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Like the employees hate online banking

It was a recommendation, but I will quit my accounts with Iberia Bank. Its the worst online banking I ever used.
I really like the employees at our branch here in Cape Coral, but this online banking shows errors and errors. It was a ride to hell to get it going, and it brings me errors almost every day.
Im really sick of it.
I cannot recommend this bank to anyone who wants to use online banking.
If you only do business at the branch you like, its okay. But I need a fast, good and WORKING online banking feature!
Good bye Iberia Bank.

Barclays Bank Logo

Barclays Bank

Horrible services!

I cancelled a purchase transaction and over five days after my money is yet to be returned to my account. I called the merchant and they said they didn't take money from my account that I should speak to my bank but my useless bank is saying that they can't return the money until the merchant can't claim it, but the merchant just said the transaction has been cancelled from their end over 5 days ago! Useless bank with stupid policies geared at protecting everybody except their customer.

Trustco Bank Logo

Trustco Bank

Trustco bank robbed me!

Where do I start?

I've been a loyal customer of trustco bank for 10 years now, along side my father who has been with trustco for 20+.

I'm 23 years old and a first time home owner. I was setting up my mortgage payement to go through every month automatically. To my dismay their was an issue and it would it would not process online- I had to go in. I didn't have time, so I made my payement in cash. The following month I check my account- and it's negative $700, with 2 separate overdraft fees. Apparently the payement went through online- not to my knowledge. Now I've been at this trustco for years like I stated, they know my family and I personally- I was stunned I didn't get a call (like they used to back in the day- you know.. good customer service).

This caused a domino effect of a serious headache for nearly 3 weeks. For 3 weeks the manager at trustco froze and unfroze my account, left me on hold for hours, told me to make appointments for the following day bcs they were closing soon, etc. I cried, I pleaded. Every single bill I attempted to pay during this 3 week period bounced back- I would go in to the bank and ask why- they would say it takes time to process and I'll see the money taken out soon. That's when I found out my account had been frozen- only bcs I called corporate. However, they couldn't help me unlock it- only the manager at the branch I opened the accnt w could.. it took me 9 hours to get ahold of her.

I have paid $80 if overdraft fees, $180 in return payement fees, my credit score has dropped 7 points, and I have lost countless hours of free time with my family spent on the phone trying desperately to clear up this mess.

I left trustco today, and I am now at CAPCOM.. couldn't be happier.

M&T Bank Logo

M&T Bank

MT Bank Broadway Market Buffalo Rude covered with Pigeon Waste

This has to be one of the most gross buildings I've seen . The awning above the doors is tainted black and brown from pigeon waste, to think besides the bank there is an actual market here where people buy food. The staff at this location are also extra rude, but hey, the millionaire owners of the market and the billionaire bank don't care about the cleanliness here so the disease must have spread to the bank workers brains. We jokingly call MT Bank , the Mafia Traders Bank because of how unfair and bullish they are in our community. Always smiling in our face as they destroy the property and values of our fair city.

TD Bank Logo

TD Bank

Service Excellence

We have been TD Bank customers for the past 20 years or more. We were looking at purchasing a new home and selling our current home. We met the Financial Adviser, Abby Ryan from the TD Bank and instantly we felt that we had someone who understood our needs and made us feel comfortable. Abby treated us not only as customers but she also made us feel important in the process keeping us informed and helping to present the best avenue for us to pursue our dreams. To us, this was so important as we are making the biggest financial decision and she made the transition seamless. This could not have happened without Abby being a professional, kind and efficient person, a Positive Ambassador of TD Bank. We also would like to mention Adam from the same branch. They both provided excellent quality service, both were great and helpful. Our experience was so positive that I felt I needed to single these 2 people out and hope that TD will read this comment and acknowledge these 2 employees know went out of their way to make us feel special and make our dream a reality. Thank you to both of you and we know that you 2 will be successful because you have what it takes to be the Best that you can Be.

Santander Bank Logo

Santander Bank

Worst banking experience ever

I opened an account in April, and within the next 2 weeks, I received multiple unmarked envelopes and secure envelopes in the mail to the point where I was overwhelmed with things from Santander. I got one debit card in which the numbers didn't make any sense, then another one which was the actual card. When I tried to activate it, they said the account was on hold because I didn't send in a "signature card" (which is actually a piece of paper), which arrived in one of the unmarked envelopes. (Note: each envelope is stacked with at least 12-15 pieces of paper). This envelope arrived 2 days after the debit card arrived. I went to the branch to try to understand all of this, and they told me that the account was scheduled to close and they threatened to put a derogatory mark on my credit report (it's a checking account, it has no effect on your credit), and told me to be "more responsible and read the mail that comes to you". I also have accounts with Chase and BofA, and it's literally one signup, an e-signature and you're set for the rest of your life. This bank is truly a hassle to deal with, they should have been shut down instead of getting acquired. Probably the most backwards, unintuitive, 19th century bank out there today. Waiting for all this to settle down and closing out the account.

M&T Bank Logo

M&T Bank


Dont open an account with this bank they will rap you off The worst bank ever they are charging custmers 2% to cash a check think about about if cashing out a $2000.00 check they rapping you off

Bank of America Logo

Bank of America

For checking account open?Go somewhere else!

Once you deposit your money, and issue your check for a large amount, BOA will not allow/have you a very hard time to withdraw YOUR MONEY from YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!

Citibank Logo


They are useless

First, I had a dispute about a charge that occurred because they decided not to release the money and they didn't even cover the charge. Then, the branch by me closed and I don't have a car. I went to the branch in White Plains to get checks and was told they would have to order them or I can get a bank check. I can't get a blank bank check, so what good is that? Then with mobile deposit it says no more than thousand dollars. The branch by me closed and I can't get to White Plains for 3 more days! Then, it takes time for it to clear. I stay with them only because with direct deposit, there isn't any monthly charge or specific amount required in my account and it is a nuisance to switch direct deposit from bank to bank. They have very few atms so I have to buy stuff and get cash back if I can't get to White Plains. I may as well have one of those debit cards that they have without a bank. I am seriously considering switching banks as it is too difficult to do anything with them.

Ally Bank Logo

Ally Bank

Ally is Teeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiibbbbbbbbblllllllllleeeeeeeeee

Wow, I thought it was just me, until I stumbled across this page. Holy smokes, wish I asked who the bank was and researched before I signed this Jeep lease... Lots of rude reps. The ones who aren't rude are clueless. Quoted me 24k to return my lease LOL. like, what??? I've had nothing but frustrations with these dumba**es. But I'm going to take the time to post this review under every single site that will allow me to do so.