What to Look For in Mobile Banking Services

As much of the country has become mobile-reliant, it makes sense to check out the available mobile apps and features in regard to your banking needs. Mobile apps can be useful in many ways, especially when you're on the go and need to take care of your finances. Apps make it easy to keep track of your bank accounts as well as your personal finances as a whole.

Important Features

Many of the banks offering mobile apps provide four important features: the management of bank accounts, the ability to make bill payments to creditors, the ability to transfer funds from one bank account to another and deposit checks remotely. There are also many applications that are bank-specific to help customers locate the nearest ATM or branch location via their smartphone technology.

What to Look For in a Mobile Banking App

Not all banks are up-to-speed on mobile banking technology. Most of the larger financial institutions are offering similar products to their customers with new technologies for mobile devices being developed all the time.

If you have been hesitant about signing up for online banking services and downloading mobile apps to your phone or other devices, it may be time to delve a bit further and get more out of your bank. Mobile banking is very secure, but it is still your responsibility as an account holder to continually monitor your own accounts for mistakes or incidents of fraud.

3 Features That Your Banking Apps Should Have

Account alerts

In the event that your bank account has been overdrawn or there has been unauthorized activity on your account, you need to know what is going on right away to prevent further issues. Mobile banking apps should offer you the ability to receive alerts via text messaging or SMS directly to your phone so you can monitor the activity on your banking debit card or credit card at all times. In the event something does happen, you can report the activity immediately to your bank.

Blocking stolen or lost bank cards

Make sure your banking app allows you to block the information on your bank card if it's lost or stolen. When the card information is physically lost, it can only take minutes for your entire bank account to be wiped out. By blocking access to the card immediately, you will be more protected from any fraudulent activity attempts occurring on your card.

Paying bills

Banks are pushing many of their customers to sign up for online bill pay. You also have this ability to pay bills through your smartphone. When bills are due, you can use the app to make a payment or set up the accounts to be paid automatically.