TD Bank Shipyards Branch

1325 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Branch Phone Number 201-217-3365

TD Bank Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By mary f. Jun 26, 2013

    Tortuous, Painful, Nasty And It's The Last One I Will Ever Have

    I bought a purchase over the internet and somehow they over charged me by putting a 9 in front of my 65 purchase. Their customer service department had just closed. I called td within ten minutes and they said "we don't do that" about straightening out the order. Its up to the person who sold it to you. I asked them to stop payment as it had only been ten minutes. I asked them to call the company where i purchased the item and again i was told "we don't do that. " i asked "well, what do you do?: we take care of your money:

    a monkey could do a better job. I don't mean to insult the monkey td outlined a 12 step approach about how id have to fix it including getting a certified letter from the seller and her fingerprints, a forfeiting letter and to have their manager write a letter on their letterhead about how the mistake was theirs and not tds. They rattled on some more of the same and i began to cry. Every person i spoke to just read from a prepared statement and said i should call the seller in the morning. In the morning when i spoke to the seller she and her staff were hysterical when i told them all the steps i would have to go through. The cs person had been in the business 32 years and had never done anything like that but said she was used to dealing with banks like chase and bank of america and not td. In short the seller changed the purchase order and gave me a number to call in case i didn't see it on my statement in 2 days. She gave me her full name and her work hours. I couldn't get that from td. The td i go to has an annoying habit.. They are always collecting for charity as you wait on line with your money in hand. Last time the woman collecting said "i'm sure you have $5 for the special Olympics. " the money i had was for my bills. And then she stood there until i asked her to leave me be. It is rude and inconsiderate for banks to let their employees collect for charity. Next i'll have to buy Christmas wrapping paper off her grandson. .

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