either had no idea how to deal with a cross border banker or no way to help achieve any resolution. Card activation process and PIN change became toothless. Their online banking system is below average when you could even get much better system from the smallest community bank at a border town.

I never have had M&I Bank in the past but as far as I'm aware of, M&I Bank had a much more interactive UI and people.

Just stay away.... save yourself some hassle.

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Citizens Bank

The Last Choice Bank in US

I'd like to say that Citizens Bank should change it's name to "The last choice bank" for one main reason: it has nothing in common with humanism. When you're stepping into the branch as a potential new customer they are smiling and giving you colorful suckers. Sadly, but right after signing an agreement there are no humanity any more. I just had a case with them and I'd like to write them directly just because I think that publicity gonna kill this bank. Looks like they have some financial problems...
Anyway, better be aware of this bank. There are better options for sure.

BankUnited Logo



Horrible experience with the bank!!! Home mortage was sold to BankUnited. Insurance (USAA) claim paid to replace roof due to wind damage. Roof replaced but have not painted 3 water spots on ceiling. I paid roofer in full expecting Bank United to reimburse us since insurance made checks to us and mortage bank. Inspector came out and said all but 5% of job complete. Bank United issued half the money but (Ann Marie Chavis-in the insurance dept)will not return calls or emails. Still waiting for about $27,000!!!! Its been over 2 months. HELP!! Worse experience ever. FYI- our mortage is current and never late.

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Bank of America

The Worst

We have been with Bank of America for years our kids accounts were there, it is easy to transfer money and out etc. But they are just so terrible.
My wife open some accounts at Charles Schwab, so she wanted me to check the minimum balance on checking and savings. I called and was on hold for 25 minutes, called Charles Schwab and they picked up in 2.
The worst situation we ever had, I paid the mortgage payment five days too early. The algorithm in the system applied the payment to the principal and then logged the payment as late, this was in December of that year. In February we start getting notices we were behind on our payments, we called the bank and after a month of wrangling got it straightened out. July of that year, another algorithm was run and not only made the December payment late but the following six payments as well. The helpdesk was in a foreign country, people were nice but could not change anything in the system, they said the to call me back and never did. I contacted the OCC and reported them and finally met with the branch vice president who was kind enough to resolve the issue.
The people that work for Bank of America are always very professional and very nice, the people that run Bank of America must be borderline imbeciles. If you want to be treated terribly, annoyed constantly, and feel a bit insecure that your savings are resting with an organization with completely dysfunctional systems, Bank of America might be for you.

BancorpSouth Bank Logo

BancorpSouth Bank

1 star is too many

Absolutely THE WORST BANK known to man

Ally Bank Logo

Ally Bank

Great Bank. been with them for 5 yrs now...

i saw a litany of bad reviews about this bank on this site and would like to share my own experience which has been very different from most comments here. i have been with Ally for 5 yrs now, most of the complaints here are about loan/lease issues, since i never obtained a loan with Ally, i can only share my experience as a deposit customer. to me, Ally is an excellent bank. i received my interest and principal per information listed on their website. i never experienced the "bait and switch" stories as cited on this blog from other customers. contrary to "bait and switch", i actually received great customer service. just last year, my CD was locked into a certain rate % which i later decided i to get out but the CD has already 7 days past the "10 day open window" which i can change terms. by contract, i would not be able to make changes, including getting out. however, i called the customer agent and she heard my situation and promptly allowed me to exit from the locked rate. to me, this is excellent service and great empathy. the customer support line is opened during the hours i called, as late as 9pm, although i never tried to call them at 1am or 2am, i cannot tell if their customer service is 24/7. the phone agents were "average" to "good", definitely very polite. some agents can use a little more product training but overall, phone agents were trying to be helpful and polite. the internet portal is "good" but not "excellent". for example, you need to call in to transfer IRA moneys, cannot transfer IRA moneys online without agent supervision. the institution to institution transfer (e.g. Rollover, Conversion) can take a few more days to a week longer compared to other more established larger financial institutions (e.g. Vanguard, TD Ameritrade), however, given their higher than average Savings and CD rates %, i can deal with these minor issues. i do like their online portal. very user friendly, intuitive, easy to use. the bank offers Webroot Secure Anywhere Antivirus/AntiMalware for free (up to 5 devices). Webroot Secure Anywhere is one of the Top 3 PC Magazine "Editor's Choice" (2018) anti-malware which helps with my overall computer security. nice touch i like. finally, as depositor, even with FDIC insurance, the bank's safety and credit worthiness is very important. based on survey from respected bank rating agencies, Ally Bank receives very high ratings. for example, Bank Tracker (this site) found Ally Bank's "trouble asset" ratio is less than half of "national bank average", meaning the bank has been able to find good borrower and keep the default rate lower than "average" US banks. meanwhile, rates Ally 5 Star, highest ratings in credit strength and liquidity. this is reassuring for depositing customers. in essence, i would love to deposit more money with them if there was not a FDIC insured limit customarily applies to every bank.

Renasant Bank Logo

Renasant Bank

If you are into cryptocurrency do NOT use this bank

I was recently forced to close my Renasant Checking account after being a client for 2 years. The reason? I used my own money(not a Renasant credit card but my debit card) to purchase bitcoin on Coinbase. I used this account for a variety of other things as well like paying bills and the like however Renasant see's cryptocurrency as a threat and therefore I was forced to close my account. I never overdrafted or allowed my account to fall to zero the whole time I was with them. Think about that ; Renasant wanted to control how I spent MY money and because they couldn't they forced me to close my account(I was told a cease and desist letter was sent but I never received it so they called and told me to close it). There are a lot of other much better banks to chose from, don't waste your time with Renasant.

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Santander Bank

main st n andover ma

In my 50+ years banking at Santander or its 4 prior banks I have NEVER been treated
as dismissively as 2/17/18.

Mr. Brian O'Halloran is a disgrace to his profession...whatever THAT is.

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NBT Bank

Highest car loan interest rates

I was surely ignorant to NOT do my research, when I purchased my car in 2015. It was a happy moment, and the dealer found NBT Bank to finance. I just assumed 6% interest rates where the average. Nope to find out shortly after, 6% was DOUBLE the average! I call it taking advantage of customers. I visited a branch in Manchester, NH on two occasions, to see if they could lower my interest rate...the 2nd time they told me they could help by refinancing my car, and adding an additional 6 months onto my loan, so even though my monthly payment would be a little lower, I'd be paying even more for the car in long-term. Awful bank!!! Don't waste your time, or MONEY! CAN'T WAIT TILL MY CAR IS PAYED OFF IN 3 YEARS, will never have anything to do with NBT ever again, and try my best to make sure others don't make the same mistake!

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Account closed, no appeal

Account was closed and my money returned (by check) with no explanation (other than a "security" issue). Unable to get any information by phone or through web site.