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BMO Harris Bank


Being new to MN, I do not have an account yet. But the hospital I work for does their banking with this company. I have been cashing my payroll checks without too many issues until today. L**** K*********** refused to cash my check, which was written from a BMO account, until he could verify that I truly was an employee at the hospital. Even though I had proper identification and a REAL check, I had to drive home and get my hospital ID and payroll stubs! I know for a fact that this isn't a standard requirement, since I've never had to do this before. I suppose I just didn't look the part today. I guess walking in here with sweats, a tee, and no makeup on just wasn't good enough for L****. Thanks a bunch for wasting my time today! Glad I didn't make the mistake of opening an account at BMO!

PNC Bank

PNC Bank -- Wheaton Danada

This PNC Branch is by far the BEST in Wheaton, if not DuPage County! The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and truly cares about you as a person and not just an account number. Some of the bankers have worked in this branch for over 20 years, they know you by name (if you visit them regularly). They also serve popcorn on Friday's and Saturday's!


Worst service

The worst bank I have ever dealt with. I had a business account with them and we moved to a new bank. Paid off our line of credit and have been battling them for a year to remove a lien from our company. Banker manager could care less and not helpful at all. Other people, I talked to wouldn't email back. This is why people hate these big banks.

Santander Bank

Lame excuse for a bank!

I accompanied my mom into the bank where she was depositing a large check! I asked a teller, who was not helping anyone if I would be able to use the restroom. She looked Around, and then responded no. I mentioned how my name was on my mom's account, but that did not seem to matter. So much of banking is customer service...this branch clearly doesn't have very good customer service.

Fifth Third Bank


Poor Customer Service! This bank came to my job's function to target the employees. They asked to run our credit to see how they can help us buy a home, manage debt and etc. After running my credit they didn't have any advice nor did they give any tools to accomplishing my goals. They only ran my credit to see what product they could sell me. The banker Toyia Vaughn that took my information to open an account NEVER called me to let me know if the account was approved or denied. After a week I called her and she lied and said that she tried to call me. The account was denied and there was NO Adverse Action notice sent. This whole experience was a waste of time and if they really cared about helping their customers than I would have received at least some tools to help me achieve my goals. The bankers ONLY care about meeting their sales numbers. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM!! THEY'RE JUST LIKE WELLS FARGO; THEY'RE ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT MEETING SALES METRICS.

Fifth Third Bank

No Sense of Urgency

In 2004 financed a 2000 dodge pick-up truck with 5th 3rd Bank, and paid off in full, but never used their services again. Then 2017 decided to purchase new farm tractor through Impact Bank using pick-up truck as collateral but discovered that 5th 3rd Bank still had a lien on the truck - so on May 18 returned to 5th 3rd and met with a 5th 3rd Bank representative in an attempt to have the lien removed. The representative was unable to locate any information in their system regarding my previous 2004 loan with them, so they filled out the on-line form and informed me they have 3 business to respond, and then will take up to 10 business days to receive a release in the mail. Was informed by the representative this must be an occurring problem because they have a procedure for dealing with it. Well as of May 24 have heard nothing from 5th 3rd Bank, so I called the same branch to speak with the same representative, but they weren't in and was informed I would have to leave voice mail message. Now I remember why I never financed anything with them again.

BBVA Compass Bank

Bank Malfunction

This is one sad ass branch. I deposited cash in the machine on Monday. I was told to call a 1-800 number because the machine malfunctioned. They found my money the following day, and the money is still not applied to my account. Cash should be credited to the account immediately. I wouldn't refer nobody to this bank.

Webster Bank

Worst. Bank. Ever

Not sure who is more rude the tellers or the phone reps. Went to bed with a positive balance, woke up with fees central, this is how they roll their customers. It is software based robbery. They don't tell you your negative until too late. Then they pile up the 37 dollar hits and wouldn't approve trump for OD protection

Wells Fargo

not illegal but unethical charges on balance

two days ago I've received my bob's furniture's statement through wells Fargo bank. i knew that my special term is going to end this month and I've been paying extra $$$$$$$ to end this account within one year. however, we returned the sofa after few months because of defect and exchanged with another pricey one with extra $$$$$$$ on my account. to my surprise bank charged me $348 as interest. I've called the customer service who dragged me through banking terms and banking rules as well as my singed contract. i kept asking that where they put how my monthly fee has been split into what accounts. finally, after 45 minutes long call manager informed me with strings that she would drop $87 only if i paid the whole amount of over $1500 within two days. it should be over the next year. i was very upset, not pleased for having the feeling of being ripped off by this bank.



I wish that I could give a - Star review:
This bank runs an overdraft and addition fee scam. They will charge you $35.00 or more without any advance notice, emails or phone calls until your into your second charge time.
They'll charge you overdraft fees even when you had specifically declined any overdraft features.
Do yourself a HUGE favor and steer clear of Iberia Bank! There are so many other banks to choose from who do not practice unethical policies in order to scam their customers out of their hard earned money.
You've been Warned!!!
Very Unhappy Ex-Customer