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Ameris Bank

Excellent customer service



Huntington Bank ...if you love fees and poor customer service

RE: Huntington Bank (Formerly First Merit) Mount Morris MI 48458/Branch
Complaint: Fee Frenzy, Worst customer service ever
I have been attempting to close this account since December, due to their fee frenzy. I was under the impression that I had moved all of my existing services to my current bank. Apparently, I didn't make the site correction, and the other just chose to up me for their annual subscription w/o my permission.

I was under the impression this account was closed/ inactive; I had gone on my account web page and sent a message to close it. I get a bill in for over $150, and I go in and speak w/ them. Initially, the bank manager attempted to convince me these were legitimate charges. It is also apparent that Huntington's Bank policy is to honor every ACH/Debit request whether or not there is money in the account and then they get to charge you their exorbitant fees (multiple times if the request is resubmitted). Ultimately, I got the vendor on the phone, in the Managers office who agreed that the charge was not legitimate and it would be reversed. At this point, I attempted to close the account and was told by the manager that she couldn't until that charge was reversed. I wrote a check for the existing balanced and was told by the manager that the account was going to be marked no further debits or withdrawals from this account. That was last month. This month, over $40 in fees again. Apparently, another former vendor attempted to withdraw a subscription payment. I have no control over this. It seems that Huntington Bank policy is to accept any charge made against your account, regardless of whether there are funds or not, and charge you an overdraft fee.

I called the 800 corporate numbers, online, and spoke with both a CSR-M and a CSR-V, both initially attempted to convince me this was acceptable, and when I told them what the local branch manager had done, I was told I don't know why she would do that When I asked if that means the manager is incompetentI was told to watch my tone and your problem is with First Merit Bank I am not certain, but how does one go about an error correction with a business that has been purchased? My experience, in business, usually indicates that when you purchase a business with assets - you also purchase their liabilities. Ultimately after both of these individuals realized that I wasn't accepting their flimsy responses, I was told, "Don't like it don't pay it ...we will turn you over to collection."

I, of course, will pay this; rather than jeopardize my credit, but it is my intention to file this complaint with the MI banking regulation authority, better business bureau, and any site that allows reviews of business (especially financial sites). This is the poorest excuse for customer service, I have seen yet and they must get away with it. What alternative would a consumer have against them?

Woodforest National Bank

Worst Bank Ever

Woodforest agents in Indiana will still your deposit that's dropped in the overnight drop. I deposited 50$ to cover a bill. They only put 40$. Seriously 10$ was gone. I also noticed they were charging me twice for some debits. Watch your statements they will send you an alert for the previous day, and snatch your money twice. Last but not least, don't ever let your tax check be direct deposited, you can only withdraw a certain amount, because they have no money. All the money they're stealing and they can't cover a 4,000$ tax check. I'm closing my account soon as they open. Worst Customer Service Ever...


You'll be robbed

They took every chance to charge you fees, most of which would be waived by other banks. I was charged almost $1000 although I made every payment on time and funding them with my $20k deposit.
Run away from Huntington as fast as you can!!!

Bank5 Connect

bad review online

Why would I want to bank somewhere with people with similar viewa as chuck?

Synchrony Bank

Synchrony Bank failing Customer service

Just applied for Cathay Pacific Visa card which is underwritten by Synchrony Bank. I travel with Cathay Pacific to Far East for my business and in doing so I wanted to gain more mileage with Cathy Pacific. The customer service in this Bank is way below par. Things that in other financial institutions would take a second via an email.. This bank offers NO email capability to its customers and they want you to FAX the required documents ! No Banks to be part of..
Avoid this Bank ! You are going to be in problem should you need some help with your merchant.. !!!

S&T bank

The Worst and Most Unethical Bank Ever!

I have dealt with bank's for more that 30 years and this bank, and the bank it acquired (Integrity Bank), are certainly the most unethical banks I have ever dealt with! We entered into a new construction loan with the former Integrity Bank and the bank paid our contractor (Fink Construction) without our authorization or knowledge and the contractor lef the job site before the home was completed. We have spent several years trying to get our money bank and have incurred huge legal costs due to Integrity Bank and now S & T Bank. I spend the rest of my life warning people and the regulatory agencies against this bank as well as the contractor. This has been a terrible experience yet if I can help just one person by wearing them against S & T Bank and Fink Construction then just maybe I will feel it was worth the experience!


Simple does not honor their published policy

I attempted to open an account with Simple March 2017. The website requested additional verification documentation without giving reason, and stated "To help us verify your identity, please upload a photo or scan of one of these documents." It further stated that I would be contacted.

I immediately uploaded a scanned copy of my drivers license and waited. Two days later, I logged in and was presented by the site with the fact that verification failed and I needed to do it again, so I again uploaded the license copy.

After two more days with no contact the site still said to wait until I was contacted. I called the 888 number and was told by both a rep and a supervisor that my verification had failed both times because they "DO NOT ACCEPT SCANNED DOCUMENTS."

I directed them to view their own website which clearly requested a 'photo or scan' and asked that they honor what they published. The final reply from them was that they 'cannot change the policy' and that to be verified I would have to upload a photo regardless of what the site says (note that the site is the only access...there are no buildings with people to go and reason with.)

When I pointed out that the site says different, they said that they would get that information to someone that could update the site. Period.

I have declined to finish signing up because my first (and only) experience with them involved them lying to me (and everyone else) and declining to honor their own published request.

The site falsely advertises what is needed and others should be wary of dealing with these folks.

Wells Fargo

Changing Banks ASAP

Horrible customer service. Disrespectful representative who's supposed to be the branch manager. I was discriminated against and I will make sure everyone knows how I and others I've talked to have been treated.

Bank of America

Very poor customer service

Why does this staff seem unhappy to help their guests? We bank there on a daily basis and cannot seem to ever get what we ask for. Alyaa (hope I spelled her name right) is awesome. If she is not there, I will leave from now on. We may look for a new bank entirely. And the fact that my staff is afraid to go in there tells me that it isn't a singular issue, more of a lack of direction and/or caring. If there is anyone who reads these messages, and would like to hear the details of our frustration with this location, please please please please contact me and I will be specific as to why we are looking at new banking options.

My email address is