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Wells Fargo

Bad New Website

I hate the new website. There is no longer a total for all accounts. Wish they would bring back the old site that was easy to use. I have expressed this in their "Give feedback" box, but sure no one at the company is looking at this. I will not be recommending WF to anyone.

Synchrony Bank

One star is too good for them.

Synchrony Bank took over Paypal's buyer credit. This credit was nice since it gave you added protection on Ebay and other sites.
Now that Synchrony has that side of Paypal, you can never pay your bill online, even though there is a link back to Synchrony bank. So you end up having to track a phone number to this bank.
You call the bank and they want an account number, which none of us every had as it was through our Paypal account.
If you can finally get to the right place to pay your bill, you have to fight for them not to charge you $15 for paying by phone even though their online interface has been down for 3 months now.
I forgot to mention you don't get a paper statement as this was all handled online by Paypal for years.

Citizens Bank

worst customer service Bank I've ever dealt with

I have never complained about all the huge charges I got for overdraft I have direct deposit been with the bank for many years my family has been with the bank for many years just deposited a check for $700 they are holding it and won't let me use my overdraft they see the money is there they know I have direct deposit and they are all nasty surely hope nobody there ever comes across a problem in their life

First Midwest Bank

First Midwest Lake Forest, Il

My banker was very helpful but then I needed to close my account. I notified her via phone and then carefully submitted a letter to close my account BEFORE a transaction fee of $25 could be applied. I called the bank 5 times and left messages after my letter was submitted. A real person never picked up the phone. So, I went online and saw that they did charge me the $25 fee. After 3 weeks I still hadn't received my final check. Then I called Customer Service, they were the most helpful and told me they would refund the transaction fee and close my account. After a couple of phone calls I was told that my check is "in the mail." That was 8 working days ago. Now it's been a month. I called customer service back and they could not tell me whether or not the transaction fee was really refunded or not. I'm still waiting on the check. Why is it such a major hassle to close an account and then they have the nerve to charge a fee even though they were notified, and did absolutely NOTHING. It really is outrageous. I decided to write this review because even if the check arrives, which it better-- with the fee refunded, who knows-- I will never use this bank again. There is NO excuse for not returning phone calls and ignoring customers requests.

Virtual Bank

Great rates!

I found out about VirtualBank by searching for CD rates. I decided to open an account since they offered me better rates than my main bank was offering.

Overall, I've had a great experience with them. Opening my account was pretty easy. I linked my primary bank account to make my initial deposit and the rest was taken care of. I really like the fact that I can quickly transfer funds between my VirtualBank account and my main bank without any issues.

I haven't really considered VirtualBank as a primary bank, but to earn a bit of extra cash, why not.

Woodforest National Bank

Good for 2nd chance but have hidden agendas

Opened my account with Woodforest. I had checking and savings. I would transfer money from savings to checking, but was never told it will be a fee. My account went into over draft. I called was told to take a test and send in the certificate to have my savings account fixed. But I was never informed that my savings account would be closed. Lack of communication, I was told by a rep that a noticed was mailed to me when I asked her what address she gave me a old address stating thats the only address on file. When I told her I received the mail at my new address she tried to say the letter came back not deliverable. I laughed because. Yes it went back but it was re-sent with my apt number written in. So somebody knows my address. Now I have to go back to the bank which is an hour away to see if I can reopen my account. Smh

Citizens Bank


I have recently had a HORRIBLE experience with this bank! I was awarded a settlement for a large lump sum of money. I deposited the check on 11-23, was told by the teller that funds would be available on 11-28, only to get there to learn they had placed a hold on the check. But GET THIS, the same day that the hold was placed, for "not being able to verify the check" the money was withdrawn by Citizens bank from my attorneys acct!!! Still trying to figure out how they withdrew funds, equivelant to the amount of the check, from an acct that they SUPPOSEDLY COULD NOT VERIFY!!! So now they are basically holding my funds saying it can't be verified, even after I stood with a teller for an hour yesterday WHILE SHE GOT THE check verified!! WHAT A JOKE!!! After the teller verified it, they told me my funds would be released in an hour, then after the hour changed their mind & said I had to wait until the 15, and didn't even give a legitimate reason why! I guess because it's such a large lump sum they are using it for other things and giving me the run around. They placed a hold on my check for 21 days, even new customers don't wait longer than 10/11 days. They keep giving me different excuses as to why my funds won't be released, meanwhile my attorney has had her portion of the settlement check verified by her bank and has been able to spend it since the 25 of November! My lawsuit but I can't spend the money but my attorney can bcuz I deal with a bank who doesn't do their job. I mean seriously, does it take 21 days to verify a check?? SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING FISHY IS GOING ON HERE!!!! And to think, i am a customer who was planning on investing thousands of dollars with this bank when my money cleared. So happy that this opened my eyes b4 I made that HUGE mistake!! Now I'm just waiting for my money to clear so I can withdraw every cent and take it down the street to PNC!!! PLEASE AVOID DEPOSITING CHECKS WITH THIS BANK, YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!! I have already called the police and had them come to the branch so that I can take my police report and find an attorney on Monday to file a lawsuit!!! Even if I can't succeed at suing them, I will do MY BEST!! And if I can just save ONE PERSON the trouble by sharing my story then that makes me happy....AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS IF YOURE DEALING WITH LARGE LUMP SUMS OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank Ruins Lives

