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Horrible customer service

I disputed a charge on my account. I did not receive the service I paid for. The company after my research turned out to be a scam, yet they sided with the fake merchant. Never investigated my side. Cancelled my account immediately. Will use my capital one account who have always protected my security and interests as a customer.


Biggest bunch of crooks and liars

Right from the beginning I was lied to about opening my account there. I was told I would get 350.00$ bonus and free checking. I was told all I had to do was have direct deposit and use my card a few times a month. Lies !!!! The worst internet banking I have ever seen. I want to quit my job and just spend my days in front of a branch begging people to not open an account with this criminal organization close your account with them as fast as possible. Please please please do not due business with key bank. Absolute horrible experience all around. I can not wait till Monday so I can go in and close my account.

M&T Bank

I Can see Why Your Ratings Are So Low


I get to the bank on a Saturday afternoon just before closing time to get cash/change. No one else in the bank, I've been waiting 3-4 minutes, the teller answers a phone call, makes me wait another 2 minutes, then informs me that she cannot give me change, she already promised it to the phone caller she just spoke to. Uh, what?! I'm here, waiting patiently to be helped, you decide the caller is more important?! Really? Two other bankers were present, they all seemed to think that was okay. Terrible service -- bad service doesn't just affect one person, the ripple effect is very real. I will tell everyone I know not to bank there. Shame on you!

Astoria Bank

Very unauthodox bank if they hold your mortgage

I took my mortgage out with them about 11 years ago about 5 years ago I became disabled and was then layed off my job. My medical bills wiped out every thing I had. I went on Social security disability until I turned 65. Now I'm living check to check. I have had many annoying things happen but I applied for hardship HARP and was approved. During these last 5 years I send my mortgage payment for the following month the third Wednesday of the month. Several times instead of applying this payment as my mortgage payment they decided to apply it to principle , So now I start getting late charges. Called them over and over and was assured this would be corrected but never was. In January of this year I had and overage in escrow that the bank was mailing to me. It never came. I called again and again finally I was told to wait 90 days and call again. Which I did at this point they told me that this check was not cashed nor presented to be cashed. They put a stop payment on it telling me they would issue a new one that was in the beginning of April. I waited two weeks no check. I called again. Now I was told the check would be cut and mailed May 7. After not receiving the check in a week I called again This time I was told that they cut the check to the wrong name. I called again in a week with no check and I was assured the check was mailed on the 8th of May. After a week without this check I called again, by now I have had contact with more than 15 people including supervisors. Now I am told that the check was mailed on the 11th. after another week I lost it and went up the management until I was told that they would overnight the check on the 17th of May. Today is the 19th of May no check called once again to find that the check has still not been cut nor mailed. I have had it I need that money to pay for cancer meds not covered by Medicare or the VA. I cant believe a bank needs more than 5 months to cut a check the people working there have no customer service skills and are very inefficient. I think I will be dead before this check arrives

Bank Of Internet

App works good. Funds may be available for your grandchildren.

So far I have only one complaint - really slow credit on deposits through the phone app. The Android app works fine and the customer service was nice to talk to.

Phone deposits however, take a long time to become available. I takes two days for a deposit status to move from Pending to Accepted. After that, expect another five days to be able to use your money. This is creating a cash flow problem for me. I will have to move on...

Goldman Sachs Bank USA

Great Savings All Online!

This savings account has among the highest APRs around. Very easy interface to do online banking.

Customer service is very helpful as well although I have only needed to call once in two years.

Fifth Third Bank


This bank purchased my mortgage from another institution over a month ago and is yet to produce a statement. I have already paid a payment and have requested a statement several times. Now they ignore my inquiries. They told me today that they haven't yet received the loan information from my previous lender yet they are receiving payments from me... Seems wrong.. very odd outfit. Wish my mortgage was not sold to them. They are irresponsible.


Excellent Bank, Great service and feautreset

I have zero complaints about Simple, and that alone is impressive for a bank. Their app has always been the cornerstone of the conpany and it never fails to inpress me with the smoothness and the deep features available. Their customer service is peerless. One day responses, extreme kindness, and great conversations with people who seem like real friends.

I will never leave Simple and reccommend everyone gives them a try. It doesn't cost a thing, because there are ZERO FEES! It's wonderful, and the way banking should be.

Woodforest National Bank

It is just a second bank account for me, but honestly, it hasn't been bad...

I opened this account on a whim and never put any real money in it, or use it too much.
A couple hundred bucks every once in a while.
But I have never had a problem.
In 3 years.
So the bank seems kind of sketchy to me, but I haven't had a single problem.

St. Johns Bank and Trust Company


I love a bank with all the services of a big, national chain but where the people know me by name. And I LOVE their app!!