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Suntrust Bank Palmetta Park Rd Branch

1277 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, FL 33486

Central Boca Raton Location

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Branch Phone Number 561-416-5668

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Suntrust Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Sharron Aug 31, 2013

    bad customer service- review for Suntrust in Summerfield Walmart

    when I first moved to FLorida, I wanted to start an account with Suntrust, but my job at the time did not do direct deposit and I needed the free checking, so I went with another I didn't like as well because they didn't require it, My situation recently changed and I have moved away from where my bank has any branches and I have a job that has direct deposit so I am going to be looking for a new bank.
    I had wanted to start up an account with Suntrust but not any more after my experience with them today. I went to a store to get cash back as my current bank was inconveniently far and I needed to have some on hand. I ended up having to go through the line 4 times to get the money I needed and they gave it all in 10 dollar bills which was going to be kind of bulky to carry. after getting done in the checkout, I noticed a suntrust branch there and decided I would see if they would change the 10s for larger bills. The guy behind the counter told me that customer service in the store needed the 10's more than he did and would not change them. there was a long line at customer service and no one at the bank. I realize I was not a customer yet but, how much of a hardship would it have been to just change the money as requested? I ended up going to customer service only to be told that they are not allowed to open their drawers to make change , so wasted time there as well.
    I know it seems like a small thing, but it would have helped me out a lot and there was no reason he couldn't have done it- he was not busy, he just didn't want to. If that is the kind of customer service and face they present to the public as to who they are, then I have no interest in doing business with them and while I am going to be changing banks in the next week, Suntrust will no longer be considered as an option. I wish I could give a lower number than 1 for satisfaction and service because I got none from them.

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