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U.S. Bank Logo

U.S. Bank

Customer Service

This branch is hands down one of the worst. The ATM took my debit card and then the machine flashed out of service. I went into the branch and asked if they could get me my debit card.

I was told "No" by teller Sam Patel. I said how am I supposed to deposit/withdrawal from my account. He said he could "deposit my money". I said that is not the issue- I need my card. I also was concerned about security issues such as the ATM shooting out my debit card to whoever. He told me "there is nothing he can do" and if the service man can get out the the branch today they could calll me to pick up my card or it could be a few days. Sam never apologized nor did he seem to care. He didn't even ask for my phone number to contact me, I had to ask for a pen and paper to write down my number.

I left and called Cusotmer Sevice and explained the situation and the gentlemen I spoke to stated" that the manager should have been able to get my card since the ATM is attached to the branch" he also said I should call and complain to the manager about how rude Sam Patel was. I have tried calling Walter the branch manager 4 times and each time I call I get a different excuse as to why he CANT talk to me... he is on a call- he is not in - he is on lunch- he is not available..... I Spoke to Fran and Janet and Janet assured me that Walter is not avoiding me, if anyone wants Walters number his number is 847-227-1856.... Walter finally called me about 30 minutes before the bank closed and he said that the technician was called but he has no time frame as to when I would be able to get my card. I really didn't have to much else to say to Walter at this point. I do not appreciate being lied to nor treated like I am stupid.

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Comerica Bank


Our business gets a refund check in the mail. It states refund for card balance. I called the bank's 800 # because we're not in MI. The CSR tells me that due to privacy, I need to take the check to OUR bank and have them call the 800 # to see if there's enough funds. THEY DO NOT KNOW IF THEY HAVE ENOUGH FUNDS IN THEIR OWN BANK? HAHAHAHA!!!! That's when I asked if I was on candid camera (yes that'll show you my age) and clearly asked if this was a freakin joke!!!!!!!!! She said well, the only thing I can tell you is if the bank account is opened or closed. UMMMM WHAT A WASTE OF MY BANKS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! We're a repair shop in a completely different state so customers have paid us through their online banking. However, the amount doesn't match any outstanding balance and it's made from COMERICA CARD OPERATIONS. We have NO card so now that this bank sucks clearly through the reviews I have read, but they suck so bad that they're now scamming people in other states to recoup money? I say that because that's the only thing I can think of them doing at this point. JERKS!

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Suntrust Bank


I was a customer for over three years. If your account had a single daily balance under $10,000 they charge a $30 fee per month. They cancelled my business debit card without contacting me or providing any explanation. After multiple long phone calls to "customer service" they did not send a new debit card. When I called the branch, no return calls. When I went to complain at the branch I was begged to stay by the manager. The branch manager told me about another business account that only required $1000 balance with no fee--after they charged me the fee many times over the past three years!!!! This bank is HORRIBLE!!! Regions is much better and much more responsive. I still cannot find anyone to write to file a complaint. There is no accountability.

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Green Dot Bank

Greendot has no customer service

Greendot has to be the worst company for customer service I have ever has the miss fortune to deal with I bought a prepaid card from a gas station put 100 dollars on it got home to activate it and get a message saying wrong numbers card cant be activated so whent made sure I put the numbers in right same thing did it two or three more times now I have to wait 24 hours to many attempts nows when the fun starts trying to find away to talk to someone real finaly 3 days later I finaly had a human voice on the other end get told to take pictures of the card and receipt send it in to the site they gave me and give them 1 bussiness day 2weeks later i get a email saying the picturs were not clear couldnt read them which was bull the pictures couldn't be any clearer so I sent them back in filing a new claim still waiting, Believe it or not I went and bought a pay pal master card and the same thing happens im thinking great got to do the same thing but no I called talked to a real person and my card and money was available before i hung up the phone probably 15 20 minutes now thats a company that cares about there customers I will never and recommend no one ever buy a green dot card again they just dont care about there customers I give them 20 thumbs down

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Don't do any business with them

That is the worst bank I ever had, nothing good about that bank, inexperienced staff, rude customer service & mistakes and mistakes all the time .

The Peoples Bank (Chestertown, MD) Logo

The Peoples Bank (Chestertown, MD)

best local bank around

Friendly and helpful employees, fast service for any need.
Been with People's Bank since 1978, keep above min. balance and no service charges!

Nice to have a bank not tied in with some conglomerate elsewhere in the State. All local
folks interested in the welfare of their customers.

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Prosperity Bank

Bank manager says "don't park at bank"

Hwy 242 bank in the Woodlands, Texas. Even though I had an account here I was told I can not park here. I am trying to business with you people and you are telling me I can not park outside. I am confused, where should I park? According to the bank manager, who asked security to have me move my car, I am not allowed to park here. I explained I am a bank customer but was asked to move my car anyways. There was no construction, just an empty parking lot. No reason was given why I should move. Very disrespectful, I have a military injury to my femur and can not walk from an adjacent parking lot to do my banking, and why should I? I closed my account, someone fire this manager.

BB&T Logo


Takes too long to reverse Fraud charges

Had a large some of money withdrawn from a teller in another state, obvious was not me. It has been 3 weeks starting the 4th and still no refund. Credit cards refunded the next day, but the bank nothing. Bank can't answer how some one can with draw money in person with out answering any of the security questions? Every time I withdrew in person I get asked several security questions. Stay away from this bank.

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Citizens Bank

Bad Customer Service also did not follow through with what they offered.

I had won the lottery and the check was from a Wells Fargo bank which was up the street. I bank with Citizens so I went in and asked if I deposited the check would I be able to get some of the funds. The check was for $143860, I was told I could come back tomorrow and get $20000 and in 3 days the rest of the money would show in my account. I was told that by a teller and manager. I waited until the day they said the funds would be available went into the bank because they were suppose to call. Teller says manager has appointment, he did not want to talk to me. Money would not be available for another week. I asked could you not put some of the money in because I already mailed a check on what you said about money being available. Very rude, not helpful, blamed it on Wells Fargo hold, went up to Wells Fargo got a notarized copy of the check showing Wells Fargo released the funds, teller did not want to even look at it. Just said I can't help you, still going to be on hold. Call call center said I would have to go to branch that did nothing to honor their word or help. If they would not have lied I could have went to Wells Fargo and opened an account and had access to the funds.

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Wells Fargo

Wellsfargo robbed me 255.99

i purchased a 255.99 for a remittance last 7/11/2017 then i checked my bank statement after my purchased it stated there my purchased 255.99 then i cancelled the remittance because of security reason the remittance said also the refund will take 2-3 days but i keep on checking my balance i was still short of 255.99 i called the wellsfargo the supervisor like blaming me because i purchased alot am like i always checked my balance from time to time but honestly im short of 255.99