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NBT Bank

Highest car loan interest rates

I was surely ignorant to NOT do my research, when I purchased my car in 2015. It was a happy moment, and the dealer found NBT Bank to finance. I just assumed 6% interest rates where the average. Nope to find out shortly after, 6% was DOUBLE the average! I call it taking advantage of customers. I visited a branch in Manchester, NH on two occasions, to see if they could lower my interest rate...the 2nd time they told me they could help by refinancing my car, and adding an additional 6 months onto my loan, so even though my monthly payment would be a little lower, I'd be paying even more for the car in long-term. Awful bank!!! Don't waste your time, or MONEY! CAN'T WAIT TILL MY CAR IS PAYED OFF IN 3 YEARS, will never have anything to do with NBT ever again, and try my best to make sure others don't make the same mistake!

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Account closed, no appeal

Account was closed and my money returned (by check) with no explanation (other than a "security" issue). Unable to get any information by phone or through web site.

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Nationwide Bank

Hung me out to dry

My debit card just stopped working on Friday night. I cannot even check my balance at the ATM, though I can still use the website. The app has also stopped working. Their "support" line doesn't open until Monday, and it is going to take me several disconnected holds to get through to them if I ever do. I am on the hook for a lot of pending charges that I genuinely thought were going to go through, because they always have and because I have $1300+ more in the account than I have spent so far.

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Capital One 360

Capital One 360 Decides to End Banking Relationship

Capital One 360 is the worst online bank that I have ever used. I had an account for a few months everything was fine. I went to the store and my card was declined. I called Capital One 360 and was transferred to Customer Security. They told me that Capital One 360 has decided to end the banking relationship and that no new accounts could be opened in my name. There was no option to appeal whatsoever I am basically banned for life from banking with Capital One 360. They said that they were not obligated to give me a reason why they closed my account and they will send me a check for the remaining balance within 10 business days. I got a disconnection notice from my utility company because I could not pay my bills on time. I got my check in the mail and tried to deposit it in my Wells Fargo account then 2 days later Wells Fargo called me up and said that the check bounced and Wells Fargo has decided to close my account. Wells Fargo said that they would report me to ChexSystems for suspected fraud and they can't give me any of my money. Now I am without a bank account and I have no way to pay my bills or receive my paycheck. I don't know how long the lights will stay on in my home. I asked Capital One to send me a new check and they said that they can't do that because the check that they gave me should not of bounced. Because I am in ChexSystems for suspected fraud no bank will give me an account not even a second chance account. The Suspected Fraud notation will stay on my ChexSystems Report for 10 years and banks will be very strict. Thank You Capital One 360 for ruining my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Synchrony Bank

Terrible experience + rude & condesending employees

Dont expect to get anyone in customer service to treat you like you have any sense. They talk down to you and continually say the same thing like reading from a script. My last call to them for an explanation on my account; 1 1/2 hours and transferred to 6 different account reps. You explain the problem, you are transferred, you explain again, transferred and on and on. No problem solved, they just make you mad and upset, almost like they enjoy it. HATE THEM!
Closing all accounts immediately.

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Chemical Bank


If I could give a zero star rating I would. This is absolutely the worst bank Ive dealt with. It is the only bank within 20 miles from me. I was through Talmer Bank before Chemical bought it out. I loved Talmer but since then its went downhill. I was charged for NS fees when I had the money in my account and then when I left a message for the branch manager I NEVER got a response back, terrible service. I will definitely be closing my account and going to a different bank. Ive heard awful things of this bank before which was why I didnt go through them in the first place and then was pretty much forced into it. Another incident that occurred was I told them multiple times, I went into the bank, that I DO NOT want any money being automatically drawn off my debit card if the money is not in my account currently. A numerous amount of times it still had been pulled off putting me at a negative balance. And Id keep going in and itd keep happening because they never changed it even though I SIGNED a paper stating that it would not go through.. the last incident that happened was I deposited a decent amount of money went to the store, my total came up to about $30 and my card DECLINED when they just put the money in my account and gave me my deposit slip stating how much was in my account. I do not recommend this bank, its worthless and most of the employees/managers are awful to deal with. Like I said before, I am definitely closing this account and opening a new one with a much better bank.

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PNC Bank


his bank does not want to give out THEIR OWN cash! We brought a friend there so they could cash their check from pnc.
Went to cash the check that was written to her by pnc bank. She had her license. The teller lady says no. Said she needed more id to do it said bring in another form of id, like electric bill or something. HOW IS AN ELECTRIC BILL a form of id?! It does not have a picture or even a signature ec.
We drove 45 minutes to this bank to cash a check that came from them pnc. She asked for the manager and the teller lady refused. Oh, and to top it off they want to charge her a $10 fee to cash THEIR check!
OH and when you internet search pnc bank a bunch of ATMs come up not an actual physical bank branch building....hmm food for thought pnc is goin outta business! After reading online reviews of pnc in Florida and east coast area I don't doubt that thought.
Go to Chase bank or USBANK they are wonderful and would NEVER give you this kind of hassle to recieve monies owed to you by them.

P.S. we are on our way back 2nd 45 min trip with plenty of "id's" we shall see how this turns out.

Too bad you can't give a negative star rating

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BMO Harris Bank

As an ex employee..

As an ex exployee. I sit and read all of these reviews and nod my head in agreement. Customer service is swamped with phone calls with issue after issue. Many of the staff are overworked and stressed. Procedures change almost daily so it is impossible to keep up. As a result the wrong info is given out and customers get angry because they were told something different from someone else.I can tell you bankers,customer service reps, tellers are always trying to make their customers experiences better. When this concern is relayed to upper management, the top ignores most of the advice.Top management only cares about the money, that is all. Banking is a big business not a charity.The system at BMO is made to fail their customers.Top management doesnt deal with clients directly, but have cushy offices and drive their Mercedes., If they cared, the system would work in the customers favor. Please be kind to your bankers and tellers. They get yelled at often and get called horrible names. So if you wonder why they arent smiling dont take it personally. There is ALOT of pressure for banking employees. They have rules and regulations to follow or risk losing their jobs.
We deal with difficult customers too. I could no longer work here again because of the stress and constant negativity. Some like to start problems and are NEVER satisfied. They say they will go to a different bank but they bring their negative personality with them and guess what? They arent satisfied there either. But I truely feel bad for the others who have been wronged by the bank and get charged fees or are given wrong information, etc. Top management needs to take these complaints to heart and step up.

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BB&T Branch of Independence, KY Nicholson Branch

If you want your privacy invaded, Deanna Damon Branch Banker should will help you with that.
She questioned me about personal and private information which had nothing to do with banking. Then Mo Coppage lied about getting free checking account statements free from former Bank of KY. So some customers have to pay, but if your a relative it's free to your old checking account statements. .
I wouldn't it past Deanna Damon to steal money out of some accounts. She's a liar.
She manages money for her brother's illegal drug activity until recently, she switched to Huntington and his house foreclosed as they are running scared
. Yes, if you want to do business with a bank that keeps someone like her on the payroll, go ahead you'll be deeply dissatisfied.
By the way, Deanna Damon's brothers are gun and drug felons.
Corporate is even worse to work with. Stay away. Fifth Third is awesome, great customer service, no privacy invasion and treat you like you're the only customer they have. BB&T employees are deeply disgruntled.

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Discover Bank

Transfer from one Chase to Discover

Transfer took place after and still had to wait four days for Discover to post it. I hope they made enough interest on my money to cover the loss of my business with them as I am done.