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Chemical Bank

Worst customer service, archaic business banking

I was with Northwestern Bank for years which I loved, not so much now that it's Chemical. The staff are incredibly rude, even though the branch I frequent is small they don't know any of the customers by name. When entering the bank, the tellers don't even bother to greet you! I was locked out of my business online banking and called "customer service" to have it reinstated, they treated me as if I was bothering them and then informed me I would be sent a temporary log in in ONE TO TWO DAYS!! Sorry but I can't stop my business for one to two days. I have NEVER heard of a process like this from any other bank. I wonder if they will be sending my log in credentials by carrier pigeon. DO NOT bank here!!

First Midwest Bank


The bank has a new policy to hold on to any cash deposits made by ATM until the next business day which means that that cash deposited on a Friday will not be available until Monday or Tuesday if the deposit happens over a holiday weekend. This is a true gangster tactic artfully disguised to gain additional interest off your money. The bank has no regards to the major inconvenience it places on the customer they are solely concerned about First Midwest Bank 1st and foremost. Rather, they will make it sound like they are doing you a favor by reversing a resulting overdraft fees. If it was a check or money order I could understand but cash deposited today should be available the same day. Building customer relationships is a hoax. Beware.


Extremly dissapointed

I want to share my experience with Citi Commerce Solutions and their credit cards offered to those who request for one. I applied for a HD store credit card back in June and the Citibank offered me a credit card limit of 6k. After a half a year they actually do a soft request on your credit report to check if their back is covered and if the customer has the same risk '0' as it was when they accepted the application. On January 6 they did that to me and based on my "to that date" credit report they decided to lower my limit to 1k from 6k. "That's the bank right!". So I reacted by calling their customer service asking them why they did that?! Also I asked the agent to check if she can increase the limit back to 3k (at least) without pulling my credit report (common sense was to use whatever they've had from January 6) but I was wrong. Those employees are trained to act as robots (or as the "system" told them to act) and not use their brain, the agent pulled my credit report without my permission. I escalated the case to the ''Office of the President'' which sounds big but they can do very little. I've got a letter from them stating that after the investigation they've run their records indicate that I gave my permission to their agent to pull my credit report and there is no way I can hear/read/smell those evidence. So their understand/apologies and all those magic words is the best they can do. If I don't have any other questions/issues he, "The Office of the President agent", will have to terminate the discussion because I can guess there is a time frame they can spend on each problematic customer.They appreciate the opportunity to address my concerns" which doesn't mean it will be solved. Extremely disappointed in Citibank in particular and banks in general.

Highland Bank

Review Ford Parkway Branch

I have been at customer of this bank for quite a long time probably more than two decades. They know me my name, treat me as a friend, and have provided excellent service . We have a checking account, two savings accounts and other services at the bank including estate management and support.

Comerica Bank

The worse

I have been with Comerica when they were Manufactures bank. it was 1976 when I opened my account and 41 years later I have ended my relationship with them and closed the account. They have been terrible with customer relations and many problems with my account. Finally I have had it with their poor management and unfriendly service, in addition to costing me unnecessary fees. I have taken my business elsewhere that has been very accommodating and appreciates my business. I really would give it zero stars if I could.

BBVA Compass Bank

Worst Bank Ever like to give ZERO Stars

dont know where to begin. hardest web site to navigate! on hold forever if you try to call them. worst app ever. better off keeping your money under your mattress.. if you have over draft protection they dont tell you how much a payment is or when its due they just close the acct with no communication. only way to pay your auto loan on line is your forced to open a checking account, when i got my new car loan they sent out a payment book how 1970s. you have no idea how much is going to interest and principal. if you want a GREAT bank go with Capital One 360 its free and the app and the bank are great even though they dont have any physical banks

TD Bank

Broke My Heart

I left a competitor of TD Bank after doing business with them for over 40 years.When I left I had no idea in my mind which bank I would continue to do business with.So one bright summers morning,a Monday to be exact,i walked into the TD Bank branch near my old home on Wade Hampton Blvd.To my surprise as soon as I walked into their door I was greeted by two of the most attractive ladies, much to my surprise.Oh,ive already said that,excuse please.Well to start over, after gaining my composure and wiping my brow, after being greeted I was shown more southern hospitality than I had never been shown in my old bank in over 40 years.Since that day I realize that when I first walked into that door years ago I had made a very wise decision if I may say so myself !!

Umpqua Bank

Apathetic Staff, Horrible Customer Service, Lack of Banking Features

I have been eying Umpqua as my Chase replacement for some time now. I have dropped in the location downtown and had great experiences talking to the staff about banking options. That all is good.

BUT, I just actually opened an account at the 61515 S Highway 97 location and had the worst banking experience of my like. I don't know about other staff, but my experience was with Mila Gabler...and it wasn't just her lack of passion for customer service that was the issue. In general I felt like she simply was not listening and not interested in answering my questions. Specifically

-she did not know the services offered well enough to answer questions
-she seemed more interested in rushing us out of the branch by the 1pm closing time than servicing our needs.
-she tried to take shortcuts on our account by only signing my wife up fior online banking and she had the audacity to suggest I come back and set mine up at another time
-she could not answer why the bank was requiring my occupation to open a checking account. She could not tell me if it was an Umpqua requirement or a federal requirement, and she wasn't interested in finding out. She simply kept saying "I dont know, its a pulldown so I just need to fill it out.
-she told me I was suspicious because I was asking questions around why the bank required my occupation to open a simple checking account.
-She then selected an occupation without our permission or okay, simply to try and move the process along faster
-She was irritated when I had question on the account form I was about to sign, and showed serious apathy in answering questions
-then after all that, she implied to my wife that I was difficult and she was sorry for her

Top notch service companies do not employ apathetic customer folks in a customer facing role. I'd recommend managers and staff drop into any Chase bank if you would like to see outstanding customer services.

I would love to talk to you more about this experience if you are interested and you can call me at any time.

Tim Pfiffner

PNC Bank

Review- not pleased!

I needed to make a deposit for my child away at college for TODAY. I checked the website to confirm hours, which said 9AM-2PM. Great. Same hours as my bank. When I arrived at 1:15 PM, the branch was closed! To make matters worse, an employee was at the door and when I said "But your website says 2, I would have come sooner, I just live down the street," she just looked at me and turned away and continued helping someone else at the ATM. I came home and checked the website again to see if I made an error, but it does in fact say 9AM-2PM. Not good! My family has been gravely inconvenienced. Please correct this ASAP.

CIT Bank

waited 30 minutes on hold for service representative ...not good !!!

I have called cit bank several times to get info regarding our accounts and each time I wait on "hold" at least 30 minutes before a representative picks up. I am waiting for a transfer of funds from cit bank to my brokerage account and all my questions regarding the transfer are answered in with "in process".

The wait time and vague answers are "NOT GOOD" There are other online banks that put cit bank to shame !!!