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Umpqua Bank

Apathetic Staff, Horrible Customer Service, Lack of Banking Features

I have been eying Umpqua as my Chase replacement for some time now. I have dropped in the location downtown and had great experiences talking to the staff about banking options. That all is good.

BUT, I just actually opened an account at the 61515 S Highway 97 location and had the worst banking experience of my like. I don't know about other staff, but my experience was with Mila Gabler...and it wasn't just her lack of passion for customer service that was the issue. In general I felt like she simply was not listening and not interested in answering my questions. Specifically

-she did not know the services offered well enough to answer questions
-she seemed more interested in rushing us out of the branch by the 1pm closing time than servicing our needs.
-she tried to take shortcuts on our account by only signing my wife up fior online banking and she had the audacity to suggest I come back and set mine up at another time
-she could not answer why the bank was requiring my occupation to open a checking account. She could not tell me if it was an Umpqua requirement or a federal requirement, and she wasn't interested in finding out. She simply kept saying "I dont know, its a pulldown so I just need to fill it out.
-she told me I was suspicious because I was asking questions around why the bank required my occupation to open a simple checking account.
-She then selected an occupation without our permission or okay, simply to try and move the process along faster
-She was irritated when I had question on the account form I was about to sign, and showed serious apathy in answering questions
-then after all that, she implied to my wife that I was difficult and she was sorry for her

Top notch service companies do not employ apathetic customer folks in a customer facing role. I'd recommend managers and staff drop into any Chase bank if you would like to see outstanding customer services.

I would love to talk to you more about this experience if you are interested and you can call me at any time.

Tim Pfiffner

PNC Bank

Review- not pleased!

I needed to make a deposit for my child away at college for TODAY. I checked the website to confirm hours, which said 9AM-2PM. Great. Same hours as my bank. When I arrived at 1:15 PM, the branch was closed! To make matters worse, an employee was at the door and when I said "But your website says 2, I would have come sooner, I just live down the street," she just looked at me and turned away and continued helping someone else at the ATM. I came home and checked the website again to see if I made an error, but it does in fact say 9AM-2PM. Not good! My family has been gravely inconvenienced. Please correct this ASAP.

CIT Bank

waited 30 minutes on hold for service representative ...not good !!!

I have called cit bank several times to get info regarding our accounts and each time I wait on "hold" at least 30 minutes before a representative picks up. I am waiting for a transfer of funds from cit bank to my brokerage account and all my questions regarding the transfer are answered in with "in process".

The wait time and vague answers are "NOT GOOD" There are other online banks that put cit bank to shame !!!

BMO Harris Bank

Smooth Process

As a first time homebuyer, I wasn't sure what to expect through the process. Everything went smoother than I imagined, and we were able to close on-time and get in our new home as scheduled. There was a lot of paperwork involved, but my mortgage lender let me know exactly what I needed to be prepared for the transaction. The staff at the bank was also very friendly and welcomed me each time I came by the branch.

BBVA Compass Bank

I love this bank.

I love the fact that I am known when I go into the bank or go thru the drive thru. I am greeted by name before the transaction and then afterwards asked if there is any thing else they may help me with today using my name again. The team works hard to try to make it a personal experience regardless if you go into the bank or just the drive thru. Several times after getting home, I will get a hand written note from the bank president, who I have never met, stating they appreciate me using this particular bank. They let me know they realize it is by my choice as to whether I use them or another branch of a different affiliation. I do not feel I am just another number but a true customer. I really like banking with these people. I use the branch on University Drive in Denton. I hope everyone will be able to experience the same satisfaction as I do with this particular branch.

Wells Fargo

Ripoff on points, account hacked, bank doing nothing

My account was hacked, the SS numbers were modified, I was informed we were "past due" on our account (which has not happened in in the past 30 years) and the mailing address was changed. I went to a local bank branch to let them know of our concerns, the branch could not help. They called Wells Fargo customer service, credit card department and the Fraud Department. None of the offices could help us fix the problem, that had occurred with our account, which we have had with Wells Fargo for more than 30 years. They debited 191,000 points from our account and said they expired. But our account was a "never expiring point" account. With all the banking options we have, we decided to close the account and remove over $275,000.00 from the Wells Fargo Bank to a local bank or credit union in Vancouver WA. DO NOT do business with Wells Fargo.


Convenient, efficient

My first attraction to the Citibank Marina Branch when I moved into the area was its location and appearance. When I went inside I found the staff well trained and efficient, as well as genuinely friendly. They have unerringly handled my accounts for several years now and it has worked extremely well in doing various types of bill paying, transferring funds, tax matters and all the usual banking operations. Most operations can be carried out very efficiently by using a comprehensive on-line banking system. In my opinion, this branch of one of the largest banks is doing a superior job of bringing the versatility of a large banking system to a friendly neighborhood branch.

New York Community Bank

Poor Communication and trained staff deplorable

After many years of banking at this NYCB, they finally questioned a check that for years was deposited and now decided that the name was not spelled correctly and denied the check. It was announced over the PA drive up window.
Trying to contact by email any of the executives is impossible. All you can do is email customer service, which I find unacceptable. The response I was given was unacceptable..........
Moving all my banking elsewhere, good riddence

BMO Harris Bank

Worst banking experience ever.

First off $5-6 bucks to withdrawal your own money from an atm! When you go to get a cashiers check and you hand them cash they tell you great it will be ready in 24 hours. I just gave you cash!!
Online banking is horrible, you deposit cash and it pends deposit for up to 5 days! What takes so long! Plus the overdraft scam they have is relentless. Try sending out a bill they will screw up the date for sure. Seriously how is this place still in business?


Closed account. No warning.

I have been a Chase customer for over 7 years. My account went negative yesterday. Didn't realize a bill came out. I stopped at the bank today to put money in to avoid fees. When I pulled up to the ATM it wouldn't take my deposit. Confused??? I went in the bank talked to a banker who had called for a reason unknown. She handed me the phone and told me that Chase had made the decision to close my account. I had no warning. No notice. No one could tell me why. They told be that there was no reason they could give me at this time. They told me I will receive a letter in the mail. My account never went more than 24 hours without there being money in there. I don't understand why a bank would just choose to close someone's account without any knowledge as to why. I would recommend anyone with chase to be careful. If they choose to close your account they will mail you a check 7 to 10 days with the amount that is in your account. That's right if all of your money is in there expect to have to wait that long for them to issue you your money back. Never again. I don't understand why any bank would treat their customers like this.