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First Niagara Bank

Customer service lacking to say the least.

1593 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA 15017

Customer service is lacking. I went in to exchange some smaller bills I had. The lady who was available was snippy from the beginning of the conversation with just a "may I help you". I proceed to tell her I want higher bills. She then asks if I'm a customer, I said no my bank is up north (they don't have any down here). I was hinting I need one! So she goes well I can't help you. I was puzzled as I've never heard that before from any bank.. so she said again I can't exchange your money. Since I was there with money in hand, you think she would even ask "would you like to open an account today, so I may assist you?" But NO, she literally blew me off with an unneeded attitude. I would have opened an account, I needed a bank in the area! Needless to say, I went down the street to another bank and didn't even have any trouble, and I became a customer. I will not ever step foot in a First Niagara and they probably should go over some sales pitches again.. she definitely missed my question I gave her.


Best banking experience I've ever had

Leaps and bounds above any other bank I've dealt with. Super simple, no fees, amd great mobile apps. Exactly what I want and need in a bank.

Citizens Bank


I had plenty of money available in my account....Citizens put a stop on my card without notifying me first. They told me I couldn't use my debit card until Monday because the office responsible for releasing my funds isn't open until Monday. They told me I may go to a Citizens branch to withdraw my funds or call them Monday. This is my only debit/credit card. I am at an airport and it is Saturday. I do not have enough cash to pay for my meal I ordered. If a stranger did not offer to pay my open tab, I would be stranded in an airport thousands mile from home with no funds available until Monday because leaving my tab is a crime. I will no longer be banking with Citizens. This bank does not care about the individual needs of their customers and they do not deserve my business.

Capital One 360

Worst Banking Experience EVER

This rate it app made me put one star - I wanted to put zero! I reactivated my old ING account, now Capital One 360. I received my debit card and made my first deposits. Capital One placed a hold on my payroll check. I have spent hours holding for customer service, getting told different stories by different employees. I have faxed, emailed, called. Still the deposits are on hold - I even received an email that stated my employers bank said my paycheck may not be paid. Huge lie on Capital One's part. Do not do business with Capital One unless you don't need access to your money for weeks! Now I get to wait until they clear the deposits and they will mail me a check in 7 to 10 days to close my account - but I have to call back in to get them to send the check!

Capital One 360

Accont closed without notice

I visited my account online only to find out it was closed. I was surprised because I had not received a notice. Several direct deposits are due to come in and this is the only account I have. I hope to recover the account when I call on Monday morning. This is new and impressive to me...a "Recovery Team". It proves they want to keep you as a customer. But, they should give notice before closing an account. My email address is on file,

However, thus far I've had no other complaints about the service of my account and the customer service when calling.


Worst service ever encountered.

I have never encountered customer service as poor as Simple Bank. It has been 1 month and they still have no sent me a new debit card. They lied about sending one out, blamed it on the courier - super unprofessional. It's like you're interacting with some uneducated kids in college on the other end. It's been so long my address has changed and now they want photos of me in front of my house holding my license.. I sent 3 photos, they want more. Furious with this bank, if I had another option I would immediately transfer my funds, but that will have to wait til next week. I will rate this bank 1 star on every possible website for all they have put me through.

Univest National Bank and Trust Co.


I have had consistently poor experiences with this bank. The teller(s) seem like they do not want to be bothered and waiting for a manager or sr associate to help you at a desk is a disorganized mess. To top it off, the address on my account changed for no reason. This caused major problems for me.

TD Bank

TD rips off its customers

TD had been been spotty for a few years. I joined, with my daughter, because she would be going to school up in Canada. Over the years they significantly screwed up a couple of wire transfers, had some snot-nosed millenial mess up my accounts because they didn't know the banking regulations, while lecturing me with a bunch of garbage he'd just made up on his own, and a few other annoyances.
But the latest has me closing my accounts.
I deposited a Canadian check in my daughter's account. They charged a 4% exchange rate. If I'd known when I deposited it, I would not have done so. But they wouldn't disclose the exchange at the time of the deposit. This is basically theft, and when I wrote to complain, they responded with "we have forwarded your suggestion....." Suggestion? I didn't make one. I complained and they sent me a form letter.

Bye-bye TD, I vote with my feet. Staying open 7 days isn't much of a sales feature in the age of internet banking. Incompetent and dishonest service certainly isn't.

U.S. Bank

Just wanted help fixing auto pay isssue, run around and worse

Long story short I edited the amount I wanted on auto pay but accidentally had myself paying 2 separate payments. I called them and ended up being on the phone with 4 different people for a total of 44 minutes. I just wanted help with setting up my auto pay so I didn't make the same mistake twice which was due to me not understanding the different options. I explained my problem and more than once was asked if that was all. My response was no I still need help setting it up the auto pay so I don't make the same mistake. It was like they just wanted to give me a quick answer instead of actually helping me with the problem. I got redirected to people who couldn't help and the last guy kept giving me an answer which resulted in me saying "yeah and the last time I did this I ended up paying $130 more than I wanted" so he replied and I repeated myself again. He replied again and I repeated myself again. It happened maybe 4 times. I could not believe it. What is so hard to understand that I wanted a walk through in setting up my auto pay because I screwed up and will make the same mistake again. Before the process was over I was asked by all individuals if that was all I needed even though the process was never done. I couldn't believe how many times I had to repeat myself and in what I needed with the same people. They would say click here and I would say I did now I can't do this or that and they wouldn't respond half the time. I wish Harley Davidson chose a better bank for their Visa Signature card. I have never had this much frustration with any financial institution.


the worst bank i ever had

before was national penn there was no problem I been with them 21 years..
soon bbt take it, terrible, terrible..they always find something to charge, hold deposits as much they want, customer service terrible. I all ready close one of my account and I'm going to close rest... I feel very bad how they treat customers.
they change people in the branch for worse,, not help at all.
very disappoint.