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BMO Harris Bank

Managers are useless

If your are interested in customer service and having a manager to go to for any service issue complaint, it would be advantageous to place your banking business elsewhere. Simple statement and service issues are met with confusion. Don't even expect a call back from a manager if you are looking for one. Have my car loan there so I stay, but once paid off, Im out of there. Thank goodness I have other bank accounts elsewhere to rely on.

Discover Bank

Dishonest, terrible bank

My mom and sister both had accounts with Discover bank and have had good, uneventful experiences with them, and I found a great promo code online, so I decided to open an account with them. My account has been open for a little over a month, and what a nightmare.

First, they withdrew more than I asked them to for the opening amount, which left me scrambling to have enough money in my other savings account to cover a payment that was about to be due. It took me speaking to four different agents (and eventually speaking to a supervisor), but this got resolved eventually thanks to a competent supervisor who apologized for the agents who weren't able to help me/misinformed me and offered to cover any fees associated if the payment on my other account bounced due to their error.

We were back on track until today. Today, I found out that the promo code I used for the account was invalid. Or, to be more technical and put it into the words of Michael and Katie, the two agents I spoke to, "the promotion was still active when you used it, but you needed to open an account two weeks before you did." They said this was all in the fine print when they email these codes to people (but I found this code on a website which didn't mention this or say that I had to open my account by an earlier date). Did it show me the code couldn't be used when I was signing up? Of course not. Did I get any sort of email/phone call/notification of any sort that I didn't meet the qualifications of the promotion? Nope. Michael admitted that it wasn't very customer friendly that the code remains active even after there is no way that someone can redeem it, and said that he would send that feedback along to the dev folks, but that there was nothing he could do for me in this instance.

I left my bank of 10 years for Discover Bank, and what a mistake. I now plan to crawl back with my tail between my legs, begging them to take me back. Maybe I'll bring chocolates/flowers/a big banner that reads "I was wrong. Please take me back!" All I know is that I wasted a month trying to bank with Discover, and all I have to show for it are two very negative experiences and lots of wasted time on the phone. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake.

PNC Bank

Avoid the PNC in Dr. Phillips (Orlando)

I don't have a problem with PNC as an organization but this branch has some of the rudest customer service representatives I have ever run into in my life. No friendly welcome, smiles or personality at all!! The assistant branch manager, Maria could definitely benefit from some customer service training. She dropped my ID under her desk and told me to get it because it was closer to me!!! Yeah!! Just go elsewhere!!!

BMO Harris Bank

I hate the service

I opened a bank account with BMO because I got multiple emails from them. Once opened, I got to know that I cant do any wire transfers. Next, the checks I send don't get delivered.
Next, I left money in my account and came back to India and they said that its easily transferrable and guess what, now they are saying that there is no way to get back my money without coming back to US. I don't know what to do or where to go. I have been taking calls till 2am at night to get that money but they just don't care.

PNC Bank

Absolutely Worst Bank Ever!

My mother and I decided to close our joint checking account at PNC. We both went to our local branch with my mother's up-to-date (and balanced) check ledger. We told the teller we wanted to close the account; she merely looked at the amount in checking, said "OK", and proceeded to close it out. My mother asked her to check in the computer to see if all the checks written recently had cleared; she said, "Oh, they have," and closed out everything. Lo and behold, six weeks later, we received a notice from our local waste management company that the check we had sent them for account payment had been returned to them marked "Account Closed". And guess who got stuck with their $20.00 fee? Right! We did! My mother and I cleared things up with the waste management company (who lowered the fee for us), and then we went to PNC. The branch manager told us that the whole thing was OUR fault for "not being truthful with the teller about outstanding checks." -???- Needless to say, we are still out the fees and were told that we are basically liars. Hmmm, the customer is always right, eh? This was not the only incident at this bank; several months ago, my mother wrote a check for $7.00 to her church for their Sunday collection. PNC somehow interpreted this check as having been written for $70.00 dollars.(I saw this check before my mother took it to church - it was clearly written and completely legible.) They refused to change anything until my mother contacted her parish office and their very efficient and honest secretary told her she had the check and it was most certainly only for $7.00. Thanks to this very nice woman, PNC had to adjust my mother's checking account balance to reflect the correct amount. This is by far the most useless, idiotic and flat-out rude bunch of people I have ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. My mother has now joined my credit union and is completely satisfied with their excellent service and friendly staff. I have been a member of this credit union for 26 years and I have honestly never had any problems there. Please take my advice: DO NOT have anything to do with PNC bank. It is staffed by some of the most disrespectul people I have ever met.

