Suntrust Bank Quince Orchard Safeway Branch

12251 Darnestown Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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Branch Phone Number 240-631-3055

Suntrust Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By SunMisTrust Feb 12, 2014

    Even worse than 5 years ago, which was abysmal

    First time I banked there, about 5 years ago, the MOD seemed to think that it was/is ok for Tellers to conduct personal business at the Teller booths , instead of helping customers. That is NOTHING compared to this time. I had a SUntrust Check to deposit at my bank, and after a week of holding it, it was returned by my bank because SUN"trust", would not honor the check. The account had FAR more than enough funds to cover the transaction, it turns out, once again, incompetent Clerk (blame actually should be on the HR Department/Manager/VP that hire these incompetents) recorded the account of the SunTrust Customer/Issuer with her Last name as her Middle name, and her Maiden name as her last name! Why? When they have the license, and the elementary decutive reason to figure out that it was clerical error all along? Explanation given was , "in Latin America the Woman"s maiden name goes last" , apparently the SUntTrust Bank does not explain to the Cleark/Teller that they are NOT in Latin America, but rather they are in USA, where their Drivers License will also show , as the Maiden Mother Name NOT last, rather the Father name Last. They could NOT figure out this problem at SunTrust "Security" for 1 week, and have taken another 2 weeks to "Research the problem" meaning they still have not refunded me the money for the returned fees/penalties that I have submitted to 3 employees , and one Administrative Assistant! During this time I have lost days of work, sleep, suffered ulcers, migraines, and interest on payments to other banks, Penalties for returned checks from 3 other banks, the anguish of shame/humiliation, and fear of being reported as Delinquent to the Credit Bureaus and Police for bouncing checks.....and yet, after all info has been submitted for 2 weeks... still no refunds! Curious thing is that banks will send letters out to those that bounce checks that say that they have 1O days to pay the fines and funds or face criminal charges and face telechex consequence

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