Wells Fargo Reno Downtown Branch

200 South Virginia Street, Suite 100, Reno, NV 89501

Downtown Reno Location

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Branch Phone Number 775-348-7030

Wells Fargo Branch Customer Reviews

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    Reviewed By Loki123 Nov 8, 2013

    Wells Fargo's credit policies are ridiculous!

    Wells Fargo sent out an email with a link to the following article instructing their customers on how to negotiate a lower interest rate on their credit cards. When I called their customer service department I was told that Wells Fargo does not allow its current card holders to request a lower interest rate. Instead, I was told that the bank no longer allows this practice but that I can always request another credit card which might have a lower rate. I don't need another card (or for them to run my credit report multiple times and lower my credit score as they did when I recently requested a limit increase in my line of credit). The one I have with them barely has a balance and goes unused because the APR is 5 percentage points higher than any other card I own. This is ridiculous!!!

    "Learn how to try negotiating a lower interest rate on a credit card"

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