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Bank of America Collier Center Branch

201 E Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Central City Location

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Branch Phone Number 602-523-2371

Bank of America Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Erica Jun 5, 2013

    Albuquerque,NM (Juan Tabo) location. Betty Banuelos and manager (Regina)

    Bettty stated she was going to refund me $53.70 in maintanence fee's and they refunded $8.95. She denied she had ever stated that and this caused some withdrawals to bounce. Regina came over and told me i should look at my accounts every month and this would not have happened. Regina also said that they could not help me and i would have to contact the branch i opened my account at and walked away. There customer service skills are horrible and after this experience i will no longer bank with Bank of America. They look at people that have the most $ in their accounts and that is how you treat your clients! You both are very unprofessional and zero customer service skills. This complaint also went to your head manger Lonnie!

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    Reviewed By kathy Oct 16, 2013

    I am very disapponted with the service I recieved from the Bank manager today at the Anthem, AZ

    My disabled son opened an account with BofA in 1998 when he started receiving SSD benifits. His ss checks have been deposited into this account since 1998. Up until this month he was a model customer. Recently he opened an account at Chase, at the recommendation of his brother who has had excellent service at Chase, unlike his experience with BofA.

    He has two ss deposits each month deposited into his account. Intially when opening the account with chase he was going to keep the BofA account open for the smaller deposit, hoping to use it as a separate savings account. After about two months BofA started charging him a monthly fee stating he no longer qualified for a free checking without a minimum monthly direct deposit of $500.

    Shortly after opening his account 15 years ago he recieved a solitation from BofA to add life insurance to his account for $1.68 per month which he agreed to. The withdrwal date was scheduled for the 5th of each month.

    For the past 15 years $1.68 was withdrawn from his account each month between the 9th and 10th of each month.

    In Setember of this year the insurance premium was deducted on the 3rd of the month. We planned to deposit enough funds on the 2nd of the month to cover the insurance premium and the bank fees until we were able to confirm with SS that his second check would be direct deposited into his Chase account. On 10-1 BofA deducted the $1.68 insurance premium which overdrew his account. 10-2 we made a deposit to cover the overage. the same day BofA charged him a $35 overdraft fee and reversed the $1.68 fee. When I contated them they told me we would have to talk to a banker personally. In the meantime they submitted the $1.68 fee again on the 3rd and charged him an addtional NSF charge and an extented over draft fee for a total of $105 in fees.
    We went into the Anthem AZ branch today to talk to the manger and try to peacefully resolve this matter. She refused to help saying they were 3rd charges that resulted in the fees.

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    Reviewed By Caherine P. Jan 6, 2014

    Most untrustworthy bank I've ever dealt with!

    My husband had just passed so I decided to open my own account. We already have accounts with Wells Fargo but I thought I would give B of A a try. I opened an account with them with two B of A account checks that were gifts from friends. Two days later (long story short) they close my account due to high risk (news to me) and refuse to give me my money saying I have to wait for it. So 5 days go by and I find out they have my money for me. Come to find out they charged me a checking service fee for an account opened not even a week that they closed! They are total jerks that steal your money! DON'T BANK HERE!

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