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Santander Bank


Wayland Ma branch is awful, really bad experience and rude employees.. Going to another bank. 0 STARS if I could..

BMO Harris Bank

phenominal bank

This bank has a very friendly staff and they rarely have a line. The location is very convenient and the bank has EXCELLENT customer service 24 hours a day, and I have never spoken to an off-shore representative. We are thrilled with this bank and have banked there for many years now.

Santander Bank


I transfered to Santander in Sept. closing my acct. with a credit union. I was extremely happy w/ Santander's service when I received a promo card in the mail prior to opening my checking acct. I got the promo automatically deposited to my checking. I was gratified because the money came on time when I needed it very badly. One especially helpful service that I like w/ Santander is the MINI-STATEMENT that you can get from the ATM machine that will keep you tract on your transactions & watch if you have enough funds available. Very helpful & convenient service. I'd rate my experience with SANTANDER with the highest point which is ..... "5 STAR"


Horrible customer service - Unprofessional Manager and other working personel

I have been with BB&T for 27 years. I have had my home, several cars, credit cards and several other accounts with them. On January 3, 2017, I applied for a Personal Loan, which was approved. Because the Load Officer wouldn't answer her phone or return my phone calls, 30 days went by, so they up and decide they have to do my credit over again. I even went to the bank and put a hand written note on her desk. It took her 3 days to contact me. All of a sudden they decide they cannot get into my credit report. There is no problem with any of the 3 credit bureaus, but I am told, basically called a liar, because they claim that my address is blocked. If you can get into it and approve it on January 3, 2017 and today is February 22, 2017, why is that? I was told it has to be my fault. It certainly isn't there's. I even went to the bank; put the speaker on my phone, so they could hear Equifax telling them there is no block on my credit report, no freeze and all they have to do is put the mailing address on there and they will get my report. They refuse to listen! I filed a complaint with the corporate office, because this is a Consolidation Loan and time if short for me. I was told today that the woman redid the entire loan; put the mailing address on it and it didn't go through. I have talked to 6 supervisors at the credit bureau, all say the same thing. Tonight another Supervisor, with BB&T 3-wayed a call to Equifax and heard everything that was said, which is exactly what I have been telling them all along. I tried calling the manger of this branch and I was left on the phone. Finally, when the woman came back to the phone, she tells me that the manager says she is aware of the situation and they are trying to find out the problem. This woman will not come to the phone and talk to me. Never have I been treated like that at BB&T. I wouldn't recommend them to my dog. As far as a 1 start, if there was something less I could give them, they would get it. One person says something and everyone that gets involved related the same exact thing. I am a senior citizen and refuse to keep allowing them to put me through all this and act like they are doing something. If you aren't listening to the credit bureaus telling you the problem, how does that work? I went into the bank today for them to 3-way to Equifax, a number and information, the second supervisor gave to me. They wouldn't do it! NO...I AM NOT JOKING! But, I had to listen to this woman telling me that she needed a bill proving my address. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is the whole problem and still, they refuse to listen.
AGAIN...I would recommend them to my dog. They are unprofessional, rude and disrespectful. I am to old to listen to a bunch of lies and excuses. After all, according to where I filed the complaints it isn't them, it is me. Once again, calling me a liar. I don't even want to go in that bank or any of their banks to have to change everything somewhere else. This has done nothing but tear up my nerves, not to mention all the insults and being called a liar. THESE PEOPLE ARE NASTY!!!! I have been going through this since January 3, 2017 until today and I think that is more then enough. Then you think you are going to tell me what I can say, think you are going to insult my intelligence, call me a liar, etc., and I am going to keep taking that. Bet ALL their Mother's are so proud of them. After all they are ALL trying so hard to get this resolved. Little hard to do that when you refuse to listen to your 27 year paying customer. Until I found this site, I never realized how many people had problems with BB&T; crooks, thieves and liars. I hear ALL of you that have given a review and I am so sorry for what you all have been forced to do with these people.


Beautiful App, but that's it.

Let's start with the one pro, the App. The App is top notch, being able to set goals and seeing how much "safe" money you have to spend. I also love that you get a push notification every time you make a purchase, no wondering if a payment went through or not.

Unfortunately that is where it stops. Simple is switching host banks from Bancorp to BBVA Compass. They cut off my account a full 2 days before the deadline to fill out some information and now $10,000 plus dollars in my account is in limbo. If you set a date in any type of business, you DO NOT cut the date off early for no reason. I received no email or a phone call. Just a sorry message that the account has been closed. I could have easily transferred my funds to another bank account of mine or my Paypal. But NOPE, gotta wait 3 weeks for a F*cking physical check, yes check to be delivered to my house. Pretty back ass to send a Physical check for a company that is all web-based. Luckily I have credit cards and other funds to fall back on, but based on other comments many do not. This has made my life far from simple, and they have lost a customer that was once impressed. Stay away and take your business to a real bank.