Great Western Bank

Greatweternbank in mccook ne sucks

We had banked with them over 15 years and before that with tier one my grand pa was seeing
his brothers and families and the bank red tagged his account and called him and harassed him about him eating out and about using his debit card called him a ass hole that’s not right they called the cops and said that he was not taking care of him self . he was mad and called us we went to the bank branch that was casing the trouble it was a kid late 20 ??? he said he it red tagging all of are accounts i told him we are puling are account he told us good luck he will not let us i had to get grand pa out of there be for he got his but beet with a belt we moved are account will not bank there no more and going to sue them for what they put grand pa throw


Don' t waste your time with this company !

I really wish I could give this horrible bank a 0 as their rating! I signed up for the Citibank simplicity card late July ... September is almost to an end and I have still not received this card !!!! The reason I signed up for their simplicity credit card is because they have one of the longest 0% interest rate on a balance transfer. Its been 2 months and I have not been able to transfer my balance because they can't get the damn card to my address for stupid reasons ! I've spoken to 5 of their representatives within this period to check status on my card ! First they said they had the wrong address, then they said I had to receive a letter first in order to request this card again. After not receiving it after a month i started to get really upset because bills were due ! I called again and they said they "don't know" why i haven't received it so they were going to resend it. I just called today the spoke to corporate and she said that the person I spoke to last CANCELLED it !! WHY?!! I have never in my entire life dealt with such idiotic people ! I will never recommend this bank to ANYONE ! Now its been 2 months and she says that i have to wait AGAIN to have it get sent and they "can't" expedite that . At the same time I applied for this card I also applied for the Chase Slate card and received that card in 5 days of signing up !! I can't believe this when comparing both banks ! Save your time and go with the Chase Slate card if you're looking for a card to transfer your balance.

Bank of America

Customer Service unreal today 9/26/16

I have never been treated so poorly in my life anywhere. I cut my employee a work check and he was unable to cash it. The reason they say is the signature did not look right. Monday go into the bank with employee in tow, we are both at the teller. I let her know of the issue and she (love the teller) explained why they did not cash it. I let her know I understood but now that I am here in person approving that I really signed and this check was good to cash. She said ok and that I was free to leave. I stop to get a soda, headed back to work to find my employee there. Got into the office and found out they would not cash his check. He told me that the teller called the ast. manager for on override. The ast. manager would not allow it because she didn't like the way it was signed. I called the bank and asked for a manager, the teller was put on the phone. She let me know the ast. manager would not cash the check unless cut a new one and yes she was told I was just in the bank. I attempted to disagree, but I needed to pay my employee. I cut the new check and sent him back to the bank. He calls me in about 8 minutes and told me again the would not cash it. The ast. manager again did not like the signature. I drive to the bank and talk to her and asked what was the problem. I bank here all the time the tellers know me by name. She again said I would have to change the way I sign or she would not approve them. If I was that unhappy and had my card she could ast. me in closing my account. I said no we are going to cash his check. She said not unless I correct my signature. She went in the back and got a copy two of my past checks. She brought them up took my employees check walked over to me and said look these do not look alike. I pulled out my dr lic. and showed her that one not looking alike either and said they all look similar but none are alike I do not sign that way. I have a been signing my check for the business the same since I have owned it. Based on that logic you should have ever cashed any check. She then went inside the building (I has stepped out to make a call while she was in the back) saying she would ask the manager. The check was cashed at this point. I left and was floored at this whole interaction. What was the ast. manager deal. She was like a bully trying to show me how wrong she thought I was. If I am standing there the only signer on the account approve a check I wrote and then be treated like that. perhaps she has a personal issue with me I am not sure what is up with them. I have to see what checks are still out then close these accounts. I have a small business that is doing well and should not have been treated this way at all by any employee at this bank. Tucson, Az Campbell and Irvington. bank of america



They denied me due to a bankruptcy 7 years ago if they would have read my report I still have good credit and have not missed a payment in 30+ years even up to the day and after my bankruptcy became final and with my income I will just save a my money for 5 months and buy the 20K camper I want there loss.

Sallie Mae Bank

Stable and Consistent for 3+ years now

I came from TIAA Direct Money market only for a year. Their interest rates in a 12 month period were reduced from .85% to .45% at least (3) times in a year.

Decided to give Sallie Mae Bank in 2013 in hope that their .90% would not move 3 times a year.

I can say in three years the rate has not budged below .90% with money market. In my three years with setting up ACH transfer, customer service has been great.

Yes, there are higher rate banks like Dime Savings MM at 1.10% and even Popular Direct, a savings account at 1.26% introductory rate but nothing is guaranteed and when you read all the associated fees and ACH restrictions, Tiered rate surprises, you have to ask yourself, is it worth chasing yield on an annual basis.

One benefit is if Sallie Mae has a promotional rate for new customers they will honor that with existing accounts, only issue I have is I need to open new account with new 6 months rate boost and wait for new checks and updated external bank transfers.

Less headaches=more time, Sallie Mae Bank provides the best overall value for your money.