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Santander Bank Logo

Santander Bank

bill pay

I decided that I would try santander bill pay, that was a mistake, I had posted my bill to be paid with a date that the bill was to be paid (and according to their website that what I was procedure) I posted the bill to be paid 1 day after my direct deposit was due to be deposited that way I figured I would be safe but santander my bill was paid 2 days earlier than the date I requested it to be paid which made my account overdrawn and santander charged me a $35 overdraft fee when I called the branch to see why they paid the bill 2 days early I got a hard time from the branch manager, she told me that santander did not make a mistake but all the information on the account made it clear that the bank paid the bill early, after a heated discussion on the phone and me going to the branch with the printed information yesterday 08/16/2017 she made it sound like she was going to do me a favor and refund the fee I'm writing this on 08/17/2017 at 8:45 pm and the fee still hasn't been returned

Capital One Logo

Capital One

Excellent Customer Service

from the teller to the manager. Very helpful!! Highly recommend this branch.

First Tennessee Bank Logo

First Tennessee Bank

Bank officer incompetence

My family has used FTB in Brentwood for many years. My mother was recently hospitalized and suffered some temporary confusion. During this time, my brother took her to the bank with a power of attorney document he had printed from online. Bank employees notarized this very serious legal document, thereby invalidating one already made by a lawyer. Now that she has recovered enough to realize what happened, the bank refuses to let her revoke the POA even though she has every legal right to do so. I spoke with one employee about this and he admitted he knows nothing about POA although his name appears as part of authorizing the document. This employee as well as the branch manager assured me they would contact me within the day after speaking to the legal department, but neither ever bothered to respond. The negligence and incompetence is astounding and has caused a great deal of stress for a number of people. A bank has no business engaging in such legal matters as this situation clearly attests.

Capital One 360 Logo

Capital One 360

Terrible lack of options

Been with CapOne 360 for years (since they were ING). I started with them because they offered ONLINE banking. Online means I can use my computer to bank. Now they have switched to a mobile only app to deposit checks. NOPE! I want to continue using my computer to bank not my effing phone. Not an option. Who is the brilliant mind who thought this up? I think all my accounts are going elsewhere. Poor poor thinking on their part.

U.S. Bank Logo

U.S. Bank

Don't get teased by their HELOC promotion or any other loan promotion

US Bank has no intention to lend any money. They are just to tease you as they are so disorganized and chaotic that they don't know where your files or documents are /were/will be and therefore you will never get your loan. You are just wasting your time like I did for the last 8 weeks for a lousy HELOC!

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America

I hope this bank topples

I hate them with a passion. Because of them, I lost thousands of dollars, and they sent me to brick walls after brick walls. A friend of mine was so disgusted with what happened to me, he took his millions and found another bank. Everything has a life cycle. B of A's time will come.

The Bank of New York Mellon Logo

The Bank of New York Mellon

The worst customer service on this planet

Contacted BNY Mellon customer service once or twice a month since April to take care of an electronic transfer to a new bank account. Talked to 7 different reps. Filled out 8 forms and sent the forms back to BNY Mellon. The last rep. I spoke to was very rude. Since April one account kept getting sent to the old bank account. I have 2 accounts that needed to be taken care of. It took this bank from April/2017 till September/2017 to take care of this problem. I was informed the electronic transfer will be done in September. How incompetent and sad is that?

U.S. Bank Logo

U.S. Bank

Circleville, Ohio US Bank - Investment Funds Wire Rejected & Charged $150 - Thieves!

Was required by my retirement investment company to get a Medallion Signature Guarantee from my local US Bank, to wire transfer retirement funds to my checking account with US Bank in Circleville. Went directly to this bank and sat before the branch manager and she had signed the paperwork and put the banks Medallion Sig. Guarantee on it, as well as made copies of it for their files. I then overnighted that bank paperwork to my investment company as required. A total of 253K was being wired to my account with US Bank, in 3 separate wire transfers from my investment company, and US Bank gave their banks Medallion Sig. Guar. to allow it to be wired into my account with them. One day before the funds hit the account, I had called US Bank, to discuss options to move some of these funds back out of US Bank, once the 3 wired amounts, totaling 253K had arrived to US Bank. I was given nothing but mega questions and argument, when I wanted to then move these funds from US Bank to pay off major bills. They agreed for the 3 wires totaling 253K to come into their bank, but then when I asked to take it out, they refused. They then rejected the wired funds from coming in, that we'd just set up, plus they also canceled my checking account with them and mailed me a bank check for the $1,715, I'd had in my checking acct. with them. When rejecting those wires and sending them back to my investment company, they'd charged $50 per rejected wire for a total of $150. They did NOT tell me they were going to charge me $50 per rejected wire, nor gave me any options to pay this out of my checking acct. with them. They actually took this $150, DIRECTLY from my retirement funds that I was wiring to them! Didn't even cost anywhere near $150 from my investment company to wire the funds TO US Bank initially! US Bank had now changed the balance of my retirement funds that were being rejected and sent back to my investment company. To be in the right, they should NEVER have wasted my time in bringing them my investment paperwork for a Medallion Signature Guarantee, and even allow the initial wires totaling 253K to even come into their bank, only to reject the incoming funds and then deceitfully take $150 out of it, to wire them back. WHAT is wrong with this bank? They wanted my 253K in their bank, then when they found out I was NOT going to be leaving it in their bank, they rejected the wired funds, and deceitfully charged $150 to wire them back AND canceled my checking account to boot! What kind of banking business is this? I would NEVER recommend US Bank to have anything to do with your money. They are all happy when money is coming into their bank, but do NOT want you taking it out, as they believe you are involved in a scam when you want YOUR MONEY. They will refuse your wire transfer of money, IF they know you have plans to withdrawal it. US Bank is very deceitful in their methods and reasons to have done this. They believe they are doing good business and saving their bank customers from scams? US Bank is who is scamming, and everyone needs to be watching out for this, if you ever try to move major money into your checking acct at US Bank. They made $150 bucks off my retirement funds, deceitfully...that's a scam! Cheap, deceitful little town, can't move major money, even though it's legitimately yours to move. I'm so angry and outraged at what they've done with this entire process. IF, I didn't have plans for these investment funds already, I would start litigation with US Bank for their deceptive banking procedures, just for the principle of it all.

Wells Fargo Logo

Wells Fargo

Dont bank here!!

This bank is terrible the customer service is awful. Bothe face to face and on phone they make you think its your fault and they are perfect....class action lawsuit baby

Santander Bank Logo

Santander Bank

No Stars Bank

Worst experience I have ever had. From the beginning to the end of the loan application process, they wasted my time, took my money, were not reachable, purposely did not answer my questions and were just altogether unprofessional. I will never use this bank or recommend this bank to anyone! I don't care what kind of fake promotions they have going on.