Wells Fargo

Vacation Ruined

I have a car loan through Wells Fargo. I went in to pay for my car payment and was assured they were not going to take it out of my check again. Well guess what they did. They couldn't refund my account and said they had to wait till the payment went through and they will send a check. So i had to cancel my vacation because of these dumb bastards. So today I called to see if they sent out the check since was with the manager at The New Berlin, WI location and they said i would have it within 48 hours. They never processed it and wanted me to pay for Fedex express. Really they are the dumba**es that f***ed up. I strongly recommend not banking with Wells Fargo since you can clearly see they have know clue what they are doing.

TIAA Direct

Terrible Company Terrible Service, Terrible Website, AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL COMPANY STAY FAR AWAY

its hard to say where to start as there's so much wrong with this company that its hard to believe they can stay in business. I have a home mortgage with TIAA and it's auto debited every month, ok no problem there.

But try to get access online to your information and you wait and wait and wait and wait some more for a page to pop up. then when your account page appears you click on a link and wait and wait...well you get the picture. very hard to view basic info or docs online.

And if you dare call their customer service dont put it on speaker as they ask for your FULL SS number then REPEAT the FULL number for the world to hear...really!? then push the buttons on your phone to get to their mortgage dept and it send you to the checking dept over and over and, well you get the point.

The only upside is that some of the customer reps are nice, but that doesnt make up for total lack of competence in every other area.

stay away.


Just another victim I guess..

Very, very long story, shorter..., I was with First Merit and had weekly recurring payments setup with them every payday, Friday, for more than three years. The same amount of money to the same accounts for over three years! Every Monday First Merit would post the monies paid to my account. Except when a holiday fell on Monday, First Merit would post the monies paid to my account on payday, Friday.

This is exactly what happened for Presidents day ( which was some genius' idea of a good day to finalize a BANK merger.. Cause there's sooo much consistency with banking procedures and HOLIDAYS!) So First Merit posts my recurring payments on Friday and now Monday I'm a Huntington banker. So Huntington takes my recurring payments and has them pending to be paid again on Tuesday!

I call, attempt to explain.. to no avail. In fact after AN HOUR on the phone i get transferred to a "supervisor" so that THEY can better explain to ME why I'm paying the same bills twice within 5 days!!

The supervisor finally seems to understand my complaint but tells me there is NOTHING they can do. Too late to stop the payments he said.

The payments had already been paid.. but because First Merit and Huntington had differences on when money gets posted I get FORCED to pay double on my bills!!

Seriously? An HOUR on the phone and that's what i get? Who cares? Nothing can be done.. oh well, not my money?? I didn't choose the merger! I get brushed to the side because of a very poorly executed one!? I did NOT have any issues whatsoever when Citizens became First Merit. That, to me, says it all!!

The problem is Huntington! I refuse to stay with any financial institution that cares so little about MY money! Zero of my business will ever be with Huntington Bank!

Take that to the bank! ( but not Huntington or you'll lose)

Cadence Bank


I opened a checking account with Cadence Bank back in November of 2016. I hadn't gotten my SS Deposit Transferred to this acct to this day. I wrote a check to a company which bounced, and I was charged $35 in my acct. When I got paid I went into the bank and the check that was being returned was in there, so I made a deposit to pay for the check and for the $30.00 fee this company uses for returned checks. Now here it is Feb, 2017 and that SPECIFIC CHECK IN GENERAL'S FEE has been going in and out of my acct giving me a $35 charge. I called corporate to this service and they said "NO, That fee for that check was paid, you owe us a zero balance. ( This company is sending me a certified letter this week showing. The woman at this corporate for fees told me that the bank is letting this go through, not them ) I went back to the back and told them, the company is verifying that the $30 fee is PAID IN FULL. The Banks' Checking Account person came out of her office to the front where I was discussing this matter and had my print out in her hand..She got a tone with me and stated" This check service company will change that number and keep running it..I thought WTH!!..So I then go home, call this corporate again about this FEE to the place of business that I wrote the check and paid IN FULL...They still stated...NO IT"S PAID... So I go back to the bank and told them once again....The Checking acct person told me.." You need to close this account and open a new one"...WTH>...Is this bank using my acct as extra income for them???..She ( the checking acct woman) Told me that the Branch Manager from this store, where I wrote the check ( which has been paid) was in their bank, and she talked to her about this..(((( I'M SORRY THAT WAS MY PRIVACY..THERE IS A PRIVATE POLICY ACT!!!..HOW DARE HER...Therefore, I have now gotten an Attorney and will pursue this to the end!!..DO NOT OPEN ANY ACCOUNT WITH THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!...FRAUD should be their name!!



my debit card was stolen from me with over 2000$ in purchases and there refusing to give me back my money which is federal law