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Wells Fargo Logo

Wells Fargo

Unethical Business Practices

I switched to Wells Fargo after finding out that it was the most convient bank in my college town. Apparently, after speaking with my fellow student friends and class mates, they are now known to be a terrible bank with horrible business practices. They have really done themselves in. Wanna prove it? Thank God Apple created screen shots- just watch the random "cents" that change over the course of a week. I have proof to show- nothing to do with fees but just withdrawals.
First of, college kids do not have money. So changing a few cents every now and then isn't probably remembered or looked at often. Having $.64 to $18.97 is per usual. What I'm asking-- is for the TOTAL students that have had this same much profit is this company making of these missing numbers?!
This all came to terms when today I recieved a statement in the mail for my credit card for a $25 Check Fee- bc my autodraft payment didn't go through. HOWEVER, I went to the ATM the day of payment to make the monthly $25 payment. What?! This has never happened before. I have had the payment autodrafted before, but it NEVER went through when I physically made the payment to a teller or ATM...until this month.
This bank is using every small way to make $$ after their 5 million dollar scandal. A couple cents isn't that much, $25 isn't that much for a fee- but think about HOW MANY customers this bank has. There is NO way that other customers who make well over what I do aren't being stolen from either. DO NOT EVER USE THIS BANK. DO NOT EVER GET A CREDIT CARD WITH THIS BANK, and DO NOT USE THEM AS A PRIVATE INSTITUTION FOR STUDENT LOANS.

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Synchrony Bank

Absolutely the Worst

Rating? Negative 10. I have many credit cards backed by Synchrony Bank. I have been a loyal and faithful customer for years, never been a day late on anything - until now. I hit a rough patch and 3 of my cards that I access through got behind (I am LESS than 30 days behind as I write this). The first call came when I was 4 days late. The second call came a week and a half ago, with a rep who was so rude and abusive that I hung up on him. Since that call I have been unable to access my accounts via I called the customer service number on the back of one card 4 days ago and was assured they were having website issues and I would regain access to my accounts by the end of the day. That was a lie. I still have no access. I can't get my statements, see my balances, or make any payments because I can't access my accounts. When I log in I receive the message "Your account information is not available online. Please call us at 1-866-742-9858". It says this for all 3 accounts. I've called that number probably 30 times, it gives some message that if you're calling about a 1099C they've issued you press 1, for other assistance press 2 - it doesn't matter which you press, it hangs up on you EVERY-SINGLE-TIME. So, I looked up what a 1099C is, a 1099C is the statement you receive for a "charge off", where they write off your balances and submit it to the IRS so you have to claim it as 'income' and pay taxes on it. I'M NOT EVEN 30 DAYS BEHIND.. JUST ONE PAYMENT, THAT'S IT! Obviously that abusive rep that called me did something since that's when I lost account access, and the number the website gives me to call is for "charge offs". This has got to be illegal. They make it impossible to reach them since their phone system disconnects you when you do call. You can call the number on the back of your card, but you'll get nowhere and be lied to. I've now sent an email to their Office of the President through the Compliments/Concerns option, and a duplicate to their customer servicing email address and I'm figuring I'm probably going to need to send certified letters as well, but good luck guessing to which address since they have so many between Utah and Florida. I suspect my account access was cut specifically since I get e-statements, so that I can't pay my balances on-line and they can continue to charge me late fees and additional interest. There are so many horror stories here that maybe we, as consumers, should look into a class action lawsuit for illegal and unethical business practices. If I don't regain access to my accounts/balances/statements within the next 3 business days I will also be filing a complaint with the BBB.

M&T Bank Logo

M&T Bank

Terrible Bank

I was one of the little savings bank that merge with M&T. In the beginning they all seemed very nice until I got placed into another branch. I worked with an M&T that said that they have a master list of everyone they wanted to fired by the end of the year. That M&T didn't care about my bank and wanted to fire all of us. She would scream at me for not identifying people that I knew claiming that it was policy to I.d. Everyone. It is not. She told my boss all my little mistakes and lied about me. I was so depressed and miserable and I saw that my customers felt the same. M&T customer service is disgusting. They don't really give a damn about you or their employees don't go there. Take your money elsewhere.

Bank of the West Logo

Bank of the West

Welcome Home

Being new to the area, it's been stressful trying to get all of my affairs in order - and dealing with banking situations is never the first thing I want to jump into. Nonetheless I was beyond pleased when I walked into the bank and was met with welcoming faces of tellers and manager alike. Furthermore, it was nice that the manager took the time to speak with me and get to know me before even having to walk up to the teller line. He came across as both technically knowledgeable and humbled. After I explained what I was looking for, we walked into his office and got everything set up quickly! I'm one large step closer to calling the area home!

Bank of the West Logo

Bank of the West

Excellent Customer Service

I recently relocated from MD to CO for work. The staff at Smokey Hill branch did an outstanding job of quickly setting up my new accounts, put a rush on my debit card, got my online/mobile banking up and running, and transferred all of my automatic payments. The manager, Mr. Chisholm, was knowledgeable, professional, and followed through. After such a major life change, it was awesome to have such a friendly, welcoming experience. Definitely would recommend!

Bank of the West Logo

Bank of the West

Wonderful Manager, very professional and knowledgeable

The staff is new but always pleasant. Even though there has been changes the decorations inside are pleasant and the manager Mbiyu Chisholm is always smiling and greeting people while running back and forth from the teller line to his office. Great branch and wonderfully knowledgeable staff.

Eastern Bank Logo

Eastern Bank

They approve a loan and then they change there mind! Scary Bank with no over site!

I was approved for a loan from the Commonwealth Ave branch in Newton MA branch and the loan process was terrible. I was called later that day that my loan was approved, a day later I went into the branch to provide a copy of my pay-stub and I was again assured I was approved. Based upon the repetitive phrase, I made my AC install appointment and by the end of week I learned that I was declined. This bank has no moral compass as well that they let there employees run rampant with loan approvals. It appears they have no process or approval procedures. Stay far away from this bank. As they will send you into financial oblivion.

BB&T Logo


Stay Away

This account has been a nightmare from the day it was open with unfair charges.
I closed the account several weeks ago ( going through a divorce) . I needed the statements for three years and my access online wasn't working even though it let me login. I went to a locate branch to get a printout of the statements . I was told it would cost over $100 for three years because of research( but she could pull it all up and print it from her computer). She said she could do the statements from 2015 'til 2017 for $55.00. I waited for them to print out from her researched computer screen and was handing her my debit card ( from a better bank) , she said it had to be cash or check.
Run do not walk from BB&T



Like the employees hate online banking

It was a recommendation, but I will quit my accounts with Iberia Bank. Its the worst online banking I ever used.
I really like the employees at our branch here in Cape Coral, but this online banking shows errors and errors. It was a ride to hell to get it going, and it brings me errors almost every day.
Im really sick of it.
I cannot recommend this bank to anyone who wants to use online banking.
If you only do business at the branch you like, its okay. But I need a fast, good and WORKING online banking feature!
Good bye Iberia Bank.

Barclays Bank Logo

Barclays Bank

Horrible services!

I cancelled a purchase transaction and over five days after my money is yet to be returned to my account. I called the merchant and they said they didn't take money from my account that I should speak to my bank but my useless bank is saying that they can't return the money until the merchant can't claim it, but the merchant just said the transaction has been cancelled from their end over 5 days ago! Useless bank with stupid policies geared at protecting everybody except their customer.