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Chase withholding money from a deposit because of a signuture

Deposited a large sum of money in the from a a check from a well know entity. the Check was made out to myself and my wife - She deposited the check, and the bank told her that her signature would be enough for the deposit (no cash was withdrawn at the time), and now when we went to access the funds, we found out that the deposit was rejected, and now it will be a week before we are able to access those funds.
Interesting that they are so nit picky about a deposit signature, but using a debit card as a credit card and my wife signing her name for me, does not make a withdraw from the account invalid. It was not that long ago that signatures on deposits were not necessary if the check was being deposited in an account of the person who the check was made out to


Horrible service horrible management

Shay was very unprofessional and rude. Closing my account and never looking back. All they do is steal peoples money

Northwest Savings Bank


The main branch clearly does not realize the importance of consistentcy, customer service and follow through.

Wells Fargo

They Screwed Up - I Pay For It

I worked with FirstBank (of CO) for years and will be going back to them for garbage like this. It's a small thing but signifies one of the main problems with large institutional banks like Wells Fargo.

On the app, I was told I had $X available in my account. I would expect that to reflect pending purchases, since it is the available balance and not the current balance or however they differentiate the two. Anyways, it's the balance that is supposed to tell you how much you have available to spend.

So I spent less than that amount, only to get slammed with overages the next day and be told that the X amount was actually completely wrong and significantly less and that's why when I made the major purchase it went over.

I immediately transferred money into Wells Fargo to cover the overage. I called customer service, they removed the overage fees for that day. While my money was pending and therefore, unable to be transferred into the overdrawn account, I was still getting hit with overages. Once the money posted, I called and told them to remove the fees because 1. the only reason I was over was because their system gives us an available balance that is inaccurate and 2. I made the transfer to Wells Fargo immediately the day before so why am I being punished for their processing time? I did my due diligence, did nothing wrong, and spent the money Wells Fargo told me I have and I end up paying BS fees.

They said they could not remove the fees. Thank you Wells Fargo. I just moved over 2 months ago and already regret it.


Cornerstone of the Town

For as long as I have lived, BB&T has been a valuable, VITAL part of our Princeton community. The employees are made up not of strangers, but of those that we soon call family and friends, neighbors and cousins. Without this bank, the town and neighboring communities, especially the farming community, would have suffered. I know this because I saw firsthand how this bank helped many who were in need. I'm proud to be a customer.


Expensive Nightmare

So I don't normally post reviews but this bank is costing me money. When Simple was a Bancorp company, they weren't bad, they would help and money would clear quick with no problems. Simple doesn't offer an App for the iPad and the card no longer works with ApplePay. The thing that is bad, Simple was just acquired by BBVA Compass bank, things went from Bad to a nightmare, I thought i'd give them a chance even though I had to go to all of my creditors to change my billing information, so the creditors that I changed the information on have started calling me and charging me NSF fees, for an account that is funded, because Simple refuses to allow them to take the payment. I tried contacting CS but am being told that this is my fault because the account doesn't have money in it, apparently the several thousand dollars that is sitting in there is a figment of my imagination. This bank can't just go away, I've switched to a different bank that has been nothing but smooth, so looking forward to closing my account.


$37.50 for a 5 CENT mistake

I would like to say how disappointed I am in Key. I opened an account last year and had many issues due to my inexperience with how your bank system works. It was completely different than my previous banking experience and it caused me to overdraft many times. I appreciated the branch taking the time to discuss my issues and even refunding some of those fees. I have been doing very well since we had our discussion.

Unfortunately what has me disappointed is that I overdrew my account by $0.05 and Key charged me $37.50 WOW , that is definitely highway robbery! It is EXCESSIVE and makes me wonder what the future holds with Key if i can't overdraw by 5 cents without getting hit with a charge. The manager said that due to my history they can't refund it, pardon me but that should not even be a question, it is 5 CENTS. PLUS I had almost $2000 hitting that night in direct deposits. I am VERY disheartened and disappointed in Key.

NBT Bank

Web Site is AWFUL

Their site is extremely hard to navigate and their "password reset" for their personal loans does not work. I reset my password, got a new one from the email they sent me, put it on, did not work. Repeated this process three times and now I am locked out. How can you get a password from them and it not work??? Also, their customer service is a joke. Not friendly when I called. I wish I did not have to use them but that's what I got when I had to finance my oral surgery.


terrible, they suck

avoid at all costs, they close account for no good reason, customer service is a joke, you are better off withan american express bluebird account


Anything but Simple

This has to be the biggest financial mistake of the last year for me. I switched my accounts to Simple having been drawn in by their promises of convenience and good customer service. All lies. This bank makes everything as complicated as possible. It took them 2 months to get me a bank card. Changing an address is a nightmare. And god forbid you have a bank transfer. My most recent hour and half on the phone with them was to sort out why they have a wire transfer on hold for 7 days. The ending answer was "it's just our policy." Screw Simple. Worst mistake ever.