Suntrust Bank Columbia East Branch

8200 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21045

Long Reach Location

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Branch Phone Number 410-480-8088

Suntrust Bank Branch Customer Reviews

2 out of 5 stars
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    Reviewed By Elizabeth Mar 7, 2013

    Bad Loan Experience

    We have very good credit rating and debt/income ratio < 30%. However suntrust loan experience was a hassle. First of all the loan officer at the local office has no communication with the underwriter. The underwriter would call us or mail us directly instead of talking to the loan officer. So the loan officer is out of the loop. So parts of the loan business such as submitting forms was at the local office, but some of it was done through the underwriter. Then the loan officer and the underwriter would contradict each other when we had questions. It took 2 weeks to hear back about the approval details, with confusion abounding as the local officer and the underwriter told us different things and we had to be the "middle man", calling both and giving them the information to each other that they should have been sharing. Although the local officer was pleasant the underwriters are rude and short with us.

    This is such a bad process. Be like other banks, 1 poc to the customer - the loan officer! Don't make the customer chase everyone down to get everyone on the same page. Also they would not accept my self-employed husband's 1099 unless he had worked for 3 years! Finally we got a high interest rate with 1/2 the amount approved that we wanted. And we have a car loan and multiple accounts with this bank and in good standing! Disgusted, we turned to our credit union, who approved twice as much with less interest in a few hours time. Not to mention all but 1 of the employees at our branch have left so there is a high turnover. Suntrust get your act together!!

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