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They are literally thieves.

My family has all of their accounts at Huntington. For my children my wife has her name on their accounts just so there is a second person. Someone wrote fraudulent checks with my daughters name and deposited them into her account and then withdrew the money. Huntington closed my daughters account and then took the money for the bad checks out of my account. I thought banks don't pay out money until checks clear? Why should I be the one to pay when the bank messed up. Huntington is no different than the crook who wrote the stolen checks. Huntington stole from me, but they are allowed to do that because they are a big bank. On top of that I am charged $10 each for the stolen checks that bounced. They took over $800 out of my account without telling me and now my checks will bounce. Guess who will have to pay a fee for that? I'm done with banks. I'll keep my money under my mattress were I can protect it from the bank thieves. They have a fraud hot line for you to call 24/7. I called many times on the weekend trying to get them to close the account when the first bad check showed up, but was told on a recording to call during business hours. Never ever do business with these thieves. If you bank there your money isn't really yours unless you have it in your hands.

First Citizens Bank

love these people

I have used this bank for many years and I love it. During the crash when money was tight, they were solid. The people all know me and are approachable and nice.

Ally Bank

Useless customer service; disorganized

2 weeks ago, there was a fraudulent attempt at taking money out of my account, so it was suspended along with my online access and debit card. I called the main number and they sent me a new debit card and unlocked my online access. Yesterday however, I found my online access once again blocked and my debit card declined. I called the fraud dept. and she asked me the standard "security" questions- she said the college I said I went to was not what she had and that I took too long to answer her questions and I would have to send a copy of my driver's license, social security card, and a recent utility bill. I sent it to their email address, but apparently they went home for the night so I have to wait until tomorrow. I only went to one college so how could my answer be wrong? And I was too slow in answering her? WTF I've been with them for about 5 years and as soon as this is resolved I'm taking out my money and going somewhere else!

TIAA Direct

lost your chance

I was all ready to open several accounts and after doing a search and reading the endless reviews on the lack of customer service, I'm glad I didn't jump in.
So I'll go elsewhere. Your loss especially because I don't need a loan. I was just looking do open accounts, but after reading what people are going through and your standard response to each review.... Nope, lost your chance.


Don't do it.

I opened a simple account over three years ago and when I first started out it was amazing. The customer service was always super helpful and timely. They even sent a postcard on my birthday! I didn't even mind not being able to have an actual branch to walk into because everything else was so great with them. That was until recently...they switched banks and it's been downhill from there. I received a notification that they couldn't verify me, even though I've been with them for more than 3 years no problem, and when I sent in the requested documents, no one ever followed up or confirmed anything. When I called 3 days after submitting they said they would let the other department know. My account is frozen and my bills are coming up. Let's just say after this all clears up I'll be taking my money elsewhere.

Ameris Bank

Excellent customer service



Huntington Bank ...if you love fees and poor customer service

RE: Huntington Bank (Formerly First Merit) Mount Morris MI 48458/Branch
Complaint: Fee Frenzy, Worst customer service ever
I have been attempting to close this account since December, due to their fee frenzy. I was under the impression that I had moved all of my existing services to my current bank. Apparently, I didn't make the site correction, and the other just chose to up me for their annual subscription w/o my permission.

I was under the impression this account was closed/ inactive; I had gone on my account web page and sent a message to close it. I get a bill in for over $150, and I go in and speak w/ them. Initially, the bank manager attempted to convince me these were legitimate charges. It is also apparent that Huntington's Bank policy is to honor every ACH/Debit request whether or not there is money in the account and then they get to charge you their exorbitant fees (multiple times if the request is resubmitted). Ultimately, I got the vendor on the phone, in the Managers office who agreed that the charge was not legitimate and it would be reversed. At this point, I attempted to close the account and was told by the manager that she couldn't until that charge was reversed. I wrote a check for the existing balanced and was told by the manager that the account was going to be marked no further debits or withdrawals from this account. That was last month. This month, over $40 in fees again. Apparently, another former vendor attempted to withdraw a subscription payment. I have no control over this. It seems that Huntington Bank policy is to accept any charge made against your account, regardless of whether there are funds or not, and charge you an overdraft fee.

I called the 800 corporate numbers, online, and spoke with both a CSR-M and a CSR-V, both initially attempted to convince me this was acceptable, and when I told them what the local branch manager had done, I was told I don't know why she would do that When I asked if that means the manager is incompetentI was told to watch my tone and your problem is with First Merit Bank I am not certain, but how does one go about an error correction with a business that has been purchased? My experience, in business, usually indicates that when you purchase a business with assets - you also purchase their liabilities. Ultimately after both of these individuals realized that I wasn't accepting their flimsy responses, I was told, "Don't like it don't pay it ...we will turn you over to collection."

I, of course, will pay this; rather than jeopardize my credit, but it is my intention to file this complaint with the MI banking regulation authority, better business bureau, and any site that allows reviews of business (especially financial sites). This is the poorest excuse for customer service, I have seen yet and they must get away with it. What alternative would a consumer have against them?

Woodforest National Bank

Worst Bank Ever

Woodforest agents in Indiana will still your deposit that's dropped in the overnight drop. I deposited 50$ to cover a bill. They only put 40$. Seriously 10$ was gone. I also noticed they were charging me twice for some debits. Watch your statements they will send you an alert for the previous day, and snatch your money twice. Last but not least, don't ever let your tax check be direct deposited, you can only withdraw a certain amount, because they have no money. All the money they're stealing and they can't cover a 4,000$ tax check. I'm closing my account soon as they open. Worst Customer Service Ever...


You'll be robbed

They took every chance to charge you fees, most of which would be waived by other banks. I was charged almost $1000 although I made every payment on time and funding them with my $20k deposit.
Run away from Huntington as fast as you can!!!

Bank5 Connect

bad review online

Why would I want to bank somewhere with people with similar viewa as chuck?