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Sallie Mae Bank

Stable and Consistent for 3+ years now

I came from TIAA Direct Money market only for a year. Their interest rates in a 12 month period were reduced from .85% to .45% at least (3) times in a year.

Decided to give Sallie Mae Bank in 2013 in hope that their .90% would not move 3 times a year.

I can say in three years the rate has not budged below .90% with money market. In my three years with setting up ACH transfer, customer service has been great.

Yes, there are higher rate banks like Dime Savings MM at 1.10% and even Popular Direct, a savings account at 1,26% but nothing is guaranteed and when you read all the associated fees and ACH restrictions, Tiered rate surprises, you have to ask yourself, is it worth chasing yield on an annual basis.

One benefit is if Sallie Mae has a promotional rate for new customers they will honor that with existing accounts, only issue I have is I need to open new account with new 6 months rate boost and wait for new checks and updated external bank transfers.

My only negative is Sallie Mae does not mail 1099 INT forms, so if you change your account numbers twice in my case this year and last year, I almost omitted interest income from former account.

Sallie Mae Bank is changing website Nov 2016 for better tools. Hopefully obtaining tax forms will be easier.

Less headaches=more time, Sallie Mae Bank provides the best overall value for your money.

Synchrony Bank

Rush to Judgment

I have had an account with Lowe's for many years; the only time I carried a balance was when I bought a huge shed but I paid it off within the time limit and was not charged interest on the balance. In April 2016 I charged an item worth $11.99. In May a small purchase of less than $20 was denied because of a block on my account because the last bill had been returned "undeliverable". I wrote to Lowe's Customer Service in May, again in June and finally in August when I threatened to complain to the Better Business Bureau. I never received a response from Lowe's until I wrote to BBB. Shortly thereafter, I received a response from Synchrony Bank regarding the Lowe's account - mailed to the same address that they claim was no longer viable for me. At no time did it occur to Synchrony to match the address on the returned bill with the address they have for me on file, in case they had made the mistake instead of the Post Office.

In their letter, Synchrony blamed the Post Office for not delivering the bill to me. In the meantime that I had been writing to Lowe's, Synchrony had charged me a late fee and interest on the $11.99 for a total bill of $13.99 and PLACED DEROGATORY INFO WITH THE CREDIT BUREAUS! Once BBB got involved, Synchrony promised to send a request to the credit bureaus to delete the negative info and to revert to the original charge of $11.99.

When I received the final bill, it was for $13.99!!! The BBB has closed the file with a favorable rating for Synchrony because the bank made the effort to meet BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

In my opinion, Synchrony waited for BBB to get involved so they could APPEAR to make an effort to resolve my complaint. I have cancelled my account with Lowe's and will do so with any other company affiliated with Synchrony Bank.

Florence Savings Bank

Please Look Elsewhere!

Can't speak for their residential loan services, but as far as their commercial loan department they are the WORST. I'd go so far as to say that if I landed on the Moon and they were the only bank there I'd fire up the boosters and head for Mars. Incompetent and ineffective loan officers, reprehensible loan committee, draconian policies - please, please do yourself a favor and find another bank for your commercial business, or you'll be very sorry. Barely one small step above worthless, one giant leap below a bank you should give your business to. If I took the time and effort to post this feedback, please believe it is to help others from getting screwed.........

Fifth Third Bank

Manager is RUDE

I felt the raft of the branch manager when I called to ask why there was only one person serving at the counter inside and serving the drive thru customers to which I had to wait a long time, he told me ' you sound like the sort of customer that likes to complain, why don't you go to the Bank of America" rudest person I've ever had to listen too



Stay far away from this bank. They will steal money from you any chance I get.
On top of it taking a month to get money back from the atm that swallowed my money, they charged me 4 fees for calling into customer service. They were only 2 dollar charges but why charge for calling customer service? Supposedly you only get 2 free calls a month, then they charge you unless it is due to fraud. I couldn't count the charges I've had from them over the years. I am so happy I am changing banks. Do yourself a favor and do not invest your money/time in BB&T.

Citizens Bank

Check Fraud Runs Rampant

When my husband and I opened our account 10 years ago we had signed up for a green checking account which did not have checks but instead gave bonuses for using the online payment. That type of account was discontinued so we have just a regular checking account but never received any checks. We pay bills through their online banking service which will mail out checks to your biller but beware using that service. We had the bank mail out a $70 check to our daughters school which was addressed to the school, the memo said book fee but another business cashed it. The only reason I found out about it was when the school called that the book fee was missing. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the image up online to find it was signed for by a gardener. The response I got from Citizens Bank was oh well, we will refund you the money but will not look into why another business got my check or why Citizens allowed for someone else to cash it. Per the rep at Citizens the checks are not verified as to who cashes them because it is an automated process and for "$70 it's not a big deal for them". Fast forward a year later and the check for my daughters tuition is missing and their response is "no bank is perfect". Well they are correct no bank is perfect but I would prefer a bank that takes check fraud seriously.

BBVA Compass Bank

Great Customer Service and Friendly staff!

The staff is very helpful and nice! Thank-you!

Santander Bank

1 star - Only because negative stars isn't possible.

From the branch, to the corporate office, to the different customer service dens, I have never in my life experience a more disconnected company. We had a commercial line of credit that initiated with Sovereign Bank and somehow became a commercial loan when the transfer of companies happened. No two people at Santander could explain it to us, give us an accurate number or give me ANY piece of information that was consistent from one phone call to another. This went on for years. Not weeks or months. The only reason we HAD to keep the accounts open was because they claimed we had an outstanding balance.

I am simply amazed that a company of this scope is still in business. Every rep I spoke with over the comically bad service eventually would agree with me about Santander. The most common answer was, "We're a work in progress."

If you enjoy splitting headaches, feeling helpless with your own money, and love 40-60 minute phone calls (85% on hold), then by all means open an account with Santander.

If you value common sense and your money, stay far, far away.

Citizens Bank

Aweful experience!!!!!!

If I could give zero stars I would!!! I am furious with citizens. What horrible communication and customer service I have received this week!!! We are getting a mortgage with them and I had planned to transfer my primary banking to citizens, but would never in a million years consider this now. I wish I gone with another mortgage company. They coud never tell me the closing date and I am bleeding money on storage costs and have not been able to get any answers on a possible closing date. I missed sending in a form to them and it feels that they are punishing me, by moving so slowly. I plan to share with friends and family that citizens bank did not come through for me and left me begging for information!!!! Find another bank!!



I've been a loyal customer with bb&t for 4 year now. They have stolen hundred of dollars from me in "unexplained nonrefundable fees" they also hold your money for the dumbest reasons. Have you deposited a check after 6 ? Oh well you can't get into until the next day or sometimes days later because there were some "complications". Sometimes they hold it even if you deposited it before 6 just cause they like to inconvenience you. Are you cashing a check from another bank ? Well only 100 dollars will be available to you until the next day we'll sometimes they don't even give you anything. Sometimes they hold the whole thing because they don't want you to have your money. How else are they going to steal it when you're spending it ? Oh they can't so they put you through financial hell just to be rude and say there's nothing they can do for something they will say is their fault or they don't know why it happened ? They are full of shit and will ruin your life and take your money !!! If I can please save anyone the trouble and money with this review then I will consider this a success.