Suntrust Bank Betton Hills Branch

2051 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32308

Betton Hills Location

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Branch Phone Number 850-298-1577

Suntrust Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By jennapope Oct 8, 2017

    Mismanagement and bad customer service

    My wife and I opened accounts with SunTrust in December and January. We opened these accounts hoping to receive a promotion through SunTrust. I received mine, but my wife never did. The branch said they would investigate the situation since it appeared hers was never entered into the system by a rep there. We received a call from someone claiming to be SunTrust which started a 4 week game of phone tag. We later believed this contact to be a scammer and went to the branch's physical location. We learned from a rep that there was no record of our phone call to the branch or an investigation. We were very upset, especially since no one from the branch ever followed up and apparently never took our information. This lack of response left us vulnerable to someone who somehow gathered our SunTrust information.We were again promised a call that the following Friday, but never received one. We were also promised an email from SunTrust about our promo.

    It took multiple tries for them to tell us the confusion was due to "personnel changes" and apparently the promotion was not happening when my wife went in, even though a representative assured us we would receive the promotion.

    We are disappointed in and outraged at the branch's service. We have felt unsure and unsafe with our finances since opening accounts with SunTrust. I honestly which I could give them a 0/5 stars. We closed our accounts and are still having trouble with them.

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