When is there going to be a class action lawsuit taken against this bank? They have cornered the market with the number of store credit cards they issue. Is it even legal for this bank to randomly check your credit score without your permission and adjust your credit limits at their leisure? You can be in stellar standings with them, but if anything else derogatory happens on your credit report that has nothing to do with synchrony, they'll penalize you for it. And, the BBB gives them an A+ rating based on negative consumer reviews they've ranked positive. My suggestion to their account holders is to maximize your usage because they will screw you either way. Get them before they get you! Once they start adjusting your credit limits, it's going to look you have a high usage percentage anyway.

Suntrust Bank

Suntrust is going downhill fast!

After 5 years and several hundred thousand dollars through my accounts with Suntrust in St. Cloud Florida, I have decided it is time to take my business where it will be appreciated. First it is nearly impossible to get a live person on the phone to answer questions at my local branch, when there is no employee available then I was automatically sent to the Branch Managers voicemail, where I had left messages with no luck. I called the East St. Cloud branch instead and I did get a hold of a female worker, who failed to try to here me out, and took a hostile position against me. She then went on to be condescending when I stated I can take my account elsewhere. She said don't threaten us with that, before you allow me to see what she could do. However I knew already by her tone of hostility and unwillingness to fully understand my question that she would even be able to meet my request, but I allowed her to amuse herself by saying there was nothing we could do. I then said no problem I will close my accounts after 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. These employees at Suntrust don't car for your business. If they did they would treat you like the customers that we are not as if they are doing us a service. Suntrust has this mentality that they are the only gig in town. Well I got news for them. Banks and getting bank accounts are a dime a dozen and some banks offer a couple of hundred bucks just for getting one. Suntrust needs to understand that when they allow their employees to disenfranchise their loyal customers, not only are they risking their deposits walking out the door, but they are loosing their debit card interchange purchases every time a customer swipes their debit card at merchants. This is a handsome reward for the banks, see they get 1.7 to 3% of that charge in fees assessed against that merchant. So lets say for example the bank ticks off a customer who spends $50,000 each year on their debit card, they are kissing $900 to $1500 each year goodbye. I bid Suntrust a Farewell today and I moved across the street to another bank that apparently staffs enough people to take care of me with a smile, and as a test I called the new bank and immediately got an attendant on the phone. How refreshing....

Synchrony Bank

Disgusted--Synchrony and ANY company who uses this bank to service their accounts

I received a phone call that I must contact Synchrony Bank saying I was "delinquent on my Lowes credit card. I have no Lowes card now and never have. I called the phone number and was told maybe it was another company Synchrony services. They proceeded to say maybe it was Walmart, or JC Penney, or Car Care. I have PERFECT payment records with all three of these companies, $0.00 balances, again NO Lowes credit card. I was then passed from one representative to another. I am not Spanish speaking, but got sent two Spanish only reps. I then was sent to Synchrony Customer Service. Every time I told these people I never had a Lowes card. I wanted this delinquent situation corrected and if they couldn't do it themselves to direct me to someone who could correct. I told each rep that I was purchasing a new home and if they reported a delinquent account it would adversely impact me. Oh so sorry....blah, blah. Finally they gave me number of Federal Consumer Credit Reporting Agency which, of course, was not responsive to the situation. I went on their website where you can either "Compliment" on post a "Concern." Concern, are they crazy. Concern doesn't even approach the problems with this company. I can't do it now, but as soon as we close on new house I will cancel every credit card with EVERY COMPANY that uses Synchrony to service their accounts. I will then write letters to those companies to explain why I am cancelling. If companies insist on using this dishonest company to collect their money I will not longer do business with them. They are just as dirty and slimy as Synchrony. They have no concern for their customers. Should by negative stars.