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First Tennessee Bank

Run from this bank

I used to have a F*** Tennessee checking account. I had given a company permission to take payments out of my account. When they kept taking more than I had approved a f*** Tennessee rep called me about being overdrawn. I told her I was being a victim of fraud and to please not give them anymore money. To my suprise she told me that they couldn't stop the auto payments and only I could do that. I couldn't believe what she was saying and I again told her I was being a victim of fraud and I would not be responsible for any future withdrawals. Well they continued to allow the withdrawals until they racked up over $1000 in overdraft and then closed the account. When they contacted me about the amount owed I explained what happened and that I wasn't going to pay it. Well they siued me and rather than getting a lawyer I paid them. I know this is unbelievable but please beware of this SORRY bank. George David Ormandy

PNC Bank

Applying for a Home Equity Loan

We began the loan process about 4 weeks ago. The first person we spoke to gave us the % rate and stated that this process would take 4-6 weeks. He told us there would only be a drive-by or desktop appraisal because we currently had a Line of Credit with their bank. This was done and we received a copy of the appraisal from PNC. We are now being told that PNC's underwriters require a full home and garage appraisal. This is because we live in a historic district in an old house with a 2-story garage. It is the garage that has triggered the full walk-through appraisal because it has "storage" above it. The garage was built to look like an old carriage barn about 33 years ago. It is not good enough to look at the garage in a walk-through, they require going into the house also. We were also told the costs would be about $222. After looking at the papers we received that doesn't appear to be the case. The person that has been assigned to us is also very limited in her knowledge of this process. We are considering not going through with this loan because PNC has misinformed us as customers. The complete process with PNC has been disappointing and very upsetting. We are being treated as if we have not been good customers or that they value our business. We are very uncomfortable going into business with a company that doesn't follow through with the initial product they offer. We prefer to give a "0" rating.



I can't even give any of the 12 different banks and the 17 customer service reps that I spoke to a 1 star. Lied to 4 times telling me they sent my car title to me, twice that they sent my car title to the car lot that I bought the vehicle from 4 years ago. ( I paid the car loan off in November, still have the car and did not trade it) was told I'm being unprofessional because I'm upset that not one of the 17 people I have spoken to since January has helped me. Worst bank and everyone that I have had a conversation with regarding this needs some customer service courses and need to learn how to do their job

U.S. Bank

Stupid and arbitrary online deposit policy

I am out of state, and received a check I need to deposit. When I tried to do an online deposit, as I often do with them, it wouldn't let me deposit it, saying I was over the limit (I am pretty sure I've deposited larger checks before online). They said the limit was $1500, and this check happened to be for $1534.34.

I let them know I am not in State, and would not be for several months, at least. What if this had been an emergency?

That no one could authorize letting me make that deposit show a very weak and poorly thought out system.

I've been with them for over 3 years, never had a deposit issue before, and have several times that amount in my account, so there NO EXCUSE for this.


A 40 Year Customer

I have been with Citibank for over 40 years - which includes New York and Florida.
Regarding the Citibank on Jog Rd and Boynton Beach Blvd - Boynton Beach, Florida
This bank has become insensitive to parents with infants, the disabled, and the elderly - especially in Florida. The present manager for the past two years or so has not shown courtesy to his customers. If you speak to him about a situation he shows sympathy for his
tellers. He is not managing the bank properly. You walk in the bank - NO ONE on line - and the drive through is closed. Three tellers perched on their chairs talking - but the drive through
is closed. He tells me he had his tellers take one customer in the bank and then one drive
through customer - for this reason there was always a long wait. I am sure with the technology of today, Citibank should offer better service. TD Bank offers longer hours, 7 day a week banking and a drive through.

TD Bank

Best Bank ever!!!!

This bank and it's staff especially Mr. Banks have gone over and above service. When I was ill and needed checks Mr. Banks delivered them to my house. I have been in Vero Beach along time with other banks and never have I received the service from them that I get from this branch.

Donna Flaherty


No words.

If I could leave a negative rating, this bank would get a -5 star rating.

BBT bought out my local bank in July 2016 and it's been the worst 9 months. I've had more errors in 9 months with this bank than I had in over 14 years with the former bank. From staffing that is nowhere near the need, to drive thrus and ATMs that are constantly out of order, to no one answering the phones or knowing how to look up fees to saying they will call you back and never do. Shall I go on?

Steer clear unless you enjoy constant frustration and a complete waste of your time dealing with issues.

Capital One 360


Suddenly I could not get online to either review or download my account to Quicken - 4 months this has gone on, starting in Jan 2017, despite several phone calls, hours on the phone, and broken promises that the IT dept would fix it (and was told this was happening to others!) NOTHING ! They..don't... care - (but maybe they do, easier to hold onto their customer's money?!) I'm fed up, and am getting my money out and will never go back. would have done it sooner, but out of town. now back I realized that I had closed the accounts I had linked with CapOne, so in order to get my money out, had to open an account at another bank, go through the verification process, and initiate transfers from that bank - Ridiculous - CapitalOne should be fined for this behavior, NO EXCUSE!

Valley National Bank

They charge too many fees for being a good customer! I am cancelling our account

My husband has been a customer of VNB for 25 years. They still charge us a $12 monthly fee and $1.00 ATM Fee. Most quality banks these days do not impose these charges. We will be cancelling our account with them shortly.


We're just doing our "weekend thing" - Logged On and All My Bill Pay Info Was Gone - I was blamed for the problem.

So Huntington Bank does NOT CARE about it's customers. Today (Sunday) I logged on to schedule bills to be paid and no "Payees" are listed, nor are any of my prior scheduled bills listed. When I called they stated "we are doing our normal 'weekend thing' and that's what most our customers are doing". It's 7 a.m. EST so I don't think they intended to have the Bill-Pay all messed up but would not admit to a problem but rather put it on the CUSTOMER (me) as I should be "doing the weekend thing" versus trying to pay my bills on my bank account on Sunday morning. They are truly deserving of losing a million customers over that overt, hugely non-customer centered approach. I am starting to dislike the bank tremendously.